Story: Dreaming Of You

Author: animeg

Rating: M for language and smut

Disclaimer: I only own Durarara in my dreams. In reality, it belongs to Narita-sensei.

WARNING: This story contains yaoi, i.e. MaleXMale. Don't like it, don't read.


"Maybe he'll save me in the ocean of his dreams…"


Cold. That was the only sensation that the raven could feel in the looming darkness which overcame his senses and made his body shiver. The was no source of light, no place to go, nothing to see and nothing to hold on to. Just a colorless abyss.

Suddenly the temperature dropped another few degrees, making a shudder ripple through the raven's frame, his arms instinctively winding around his torso in an attempt to keep some of the warmth from leaving him.

It was cold…so very cold…Why was there no one here?

As if answering his unspoken question, two arms latched wrapped themselves around his waist, pulling him back into a warm well-muscled, hard chest. Izaya let out a gasp as he felt himself fall back, fall back into strong, protective arms, that promised something more than security and warmth, they vowed to make the informant feel 'loved'.

Although, being the person he was, Izaya didn't believe in such a notion as love; even the prospect of him loving an individual seemed absurd. However, this warmth, this heat, this refuge was forcing him to consider otherwise.

Suddenly, the coldness that had previously chilled him to the very bone seemed to fade; blocked by an even stranger sensation that made him tingle with delight. He relaxed into the warm embrace, shivering when he felt hot breath fanning his ear and a deep, seductive voice whisper his name.



"Shi…Shizu-chan?" I could hear my raspy voice whisper when I felt something cold touch the sensitive skin of my arm, tracing my flesh in a zigzag pattern until it reached the corner of my elbow. In the back of my mind, I was almost certain it was that blonde from my dreams, the one who was responsible for many of my sleepless nights, the one who had took me again and again in my dreams until I craved for the touch to become a reality.

I opened my eyes, squinting as the light obscured my vision for a few good moments. I could see something in front of me…though the image itself was a blur, it was something yellow, something I assumed to be a thick mane of blonde hair.

"Shizu-chan?" I called out tentatively, trying to move my arm which resulted in a sharp stab of pain which made my body quiver.

Suddenly the yellow thing moved away from and then seemed to disappear all of a sudden. What the-?

"Izaya, You're up!" The familiar deep voice snapped me back to reality and I looked side ways from where the sound had originated. My eyes widened when they discovered found the person standing there, looking at me with a gleam of amusement dancing in his dark eyes.

"Shinra?" I called out incredulously, completely forgetting to keep the shock off my face as the memories of last night flooded my mind. Yes, I had called Shinra after those guys had beat the crap out of me (and vice versa), obviously it was Shinra who would've saved me, right?

I felt my eyebrows knit together as I contemplated on whether I had actually heard Shizu-chan or was it just a figure of my imagination. I didn't like to consider that I was in fact, disappointed that it was Shinra standing in front of me and not that protozoan. Surely, I didn't want him to save me, right?

A hand was waved in front of my eyes, snapping me out of my thought process and I glared at Shinra, not knowing why his mere face made me want to throttle the hell out of him. Shouldn't I be thankful that he saved my arse in the first place?

"Helloooo~ Earth to Izaya, do you read me?"

"Yes Shinra, I read you loud and clear so would you mind getting out of my face?" Despite the bitterness in my tone Shinra merely smiled and pranced his way to the cabinet at the far side of the room, shuffling through some unknown contents in the wooden structure and leaving me to my own thoughts once again.

I surveyed the familiar room since I had nothing better to do and because I wanted to stop my thoughts from wandering off to a certain blonde protozoan. Surely nothing could have changed between us after a one-night stand, right? I mean, of course, enemies didn't fuck together like rabbits but could one night of passion change years of animosity?

Oh, who the heck was I kidding? Everything had changed! Everything had changed because of those dreams and due to what happened last week! Things were never going to be the same! And it was stupid of me to try and think otherwise because it definitely was affecting me in an adverse way!

I shook my head. Please, I really didn't want to contemplate on the feelings that had been plaguing me lately. I have to focus on the darn room, dammit!

Pursing my lips, I let my eyes wander around the dull, grayish-off-white walls of the room. There was little to no furniture, and the room was mostly filled with surgical equipments. It was like Shinra had his very own 'operation theatre' this little apartment. There was a small single bed, the one which I was currently occupying, a table and a chair and other than that, there was just a large window at the far right, giving a nice view to the city below.

It was then that I noticed all the equipment beside my bed and my eyes narrowed at the particular red liquid in a transparent plastic bag, hanging from the white stand.

"Shinra what's that?" I asked pointing beside my bed.

Shinra turned around for a moment and I could see a couple of bandages in his hands.

"Erm, it's a blood bag?"

I rolled my eyes. "Of course it's a blood bag. What I mean is where did you get the blood from?"

It was odd how Shinra stiffened all of a sudden, his shoulders going tense and his chest perfectly still, showing that he was holding in a breath. Being an expert on human behavior I could easily tell that he was anxious, or caught off guard by my sudden question.

The bespectacled brunette let out a nervous laugh which I could tell was obviously to hide his discomfort. I raised my eyebrow at him, waiting for a response.

"What kind of question is that, Izaya?" He let out another nervous laugh, turning his back to me, trying to avoid my gaze completely. Shinra, are you hiding something from me?

"A logical one." I tried to fold my arms over my chest to show my dissatisfaction; however that proved to be a challenge as familiar agony shot up my spine. I winced, momentarily forgetting my curiosity in favor of asking how bad my condition was. "Any broken bones?"

Shinra seemed relieved, his reaction almost making me regret that I diverted the topic. What did he want to avoid so desperately, I wonder? "Luckily you only broke one bone, your rib. However, you had a severe concussion; I was surprised that you didn't crack your skull," Shinra gave me a disapproving look. I merely shrugged.

"You also lost a lot of blood so I had to transfuse some. Other than that you have several injuries on your limbs but the one that worries me most is the one on your ankle. You got hit on a very sensitive spot and you made it worse by walking all the way to that park," Shinra frowned, when I tried to get a glance at my ankle. "You probably don't want to look at it; it's big, ugly, swollen and all purple. Actually it's looks a lot worse than it really is. You have to keep off it for a few days if you want to do any of those parkour moves in the near future."

I frowned when he said that.

"That's mean Shinra; you're being painfully honest here." Shinra let out a hearty laugh.

Sadist. He just loves to see people in pain doesn't he? I think it's the very reason why he chose his profession as a doctor.

"Of course I am, that's the best part of my job!~" And with that he strutted over to the bed with a bottle of Lord knows what in his hand and a few bandages in the other. I looked at him suspiciously. Is it just me or is he a bit too happy at the moment?

"Ne, Shinra, did Celty finally agree to go on a date with you?" I smirked when his face suddenly fell. Well, that's what you get for being oh-so happy when I'm completely banged up. Literally.

"Oh, she just denies her love~ You should see how affectionate she gets when we're alone!~ The voices she makes are absolutely enthralling. It makes me feel like a teenager all over again, with those hormones~" My jaw dropped as he giggled and proceeded to work on the bandages on my chest. I flinched when he started removing them, feeling the sting rack my spine. If it hadn't been for painkillers, the pain would have most certainly been unbearable.

"You do know that Celty is headless and incapable of speaking, right? Because if you don't, I suggest you go to a hospital to get your eyes checked and get hearing-aid as well, if possible." I stated as-a-matter-of-fact.

"Oh Izaya, how can you not see our love? I love Celty like the moon loves the Sun and like the day loves the night sky-" I didn't bother correcting Shinra that 'sun and moon' and 'day and night' were, in fact opposites since he probably wouldn't take heed to my words anyway.

I stared irately at him as he went on and on about the 'eternal love' he shared with his 'beloved'. I had to bite back the comment 'Shinra, you're just a dirty old pervert, who's interested in a body' but, unfortunately, I couldn't say that no matter how badly I wanted to. I was under Shinra's care at the moment. What would I do if he got offended and tried to overdose me with morphine? A thought to consider, right?

I sighed, when the doctor was finally done with my bandages and exited the room, my eyes finally noticing the blotches that covered my body.

The sight would make anyone cringe with distaste. My pale skin was littered with bruises, some of them still swollen and making uneven bumps on my usually smooth skin. My torso was battered, my shoulders decorated with the purple marks that my body had been well acquainted with. The new gashes went well with the older scars, the latter almost welcoming the new wounds as they collectively marred my skin. The fragments of broken skin were sure to leave new marks, marks which may never fade and turn white or pink, forever a reminder to what happens when I let my guard down.

I ran my fingers over my own stained skin, for the first time, feeling self-conscious. My body looked so broken and blemished that I doubted that anyone would want to hold me…and yet…he did and with such affection that it was almost…unnerving.

My thoughts drew back to the protozoan whom I had slept with a few days prior. As much as I wanted to avoid him, he'd been the only thing on my mind since the last few days. Actually, he was the only thing on my mind for the last two and a half months.

There was something definitely wrong with me. I should not make such a big deal out of a flimsy one-night stand, should I? And yet here I am, finding myself recalling those instances when I actually felt something deeper than just raw lust.

I lusted after Shizu-chan, that much I had come to accept. It wasn't an easy thing to acknowledge, and neither was I happy to admit that I actually looked forward to those dreams that I had of him.

Every night, that Neanderthal came in my dreams, made sweet, passionate love to me, whispered my name with such affection that it would leave me light-headed and wanting more.

Maybe that's why I jumped him that night, because I wanted to know, I so desperately wanted to know if reality was better than any of those dreams, whether if doing it in reality would finally end that seemingly infinite chain of dreams, end the torture of wanting something that I could never really have, end the agony of being so utterly disappointed in the morning because those words, those caresses had been nothing more than a sweet illusion.

I wanted to end these dreams, because I was afraid…that I would fall in…love…

If I was honest with myself, I had long ago fallen in love with the man in my dreams, the one who was discreet yet avid, the one who'd hold me like I was the only thing that mattered in the world…

Love. Ugh, I shouldn't have even thought of that possibility and now my mind is circling around it. I really wanted to curl into a ball and hide under the sheets at the discovery…The thought was that scary…

Ever since I was little, I always told myself to accept all the outcomes of my actions without regretting. And as the years passed, I became adamant on the thought. Just accept the consequences of your actions, and the rest would turn out fine on its own.

But for the first time, I really wasn't sure how this scenario would unfold.

I knew I had been denying it the whole time, trying to make myself believe that it was just a fuck that I didn't enjoy at all, but I was old enough to know that defiance would only lead to more complications. Though it was a very difficult fact to accept, and I was still hesitant to accept it…I think this was love…I could tell by the desire to be loved back…I could tell by the fact that my stomach churned and my cheeks tinted whenever I thought about that stupid protozoan.

I slumped at the irony of it all, making the bed creak slightly as I shifted my body.

I was falling in love with the only human I was supposed to hate only because of having multiple erotic dreams revolving around him.

At first, I thought it was lust, and only raw need and desire but I was wrong, so very wrong.

For some twisted reason, when Shizu-chan was about to claim me that night, I realized that I reality was so terrifying different from those dreams. His expression held nothing akin to love and fondness the man in my dreams had for me; instead, his eyes were full of desire, just raw need and nothing more.

It actually hurt a lot, when I realized that he may as well be imagining a woman in front of him instead of me. He was probably treating me a replacement of sorts and then he took me relentlessly, nothing even close to the gentleness with which I would be treated with in my dreams.

It was then that I understood that fantasy was nothing close to reality. Though the feelings and the intensity of emotion was heightened by several times, in my fantasy, the man actually loved me instead of just using me.

Despite the fact that the intercourse itself was pleasurable, it probably held no emotion from his part. For him it was nothing but sex, a way to vent his pent up stress, a mistake which he probably regrets even now.

I should be regretting it too, but this stupid, stone heart of mine which just recently decided to become soft won't let me.

As much as I hate to admit it, there was that one time, that one little moment when we were both on the brink, him pounding inside me with all his strength, me matching each thrust with a roll of my hips that he called out my name in such an warm and tender voice that it left me seeing stars.

Even during the afterglow of our sinful union, he stayed by my side even though I was half-expecting him to get his things and leave immediately. But he took me by surprise, that stupid protozoan; he actually cuddled up against me, his worst enemy and wrapped his arms around me as the beating of his heart hummed me in a deep sleep.

Though the fact that he was gone in the morning was a heavy blow to my heart, those moments still gave me hope…that maybe…just maybe deep down, he actually considered it more than 'just sex'.

The fact that he actually had the decency to clean me up and that he covered me up before he left was also lifting up hopes. Had he really hated me, he wouldn't have cuddled with me, he wouldn't have spent the night, he wouldn't have cleaned me up and he wouldn't have cared enough to actually put the broken door back in its proper place before he left. Hell! I expected him to take me dry!

I knew I was getting in over my head, thinking that it was more than a one-night stand, hoping that it affected him just as much as it affected me but I couldn't help but hope.

I hated him for it, hated him for making me feel this way. I should resent him for what he did, and yet here am I, thinking that we can become more than just enemies.

I guess the last few days had given me a load to think about? Though, I would like to act like it never happened but I don't think I could. I would just be deceiving myself and nothing well comes out betraying your own emotions.

I really did wonder though, could we really return to what we were? Could we? Would it be possible for him to throw a vending machine at me just as easily as it was before? Or would he just opt for avoiding me completely?

I froze at the thought. No, no, no…I could take hate, I could take a hundred vending machines, but what I couldn't take at this stage was…indifference. What if he'd walk past me without even noticing I existed?

The thought made my heart throb. Fuck. How hard had I really fallen?

I was all those dreams' fault! They stimulated these feelings inside me; if it wasn't for them I would stab that protozoan without a second thought!

It was because of those dreams that every night I would be reminded of that moment, that stupid protozoan and the desire for him to actually love me. Each reverie would leave me with more false hope, more fake assumptions and more expectation than ever before.

I guess that's why I was so disappointed when it didn't turn out to be him who saved me. Though I knew perfectly well that my mind was probably playing tricks on me in my state of near unconsciousness, I couldn't help but want it to be that protozoan. It would at least show that something actually had changed after that encounter and maybe we could be more than enemies who shared nothing but hatred.

But reality isn't kind and Shizu-chan would probably have forgotten about the incident. He'll still try to kill me if I stepped in Ikebukuro and he will forever consider our union as nothing more than an act of lust. He will never acknowledge me…

I placed my hand on my chest, feeling my heart pulse painfully, achingly. My eyes almost stung from frustration.

Love…So this is what it feels like…

Dammit it, you protozoan, if you can't love me then at least stay away from my dreams, will ya? At least give me time to forget, at least stop reminding me and giving me false hope with your kindness!

If this is some sort of 'revenge', then you better be prepared because I can make you suffer ten-folds. Messing with Orihara Izaya, whether physically or emotionally will do you no good.

I huffed. Stupid Neanderthal. Can't he just stop visiting me in my dreams and make it easier for us both?

It's not my fault that I dream about him. Hell, even Shinra said that one had no control over the sub-conscious mind, so I'm not the one at fault…

It's not like I want to dream about those broad shoulders, that well-defined back, those muscled pectorals and firm abs and those deep, deep eyes like pools of molten chocolate…

I shook my head.


Acknowledging him as being fairly or immensely attractive will just be more disastrous on my part. I should just stop thinking about it-

A knock from the door snatched my attention and my eyes automatically darted towards the intruder.

Ah, Celty. What an anticipated surprise.

The aforementioned Dullahan shook her head at me disapprovingly as she moved towards the bed before shoving her PDA in my face.

[You leave Ikebukuro for more than two months and come back all beaten up. What are you up to?]

Celty can be so much like Shizu-chan at times, minus the short temper and the inhuman strength. She just loves to accuse me.

I smiled or rather smirked nonetheless. I could care less about her and her accusations, but technically I sort of owe her because she bought me here. Shinra has always been a wimp. He would never be able to bring me here on his own.

"Ah Celty, you give me too much credit," I shifted in my bed. "Not everything that happens in this city is my doing, though I would want nothing more than this city to be completely under my control."

If she had a head, then she would be frowning. She started typing on her PDA.

[Okay…then how are you feeling?]

"Well, right now, I can't say for sure since I can't feel any pain due to the painkillers Shinra gave me, but by looking at my wounds, I can say I'm not in a very good position," I pointed to my scarred chest for emphasis.

She started typing once again and I wonder how problematic it must be to type down every word you want to say.

[Shinra says, you'll heal quickly, so you have nothing to worry about.]

I snorted.

"That's quite odd. He just threatened me a while ago that I won't be able to stand on my two feet if I weren't careful."

Meh, the doctor had a habit of exaggerating facts any way.

Celty paused for a moment, making me raise an eyebrow as she finally shoves the PDA in my face once again.

[If I ask you something, will you answer truthfully?]

I raised an eyebrow. Celty was asking for my services?

"Oya? I guess even the Black Rider needs information sometimes. Of course I'll tell you anything you want to know about Shinra, for a price that is."

She stiffened at the implementation there and then shook her helmet vigorously, probably in embarrassment.

[I-It's nothing like that! I-I was just curious about something that's it!]

"Hmmm? I wonder what's so intriguing that it's got you paying me to find out about it …"

The dark-clad Dullahan paused for a moment, almost looking stumped. Even though she was headless, her reactions were just like any other human being and it was easy to predict what she was thinking just by observing her body language.

"Though I usually don't offer information for free, but I guess I can make an exception in this case since you saved me and all…" Truthfully, this was the first time she wanted to inquire about something from me about something and I was slightly curious to find out about what it may be. Usually it wouldn't have sparked my interest but this was an immortal being we were talking about, so yeah, I was a bit fascinated, besides I did owe her in a way, didn't I?

It's better to pay everyone back for their kindness and such so you wouldn't feel indebted.

Celty cocked her head at me.


"Yes, yes. I'm giving you free information, so go on." I encouraged.

She seemed to a bit hesitant about what she wrote next.

[Izaya, I didn't save you.]

I paused, staring at the message, long and hard, my eyebrows furrowing together in confusion.

"You…didn't?" I didn't like the way my voice almost cracked.

Why the heck was my heart pounding all of a sudden? Wasn't this where I was supposed to brush it off since I was alive anyway and it shouldn't matter who bought me here? Wasn't this where Celty should type, 'haha, just kidding'? Shit! Someone else other than Shinra saw me in such a weakened state. Shit! Shit! Shit!

[No, I had to complete a job. You were already here by the time I got back.]

She paused.

[Come to think of it, Shinra couldn't have carried you on his own…could he?]

I looked at Celty dryly, almost feeling as if the Dullahan was rubbing it in my face that I was a damsel in distress who had to be saved. Though I knew it wasn't her intention, I could help but feel slightly mortified at my own helplessness.

"No, I don't think so. I'll ask him though, just to make sure. Wouldn't want word going around that Orihara Izaya is currently in a weakened state and is vulnerable to attack."

Her quick, agile fingers briskly typed a reply.

[Good luck then. Any way, can I ask you that question?]

I gave Celty one of my infamous smirks. "Fire away."

She paused to look at me for a moment, trying to read my expression, before resuming to type. I could tell that she was nervous about what she had to say next since she re-wrote the message twice, thinking carefully about the words she would use.

[What's going on between you and Shizuo?]

I should have known better and drop the useless conversation before it even started…


Nights at Shinra's apartment were always gloomy, especially considering the fact that I was always hurt in some way or another, broken bones, concussions, sprains, that sort of stuff.

This time around though, the physical pain was no match for the emotional turmoil taking place inside of me.

He told her. That fucking protozoan told her what happened between us. I knew she was his only friend, but Shizu-chan had to learn that there were some things that were better left unsaid, and this was definitely one of those things.

Didn't he know that Celty will eventually tell Shinra, and telling Shinra means announcing it to the whole of Ikebukuro in a loud speaker?

I wasn't sure why he'd told her. Was it to get a burden off his chest? Was it to confide in a friend ofthe terrible mistake he made? Or was it to simply embarrass me, to tell the whole world that I spread my legs for that fucking protozoan? Hah, that must be it! He was always looking for a chance to ruin me, and I gave him a beautiful excuse to do it.

Who knows, the next time I'll be walking in the streets, people will be whispering 'faggot' behind my back.

I won't lie and say that it didn't affect me at all; actually, I was quite angry at the moment.

I should known better than to even think that there was more to that night. Of course it was just mindless shagging, what else could it have been?

Orihara Izaya you're a fucking idiot, to assume something more. Shizu-chan feels nothing for you except hate, hate and more hate, and that will never change, no matter how many times you two sleep together.

I chuckled, urging my aching heart to somehow feel better, to get over the whole ordeal, because lets face it, it's never going happen. Shizu-chan and I? Harty, har har, so funny, so very damn funny that I'm going to choke on my saliva if I laugh anymore. Please note the sarcasm.

I glared at the ceiling as if it was responsible for all my troubles. Why was I even hoping this morning? Just because I thought he saved me. Of course, he didn't save me, why would he? He had every reason to kill me and I should be glad that he didn't see me weak or he may have snapped my neck.

Shinra confirmed that it was not Shizu-chan who bought me here; he was actually aided by his father who left the following night. Ha! I felt like an idiot. Why the heck was I hoping for something like that?

Have I completely lost my marbles? Claiming I love Shizu-chan just because he tells me loves me in my dreams. Real life is more brutal. 'I love yous' are only for bittersweet dreams and it should stay that way.

I wont sleep tonight, for if I do, he'll give me a little visit again, make me start hoping again and then crush my heart all over again. Shizu-chan and I are a lost cause. The world will split into two, the oceans will rise over, but he will never fall in love with me.

Not that I blame him, I did an awful lot of bad things to him in the past, maybe this is karma after all. What better ways to punish me than making me fall in love with my enemy with no hopes of gaining that affection back?

Sighing, I struggled to look out of the window which was at the far corner of the room. There were exactly one hundred and six stars in this part of the sky. I had counted them twice already, hoping that the time would pass already and morning would come quickly so I could ask Shinra to get my laptop and cell phones. Maybe then I'll get rid of this boredom.

Sleeping was not an option. I didn't want to dream about that protozoan. My mind was tired over pondering about him too much; all I had to do was get some sort of distraction.

The turning of a doorknob caught my attention and my eyes darted towards the door.

Who could be here at this time of night? Glancing at the alarm clock on the side table, I noticed that it read a bit past midnight. Was Shinra checking up on me to make sure I wasn't dead? But my condition was stable at the moment Shinra had no need to worry.

A feeling of dread rose in the pit of my stomach as a silhouette stepped inside, closing the door behind him so quietly like a robber entering a house.

It wasn't Shinra. I could tell even if the lights weren't on. The moonlight illuminating the room only allowed me to see the man's outline and I was one hundred and ten percent sure that Shinra did not have a physique like that.

This man was tall, like intimidating tall. Usually it would not have mattered to me if the guy was well over eight feet, but the problem was, that I could barely move, and I didn't have my flick blade with me either.

Had word really gotten out that I was hurt? Did the Yakuza send an assassin to kill me? It could be anyone. I knew there were a lot of people who weren't exactly fond of me-


I stiffened when I heard the curse, a few more uttered after it as the man moved the inconveniently placed chair which had collided with his shin. I wasn't nervous for fear of my life, or for the fact that I did not have my flick blade with me and was completely defenseless, but because I recognized that voice, that voice that had always screamed out my name in rage, that voice which confessed to me all the time in my dreams, that voice who's owner had made me into an emotional mess.

Shi…Shizu-chan? Shizu-chan was here?

(I was gonna stop here, but I guess I owe you guys for updating so late…So onwards!~)

My heart started racing as my mind interpreted that tone once again and those heavy footsteps approached the edge of my bed.

"Izaya…" My body almost jolted at the sound of my name spoken so softly and I kept my eyes fixed at the intruder, blinking them again and again, hoping that this wasn't one of those dreams, that my ears and my mind wasn't playing tricks on me.

My face was heating up, I could tell that much. W-why was he here? To kill me right? Y-yeah! He was here to kill me! H-he wasn't here because he was w-worried, right? I mean, t-that's impossible. He couldn't be worried for me! He couldn't! He couldn't…could he?

I held my breath to stop a whimper as cool fingers trailed over my cheek, a rough thumb slowly tracing my lower lip.

"You're burning up…" Shizu-chan whispered, gently moving his fingers up to press softly against my head. "You have a fever, flea…"

My heart sky-rocketed at the tender touch. I-I h-had a f-fever? Wasn't I a-alright a moment ago?

Confused to the extent that I couldn't even think straight, I opted for pretending to be asleep. Too awkward! Too awkward! This was all too fucking awkward!

Why was he doing this? Why? Isn't it enough that I couldn't even think straight without him interrupting my thoughts? What more does he want from me?

Shizu-chan…why are you…getting my hopes up like this?

His hand moved away, his fingers clamping around my jaw line as he cupped my chin, pulling my face up as I drew in a deep, anticipating breath. My heart was pounding against my chest, so hard, that I was almost afraid that he might hear it and know that I was awake.

I kept my eyes shut tight as I felt his warm breath ghosting over my lips, mingling with my own shallow gasps in a way which made my skin burn. I could feel him inch closer, his upper body hovering over me, making my spine tremble as our lips finally met.

It was nothing erotic, no overlapping of tongues, no heavy panting or exchanging of saliva, yet it was just as overwhelming, making my skin crawl as I felt the urge to respond, press my lips harder against him. His lips were moist against mine, firm yet compliant, as he moved his hand to run it through my hair. Dazed, I closed my eyes, letting the warmth sink in, loosing myself to the innocent yet intimate touch.

My fingers twitched as I curled them in the bed sheets, forcing my body to remain completely immobile. I could tell that my face was burning, and by the heat radiating from under his clothes, I was sure this innocent little kiss was getting to him. I parted my mouth a bit, allowing a bit of gap between my teeth, hoping for a probing tongue to make its way into my mouth and entwine with mine, but it never happened.

Instead Shizu-chan kept the kiss startlingly simple. It was a good few moments until he moved away from, panting slightly as his hand traced the bandages on my head and rubbed the spot tenderly.

The next time he closed in on me, he took me by surprise, making me moan as he, sucked in my lower lip and nibbling it gently between his teeth.

However, as soon as the sound left my throat, he froze and so did I.

Immediately, he jerked away from me, looking at me with what was probably horror. I was just glad that he couldn't see my flushed face in this darkness.

"Shi…Shizu-chan?" I called out, trying to extend my arm to grab his sleeve, but before I could do so, he darted towards the door, another string of curses escaping his lips as the chair smacked against his shin once again and he slammed the door behind him, breaking the poor doorknob in the process.

The smile that came over my lips was probably broad and dorky looking and I let out the chuckle I had been holding in.

Oh Shizu-chan~ will you ever cease to surprise me? Coming into my room, in the middle of the night just to check up on me, just to kiss me? Oh~ when did he actually learn to be romantic? Maybe he started reading those dating magazines or something.

Lying down with a sweet sigh, I ran my fingers over my lip, trying to somehow to maintain the warm, tingling sensation that had erupted when our lips met.

My poor, dear, sweet Shizu-chan was probably in his apartment, cursing everything that he'd been found out.

I wasn't dense, I was quite perceptive really. What he did just a while ago meant that he was affected by our little rendezvous. Of course, he was! How could he not be? Damn, how come I didn't see it!

But I had to be sure, and now I was. Shizu-chan was just as insecure as I was, and I could easily take advantage of it. Mine, mine, mine! He was going to be mine soon enough. I just had to play the right cards, and poof!

Grinning I was sure about two things.

One, Shinra was going to get killed for hiding the fact that it was Shizu-chan who bought me here and even gave me his blood. I should have known the doctor was lying because he made that constipated face when I asked him about it. And by the way Shizu-chan was reacting to me, I was sure that it was the protozoan who asked, no threatened to Shinra to keep quite about it.

And two, I was going to pay Shizu-chan a little visit when I got out of here. It was obvious that the idiot planned to run away from this little…connection we had. That coward. Too bad he was dealing with Orihara Izaya and what Orihara Izaya wants, Orihara Izaya gets. No exceptions.

With that in my mind, I closed my eyes, hoping to dream about a certain blonde, giving me the time of my life…


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