This is a result of me being very, very bored in a Humanities lesson. Also, I have turned over to the slash side of the force! *gasps* Oh well. This, House/Wilson and Mycroft/Lestrade are my only slash couplings. The End. AOR

Our car trundled along the dark road, my master in the driving seat with his pale gloved nimble pianist's hands clutching the wheel hard. He bit his pink full lip and sighed, looking down at his knees.

"What's wrong, sir?" I asked, politely. He shook his head, looking up at me with his big beautiful blue eyes which I noticed with some alarm were shining slightly with tears.

"It's just Aunt Agatha." He replied sadly. I should have seen his upset coming. The lady in question had been extremely harsh towards my darling but I had no indication it would have upset him this badly. "She's always getting at me. She said that I'm useless and no-one will ever love me. She even said that she bets my parents are glad they're dead so they don't have to face the shame of having such an idiot for a son. Apparently, I disgrace the good name of Wooster and that I should run away and join the circus. I only wish I could! And it bally well hurts, Jeeves! But she's right. No-one loves me and I'm a fool." I patted his hand comfortingly as he began to cry in his own quiet way, hanging his head and sniffling. He didn't like anyone watching him cry and I was filled with a colossal anger. That woman had no right to make my Bertie cry like that. She may have been his aunt but she certainly wasn't his mother. She would have to face one angry valet if we ever stayed with her again. This was unlikely as, brilliantly out of character, we had donned our travelling clothes and gone on a moonlight flit away from Brinkley Manor. I had packed everything in advance, knowing that we had a snowball's chance in Hell of going back after what she had said at dinner.

"I love you sir." I whispered. Even though it was the dead of night, we still couldn't risk anyone knowing. Our love was frowned upon by even the most lenient people. We were screaming benders with no more right to be on God's Clean Earth than a weasel. I can't really remember when I stopped caring though. Gently, I lifted my master's chin and stroked his tears away with my thumb.

"I know Jeeves." He smiled his, although watery, still beautiful smile. I was captivated. Slowly, I leaned forward with my hand still lying on his cheek. Suddenly, we both lurched forward. I closed my eyes and braced for impact. Hesitantly, I opened one eyes several seconds later. The car was a wreck but luckily nothing was on fire. The windscreen had smashed and pieces of glass showered the area like a blanket of snow. I looked around. Somehow, I was completely fine except for some minor bruising. The same could not be said for my lover. Dark red blood coated the steering wheel. Quickly, I flipped Bertie over. He was completely out of it and blood was pooling from his head. I gasped. I had no idea of what to do.