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Author's Notes: My second attempt at a CCS fanfic. The first was a TouyaxYue/Yukito lemon [oneshot], and now I'm trying for something different. I'll probably turn this into a series, because I want to try it. ^-^

DISCLAIMER: CCS and all characters mentioned in this fic belongs to CLAMP. Spherical and Crescent belong to me.

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"Blahh" - Speech

'Blahh' – Thoughts

'Blahh' – Yue and Yukito's communication

Blahh - Sounds

Darkest Sunrise – Epilogue

It's been six months since he had been torn away from his most beloved.

Yue stared at the ceiling of his bedroom, the one that he used to be so accustomed to seeing and waking up to. Ever since he and Touya had gotten together, however, Yue had forgotten about this image, and all that he was used to seeing when he woke up in the morning, was Touya's face.

So adorable in his sleep, Touya was.

In a way, he had gotten used to living in the mansion once more, had grown used to Clow coming into whatever room he was in and taking him right there and then. It didn't hurt so much, now that he'd gotten used to it.

He'd tried to imagine that Clow was Touya, when he got lonely, but truth be told it had never really worked. Touya was rough, like Clow was. Clow was dominant, and liked to overpower him, whereas Touya was gentle – he tried never to hurt him if it was in his power – and always took on the role of submission whenever Yue wanted to be on top.

He really, really missed Touya.

"Hey, Yue, want to duel?" Crescent asked from the door. His relationship with his siter had improved over time, and the both of them liked to spar whenever they had free time. Spherical hardly joined in, but that could be because Spherical got on Yue and Crescent's nerves the same way Keroberos did, and also becaues they always sparred during the night, when the moon was high.

"Sure," He said, getting up.




Crescent aimed a high kick at Yue's head, followed by a couple of her crescent moons. Yue ducked, blocked off her attack with a shield, then proceeded to fire arrows at her.

Spreading her wings, Crescent flew out of the way, but one arrow managed to lodge itself in her right wing, and she snarled at the pain, glancing up at the sky. She was at a disadvantage – the full moon was Yue's symbol, not hers.

Drawing power from her reserves, she healed the injury, and prepared to attack, but another arrow flew her way, piercing the jewel of her choker.

The both of their screams, soprano and baritone, was the last thing they both heard before they collasped.


Epilogue of Darkest Sunrise, prologue of Brightest Sunset. =p

Yes. Yes, I will be continuing the fic. But it will be under TouyaxYue instead of TouyaxYukito. Go look for it now, yes? =p

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