Okay so this is a rewrite of the Prologue. If you have read it the first time around please forget what was said. I Hope that you like this one better.


The night was cool, not too warm and not too cold for this time of year. The Village hidden in the leaves, Konoha was closing down for the night. The two guard at the gate were about to get ready to close them when they started to see a figure walking towards them.

She was wearing white silken robs of red and white. In her hands was a staff of some kind. She had long white hair, however she did seem to old. As it would seem though, she looked to be in her teens.

"Greeting." She said. "I wish to see your Hokage." The two guards looked at each other. They didn't know what to do seeing as how their fourth Hokage was busy at the time. "I insure you it is of grave importance." She waved her hand and the two guards fell to the ground in a deep sleep.


Fox Hunt
Prologue: Kyubi's Return.

For years it had thought that Kyubi no Kitsune was dead. Only a few knew the truth. Years ago, at what is now called Valley of the End was where it had been told that the great fox was killed. This was not the truth.

The young woman as she walked the nearly empty streets of Konoha knew this. Minato, you and your wife life is in great danger, where are you child? She thought out to him. Kitsuna? A Voice came back. The young woman smiled.

Years ago the young woman had found a small child out in her part of the world, away from the wars. She took care of the child, an orphan of the second great ninja wars. Or so she had thought. As it turned out the child, Minato Namikaze was in fact the child of two legendary ninja.

I must speak with you little one, it is important. Kitsuna had thought back. You and your family is in great danger. There was a pause as she had talked though their link. I Can't Kushina is in child birth. Minato had thought back to her.

Without warning Kitsuna had taken off now knowing where Minato and his family were at. She ran as fast as she could to the hidden cave. However she was too late. Once she got there she found the body of two Anbu ninja, their bodies was still warm but their souls had already passed on.

Kitsuna moved fast and just as a man in a mask was about to kill an old woman and a nurse Kitsuna Hit the man in the chest with her staff sending him flying into the wall. "Get away from them you bastard!" Kitsuna yelled.

"Who the hell are you bitch?" The man in the masked asked. "I know you." He said after a second. "You!" He yelled out as he charged the young woman only to get hit in the chest again by the staff Kitsuna had carried.

"What is going on here?" The old woman had said. Kitsuna stood before Her and the young family, The baby was crying and a woman with long red hair had tried to calm the baby down. "Kitsuna?" The woman said. "What's wrong?"

Kitsuna didn't look back as she said. "I had a vision that this man would once again try to control my brother and destroy the village." The man before her stood up, his mask was crack in some places. "He is also the same man that had killed the first Hokage."

Spiting out some blood the man looked at the young woman. "If it wasn't for you and that Bitch Uzumaki I would have succeeded too." Kitsuna stood her ground but then felt something. "No how are you doing this?" Kitsuna asked.

"I have no choice but to summon him here." The Man said. However he felt something enter his side and once again cursed his luck. Stand behind him was none other then Minato Namikaze. the Fourth Hokage. "You fool!" The man had yelled out back handing Minato across the room.

There was a sudden scream from the red hair woman and the seal on her stomach started to glow. Then there was a blinking flash of light and when the light faded, in the middle of the room was a man, with long red hair and eyes wearing black pants and shirt.

"Sister." Was all the red hair man said before he flew at Kitsuna and started to attack her. Minato didn't know what was going on. Kyubi was supposed to be a fox not a man. Kyubi had attack Kitsuna with a sword as she started blocking with her staff.

"You've grown softer sister." Kyubi said with a snarl. "Protecting the filth that is the human race. You are a fool sister." Kyubi slashed at Kitsuna only for her to step aside. The young woman looked at her brother with sad eyes.

"Just because I want to protect them doesn't make me weak." Kitsuna said just as she was about to counter attack though, Kitsuna was hit in the side by the man wearing a mask. "Sorry but I need your brother to destroy Konoha." He said.

"Not on my watch." Minato said as he ran at the man in the mask and kicked him in the face. Sadly his kick was blocked by the man and then was backed handed. As Minato looked at the man he only had one question. "Who the hell are you?"

"Madara Uchiha." Minato blinked at the masked man. "Bullshit he died along time ago." Minato said. Madara didn't say anything until Kyubi looked at him. "Hello old friend." Madara said. "You ready to finish what we've started?"

Kyubi blocked the staff as Kitsuna had tried to take his head off. He kicked at her and then looked at the Uchiha. "After I take care of this bitch." He said as he backed handed Kitsuna in the face. "She will pay for what she had done to me."

Kitsuna looked at her brother from the ground and spat out some blood. "Mother had warned you that killing humans will be your undoing Kyubi." She said. Kyubi watched as she stood up. "You are forever trapped in the body of a human." Kitsuna looked at the two as she said this.

"No!" Kyubi yelled out. "You and mother betrayed me!" Kyubi yelled as he ran at his sitter and started to throw punch combos at her. At the same time Minato was fighting Madara and losing. Kitsuna had blocked most of her brothers punches but a few did get in.

"You betrayed your self and the sworn duty you promised to up hold!" Kitsuna said as she fought back with a spinning back kick that was blocked by Kyubi. "You and several other swore your life to protect the humans at all cost."

Kyubi was getting pissed. "Shut your fucking mouth bitch!" Kyubi grabbed her by the neck and slammed her down to the ground and then brought his foot down on her back. "How can I protect something if they plan on killing themselves anyways?" He said as he started to punch and kick his down sister.

At the same time Madara had thrown Minato into the wall. The two looked at each other. "Release the seal and you will get your wish Madara." Kyubi said. Madara nodded. Kyubi then once again kicked Kitsuna in the face.

"It will take a few hours my lord." Madara said. Kyubi glared at him then he grabbed the masked man by his shirt. "You better not fail me Madara."

As the two left Kitsuna slowly made her way to Minato. "Some Hokage I turned out to be." The blond haired man said. "Can't even stop a dead guy and a human fox." Kitsuna said nothing as she looked at the still woman on the bed. The old woman and nurse had left long ago.

"Kushina is still alive." Kitsuna said as she stood up she helped Minato up as well. They made their way over to Kushina, although the baby was taken by the old woman and was safe as well. "Your child is safe with Biwako." Kitsuna said. As she stood there her hands started to glow.

'Kushina is amazing." Minato said as he petted his wife's hair. Kushina started to open her eyes. "She lived even as Kyubi was forcing his way out of her." Kitsuna had a sad look on her face though.

"She is still dying." Minato nodded. "Kushina can you help us stop those two?" As the red haired woman sat up she looked at her husband and at Kitsuna. "I can stop Kyubi but only for a few minutes." Kushina said. "That should give you enough time to stop Kyubi once and for all."

Kitsuna shook her head. "It wouldn't work, he would need to be sealed with in someone in order to stop him." Both Minato and Kushina looked at her. Minato nodded. "We have to use that seal then." Minato said.

"He would have a hard life." Kushina said. "He'll be feared and hatred." Minato wrapped his arm around her shoulder. Kushina looked down at the ground. "We have several hours we need to warn the village."



The warning came two hours before the attack. Several ninjas were told not to attack and to keep the village safe from any harm. They had followed the order to the letter and when the roar of the monstrous fox was heard the safe houses was closed.

Outside the village gate Minato, who was carrying his son on top of a giant Toad looked at Kyubi in his fox form. Below him was Madara. Kushina was at his said still barely hanging on to life. She needed to keep her son safe.

"So it comes down to this." Minato said. The fight was on Minato gave his son, who was named Naruto to Kushina and jumped at Madara who jumped kicked the blond Hokage in the face. Another roar was heard as Kitsuna in her snow Fox form, nine tails waving behind her once again started to attack her brother.

Both foxes growled at each other and both let out a roar that had seemed to shack the mountain around the village. They bit at each other as will as they started to claw each other as well. Down on the ground Minato was using his flying thunder god technique.

It was the only way to beat Madara's Sharingan. By moving in a yellow flash Minato was able to throw several punches and kicks at the Uchiha. Minato was also using his kunai and was making several wounds as well.

Then it happen, Minato had stabbed Madara in the lower back causing the man to fall down on his knees. "Damn you." The Uchiha said. "This fight is far from over." With that said Madara had vanished. Minato cleared the sweat off of his forehead and looked at Kushina who had just finished placing the seal on Naruto.

With a nod of his head Kushina looked at Kyubi and without warning chains made of pure chakra shot out of her body and had wrapped around Kyubi. "What is this…? Kushina you bitch let me go!" Kyubi yelled at the red haired woman.

"Fuck you fuzz bag!" Kushina yelled back as she had tighten the chains some more. Kitsuna looked at the two and froze in fear as Kyubi somehow was able to move his paw at the baby. Before she could do anything though Kushina and Minato moved to protect the baby. "No!" Kitsuna cried out as the claw went right though them, but stopping just before it hit the baby.

"Well, isn't this a bitch." Minato said as he coughed up some blood. "How you doing honey?" Kushina looked at her husband. "I'm dying. So hurry up and seal this bastard." Kushina said. Minato nodded.

"Wait." Kitsuna said. She walked up to the two and looked at them. "I wish to give a gift to Naruto." With that said Kitsuna leaned in and gave a soft kiss to the sleeping baby. Naruto was bathed in a soft golden glow before it had faded. "He will have two special powers as he grows."

With that said she turned back into her fox form and grabbed on to her brother, just as their uncle was summoned. He saw his niece and nodded to her and he had finished his job by sealing both Kitsuna and Kyubi into the baby. "Do not worry, he will be will taken care of." The death god said before he took the souls to their after life.

A Few minutes later…

Hiruzen Sarutobi arrived too late to safe his friends lives. He walked into the clearing only to see the peaceful look on both Kushina and Minato faces. In their arms rested their son, Naruto who was still alive, and was in a deep sleep.

Hiruzen picked up the baby and laid him in his arms. It was then that he had noticed the sealing mark on the child and his already sadden look seemed to have gotten sadder. A man with white hair walked up next to him.

"I'll have a talk with her before she leaves." He said. Hiruzen nodded. He then looked at the white haired man and said. "I will deal with the council." Hiruzen said as he and the other man walked back to the village.

To Be Continued…..

Okay so this was a rewrite of the prologue and I think it was a better opening then the original. I know I was cheap when it came to Madara but I don't care. This was more Kitsuna based then anything and yes she and Kyubi are children of Inari.

Okay so I hoped that you all have liked this rewrite of the prologue and that I had cleared up any plot holes (If I didn't point them out.) and I hope I didn't give up to much.

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