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Complicated Heartbreak


"I mean it Finn Sharkey, you climb that bridge again and I'll chuck you off it!" Bex Fisher scowled and looked at him, but as she made eye contact she smiled. She could never stay mad for long.

"Alright I won't!" Finn laughed, looking up at her from his hospital bed. "How's uni life treating ya? Missed me yet?" he teased.

"It's great. Beginning to miss Jonah and Ronan pratting about though." She laughed.

"See told ya you'd miss me." He said cockily.

"You're not that special." She smirked.

"Ouch, Fisher I'm heartbroken." He grinned.

"Good." She nodded and looked around when the door opened. She thought she saw a flash of jealousy flit across Sam's face, but before she could blink it was gone.

"Hey.. Is he causing trouble already?" Sam asked, forcing a smile.

"Nah, just trying out of his league." Bex grinned.

"If you're talking about me can I be included in the conversation?" Finn commented.

"The point of talking about you is not talking to you though." Bex smirked as Sam leaned over to kiss him.

"I'm wounded Fisher. I really am." He grinned, kissing his girlfriend back.

"You'll live. You survived that fall didn't you." She smirked.

"Yep, no warning needed, I know you'd throw me off." He laughed and looked at Sam, who looked as though she was going to say something. "She's joking babe." He added. The last thing he wanted was his girlfriend and friend arguing.

Bex nodded and stood up. "Well I'll leave you two alone. I know when three's a crowd." She grinned.

"What? No kiss?" he joked.

"You're not that lucky." She laughed.

"On the cheek then? Or a hug?" he grinned.

Bex shared a look with Sam and settled for the hug. She leaned over, hugged him and then stepped back. "There's no way I'm kissing you." She laughed.

"Jess did." He smirked.

"I'm not Jess." She responded with a smirk. "Now stop distracting me and let me leave!"

"Fine if I have to." He pretended to look hurt.

"You've got your girlfriend to keep you happy."

"I know. I am and I love her loads, but you're fun too." He grinned.

"Goodbye Finn!" She laughed and walked out before he could say anything else.

Sam could do nothing but stand and watch the whole thing, trying to hold her anger in, stopping herself from slapping the pair of them and reminding Finn just who he was meant to be going out with.

Once Bex had gone Finn had finally noticed a change in Sam. "Babe what's up?"

"You didn't like it when Kyle flirted with me so why are you doing the same with her?" Sam scowled.

"Aw come on don't be like that." He said, still not clearly getting what his closeness with the oldest Fisher sister was doing to his relationship.

"Like what?" she looked at him.

"Come here."


"Just come here. Please."

Sam moved and sat next to him on the bed.

Finn reached up and pulled so she was lying next to him and he looked at her. "There is nothing going on between me and Bex alright? We're just really close and she trusts me with a lot of things. I help her and I'm there for her cause I'm just a friend. I love you, alright so stop panicking." He smiled.

"Yeah but it seems-"

He cut her off with a kiss. "I know what it looks like, but there's nothing there."

After that, Sam just lay there silently, her head on his chest listening to his heartbeat.

Finn lay there thinking over his words. He knew there were lies in what he said, but he also knew he could do nothing about it, and knew nothing would come of it.

Bex was broken and damaged too young and he could see even in their moments she didn't trust him completely.

She would often come close to letting him in, and then instantly shut him out again, afraid of the rejection she thought she'd receive, but it didn't stop him trying to get her to talk.

Finn knew he cared for her more than a friend should, and knew he had to push those feelings aside and concentrate on who he should really love, Sam. After all he did risk his life saving her brother…