Story: Dreaming Of You

Author: animeg

Rating: M for language and smut in later chapters

Disclaimer: I only own Durarara in my dreams. In reality, it belongs to Narita-sensei.

WARNING: This story contains yaoi, i.e. MaleXMale. Don't like it, don't read.


"Hope is just a stranger, wondering how it got so bad..."


Dreams. What are dreams exactly?

Dreams are succession of images, ideas, emotions and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages ofsleep. The content and purpose of dreams are not yet understood, though they have been a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history. Dreams have also been describedphysiologicallyas a response to neural processes during sleep;psychologicallyas reflections of thesubconscious; andspirituallyas messages fromgods, the deceased, predictions of the future, or from the Soul…

Or at least that's what it says on the oh-so-reliable Wikipedia. Honestly, why do they have to have everything written down in such fancy words? Can't they just write 'dreams are what you see when you sleep'? Won't it be a lot easier to understand? I mean, obviously, it's easy for me interpret, but not everyone is as bright or as good looking as I am, so they probably find it hard to comprehend.

Why is it that I am searching about 'dreams' and not chatting in chat rooms or doing business with the Yakuza in my precious time, you ask? Well, it's quite simple really. It's because I have been having that strangest dreams any sane person could experience. I mean, sure when I was little I had my fair share of strange dreams. I vividly remember that one time that I dreamt that there were two humongous lions after me in my apartment and I was running around, screaming bloody murder.

And there was that other time that I was walking in the calm, serene streets of Ikebukuro, and all of a sudden some gutter appeared out of nowhere and I fell straight into it and got covered in black yucky stuff which smelled even worse than the public bathrooms at the gas station. And there was this other time that I was walking around naked in the school hallways….Why the hell was I walking around naked anyway? I know I have a body of a model but that doesn't mean I'm free game. Sheesh…stupid exams, they used to pressurize me so much in high school that I had all sorts of weird dreams like that.

But anyway back to my current dilemma. So it's true that I always have had awkward and weird dreams but what I have been experiencing for the last few nights is….is… just preposterous!

"Mnn…ahh...aah" A dark haired brunette moaned between pants as two large hands traced his abdomen, followed by a warm wet tongue that sensually trailed the curve of his spine. He was lying on his stomach, surrounded by soft, silk sheets, his behind raised in an embarrassing position, supported by his wobbly knees which threatened to give way any moment.

He didn't know where he was, he didn't know who was doing this to him. And he didn't know why his hands were in binds rendering him unable to defend himself, but for some reason, he didn't feel afraid at all, instead he felt oddly turned on by the ministrations of the stranger behind him. A hand made its way up to his face, tracing his lower lip before forcing three fingers inside his mouth, causing a trail of saliva to run down his chin. He could always bite them but didn't, instead he sucked on them willingly, twirling his tongue around each digit until it became fully covered in his saliva. His counterpart let out a dark chuckle.

"Hnnn…aah….gahh!" Another hand teasingly ran over his arousal covered by his boxers, before harshly kneading it through the thin fabric. The brunette let out a whimper as the hand started to pump his erection slowly, the friction overwhelming his senses as he threw his head back in ecstasy. He was hot all over, and his skin was burning, making him uncomfortably aware of his own submissive position.

Izaya jerked his hips forward, hoping to get even more contact than before and he groaned shamelessly when he succeeded. The assaulting hand moved up temporarily, hooking at the elastic of his boxers before effectively tearing them off, leaving the informant's creamy thighs exposed to the scrutiny of his rival. And before he knew it a finger probed his entrance teasingly and then slowly slid in.

"Nghhh…em….ahh!" The fingers inside his mouth were muffling the sounds he made. He could feel the foreign object slowly moving inside him, preparing him for what was to come. With parted lips, Izaya breathed harshly through his mouth. Another finger entered inside him, taking him by surprise, making him squirm in agony.

The stranger took note of his discomfort, moving his head between the juncture of the brunette's neck and licked at the sweaty skin before sucking it, his teeth biting down into the soft, heated flesh. The informant let out a miniscule moan, all the while trying to suck on the fingers inside his mouth. His body was flushed against the large man behind him, and his nails digging into the cuffs that kept him captive. Panting unevenly, Izaya tried to stop his body from trembling involuntarily in the man's hold as the fingers stretched him, moving in swift thrusts that made him loose his breath. "Hmm….mnha!...ha…ahh" His behind was raised and the digits worked eagerly inside him, almost like they were waiting for him to-

"AHH…HAH!" The brunette screamed, desperately struggling against his bindings when an unfamiliar wave of pleasure shot up his spine, turning his legs to jelly and making him unable voice any rational thought. His counterpart smirked and thrust against the bundles of nerves again, this time with more force, relishing the way the brunette's body arched against him for more. Izaya could see nothing but white. He could hear his counterpart's gasps, but even more audible were the screams escaping his own lips without his consent. He moved his hips against the digits weakly, trying to form a rhythm, trying to get them to penetrate him deeper. His partner took note of his movements and moved to nibble on his ear lobe, adding a third finger, to the tight hole only to have the informant writhe beneath him.

Sweat rolled down Izaya's temple as his mind ceased to function, his arousal aching to get the same treatment as the muscles in his ass. All of a sudden he had urge to look and see if his partner was in the same state as him. With much effort he turned his head to look back at the assaulter, only to have reality break down on him.

"Shi- Shizu-chan?" He gasped, his eyes widening in mortifying realization as his body started struggling by impulse. But the blonde wasn't moved by his constant fidgeting.

"St-stop….it….Shizu-ahh!" He choked on his words when the fingers that were previously inside his mouth moved down to pump his neglected arousal, the damp touch leaving him a trembling mess, any thoughts of resisting the blonde eradicating immediately. The constant abuse of his prostate along with the wet fingers engulfing shaft proved overwhelming. All coherent thought was efficiently cut off and finally the knot which had formed in his stomach undid itself as his body convulsed underneath the blonde…


I hit my head against the table recalling that sick dream. Honestly would I ever make sounds like that? And why the hell did I respond to his touches? And why did I cum with just his fingers? He could have acted like a gentleman and gone through the whole thing…Oh wait, that was my fault, I woke up after that, but anyhow back to the point.

This is unbelievable! Just think! Me, Orihara Izaya, being pleasured by my nemesis and arch-rival, with whom I share a mutual feeling of hate. And I actually liked it!

And what's even worse is that this first dream started a chain reaction in my sub-conscious mind. The first time I had the erotic dream, I was finger fucked in a dark place on a bed. The next set of dreams was even more frustrating! We were at it like a pair bunnies, doing it at every place possible. We did it in the car, in the bath tub, against the wall, in a cave behind the waterfall, in an alley, on the ferris wheel and even on the freggin' desk in front of me!

Honestly, when ever I close my eyes and lay back and relax for a little bit, these visions of Shizu-chan ravishing me just come by and hit me in the face like a sucker punch. And I can't even concentrate on my work because I have a weird feeling that two calloused hands are going to come out from nowhere and attack me from behind and have their way with me.

"Izaya", a feminine voice snapped me out of my thoughts and I turn my attention to the woman clad in a green sweater. She seems slightly annoyed for some reason, oh wait this is Namie we're talking about, she always has that sour expression on her face. I have tried to tell her that she's going to get wrinkles on her face a lot faster if she doesn't smile more, but she doesn't listen…oh well, I may as well have an excuse to make fun of her in the near future. How does 'Namie a.k.a old hag' sound?

"Yes, my sweet Namie? Whatever could be the problem?" I asked in my usual vivacious tone which deepened that ugly scowl on her face. Honestly, she already looked like a sixty-year old hag with that expression.

"Stop staring at the computer screen like a retard and do some work already..." Oh so she noticed I wasn't doing any work. Namie, you have the eyes of an eagle. Note the sarcasm please.

"Why Namie, is that any way to talk to your boss? I could deduct your pay for incompetence and for insulting me" Her eyebrow twitched. It was fun to annoy someone who was under you. Truthfully, the satisfaction you get from bullying someone is irresistible. But then she sighed.

That was the problem with Namie; she just gave up to quickly. She wouldn't persist in her stance and never even try to have an argument with me, since she knew I would win. That's what made her so boring.

"Do whatever you want Izaya but I don't want extra work on my hands just because you're being a slob." She stated while walking to the couch to get her purse. "I'm off for the night. Besides Seiji and I are going to have dinner together..." The last part wasn't clearly audible, but I made out the words. Her obsession with her brother was…just plain odd, although not unheard of. I had meddled with some people who loved there siblings, besides, my own two twin sisters made out in front of me at times, which was why I was forced to leave the vicinity of my home. That and because Shizu-chan tried to murder me whenever I stepped out on the streets.

However Namie's odd passion did sort of make me feel better in a weird, lets-not-inspect-it-too-closely way. At least I was in a better position than her.

I may have wet dreams about Shizu-chan, but she's in a situation where her unrequited love will never be returned, so she is clearly more miserable than I am.

I watched quietly, waiting patiently so that she would finally get her arse out of the office and I could have some alone time. The door shut close with a thud indicating that the said person had left and I slumped down on my chair, feeling utterly exhausted. Honestly, dealing with the Yakuza and simultaneously having a mental break down because of unwanted dreams. This was certainly not my week.

My cell phone vibrated against the hard wood of the table, gaining my attention. Someone had sent me a text, but quite frankly, I wasn't in the mood to chat with anyone right now so I completely ignored its presence. It may as well have been something important, or some new information from my 'reliable sources' but right now I didn't give a damn. All I wanted to do was get a good night's sleep.

I groaned when I thought over the 'good night's sleep' part. I probably wasn't going get rest tonight either. Every night I woke up in the middle of a tantalizingly pleasurable 'dream', I felt absolutely disgusted and I had to take a cold bath in the middle of the night to rid of a certain extremely active organ. No way in hell was I going low enough to masturbate, no matter how uncomfortable things got.

I even considered getting it up with some random girl at the bar and I did. However, even after a heavy make out session and stripping her down to her under garments, I wasn't even close to the thing called 'satisfaction'. Unresolved sexual tension was the worst. I shouldn't even feel this way! I mean, I was a grown man, not some hormonal teenager who needed porn magazines! Ugh, disgusting human desires are so wretched. Stupid dreams. Stupid Shizu-chan! You do know I blame it all on you for being so damn sexy and always chasing after me like you're intending to pin me against the nearest wall and make me-

Oh crap…Did I just call Shizu-chan sexy? No he is not sexy or good looking in the least. I mean have you ever looked in his eyes? Those monstrous, beastly, chocolate colored eyes staring at me with such lust that I cant help but become excited…

Okay, my brain is officially in the gutter and the blame…


Is on


Those stupid dreams!

What am I going to do? This table is surely going to break if I keep slamming my head against it and I may even get a concussion! But more importantly, I haven't seen Shizu-chan since I started having these dreams which was like a bit over three weeks ago. Obviously, I have trying my best to avoid going anyway near Ikebukuro. How am I going to look at him with a straight face with all those perverted thoughts I have been having of him lately? For all I know I may as well jump him the moment I see him.

Gosh, am I acting like a brat or what? But I want Shizu-chan! ~~

I want to kiss him, feel him and do all sorts of perverted stuff with him…


That acceptance actually hurt a lot more than I thought it would have. Literally. Rubbing my forehead which felt like it had a bump on it, I glanced once more at the computer screen before turning it off. The laptop's screen went blank as I sighed, turning around to look at the view out of my over sized window.

It was late. The usually busy streets were almost empty with only a few pedestrians walking on the side walk, probably hurrying back to their houses, to their families who were most likely anxiously waiting for them to return. A familiar feeling of loneliness over shadowed me for a moment, and I almost missed Namie's presence in the office.

It was hard being alone, it truly was. But I was used to it by now. How long had it been since I talked to my parents? A half an year ago? Maybe more? They did call me a few times, but I just didn't want to talk them. They were under the impression that I was a successful business man in Shinjuku, who in no way what-so-ever involved with wrong people. And by wrong people I mean the Yakuza. It wasn't my fault…Okay maybe it was…maybe I had bragged a little about how I held a managerial position in a well known industry.

It wasn't exactly a lie. I mean, I do control a lot of mishaps that occurred in the underworld, but it was their fault that they didn't get it.

Nodding to myself that my reasoning was completely justified, I turned away from the window. Observing humans was my hobby, my job, my obsession but recently whenever my eyes wondered to the busy streets below me, they would unconsciously search for a mane of blonde hair. I knew there was no way for Shizu-chan to be in Shinjuku, but still I couldn't help but want to hear him scream my name like a battle cry. It was weird.

What did I like about Shizu-chan anyway?

Was it because he was significantly taller than me? Was it because of that slightly tanned skin, those captivating mocha irises, that sweet endearing smile he would show only at rare occasion that would make my heart beat like crazy?

Then again, every time I laid eyes on Shizu-chan, my heart felt like it was going to leap out. But I had always figured that it was adrenaline rush, that my body was use to getting prepared for 'fight and flight' immediately as soon as Shizu-chan came into view. It wasn't because I was attracted to Shizu-chan…right? Besides Shizu-chan was a man.

I wasn't going to let my reputation that I had taken years to built ruin because of some worthless, unsure feelings for a protozoan who hated me and cursed me to hell. Shizu-chan didn't like me, and I didn't like him. That was the way of the world. That was the way of nature. Opposites couldn't attract no matter how close you put them together. That only applied to magnets. Shizu-chan and I weren't magnets; we were humans who could only be attracted to someone whom they considered to be similar to them.

It wasn't like I was going to find a mate anytime soon. Sure I might play around, but getting serious about someone was not on my to-do list. I didn't want to offer my heart to anyone. I didn't trust anyone to protect it.

The problem with people is that they don't understand me. They tend to judge me by my looks and the rumors that they have heard about me. Shizu-chan is no different. He's just like everyone else. He will never be prepared to trust me, or even try to understand my feelings. He's just a stupid protozoan who's a means of passing time. My body may desire him, but my heart certainly does not.

Even though I had convinced myself of this, the sting I felt in my chest almost made it hard to breath.

That's right, Shizu-chan was never going to even consider being kind to me. To him I was nothing but I flea, a blood sucking parasite that he loathed. He wanted to get rid of me. He was just one of those many people who despised me. He was among those who'd do anything to see me get hit by a truck and die a sad, painful death.

I didn't know why I was hurt by this realization. I had known this reality the moment I met him…..Maybe I was going to be more miserable than Namie after all…



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