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Cuz I Love All The Poison;
Chapter six/ 'The Drugs Never Work'
Rated; M/ L, S (kidnapping, rape, preachiness, bondage)

"Adam!" Jeff stumbled through the back, shouting a little more frantically than he meant to at the blonde who was talking on his phone.

Adam glanced back and held up a hand. "Hold on a minute, Randy. Jeff's bellowing." He held his hand over the receiver. "What, Hardy." Hm, Hardy. Usually Adam addressed him as 'Hardy' when he was either being playful or being irritated with him.

"Gerard's missing. It's my fault. He got mad at me after you left, said he was going to the car, but he's not at the car, he's not in my locker room.. I've looked everywhere." Jeff panted, blurting everything out at once. He looked tired and stressed.

Adam's irritation dropped to concern. "Jeez, calm down, Jeff. I'm sure he just ran off to teach you a lesson. Have you tried calling him?"

"I have called him. Oh, god.. I should've went after him. What if..?" Jeff's eyes widened, a million bad possibilities running through his head.

"I don't think he's that crazy, Jeff." They knew who the 'he' was and neither believed 'he' wasn't that crazy, but neither wanted to say it because they knew damn well the 'he' in question was indeed that fucking crazy.

"Just.. help me look, okay. I have to find him. I have to." Jeff muttered into his hands as he rubbed them over his face.

Adam sucked his lip back into his mouth and gave it a quick nibble before putting the phone back to his ear. "Randy, I'll have to call you back. Jeff needs my help. Keep a lookout for Gerard, alright."

"Why? What happened, Adam?" The gruff voice said on the other line.

"I'll explain later. If you see him, hold him and give me a ring. Bye, baby." Adam then hang up and followed Jeff to continue hunting.


He was in there for what felt like hours. Scenarios of running out of oxygen because it was stuffy in the trunk and breathing was becoming difficult, and who had him, what they wanted with him, why he didn't have a bodyguard, or why he left Jeff... and a million other things ran rampant in his head.

Gerard felt around in the pitch-black of the trunk for anything he could use as a weapon- because he knew this car would stop soon and either he'd be left to slowly suffocate or that lid was going to come open. But to his disappointment, the trunk was completely empty except for the blanket that had been tossed over his head and his own body of course, that kept getting tossed around quite a bit as the car made stops and turns, sped up and slowed down. He thought about his phone and searched his pockets.. only to remember he'd left the damn thing back in Jeff's locker room. Fucking great. Gerard's head hit the side again and he grunted, panting a bit from trying to keep himself still and search the trunk too. He was burning up, sticky and his lungs were on fire. He'd tried to scream when the car stopped, hoping someone would hear him, but that was hopeless and just made him more miserable so he abandoned this.

When he felt the car stop a final time, he was drowsy and nearly out. He jerked awake as he heard the engine cut off and the squeaking of a car door opening and being slammed back shut again. Gerard swallowed and waited. It seemed like it was forever for whomever had him to walk from the door back to the trunk but finally he heard the trunk lid open. He lunged at the person he saw, but they were much bigger and had no problem manhandling him and knocking him out.


"Why did I let him run off...?" Jeff growled, scratching at his face and hair in frustration. He felt like shit. If Gerard was just hiding to teach him a lesson, he was going to be pissed. This shit wasn't funny and his nerves were shot. But he doubted Gerard would do that to him. Gerard just didn't play tricks like that when it was something serious.

Adam looked down at his shoes, turning one up on its side. They had looked everywhere and asked pretty much everyone, but they couldn't find Gerard. Jeff was beating himself up and Adam just didn't know what to say. "Try calling him again...?" He suggested.

"I have! I've called him and called him. I've left message after message saying I'm sorry. I'm a terrible boyfriend!"

"Don't say that, he loves you."

"Yeah. And I bring him into this.. this world, this wrestling.. shit.. and I get him mixed in with my baggage and my shit and fucking Punk and I go out and drink and I just..." Jeff growled again and tugged at his hair. "If he has him, I'll fucking kill him, Adam."

Adam watched helplessly as Jeff jumped off the crate he was on and stalked off. The blonde only sighed and went after. Jeff really didn't need to be alone right now.


Gerard groaned as he came to. His head was pounding and he was starting to seriously regret that walking off and letting it go thing. He was better off to argue with Jeff than be where he was right now. And that was, as he soon found out, tied to a musty bed in a dimly lit room. And the most perfect part of this tragedy was that CM Punk was looming over him.

"Glad you're awake. Did you have a nice nap? Bet your head hurts, bet you'd like some pain pills? Too bad."

"Fuck you. What the hell, man? Let me go! This a sick game to you?" Gerard snarled, pulling at the ropes that tied his wrists to the head board. That only hurt and dug into them. They were so thick and tight.

Punk shook his head. "No, Gerard. This isn't a game at all, this is serious."

"You're fucking crazy! Let me go! Jeff..?"

"Jeff?" Punk gave a dry laugh and sat down in a chair at the end of the bed. "Jeff isn't going to do a damn thing and he won't save you, he can't save himself. Only I can save you from this hell you're in."

Gerard let his head hit the pillow, groaning. "Do you listen to yourself? Do you seriously believe a damn word you say?"

Punk shrugged, his leg crossed. "I'm educating people."

Gerard's head raised back up. "People have a fucking right to chose who they wanna be. You have no right to tell them who to be or what to believe."

"They don't know any better. I'm here to help them." Punk shrugged again, his tone haggard and stoic.

"You call it helping? Hurting Jeff? That's helping him?" The bound man growled. The nerve of this fucker.

Punk sighed, picking absently at his nails. "Jeff is beyond my help. I have to rid the WWE of Jeff Hardy before I can help anyone else."

Gerard growled, teeth bared. "Jeff's gonna destroy you."

Punk was up quick, slapping Gerard across the face. "Jeff's going to destroy himself! I don't want him taking everybody else with him. Don't you see? He's poison. A cancer."

Gerard licked his lip, tasting blood where he was struck. "Jeff Hardy's the most amazing person I've ever known. He's beautiful and you don't know him. He's my poison."

"Shut up! He has you brainwashed." Punk snarled, yanking at his own hair. Why didn't he see? Why couldn't they all see?

Gerard shook his head. "You'll never defeat him. You'll never stop him."

Punk leaned forward. "That's where you're wrong, Davis."

"Then what're you doing with me, asshole? I'm poison too."

Punk smirked cruelly. There was a flash of malice that shone from his olive green eyes. He leaned down and ran his fingers through Gerard's black hair. Not bothered by the smaller male flinching away.

"Don't fucking touch me." He growled.

"I'm going to cleanse you. I know what you've been doing with that filthy boyfriend of yours. It's time you were cleansed." He said stoically, reaching for Gerard's belt buckle.

Gerard's eyes had widened as soon as Punk said cleanse. There was this dark look in his eyes, vacant. No one was really home or driving. Gerard squirmed away, struggling against the restraints and only rubbing his wrists raw. "No.. no.. fucker.. don't fucking touch me! Stop!"

"Shh.. you're better than Jeff.. you could be so much better.." Punk cooed, getting his captive's pants unfastened and reaching his hand inside then to run his hand over the bulge concealed under underwear.

"Stop.. Jeff will kill you.. He'll find out.. I'll tell him.." Gerard ground out, hating being at this idiot's mercy.

"I count on it.." Punk grabbed the sides of Gerard's black jeans and jerked them down along with his underwear. He shoved Gerard's legs apart as the smaller man had closed them together and sat between his legs on the bed.

"Stop! You fucker! No.."

Punk ignored him, his face emotionless as he unfastened his own pants and took out his dick, stroking it slowly as he stared at the other man laying under him. Gerard was squirming, pleading, the defiance slowly seeping from the tone of his voice and being replaced with fear. The same fear Punk saw in those big hazel eyes. He had total control over him in this instance and that fueled him completely.

"I'm warning you.." The writer's voice trembled. "Warning!" He got louder as his legs were held apart. He didn't want this. This was a nightmare and he wanted to wake the fuck up and be back in Jeff's arms. Punk's hips were getting closer to his own, Gerard's eyes followed him, watching in anxiety. His heart was pounding and he felt so faint. "Warning, fucker. Don't you.." He trailed off in a scream as Punk forcefully entered him, excruciating pain cutting through him. He gasped, losing his breath. It hurt. It was dry and that fucking hurt. Jeff never fucked him dry. He prepped him and fucking used lube and took his time and fucking consideration.

But this goddamn bastard was hurting him. A jagged scream ripped from Gerard's throat as Punk pulled out and shoved back in, shifting his hips before doing so again. Gerard's teeth chattered under the pain, he tugged uselessly on the ropes, growls and broken whimpers escaping him as Punk started to slowly thrust. The sounds soon turned to open sobs and screams as he got harder.

"Does it hurt, slut? Huh?" Punk's nails dug into his thighs as he held them apart.

"Fu-fuck y-you.."

"Such a dirty mouth." Punk spat, loving that tortured cry he got as he shoved into him deeper. "You feel it..? Bet it feels like you're being split in two.. gutted..? Do you like cock splitting your ass in two..? Huh, slut..? Stupid bitch.." Punk growled, slapping at Gerard's head. The smaller man turned away, biting his bottom lip so hard he drew blood. "You're none worth it.. why do I bother with you? Because I care! That's why.. I care too fucking much! And you're ungrateful. All of you!" Punk ranted, deranged and wild.

Punk raised up, keeping his rough pace. His lips curling into a twisted scowl, eyes narrowed in determined disdain as he destroyed Jeff Hardy's lover. Some half-assed comic book writer wannabe. Puh.. Just another worthless waste of shit in his eyes.

"Fucker.. fucker.. fuck.. fu-" Gerard muttered, panting in agony. His eye lids fluttered. It was hard to focus. He winced as he felt Punk's semen burning his insides.

"Dirty whore.. you sicken me.." Punk pulled out, ripping another scream from Gerard. He didn't even let or force the slut to cum. Didn't want him too. Punk thought it might shame him. But the bitch might enjoy it, so why give him the satisfaction? He didn't deserve it. "Go ahead and tell Jeff. No one's gonna believe a couple of junkies." Punk whispered as he fixed his pants.


Jeff sat with his hands in his hair, staring at the ground. Gerard had just disappeared. How could he let this happen?

Adam looked from Jeff to Randy. "We can't just leave him, Randy. Look at him."

Before Randy could agree or disagree or whatever he could've said, Jeff spoke up. "You guys go ahead. Don't let me ruin your night. I'm the screw-up here. I failed him."

"Jeffy, don't say that. We'll find him. It'll be alright." Adam comforted, going over to wrap his arms around Jeff. They neither believed a word of it right now.

"Just go. I appreciate you guys helping me. But I need to find him and I need to be alone." Jeff said, patting Adam's arm and then wiggling away from the taller man.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Randy asked, eyebrows furrowing.

"Doesn't matter what I'm sure of." Jeff sighed sadly.

Well, it wasn't gonna be Jeff kidnapped & raped. Those days are basically over for me. & I hate the concept of Jeff w/ CM Punk w/ a flaming passion. They're feuding & enemies and they hate each other and that does not mean they have to fuck. & eh, I'm still torturing Jeff enough. It wasn't gonna be Adam kidnapped or raped either. I'll give the doll a much needed break from that & just let Randy have him for a bit. The rape scene was the first time I wrote Gerard raped- dunno why Punk got that fucking privilege- I just wanted to write him. I actually wrote the 1st chp & the rape scene in the same night, months ago. Chp 2-5 came along in between. I came back months later & typed it out, & I feel bad for it (hangs head). I've waited for weeks & still feel bad, lol. My poor boys. & ah, the character is only fictional. As for Punk, the point is, he's off his rocker. His motives only sound logical to him.