Note To Readers:

First off, HI!

….. Okay, now that that is over, I think it would be helpful if I explained very quickly how this piece came about. It was an assignment for my Advanced Composition class; a mid-term. This was one of the only "pick any topic you want and write about it" sorts of things that the teacher gave us. I immediately thought of fairies, and so this poem was born. It had to be seven pages long and double spaced, but I re-single spaced it for you all, making it only three and a third pages. We were supposed to have some sort of pattern to it, and I took my inspiration from T.S. Eliot's The Wasteland. The pattern is my own, but I somewhat modeled after his famous poem.

The pattern is: Shakespearean sonnet, three couplets, Shakespearean sonnet, three couplets. This happens for parts one through three, but part four is only one Shakespearean sonnet.

I think that is it, so please enjoy and leave comments/ reviews. If you must, go ahead and flame review, I can take it and use the message and critique my work.

Thank you for having even the slightest inkling to read my work,

Adriatic Rose