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Aimon Cordel Alvarez was not a normal man.

Mia knew this for certain. The guy barely looked twenty- even younger than her, and yet there he was. Strolling around the royal palace like it was the most normal thing in the world.

Not that she didn't do exactly the same thing on a regular basis, but that didn't count- as far as she knew, he wasn't royalty. Or a servant. Or a guard. In fact, he didn't actually seem to have any sort of role at all. He was just there.

Grandma always allowed him into the meetings with the Parliament. In fact, wherever Grandma went, you wouldn't see Aimon too far away.

And then there were his friends! He had many, and he almost always had one over to visit. Like that cheery Spainard who always seemed to have a tomato on hand, and the grumpy, foul-mouthed Itallian guy, and the blonde French man that groped anyone within reach- male or female.

Frankly, not knowing why he was there was torture. Whenever she tried to bring the subject up, Grandma just smiled and assured her that he was very important and his presence was absolutely crucial.

She never seemed to get a straight answer.

Aimon wasn't too sure about his current princess.

She was intelligent, as all princesses should be, and kind. But she was clumsy. Very clumsy. And he couldn't forget about how she had that horrible knack for getting into trouble.

Well, he reasoned with himself, at least she won't be boring.

She certainly wouldn't be. No one who could throw a slumber party that included mattress surfing was. Rupert (may he rest in peace) totally proved that. But he had always been a bit paranoid.

It was probably the fact that she was born and raised in America that really worried him. Would she make a good leader? Would she treat their people with respect?

Was he making a mistake?

No, of course not. Mia was a fine girl. She was his Princess, his next boss. He was just being paranoid again.

After all, she was a Renaldi. If there was one thing he knew about Renaldis, it was that they always came through in the end.

"Who are you?"
"Aimon Cordel Alvarez, princess. At your grandmother's service."

Their first meeting was a moment she could remember very clearly. It had happened the moment she had gotten out of the airplane, where he'd been waiting impatiently.

It seemed that he was a bit bipolar, too. One minute he acted like he had a stick planted very far up his butt, then he'd flirt with the maids and act like a farmer. He'd also play football with anyone ranging from Grandma to Fat Louie.

Weird guy.

"Presenting; her Majesty, Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, Queen of Genovia."

He couldn't keep the grin off his face. The joy of his people was radiating all around him. Their new queen was certainly popular, wasn't she?

His ex-boss was thrilled, clinging to he husband's arm, her eyes shining with pride for her granddaughter. Perhaps she wasn't as bad as he'd worried. She was holding herself proud and high, walking with a grace that was befitting for a queen.

Mia would make a fine ruler. And soon she would learn the whole truth about her country.

He snickered quietly to himself. Oh man. She was in for a surprise tonight!

Name: The Monarchy of Genovia
Human name: Aimon Cordel Alvarez
Official language: Italian

Height: 5' 8.5"
Weight: 142.5 pounds

Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Blue

History: When he was very young, Genovia was raised by Spain along with Southern Italy (he actually lost a bet against Romano, that's why his official language is Italian). He was happy (sorta), until France captured him to raise him along with Canada. However, he and Canada were both conquered and became colonies of England, resulting in having many gentlemanly facts pounded into his head daily. He declared his freedom quickly after growing strong enough to defend himself, and that is what made him who he is today.

Likes: Pears, pear flavored things, flirting, his national anthem, European football
Dislikes: Snakes, bad rulers, poodles

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