Kurt was smiling as he walked in the door after his day with the Puckermans, and even the lecture he was doubtlessly about to get from his father couldn't ruin his good mood. "Hi, Daddy."

"You only call me that when you think I'm angry about something. What am I angry about?" Burt asked, readjusting his cap on his head, sitting at the kitchen table. Kurt bypassed him for the fridge.

"I presumed you saw Noah and I outside." Not that they had been doing anything inappropriate, but Burt hadn't looked too happy about it.

"Unfortunately," Burt said gruffly, but he didn't sound angry. "And Finn told me you've been over at the Puckermans' all day. Grab me a beer?" His dad was being oddly calm and it was kind of unnerving to Kurt.

"You don't have anything to say about Noah and I? Or the fact that we've been unsupervised all day?" Kurt asked without looking at his father's reaction, grabbing a water for himself and a beer for his dad from the refrigerator.

"I know you, kid, and you're nothing but stubborn, just like your mom. Nothing I say is going to convince you not to date that idiot, and I'm not going to bother to try." Kurt sat down at the table across from Burt, handing his father his beer. "Besides, the more I say no, the more you'll want to."

"But you still don't think it's a good idea?"

"Of course not. I've heard what Finn has to say, and I've heard what you have to say, and I've heard all sorts of things about this boyfriend of yours from the town at large, including many older ladies who should not know him as well as they seem to, and I still think you're using teenager logic." Burt opened and took the first sip of his beer, only looking judgmental when he got to the part about some of the cougars who knew Noah.

"I am a teenager."

"That's the problem. Teenagers make terrible decisions and stick to them."

"You're calling my boyfriend a terrible decision?"

"Bud, you won't understand this until you're having kids yourself, and that better be a long way off-"

"Or never," Kurt added, leaning back in his chair.

"But the bottom line is something we've already talked about. You still see the best in people at your age, and I see the worst because that's the part I'm afraid of being around you. He's an idiotic teenage boy who already has a kid, and he's been known to make bad decisions."

"But aren't mistakes what we learn from?" Kurt asked, realizing that it was a weak argument but hoping there would be some way to change his dad's mind.

"Look, kid, I'm not going to forbid you from seeing him or anything, because I'm not stupid and I'm not naive," Kurt ignored the implication that he was, "but there have to be some rules, especially if you're going to be over at his house without asking me and without his mom being around." Kurt ignored what his dad was implying, figuring it was best not to tell his dad about the romantic probation. It made it seem like he didn't trust Noah, which wasn't entirely true.

"There weren't any rules with Blaine."

"Which was a mistake, because Blaine wasn't as good a kid as I thought, and I'm certainly not putting my faith in Puckerman." Well, his dad was half-right, but at least he wasn't lecturing or yelling. Burt just seemed… resigned to the whole business. Like Noah was just a phase Kurt was going through that he couldn't stop, and Kurt was trying not to be offended.

"If I've forgiven him, so should you. And I have." At least, he had forgiven Noah for the bullying he had suffered at the jock's hands, and for everything else, there was romantic probation. "He's changed."

"People don't change that fast, bud. It took me years and having you to figure everything out, and I still have trouble with it." Kurt sighed, picking at his nails rather than looking at his father. "You know I hate to say it, but it's true." Burt was trying to meet his son's eyes, but Kurt would't look up.

"He's been getting better for two years, dad. He tried to protect me from Karofsky more than Finn did." That no one could dispute.

"And that's the reason I'm not on the other side of town murdering him right now," Burt replied, and Kurt hoped he was joking but knew he wasn't. "But being your… boyfriend, openly, is a lot different from being a decent human being and protecting you from a bully."

"So you at least admit he's a decent human being?" Kurt asked dryly.

"Doesn't mean he's a decent choice for my kid."

"He's had a lot of reasons to change, and fast too. Ask Quinn." Perhaps continually bringing up the baby Noah had already fathered wasn't the best idea, but Beth had definitely matured Noah and changed him for the better.

"You do realize I was a teenage boy once, right? It takes a lot to get through their thick heads."

"Dad," Kurt objected with a huff. "You gave him a chance when we first started talking, and he hasn't blown it yet. Will you please at least consider changing your mind?"

"It doesn't matter what I think," Burt said, finishing his beer. "It's your life, kid, as much as it pains me to say it. But he's not Blaine, who was a jerk, and I learned my lesson about boyfriends, and there have to be some rules."

"Such as…?" Kurt asked, finally accepting that Noah wasn't starting with a fair chance when it came to his father.

"I know I can't tell you not to be there unsupervised or stay the night there, because I'm not an idiot and I know you can get your friends and Finn to cover for you. So, all I ask is to know where you are, even if you're over there." Kurt nodded at the reasonable request. "I want you to be safe-"

"Dad!" Kurt objected, face rapidly reddening.

"Kid, don't act like that."

"We're not-"

"I don't wanna hear it. You're two teenage boys, and I don't want to know, but I want to make sure you're okay, so… don't make me say it again." Burt looked embarrassed, too, but Kurt had him beat, since he was absolutely sure he looked like a tomato.

"Fine, fine," Kurt muttered, once again looking at the table top but for an entirely different reason.

"And he has to come over for Friday night dinner, soon."

"Dad, you know him. He's been in this house more than I have since Finn moved in!" Which was probably pretty true, since Kurt had spent so much time at Dalton over the past few months.

"I still get to meet him as your boyfriend. And make him piss his pants out of fear." His dad sounded far too excited by the prospect.


"If he's really changed so much, then he's not the idiot I know, and I get to meet this new, changed 'Noah' you keep insisting he is." The air quotes were obvious in Burt's tone. Kurt didn't bother to argue, knowing his dad was inflexible on the fact. Hopefully Carole would be on his and Noah's side, or it was going to be one terrible dinner.

"Fine. He'll come over for Friday night dinner." How the hell was he going to convince Noah to do that?

"Oh, good," came Carole's voice from the stairs. "I was just about to intervene. How was your day, sweetie?" Carole asked Kurt, giving him a kiss on the side of the head as she walked by. It was a very maternal gesture, but it didn't really make Kurt feel better.

"Fine," Kurt answered, mustering up a smile for Carole but still trying to figure out how he was going to convince Noah to walk through fire for him. The fire in this case being his father.

"I'm assuming you had dinner with the Puckermans?" Kurt nodded. "Good. Rachel is waiting for you upstairs. She said something about Glee club." Judging by Carole's tone, she didn't believe a word out of her son's girlfriend's mouth. Also, she was smiling with a touch of wickedness.

"Why do you let her into the house?" Kurt grumbled, heading up the stairs as Carole continued to grin at him and Burt was still seemed to be thinking about Kurt's relationship with Noah.

"Hola, vilda chaya," Rachel said casually as Kurt walked into his bedroom.

"How much Yiddish am I going to hear today?" he asked, semi-annoyed with Rachel before she had even gotten to her main point, which was inevitably some other logical argument about why he shouldn't be with Noah that he didn't want to hear.

Then she did about the last thing Kurt expected her to: she hugged him. And she didn't even ask permission first. "Um, Rachel?"

"I'm sorry," she said by way of explanation. "I've been inspired."

"Oh, boy," Kurt said under his breath as she released him and pulled him by the arm to sit next to her on the end of the bed. "What made you change your mind?"

"I haven't entirely," she admitted, "but I was talking to the girls after you ditched us, and I heard some stories about Noah, and I know you guys have made some sort of pact not to let us girls get involved in your relationship, and while it irritates me that you don't trust my judgment, I have to respect that, and-"

"Please get to your point," Kurt interrupted her before her run-on sentence could turn into a whole soliloquy.

"I may not understand why you're interested in Noah, and I may not understand how this new, strange, extremely controlled relationship of yours works, but I trust you to make good decisions, and I trust him, marginally, to take care of you. Having dated him, I know how different he can be around and concerning people he cares about, even if it seems illogical to someone on the outside. I've been in the same position as you are, Kurt, realizing how sweet Noah can be while others tell me that dating him is ill-advised, as you did, if I recall correctly, and I feel a sense of solidarity with you about this."

"Delightful," Kurt said, but he was absolutely positive Rachel wouldn't pick up on the sarcasm. She rarely did if it was insulting to her.

"But that's not what I came here to tell you. Since you insist on no female involvement, I have no interest in helping to pick up the pieces of your fragmented relationship-"

"'Fragment-'" Kurt started to object, but Rachel literally didn't let him get a full word in, never mind the entire phrase or a question.

"I came here instead to ask you about the next Glee rehearsal. While Finn is always very supportive of me and is willing to do a new-Disney number on my behalf, I don't want to base all of the approval of my idea on my loving boyfriend's charm, and I was wondering if I could get you on board."

"You want me to go to bat for your idea about singing new-Disney songs against guys that don't talk to me and girls that are currently judging me because I'm dating one of the slimiest manwhores to ever attend McKinley?" It was sad he had to describe his own boyfriend as such, but getting rid of Rachel was worth saying anything about Noah, and Kurt was sure the jock would agree.

"No," Rachel said, "I want you to sing with me."

"That may be the first time you've ever said that to me." That was probably the first time Rachel had ever said that to anyone.

"And while I debated for a while between I Want It All and the song I chose, I eventually decided the aforementioned High School Musical song has too many double entendres that certain peoples' boyfriend would doubtlessly pick up on," she was obviously talking about Noah, "so I've chosen a different song along the same line."

"Would you like to share the title?" Kurt asked, a little annoyed.

"Of course," she said brightly. "But first, some background! The movie begins when Sharpay Evans moves to New York City in pursuit of her Broadway dreams…" Kurt groaned. It was going to be a long synopsis.

About an hour after Kurt had convinced his crazy best friend that they had arranged and practiced the song enough for one night and shoved her out of the house with a smile, Finn knocked on his door with two cups of warm milk. "You're lucky I'm a pacifist on principle, or I would have killed your girlfriend tonight," Kurt said by way of greeting, not looking up from his Vogue.

"Uh, good," was Finn's oh-so-eloquent response, and Kurt was forced to assume he didn't know what 'pacifist' meant. "Can I come in?"

"Sure," Kurt answered, "though I assumed you would be at 'boys night.'" Usually, whenever the girls went shopping, there was a guys night at Artie's house. All the guys would watch video games and crash there, though they were too manly to admit that it was a sleepover.

"Yeah, it got cancelled," Finn said with a shrug. "There's some family thing going on at Artie's, and Sam's helping his parents pack up the house, and Puck said Sarah was sick, and Burt's not in a good enough mood for me to ask if it could be here, plus it would just be me and Mike, so…" Kurt wasn't insulted he was never invited to boys night. It wasn't exactly his scene. "What's up with you?"

"This is a subject you seem unusually fascinated with now that you're pouring a good deal of energy into helping Noah woo me," Kurt said with amusement, looking up at Finn's face to see the usual expression of bewilderment and a hint of that gassy look he got when he was feeling guilty.


"Nothing's 'up' with me, Finn," Kurt said, saving his brother the embarrassment of a response. "I spent the afternoon with Noah, and had dinner with the Puckermans. I wouldn't qualify it as a date, but it was nice."

"I bet Mrs. Puckerman loved you," Finn said with a laugh, because Mrs. Puckerman liked anyone who told Puck 'no,' and didn't have a problem with Jews.

"I think so," Kurt said, accepting his mug of warm milk. He looked super happy.

"So, Sarah's actually sick?" Finn asked, and the idiot's wary tone was the reason Kurt looked up for the first time.

"Yes," Kurt said slowly. "Why does it sound like you doubt that?"

"I don't, dude. I totally trust Puck!"

"Finnegan, you're a terribly bad liar," Kurt said with a sigh. "When Puc-Noah said 'Sarah is sick,' before, what was he trying to cover up that has you so concerned?"

"You almost just called him Puck again."

"You call him Puck." Kurt ignored the fact that Finn was deflecting, obviously avoiding his question. Whatever Noah had done in the past, it wasn't what he had done earlier in the day, so it didn't really matter. The past was the past, a point Kurt couldn't seem to convince anyone of.

"It's weird that you call him Noah."

"It's weird that we're having this conversation."

"Well, everyone else kind of… shared their opinion and stuff. I thought you might want mine."

Kurt sighed, sitting up and accepting the warm milk Finn handed him. "Finn, why are you acting like this?" His step-brother was sporting that guilty look again. "I'm going to guess guilt has something to do with your sudden interest in my personal life, judging by the gassy infant look you're sporting right now."

"Why would I feel guilty?"

"Because if things weren't going well with Noah, you would feel responsible because you helped Noah earn his second chance, and you're just that kind of human being."

"You make that sound like a bad thing."

"It's not," Kurt said with a smile. "Trust me."

"And you weren't supposed to answer that. It was rhet… ret…"

"Rhetorical question," Kurt filled in. "And for the record, things are going well with Noah, so you don't need to worry. I know you've been trying really hard to help Noah, but you're making it seem like you don't really trust him either."

"Dude, I was there when Blaine broke up with you, and again when Puck was being a dick to you. I've seen what this kind of shit does to you and… Puck's a good friend and a good bro, but he's not always the best boyfriend."

"Did pre-inspiration Rachel get to you, or have you been ignoring these reservations from the start?" Kurt asked coolly. He wasn't going to let the fact that Puck's one true ally didn't even trust him get inside his head. He trusted Puck, even if no one else did.

"Are you doing something with Rach for Disney?"

"Finnegan," Kurt said authoritatively, dropping the full name to emphasis how dead Finn would be if he continued trying to change the subject.

"Why do girls like him?" Finn suddenly demanded, and this was a whole other thing, wasn't it? "Why does it always happen for him? Rachel liked him, Quinn loved him, Mercedes dated him, Santana slept with him like a hundred times, with Brittany, now even you!"

"I'm not going to raise the objection that I'm not a girl," Kurt said audibly, but Finn ignored his comment.

"What the hell ability does he have that just makes girls fall all over him?" Finn demanded, and Kurt wasn't exactly surprised when his make-up chair suffered from the jock's wrath, thankfully crashing into his vanity without breaking anything. However, the warm milk Finn was holding spilled, ruining Kurt's floor.

"Finn, would you like to calm down now?" Kurt asked, using his best school matron voice. "Girls like Noah for the same reason girls like you, you both have big hearts. Noah's just… a little shyer to show it."

"I don't think 'Noah' has ever been shy about showing anything," Finn said, almost growling. Kurt ignored the air quotes Finn put around his boyfriend's name with his voice.

"Has everybody lost their minds tonight?" Kurt asked, trying to stay cool. "My dad is berating me about a boy, your mother seems to be in cahoots with Rachel, who has suddenly decided that she likes Noah, and you're flipping out because why, Finn? Because Noah always gets the girl? I'm sure he'd say the same thing about you."

"What?" Finn asked, and that seemed to calm him down, or surprise him into submission.

"You dated Quinn, Rachel loves you, you've slept with Santana, as disgusting as that particular story is, and yes, I've heard it," Finn looked a little horrified but Kurt was going to keep going. "The bottom line is: Noah hates being compared to you as much as you hate being compared to him. You're both amazing guys, Finn, with the potential to do whatever or be with whoever you want. You're just too insecure to see that you and Noah no longer want the same things."

"You don't know that," Finn muttered, but he had officially calmed down.

"Oh, so you've suddenly had a drastic change of heart and want to sleep with me now?" Kurt demanded, and the expression on Finn's face was a priceless combination of bewilderment, horror, and disgust. "Exactly. You love Rachel, Noah cares about me. You're both in Glee club and football, but you're not competing. You're a great quarterback, Noah's your go-to running back. You're the male lead, and Noah doesn't even want to steal that from you. I don't see why you two are constantly in competition over things that happened a long time ago." Then the thought occurred to Kurt. "Is this… Is this another one of Quinn's crazy plots? Because I am not okay with this."

"Nah, dude, Quinn's totally on your side. Plus, she kind of… flipped out, apparently." That was a problem Kurt would deal with later.

"Then why are you acting like this?"

"Because I really wanted that baby to be mine," Finn said quietly, and there was only one proper reaction to that statement. Kurt hugged his brother.

The next few days would be described as turmoil. Sam was helping his family pack and they were headed to Kentucky on Monday. Mike and Tina seemed to be fighting and weren't talking to one another. Mercedes still wasn't talking to Kurt or anyone who remotely approved of his relationship with Noah. Rachel was so absorbed with her Disney project that she had left Finn's melancholy in Kurt's hands. Brittany and Santana seemed to be happy, but everyone was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Quinn really had freaked out, Rachel had told Kurt the story, buying hair dye and a bunch of ironic clothes at the end of the shopping trip and then peeling out of the parking lot. No one had seen her since. Artie was still dealing with family troubles. And as for Noah… Kurt had absolutely no idea what was going on with his boyfriend. Sarah was feeling much better, he knew, and Noah had texted him a few times, but he hadn't seen Noah since the day they spent together.

There couldn't be a worse idea right now then a Glee club rehearsal, but that was exactly what they were facing."Feeling any better?" Kurt asked his brother as they carpooled to Rachel's house in the Nav.

"Yeah, I'm… sorry about that. He gets inside my head, y'know?"

"Not really," Kurt said honestly, "but just remember what I said. The two of you want entirely different things now; you don't have to be in competition."

"Easier said than done," Finn muttered, for once getting the expression right, leaning his head back against the passenger-side headrest and not saying another word for the rest of the (admittedly short) drive.

The promised food was there when Kurt and Finn walked into Rachel's living room (and her dads had to be very patient, and possibly hard of hearing, to let her have so many Glee rehearsals in their house in the middle of the day), and while Noah had yet to arrive, Sam, Artie, and Mike were sitting on one couch (judging by the fake gun motions, talking about some movie or video game), and Mercedes, Santana, and Brittany were on the other (laughing about something). Finn and Kurt parted ways, heading to opposite sides of the room, and when Kurt sat down in the armchair next to the couch, Mercedes looked at him and sighed.

"You're an idiot, you know that, right?"

"That seems what everyone is trying hard to convince me, yes," Kurt replied with a smile, and while Mercedes rolled her eyes some more, she was at least being civil.

Rachel was still in the kitchen, and Tina arrived next, not even looking at Mike before coming to sit on the ground next to the couch, leaning up against the frame next to Santana's legs. Noah was the last person to arrive, since everyone kind of figured Quinn wasn't coming, and he walked straight over to Kurt and gave him a rather passionate kiss hello, making the guys groan and gripe, Mercedes scoff, and Santana and Brittany wolf-whistle. Then, before Kurt could say anything to the effect of 'well, that was quite a hello' (once his brain started working properly again), Noah was on the other side of the room with the guys receiving some good-natured ribbing for being whipped.

"I call this meeting of the McKinley High New Directions to order!" Rachel announced, far too cheerfully for anyone reading the ambience in the room. "We have six numbers planned for today, and I have suggestions for other experimental numbers. At the end of the week, we will pick contenders to present to Mr. Schuester at the beginning of the school year. Kurt and I will begin with a duet." The clapping, Kurt was sure, was mostly for him. No one wanted to hear Rachel sing any more than they all had to. Kurt crossed to the piano, which meant Rachel was still belting out a ballad to their audience, just with his help. The song started a cappella, and really for Disney, it wasn't all that terrible.

I got something inside of me
Something that needs to be heard
Deep down a voice is guiding me
Hidden emotions have stirred

Why have I let others lead the way
When all along I know what it is
I want to say?

Whatever it is, I'll do it
I'm the answer to your prayers
Whatever you want, stop looking
Nobody else compares
Whatever you've seen before
I'll give you so much more
You'll be totally impressed
I'm New York's best kept secret

I thought I had a perfect plan
Where I would wind up on top
One day I'm thinking, "yes, I can!"
Next thing you know, I'm a flop

Why did I ever play this silly game?
I've got to shake up the rules
And stake my claim

Kurt was sure it horrified Rachel that he got the first actual belt in the relatively calm song, and while they had been working together before, letting their voices blend in the calm tone of the song, it picked up at this point, and it was about to become a competition, like everything with Rachel tended to.

Whatever it is, I'll do it
I'm the answer to your prayers
Whatever you want, stop looking
Nobody else compares
Whatever you've seen before
I'll give you so much more
You'll be totally impressed
I'm New York's best kept secret

What if I missed my window?
What if I blew my shot?
What if the only chance I was going to get
I already got?
I'm not ready to turn the page
Until I'm on stage in a show
No, nobody move
I've got something to prove
Don't you know?

Whatever it is, I'll do it
I'm the answer to your prayers
Whatever you want, stop looking
Nobody else compares
Whatever you've seen before
I'll give you so much more
You'll be totally impressed
I'm New York's best kept secret

Kurt finished the song with a flourish and stood up to bow to applause. Rachel attempted to curtsy and almost tripped over her own rug, which amused the guys endlessly (with the exception of Finn, who was whipped). "I hope you can all find inspiration in our performance as we continue."

Rachel, completely taking advantage of how hopelessly head-over-heels Finn was, made him sing Beauty & the Beast with her, which was not only manipulative, but also kind of mean. Sam, another pushover, sang Starstruck, which was the new Disney Rachel was trying to push, and was kind of enjoyable in the way all new Disney was… the way it met the lowered expectations of old Disney.

Santana, surprisingly, also performed, singing I Won't Say I'm in Love from Hercules with some help from Mercedes, Rachel, and Tina (singing the Muses) and replacing all the male pronouns. The song was obviously directed at Brittany, and while it wasn't the most romantic serenade Kurt had ever seen, Brittany was smiling the whole time.

The moment Kurt had been waiting for occurred after Santana sat down following several requests of an encore, to which she replied 'kindly blow it out your ass.' Noah and Finn stood up to do their mysterious High School Musical song.

"Now, Rach, we'll try not to break anything, but we make no promises," Noah said with a rather evil grin, and Finn's face mirrored his. No one recognized the music when it started, except for Rachel, who looked horrified.

Uh, uh, uh, uh
Yeah! Woah!

Take it back to the place when you know it all began
We could be anything we wanna be
You can tell by the noise that the boys are back again
Together makin' history

It's time to show how
To be a superhero
Just like a showdown
Will Smith and Bobby DeNiro
We're the best, no doubt
Doin' it like we used to do
This is... our town… and I'm telling you

The boys are back (hey)
The boys are back
The boys are back
Gonna do it again
Gonna wake up the neighborhood

The boys are back (yeah)
The boys are back
Climbing up the walls
Anytime we want
The word is out
The boys are back

The boys are back
Back to save the day
The boys are back
Oh, yeah

Keep comin' with the right, win the fight every single time
Undefeated here in our house, yeah
We can rock (uh)
We can shock (uh)
Anytime we like
And tonight we're going all out

It's time to show how
To be a superhero
Just like a showdown
Keep the pedal to the metal, go!
We're the best, no doubt
Doin' it like we use to do
This is our time
And I'm telling you
Oh! (Look out!)

Kurt quickly discovered why Rachel was so horrified; Noah had apparently lost all sense of judgment. The song seemed to be fairly dance-heavy, which was a problem in the first place, but no one had stuck Finn behind the drums, and instead it seemed Noah had actually tried to teach him the dance steps. It was a talent of Noah's Kurt had never seen much, actual choreographed dancing, and Noah was pretty good. His clearly well-executed steps made Finn's (which were presumably supposed to be the same, or at least similar) look even worse, though they seemed to have eliminated most of the ones dangerous to the audience. Still, it was the perfect song for them, if repetitive, being masculine and flexing and still managing to act a little bit like children. The only other interesting part was the bridge, which Noah edited slightly.

Here to change the world
To solve the mystery
Fight the battle
Save the girl (boy)

Finn was a little thrown-off by Noah's little edit (which couldn't really make his dancing any worse), but Noah threw a little wink in Kurt's direction, making him smile in spite of himself (and Mercedes' dramatic eye roll). Finn and Noah ended the song to applause and cheers and several shouts of 'the boys are back!' from the male side of the room (and it was sad that, at sixteen and seventeen, the room still divided between genders like they were in kindergarten and afraid of cooties).

The rehearsal ended with an amusing performance of Cheetah Sisters by Rachel (who was, unsurprisingly, pink), Brittany (yellow), Santana (blue), and Tina (purple), and Kurt had to wonder if Rachel had been ignoring her boyfriend so much because she had been spending time making those costumes. It was a rather scary thought. Still, the song was good, if sung mostly by Rachel, and it turned out to be a rather undramatic and painless Glee rehearsal. There wasn't much insulting one could do with Disney music, and Kurt was thankful for that.

"All right, everybody, that was fantastic. Now, while several potential numbers have been performed today, I would like you all to also consider the following songs." She pulled out a scroll. An honest-to-God scroll. Why, Rachel, why? "Tina, Colors of the Wind."

"Racist," Tina muttered to Mercedes, who laughed.

"Puck, Kiss the Girl-"

"Classy, Rach," Noah said with a roll of his eyes, and Kurt had forgotten to mention to his boyfriend that Rachel was on their side, hadn't he?

"I assigned that song to you only because you have a very smooth, elegant voice, and enough joie de vivre to enjoy the song with childish wonder, with the hopes that you won't make it sound perverted. Santana, Some Day My Prince Will Come." Santana didn't even bother to make the same argument Noah had just tried. "Sam, Go the Distance." Okay, this was a new level of insensitivity, even for Rachel. "Kurt, When You Wish Upon a Star." Kurt was assured that was some kind of subconscious Pinnochio joke, but he chose not to comment on it. At least Rachel wasn't assigning every song to Finn and herself. "I will be singing Part of Your World, since I have a natural affinity for the classics, the same reason Finn and I will be covering A Whole New World." Ah, here's the assigning everything to herself part. "The boys will be trying Be Our Guest, and we will arrange The Circle of Life and Hakuna Matata at our next rehearsal."

Even though Rachel hadn't actually said so, and everyone was too afraid of her powers of annoyance to disobey her, the club took that as a dismissal, and everyone started to stand up. Rachel went right over to Finn, giving him a tight hug and obviously talking to him about what Kurt had already solved. At least she was trying. Mike and Tina were out of there in a heartbeat, each trying to avoid the other while heading in the exact same direction. Santana and Mercedes started talking, probably complaining about Rachel and her admittedly unfair assignments, with Brittany sitting there quietly, seeming lost in her own magical world. Sam and Artie headed out together, obviously planning something by the way they were both grinning. That left Noah and Kurt.

"Hey, there, sexy," Noah said casually, and Kurt tried to ignore the way he was practically swaggering over. Old habits die hard.

"That's the pet name you're choosing for me, really?" Kurt said sarcastically, but he couldn't help smiling. He could easily ignore Mercedes rolling her eyes and saying 'jerk' under her breath. He could understand why she was unhappy.

"Absolutely," Noah said with that grin Kurt knew was intended to melt his pants off with charm, and the hock leaned in to give him another kiss hello. Kurt let him, leaning up and wrapping his arms around Noah's neck, prompting some fake gagging sounds from Mercedes and a 'wanky' from Santana. "Well, hi there," Noah said with a grin as he pulled back, having successfully slid his hand up the back of Kurt's shirt while he was… a little distracted.

"Oh, like that's anything compared to the way you greet me," Kurt pointed out, remembering their steamy hello from earlier. "Also known as trying to remove my tonsils with your tongue."

"Did it work?" Noah asked unrepentantly, practically straddling Kurt's lap.

"Not as well as I'm sure you hoped," Kurt said dryly.

"Let's go out."

"It's like three in the afternoon," Kurt said, because it wasn't exactly the time for a romantic dinner.

"It's not like you eat anyway," Noah pointed out, grinning at his joke. "Come on, we'll go to BreadstiX."

"Very romantic," Mercedes commented, but she didn't know exactly how romantic that was. Noah was not only taking him out in Lima (unlike their first date), he was taking Kurt to a spot that most of McKinley hung out at. There was a high possibility that they would run into a lot of people they knew, and Noah didn't seem to care. It was very romantic, in a very strange way.

"Fine," was all Kurt said, knowing that talking about feelings was the last thing that Noah wanted to do, ever.

Kurt had left the Nav in front of Rachel's house, so Puck drove him to BreadstiX in his truck. "I wish you would let me get my hands on this truck in the shop," Kurt said, running his hands over the dash in front of the passenger seat. "It has so much potential, and there's so much I could do to make it run better."

"There's no way you're getting your polished hands on my truck," Puck said as they pulled into the parking lot. There were some things that were just his, and his truck was definitely one of those things. No matter how warm and fuzzy he was feeling towards Kurt, which was a ridiculously gay way to put that. However, that was how Ma had put it every four seconds after he had driven Kurt home last night, so he couldn't get the phrase out of his head.

Ma had been absolutely delighted by Kurt and their relationship, and Munster had spent the whole night teasing about the two of them getting married. It kind of bothered Puck, but not as much as it probably should have. Ma and Munster were just happy for him, even though they had never publicly brought up how much they hated Puck's habits with women (at least, Munster hadn't. Puck hadn't been lying when he had mentioned Ma saying some nasty things about girls in front of him… and them). Kurt was different, and he knew they liked that.

"Are you sure you're okay with this?" Kurt asked as Puck held the door open for him.

"You 'fixing' my truck? Hell, no," Puck said, still thinking about Kurt's distaste towards his baby.

"No, this," Kurt said, pointing towards BreadstiX.

"Hell yeah," Puck said, passing up Kurt's silent offer to hold hands in favor of slinging an arm around Kurt's shoulders and pulling him close, just in case any jocks decided to test Puckasaurus or his boyfriend. Damn that sounded weird. "Condition ten, babe. I'm not afraid of anyone in this town."

"One part brave, three parts fool," Kurt muttered to himself, but he was smiling, so Puck didn't really care about the doubtlessly nerdy reference his boyfriend had just made. "Table for two," he said to the hostess, who frowned at them in disgust. Puck had a feeling she was going to try to seat them near the back, and he was going to argue, only the booth she sat them at was private and comfortable and Kurt actually seemed quite pleased. "Picking my battles," Kurt said as they sat down. "They always do this here."

"I bet," Puck said with a snort. "Everyone in this town is an asshole."

"That's one way to put it," Kurt said, but he didn't seem to disagree. "So, what brought on the sudden romantic urges?"

"I have to have urges to ask my boyfriend out to… whatever the fuck meal happens between lunch and dinner?" Puck asked, only a little insulted that Kurt thought he wanted something out of him. It wasn't an unfair assumption, based on his past.

"No," Kurt said, "but it wasn't unreasonable to assume that you wanted to renegotiate."

"What?" Puck asked, because… what?

"Well, we're obviously exclusive, you've been going out of your way to romance me, spending time with the girls isn't a good idea, you've been fairly honest with me, the girls have mostly butted out, we're dating, need I go on?" Kurt asked.

"You could make your point, babe." Because Puck still had no clue what Kurt was talking about.

"Romantic probation."

"You're taking me off the leash?"

Kurt laughed at him. "No, but I thought you thought I was."

"I'm not stupid, babe, and I've dealt with crazier than you-"

"How sweet," Kurt said sarcastically.

"I know the more I bring it up, the more you'll think about it, and the longer it'll last."

"Very smart," Kurt admitted. The waitress came over to ask for their drink order, and Puck knew Kurt was watching him, so he didn't even glance at her to see if she was hot, looking at Kurt while he was talking to her. "Very subtle," Kurt said as she left.

"I could say the same, babe."

Kurt was about to retort when Puck saw out of the corner of his eye that another couple was being led to the back of the restaurant with them, and Kurt kind of froze, his face paling a little (a feat Puck hadn't thought was possible).

"What?" Puck asked, trying to turn around but not being able to see the couple, since they had just climbed into a booth a little ways away from them. "Who is it?"

"Nothing," Kurt said casually, almost visually gathering his composure. "No one."

"Was it Blaine?" Puck asked, because he wasn't an idiot, and only one person got that kind of reaction from Kurt, not that that didn't make Puck mad. Because it really fucking did. Blaine was obviously on a date, and Kurt was wigged out by it. "He's on a date, isn't he? What the fuck is he doing in Lima?"

"He has family that lives here," Kurt answered, obviously off in his own little world, voice distant. "He was going to move into them and transfer to McKinley if we had stayed together."

"Do you wish you'd stayed together?" Puck asked kind of sourly, and that shocked Kurt out of his little world.

"What? No!" Kurt objected immediately.

"Then why are you over there with him instead of here with me?" Puck asked pettily, and G-d, when had he turned into a chick?

"Sorry, sorry," Kurt apologized. "I was just… surprised."

"You're on a date, why can't he be?" Puck asked, trying to suppress the insecure wondering about whether Kurt still had feelings for his ex-boyfriend. He was the Puckasaurus, what the hell did he have to be insecure about?

"You're right, sorry," Kurt said, putting his hand up on the table in a gesture of apology, but Puck ignored it.

"Do you know what you're getting?"

It wasn't the most romantic date they had ever had, and Kurt could tell that Noah was still a little mad when his boyfriend dropped him back at Rachel's to get his car. Noah walked him to his car, like a gentleman, and kissed him, but it was a quick kiss, and his mutter of 'bye,' was rough. Kurt sighed, got in his car, and drove home, not bothering to worry about Finn. Either he was already at home, or Rachel would drive him.

Kurt turned his phone back on from Glee practice when he got home, noticing some texts from his dad and quickly assuring him that he wasn't with Noah. He also had a few texts from Blaine.

From: Blaine
'I see you!'

From: Blaine
'I guess you don't see me, or don't want to see me.'

From: Blaine
'I would understand if you didn't, you know. I probably wouldn't want to see me either.'

From: Blaine
'I just wanted to apologize, again, both for what I did and for embarrassing you later. The Warblers have been busting my butt about my inappropriate song choices, and I realize that's the worst thing I could have sung to you. I'm really sorry.'

From: Blaine
'Kurt? Do you want to get coffee sometime?'

Kurt sighed, turned his phone back off, and started making warm milk. Finn was the best person in the world to help him make sense of his head.

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