CM Punk's already on a crusade to "save" the masses from themselves, this mission includes ridding them of their "enabler" Jeff Hardy, of course. Seeing his enemy in the back w/ his boyfriend only sparks a new way to further hurt his nemesis. A new project. Jeff Hardy/OMC/CM Punk. Sex, rape, kidnapping, bondage, drug references, biased preachiness. Gerard Davis is my OC. He is a fictional character. This story is not real, it never happened. Redge thrown in b/c I choose not to escape Adam Copeland, my lovable blonde. & as I've said before, there is NOT enough Redge in this world. Adam was never injured. There was no Edge & Vickie at all, kayfabe, storyline or otherwise. Whatever Randy was doing.. eh, he'll be helping Edge with Jeff & Punk. Note; I have rewrote this feud. I had to change some stuff. I own nothing or no one.

Cuz I Love All The Poison;
Chapter one/ 'Blow Me..'
Rated; M/ L, S (fondling, sucking, fingering, fucking, drug references, smoking)

"Be right back." Jeff said as he took off toward his locker room.

"Kay." Gerard nodded as he got out his cigarettes. It was a smoke-free building, but as soon as Jeff got his shit, they were out of there and he could light up as soon as they stepped out into the parking garage. He had been looking down when the pack of Marlboros were snatched from his hands. "Hey?" He growled, staring up into the smirking face of CM Punk, Jeff's self-righteous enemy.

"Well-well.. so I finally get to meet the 'great' Gerard Davis. Must say I'm unimpressed."

The comic book writer narrowed his eyes as Punk tisked.

"Must say you're a discredit to that shirt." Punk pointed to the Misfits shirt Gerard wore.

'Y'mean like you're a discredit to air-breathers..?' Gerard thought.

"See you're hanging out with Jeff Hardy. Typical. You're a filthy addict like he is. Polluting my air with this garbage."

"I've been clean and Jeff's fine." The nerve of this asshole. Maybe Gerard had his past problems, but he was sober now and Punk didn't know a damn thing about him or Jeff. "Now give me my smokes before I rip your heart out." Gerard growled, jerking the cigarettes out of Punk's hands.

Jeff came up and draped an arm around Gerard's shoulder, giving Punk a wild grin. "Guess he told you." He laughed before leading Gerard off.

"Yeah, take you filthy bitch away, Hardy. Go shoot up or something." Punk shouted at them, receiving a middle finger from both of them for his troubles.

Punk growled to himself before stalking away. Fucking Jeff Hardy, disgusting vermin. He was polluting the minds of his fans with his free-spirit 'live for the moment' life-style crap. The mindless sheep didn't know any better. They had to be told what to do. And with Jeff marketing his addiction to the masses, they ate it up like candy. Unwitted to the damage they were inflicting. Now he was sinking his poison deeper into another. Someone who had 'claimed' he was clean and sober, albeit the unhealthy appetite of cigarettes and coffee he harbored.

Jeff had to be stopped before he infected any more. Punk always knew this and it was his mission to inform and save the masses, whether they wanted it or not. Of course, they wouldn't want it.. They were too stupid and mindless to want what was good for them. Punk had to preach and show them. And Punk thought to himself that he just might show Gerard too..


Gerard lay beside Jeff on the hotel bed, sweat-laced and naked, both panted in the usual post sex bliss. "That guy's a dick."

"Punk? Yeah. Sorry." Jeff replied, biting on his nails. Damn polish was already chipped.

Gerard shoved a piece of his black hair behind his ear. "Does he seriously think that straightedge bullshit makes him perfect? People are supposed to be flawed. It's the natural order."

"He thinks it makes him better than everyone. Better than me." Jeff added.

Gerard snorted a giggle. "No one's better than you."

Jeff smiled as he kissed him on the cheek. "Some would dispute the shit outta that."

"Then they'd be wrong." Gerard whispered, picking Jeff's hand up and playing with his fingers.

Jeff had hooked up with Gerard at some show they were at. Davis and a couple of his friends and brother Mike, had been in the crowd and Jeff, Morrison and Randy went to hang out with them after the event.

Currently Jeff had already had a rough year. Feuding with his friend Edge over the title. Having his beloved brother Matt viciously turn on him, cost him his dreams and slander him while whining about 'superior' Hardys and shit. And while Matt was out of the picture right now and he'd finished up with Edge, now Jeff had Punk and his preachy anti-everything bullshit to deal with. At least with Edge, shit was never personal. It was over the fucking title. Jeff wanted it and Edge had it. Then Edge wanted it back and Jeff had and back and forth... Course the Matt and Edge past came back up and lead people to believe it was personal... But no. Matt was always bitter that Jeff didn't hate Edge the same as he did. Why Matt hated Edge was lost to memory. They were typical 'Hatfields and the McCoys' at this point.

It wasn't Jeff's business and Adam wasn't a bad guy. Adam wasn't Jeff's enemy and after all was said and done in the end, Matt proved himself to be the crazy one. Edge was a bit sleazy in the ring, full of hot air.. but it wasn't Edge attacking Jeff in stairwells and running him off the road or messing with his fucking pyro. That was all his own damn brother.

Jeff took care of Matt and now he had Punk to fucking deal with. Probably Edge too if he decided to go back after his title.. but for Edge it was simply the gold. Edge would cheat and try to win it anyway he could and he would whine and pander, Jeff knew Edge... but Jeff didn't think Edge would try to end his career. For Matt and Punk, it seemed their main goal in life was to end Jeff's career.

"You haven't talked to your brother in awhile?" Gerard asked.

Jeff shook his head. "No. Matt's.. I dunno what the fuck is his deal, man. He hated me all of a sudden. I mean, we've had our rough patches and shit before, but this goes too far. Punk is going too far. I swear, I think I should team up with Adam. Give him as many fucking title shots as he wants if he could help me get rid of fucking Punk... but he's just.. it's complicated."

"You still have a crush on him?"

"I.. ehg.. What?" He looked down at the smaller male beside him, perplexed. "No.. What?"

Gerard laughed. "Your lips say No-No, but your cock sez Yes-Yes.. and so does your expression and response."

"Oh, stop. Maybe I did, years ago. I got over that shit."

"Should I be jealous?"

"No. Adam loves Randy anyway and Jay on the fucking weekends."

Gerard snorted. "You're the one who sounds jealous."

"Completely besides the point." Jeff smiled. Then he laughed. "I swear, sometimes I think Matt and Punk get together and fuck each other, getting off on their own brand of Jeff-Hardy-Hate. 'Oh, I hate Jeff..' 'No, I hate Jeff more..' 'Not more than me. I hate him so much, I blew him up', 'Well, I actually took his title.. unf, unf.. fuck me.. hate Jeff.. hate.. that's it..' Blah blah blah.." Jeff ranted, making his voice sound high and girlie for 'mimicking/mocking' their voices. He burst out laughing at the end.

Gerard laughed with him. "I think you need something to help you get over all that shit. If only for a moment or two.." He smiled, letting his fingers ghost down Jeff's chest as he kissed him.

"Uhm.. what do you have in mind?" Jeff purred, biting his lip and staring into his lover's hazel eyes.

Gerard smiled, kissing him again, satisfied when he heard Jeff groan into his mouth when he wrapped his fingers around his cock.


Adam stood on his knees on the bed with his arms placed on the head board. He was naked and he leaned forward some, shifting his legs apart before giving a little wiggle. "Like this, Mister Orton..?" He looked back over his shoulder, flipping his hair to the side.

"And what is not to like..?" Randy purred, reaching over to the blonde and letting his hands trace up Adam's body starting from his hips and up his sides. Adam groaned as he felt the hands move under his him, fingertips brushing along his nipples and down his stomach. "So beautiful.." Randy whispered, feeling Adam's tummy sink in and his breath hitch. "How would everyone feel if they saw their former champion like this, Edge.. hm..?"

"Oh, I could give a shit.. touch me.." Adam whimpered, bucking his hips and trying to coax those hands down to more needy parts.

"Insolent brat." The hands were taken away and Adam squeaked as he felt a swat on his asscheek.

"Ungrateful lackey." Adam murmured, recoiling down on the bed.

"I'm your lackey?" Randy snorted.

"Yes. You do whatever I say." Adam said, jerking Randy closer by his belt buckle before unfastening it. Adam was on his hands and knees, arched up like a fucking cat in heat. He tugged at the sides of Randy's pants, pushing them down and licking his lips at the large cock that popped out of them. "That's why..." Adam purred, reaching up to tap the head of Randy's cock with his middle finger. "Because I make you so hard and you just love pounding my sweet little ass."

"Oh, you think that's why? Like your ass is the holy grail." Randy smirked, keeping that groan in check. Adam was making little circles on the head of his dick with his fingers and it was fucking maddening. It made him throb and need to be buried inside of Adam's mouth or his ass, either way he could get some heat and friction.

Adam glared up at him. "My ass is the holy fucking grail and you fucking know it."

Randy scoffed, arching up on his toes as he felt Adam's precious tongue licking at the head, circling.. circling.. damn Adam and his fucking circling. The blonde rubbed him slowly and Randy let his eyes wander down to watch Adam's ass swaying, that back so beautifully arched. He loved the dead center of the small of Adam's back. He loved pressing his thumbs down into it as he fucked him from behind.

"Fuck, baby... just, please... you're right.. your ass is everything.. uhm.. wanna be in you.. wanna feel you suck me.." Randy breathed, reaching out to run his fingers through Adam's mass of long blond hair. Adam shuddered, parting his lips and sliding them slowly over the head of Randy's cock, sucking a bit as he took a little more, bobbing his head. "Harder, baby.." Randy groaned, running his hands down Adam's back and leaning over to grab two handfuls of that luscious ass. He felt Adam whimper around him as he splayed his cheeks, his middle fingers teasing his hole. "Want it..?"

Adam nodded, his 'uh-huh' coming out muffled under the mouthful he had.

Randy took a moment to reach over to the table to pick up the lube and squirt some on his fingers before going back to what he was doing. He spread the lube between those cheeks and all around that hole before pushing one middle finger inside and crooking it. He rubbed against his walls, teasing him, making the blonde buck and groan around his dick. Randy held him apart further and pushed the other middle finger inside, using them both to stretch him apart and rubbing each one on either side of his walls. Randy removed one hand's middle finger and shoved one more in on the same hand, scissoring them apart.

Adam pulled his lips off and stroked Randy's cock as his head rested on his side. "Tease." He pouted.

"I'd talk.." Randy chuckled, removing his fingers and giving Adam another smack on the ass.

Adam found himself back in his previous position with his hands on the head board. Randy had divested the rest of his clothes and had crawled up on the bed behind him. Adam tossed his head back against Randy's shoulder, crying out sweetly as Randy entered him. He felt Randy's hands on his body, fingers roaming all over every inch of his territories and touching him in all the places he liked to be touched and stroked.. except for the one that would come when Adam couldn't take it anymore. Randy dipped his head, kissing and nibbling on the blonde's neck as he thrust in and out of him, loving how Adam whined and wiggled his hips back into his. Adam found Randy's hands covering his, holding them to the head board.

"Fuck.. Randy.. rub me.. need.. now.. dammit.."

"No.." Randy taunted, angling his thrusts to hit Adam's prostate on every other journey inside. He made sure to hold Adam's hands so he couldn't do it himself.

"Please... I need you.. you wanna make me feel good.." It was almost coaxing and hypnotic in tone.

Randy laughed and Adam huffed. "Fine.. big baby.."

"Yours.." Adam then let out a happy noise as Randy started stroking him.

"Yes. All mine. My baby." Randy whispered in his ear and Adam's eyes rolled back as Randy started nibbling on a special spot on his neck. If Adam would have been a puppy, his leg would have started thumping joyfully.

"Oh, that's it.. right.. god! Randy!" Adam shouted, cumming hard all over the pillows.

"That was your pillow, by the way.." Randy smirked, squeezing the blonde before pulling out and jerking on his own cock, it only took a couple of strokes before he came, his cum sputtering out on the precious dimples that rested above Adam's ass. Randy used his fingers to smear the cum before spreading Adam's cheeks and watching his pucker contract. Adam lay against the head board, panting and delightfully sticky.

"Oh, well.. There might be 'nother in dresser... I need a shower.."

Randy smiled. "Insatiable slut."

"I was actually gonna shower in the shower." Adam grinned, rolling off the bed.

Randy slouched. "Teasing slut."

Adam laughed as he disappeared into the bathroom.

Randy sat there for a moment before getting up and following him. The door closed behind him and Adam could be heard growling. "Randy!"

"I need one too. This saves time!"

A small huff. "Right. Whatever."

Something different-ish. & eh, just an experiment cuz I wanted to. Punk muse & Jeff muse kinda collaborated using the old Punk/Hardy feud from 2009. Punk is Punk in here and will not be Phil. He's his in-ring persona & I have him crazy. It's no offense to him & I don't want it to seem like I'm bashing him. But he is the bad guy. Usually I have Phil be sweet & even a gentleman. I like him that way (see 'Lost Memories' & chp 8 of 'Christmas Shots') & have proven I can write him as such.. This issue is squeamish for me. Punk has his awesome moments, but I am not a fan of his 2009 feud w/ Jeff at all. Esp not of Jeff's puppy-dog demeanor during. Victim Jeff... not for me. I do have drug references here. But there's no actual drug usage or proof Jeff does drugs contained within, just Punk running his mouth. I cannot speak on behalf of Jeff Hardy in real-life, this is just a story & his personal business is not my own. I am not here to judge either or point fingers or bash Jeff at all. I love Jeff, I don't not want him bashed. WWE did worse than I could w/ the storyline as far as making Jeff a druggie & Punk crazy. Main title comes from 'The Sharpest Lives' off 'The Black Parade' album.