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Warnings: Uh, drama, shock, and birthday parties.

"Blahh" - Speech

'Blahh' – Thoughts

'Blahh' – Yue and Yukito's communication

Blahh - Sounds

Darkest Sunrise – Chapter 1: Love Betrayed

Snip, snip, snip.

Lips parted, concentrating on cutting the perfect edge for the ribbon, it was silent in the Tsukishiro house. It was, after all, Touya's birthday gift. Once the ribbon was secure, Yukito lifted it up for inspection. Finding no flaws whatsoever, he smiled, and internally, so did Yue.

'Do you think he'll like it?'

Yukito didn't jump when he heard Yue's voice echo inside his head. He no longer did, having gotten used to it. When both he and the Moon Guardian had realised that they could communicate in their minds – about a week after they had gotten together with Touya – it took them some time to get used to the different thoughts in their head, but they managed. Yue could now protect Sakura as well, even in Yukito's form.

And this way, they could both have Touya, no matter who was in control.

'I hope so.' Yukito replied. Yue and himself had been searching for the perfect gift to give to Touya for his 21st birthday, and they had both agreed on it at the same time. Now they just had to pray that Touya would like it.

They had heard Touya complaining about the fact that he had been unable to concentrate with his schoolwork because Sakura had been jumping around the house, and he couldn't blast his music to help him because he didn't want to bother his father. From their combined knowledge, and with a little help from Sakura's snooping, Yue and Yukito had decided to buy a pair of headphones for Touya.

Ring, ring, ring!

"Hai, Tsukishiro residence."

"Yukito-san! Where are you? I thought that you said you'd be helping Tomoyo-chan and I bake Touya's birthday cake?" Sakura asked, her voice excited.

Yukito slapped himself on the head with his palm, "Ah, I forgot! I'll be right there."



'I can't believe that we forgot about baking Touya's cake.' Yukito thought in his mind, internally cursing himself for his short term memory.

Yue chuckled, 'Well, we were obsessing about his present, after all.'

Yukito smiled, then went to change into something more appropriate for Touya's party that night. Despite it being his birthday that happened only once every four years, Kinomoto Touya still insisted on going to his part time job that day.

'That boy just doesn't know how important he is.'

Yukito had to agree with him.

Picking up the present that he had spent so much time on, Yukito unchained his bicycle, placed the gift in his sling bag and rode to the Kinomoto house.

"Yukito-san!" Sakura's voice was easily identifiable to Yukito. "Konbawa."

"Konbawa, Sakura-chan," Yukito said with a casual smile. His eyes flashed violet, and he said in a different voice, one that was slightly harder, "Konbawa, aruji."

Sakura pouted, "Yue-san, I thought I told you to call me Sakura? Anyway, Konbawa to you, as well."

Tomoyo, who had her right eye glued to the viewfinder of her video camera, paused the record and smiled, speaking in her – almost – unnaturally high voice, "Konbawa, Yukito-san, Yue-san."

Yukito, speaking for both, "Konbawa, Tomoyo-chan."

Kero chose this moment to fly down the stairs, almost colliding with Yukito's face. However, Yue, who had better reflexes than Yukito did, shot Yukito's hand up in time to smack directly into Kero.

"Oy! Yue! What was that for?" He asked, seething.

"Shall we get on with the cake, then?" Tomoyo interrupted before any violence could occur between the glaring Sun Guardian and his little brother.

"That's right!" Sakura gasped, taking hold of Yukito's hand and pulling him to the kitchen, where Syaoran was rummaging the refridgerator for the ingredients for the cake. "Oy, Sakura, I can't find the cream for the cake..." He straightened up and glanced at Yukito and Sakura's intertwined hands, winced slightly in irritation, then turned back to the fridge.

Tomoyo giggled.

"That's because you're hopeless, gaki," A voice floated through the air from the entrance of the kitchen.

"Onii-chan! Syaoran's not a brat!" Sakura defended her boyfriend, who was currently glaring openly at his girlfriend's brother.

"Okaeri, Touya-san," Tomoyo said, smiling as always.

"Aa, Tadaima," He grumbled. "Shouldn't Sakura be the one to say that anyway?"

Yukito smiled and started to walk over to his lover, who seemed to have had a bad day and failed to notice his prescence in the room, but a voice in his head stopped him momentarily. 'Let me.'

Giving Yue his silent consent, he felt himself transform into the Moon Guardian as silently as he possibly could, and Touya was still oblivious to the fact that his lover was in the same room as he was. When the transformation was complete, Yue lifted a pale finger to his lips, signalling to the occupants of the room not to say anything.

He hovered over to Touya, who had his back turned to him, still glaring at Syaoran, who was glaring back – partly because he was doing what Yue requested, partly because he couldn't help but glare back whenever someone looked at him like that.

Unfurling his wings, Yue wrapped them around Touya, who jumped and spun round immediately, eyes wide. But when he saw Yue, he grinned and wrapped his arms around his beloved's waist. Yue returned the smile, his wings obscuring them from view, so he leaned into the embrace and let his head rest on Touya's shoulder.

"Mm, I missed you, Yue," Touya mumbled against Yue's waterfall of molten silver. He raised a hand to run through it, feeling the softness and silk of it. "Yukito, as well."

Yue smiled again, pulling back to look up at Touya, who was half a head taller than he was. "We missed you, too." Leaning up, he planted a soft kiss on his lover's lips. "You're so selfish."

Touya raised an eyebrow, "And why would I be selfish?"

Yue sighed, shaking his head at how absolutely ignorant his lover was. "Because, To-ya, even though it is your birthday, you decided to go to work even though you should be at home spending time with your family."

'He really is stupid sometimes, isn't he?'

"Even Yukito agrees with me." Yue smirked.

'Of course I do.'

"Yeah, whatever," Touya groaned, placing his fingers under his lover's chin, tilting his head up to kiss him passionately. Yue moaned, his wings flexing and covering them even more from the world. The only source of light that the couple had now was the soft glow that Yue's wings emitted, but they couldn't have cared less about the lighting.

"Oy, Yue! Hurry up and get out of the feather cocoon!" Kero's voice rang out, unmistakeable. "Sakura's going to blow the oven up!"

Annoyed, Yue pulled back, leaving both him and his brunette lover disappointed. Smiling sheepishly, he ran his fingers through Touya's hair before vanishing his wings.

"Keroberos," He said, his voice silky smooth but dangerous. "Next time, when you see your brother with his lover, could you mind not to interrupt them?"

The lion sighed, padding around the sitting room, having transformed into his true form. "Alright, alright! Seesh. Just get in the kitchen before Sakura can make the house explode."

"KERO-CHAN!" Came Sakura's protest.

"Happy birthday, Touya."

"Happy birthday!"


"Touya, happy birthday, ne?"


At this point of time, Touya was already getting extremely sick of people calling his name time and time again. Birthday wishes kept coming from every direction, from people he didn't know, had never met, knew only by sight but had never spoken to...

God, he wanted to be alone with his Snow Rabbit, and his Moon Angel. Maybe he should just shorten it to Snow Angel...

And so, now that the party had died down a little, and everyone that had wanted to wish him a happy birthday had done so, Touya had escaped into the yard, being unable to find Yukito in the crowd.

"Otanjoubi omedetou, Touya-kun," A familiar voice said from behind him. He spun round; he knew that voice.

"Kaho?" His voice was laced with surprise as he stared at the red-head that was before him. He hadn't heard from her in so long, why was she here now?

"You look surprised, Touya. Are you not happy to see me?" She teased with a grin.

"Not at all."

He was suddenly thrown back in time. His memories, of how much he had loved her, how much he had wanted to be with her all came back full force. And here she was, standing in front of him, looking more beautiful than ever before.

His hand stretched out to caress her cheek, before he bent down to lightly brush his lips against hers. "Touya-kun..." She whispered huskily, and that was all it took for him to push her against the tree, deepening the kiss.

Yukito smiled; he retrieved the present from where he had kept it safe in Sakura's room – with her permission, of course.

'He'll like it, right?' Yue sounded as nervous as he felt.

'I hope so.'

Biting his lip, Yukito searched the house for his lover. Unable to find him, he turned to Kero, who was stuffing his face with cake in a secluded area of the house so as not to be seen. "Kero, do you know where To-ya is?"

"I fink ee fent uut tu dar gurdan jise nao," Kero mumbled, his mouth full.

Yukito chuckled, translating Kero's words as 'I think he went out to the garden just now.'. "Thank you, Kero-chan."

Gripping the gift in his left hand, he pushed open the door with his right. Even in the shadows of the garden, he could see it trembling.

But nothing could have prepared him from the sight that reached his eyes once he was in the actual garden itself.

Touya, his To-ya, had someone against the tree, and they were kissing, passionately. Yukito stiffened, and inside him, Yue froze completely. Only one thought registered in their combined minds.


Finally, after ten seconds of silence, Yukito managed to choke out, "T-To-ya?" His hand went limp, the gift that he and Yue had spent so long searching slipping from his grip, falling onto the patch of grass as he stared.

Breaking apart, Touya whipped his head around to locate the owner of the voice, only to see his lover, his Snow Angel standing before him, eyes wide in disbelief.

Touya released his grip on Kaho and turned to Yukito, taking a hesitant step towards his lover. "Yuki..." He whispered.

'Yue, please. Get us out of here.'

The moment he saw the tears that filled Yukito's eyes, he ran forward, but the transformation from Yukito to Yue was faster than he could have imagined, and before he could throw his arms around him, his angel had already taken off into the night sky.

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