Something I came up...

Hope it doesn't happen


You can see the fear in her eyes as she looks at you for the last time, she knows it, deep down

you know it too.

But there's something inside of you that wants her to keep fighting it's just a small bullet that's travelled over 100 MPH and ripped through her lungs.

That's all.

You want to tell her you love her, you open your mouth. Nothing escapes but the tears from your eyes, you want to beg her to stay, don't give up.


As she's lay down on the floor her warm blood surrounding you both, you realise it's not going to happen.

You hope this is all a dream.

No, a nightmare.

One you'll wake up form soon and everything will be fine and dandy.

But it won't. Will it.

With her gone it won't ever be the same and you just hope she knows that, you hope she knows you'd give anything to swap places with her. Just end it.

You know how weird this feels, being so happy one second and the next it's...

Gone replaced with a feeling you can't quite describe but it makes you want to curl up in a ball and cry, but you have to be strong for her, because she needs you now.

Even though you need her, she's leaving and never coming back, and for once you can't stop it. You have to tell her she completes you. That it's not right without her.

You keep your hands placed on the wound hoping it'll help, but you know she's gone.

You can hear Don behind you, you don't care what he's doing, he could be break dancing for all you care, but you know he's grieving; just like you.

He was close to her too, he was one of the first to befriend her. He showed her the ropes of the job, made her feel welcome. You on the other hand hated her, of course she had just replaced your bestfriend.

What were you to do...

You made her feel welcome, eventually.

But it was defiantly worth getting to know her, she was a unique person who brought out the best in have to be happy you had it, that you found your soulmate, somebody who knows and loves every inch of you.

But at the end of the day, she's gone and you're still here. Now alone.

So what's gonna' happen tomorrow, next week, next month.

By the time you come out of your daydream you look at her, her eyes are shut, her mouth slightly ajar, her own blood smudged on her cheek. You want to pretend she's asleep.

That will do no good.

You look at her chest and hope to God that someone somewhere wants her to survive, wants her to be with you. But you can feel your heart drop and smash into little pieces when it doesn't rise or fall.

You move your hands from her chest and sit beside her, you gently stroke her hair, because it's going to be the last time.

You think about how you're going to tell her parents, because it should come from you, someone their daughter loved, you tell them their only daughter's dead.

They'll love you.

You'll go to her funeral, have people say they're sorry for your loss. But are they really ?

Or is it just 5 words that are suppoesed to make you feel better.

Has anybody ever told them they don't work ?

Then you'll spend the rest of your life without her, you'll have to cope with it.

Her not smiling at you in work, or making you laugh when you want to kick and scream, she's not there.

She never will be again.

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