Oneshot, Avatar And Duelist

This is my new story of oneshots. I will mix Yu-gi-oh GX and Avatar: TLA. Jaden / Alexis and Aang / Katara will just come up here. Nothing else! Hope you'll like it. We begin with a oneshot from Avatar: TLA (Aang and Katara).

This is my version of the episode "The Headband". I love the episode and I want to make a loving version out there. Beginning in the middle of the party ...

I do not own Avatar: TLA

Katara sat and stared at Aang who danced wildly on the dance floor. All Fire Nation kids seemed to understand what fun really was and Katara was proud of him. The children looked confused at first, but everything got better. Katara saw that Aang was dancing with a girl from the Fire Nation school and jealousy just grew and grew. Aang looked so happy when he danced with her. Katara did not know her name but it was obvious that there was something between them. She, herself had rather mixed feelings about Aang. Sometimes she liked him very much and sometimes a bit less. Right now it was almost love at minimum, and her heart hurt. She was almost crying. The pain became worse until Aang walked over to her.

"Are you okay Katara?" Asked Aang.

"Yes ... I'm fine" said Katara half nervously but it was enough to reply. It was quiet for a few minutes and then Aand decided.

"Katara, dance with me," Aang said, holding out his hand.

"I do not know Aang, my shoes are not exactly good for dancing and ..."

"Take my hand" Aang interrupted. Katara nodded and took Aang's 's heart skipped a little and the pain disappeared. In those times it was impossible for Katara to stop love Aang. He could be very romantic, but she had forgotten it during the trip. Katara and Aang was not so close to each other and the dance was not what Katara had hoped for. The dance was fast with a lot of movements, all she wanted was to know Aang's vicinity. Aang stopped dancing, but not without thanking Katara. He needed to take some air. He was so hot inside the cave, not because it was warm in the cave. He was hot for that Katara was closer to he than usual, they held hands. He looked down at his hands, he was sweating from nervousness during the dance and he thought it would make Katara angry. He never went back into the cave and Katara was worried about him.

After another two hours she still had not found him so she decided to look outside the cave. She found him on a hill, he looked up at the moon. Aang's and Katara's forces grew stronger thanks to the full moon but not only that, they became bolder by the force of the moon. Katara walked over to where Aang was and he looked up at her and blushed. Katara sat down beside him. Aang was still.

"Aang, what are you doing out here?" Asked Katara

"Thinking" said Aang.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Asked Katara.

"I'm not sure" Aang said nervously.

"You know you can tell me, I can hold a secret" said Katara.

"I would rather talk about this with Sokka than with you," said Aang and then got a small idea. Talk to Sokka. Sokka was Katara's brother and he could help him. Katara would just tell him how much she loved him but he was not there. He had run away to look for Sokka. Katara stopped at the hill. She might not get more chances.

"I have to say it, no matter how much it distracts him"

Aang found Sokka in the cave and Sokka was right pensive when Aang asked him for help. Sokka had never helped Aang before but he had to repay him for what happened before when he was sick. Sokka and Aang was sitting next to each other in the cave and had a long talk, then Aang came to the final part.

"Sokka, you've been in love, right?" Aang said nervously.

"It's not exactly a secret that I like Suki" said Sokka, and shrugged. Aang laughed and Sokka stared at him.

"I think you're in love with meat" Aang suggested.

"Who really cares!" Yelled Sokka. Aang stopped laughing.

"I do not know ..." Aang replied, blushing. Sokka laughed out loud.

"You're in love, are not you Aang?" Asked Sokka happily.

"I think so" said Aang. That was enough to Sokka as a "yes".

"You want advice about girls again, you've come to the best"

"Actually, I will never ask you again, your advice was abysmal" said Aang. Sokka looked down on the ground, a bit disappointed.

"Sokka, I didn't meant ..." said Aang.

"Forget it now, why did you came here?" Asked Sokka.

"I ... I ... I ..." Aang said nervously.

"Aang, are you in love with someone say it," said Sokka.

"Ka ... Ka ... Ka .." said Aang even more nervous. Sokka thought at first that he was about to faint, he was quite pale in the face. Sokka found out everything after a few minutes without Aang said. There was only one person who started with "Ka ..." out of Aang's friends. Sokka nodded. He was surprised but Sokka had suspected for a long time that Katara was in love with Aang, it was noticeable when Aang almost died.

(Looking Back)

Sokka POV

I had not seen Katara in a long time, she had been weird lately, and this was just because Aang was unconscious. I checked into Aang's room every day, Katara was always there. She was there to take care of him. I started thinking if she actually "liked him". She was the same when our mother eyes widened when I saw that Katara kissed Aang on the cheek several times before she went to bed, next to him. They were in the same bed. I wanted to run up to Katara and get her out of there but something stopped me. I wanted to protect Katara but I saw no better protection than Aang Katara and they fit together.

(End of flashback)

Aang looked to be glued to the ground, he could not walk. Sokka had to help Aang, Katara was not happy. Right now at the party, he saw the jealousy in Katara's face.

"Aang, I need to ask you something," said Sokka.

"Anything" Aang said, expecting something about Katara.

"Okay, I think some issues can help me," said Sokka.

"You, why?" Asked Aang. Sokka nodded.

"Because I need to know if you really fit Katara"

"There is no easy task, but okay" Aang said nervously.

"What if Katara has been hurt?" Asked Sokka.

"It depends on how you look at it" Aang replied confidently.

"Okay, really hurt" said Sokka.

"I will rescue her before it happens," said Aang.

"Okay, if Katara is sick," said Sokka, and waited for a good answer.

"Take care of her but I can not always be near her when she needs to rest or want some time alone" said Aang.

"If Katara betrayed you with another guy?"

"I would probably go crazy" Aang said, blushing.

"Okay, how would your relationship look like?" Asked Sokka.

"I hate that question and I can not answer it," said Aang.

"Aang, was just being honest, Come on!" Yelled Sokka. Aang nodded.

"It's going to sound weird but I expect ... sex"

"Think to rape her, i understand" said Sokka sarcastically.

"Haha, no," said Aang, and he did not even like the joke.

"Why would you Aang?" Sokka asked, a little more ... angrily.

"Please think of it, I am the last Airbender, it is pretty obvious," said Aang and blushed scarlet. Sokka nodded and that was all.

"Unfortunately I can not help you Aang" said Sokka.

"I answered your questions and I get nothing for it!" Yelled Aang.

"I can not do anything dumass, you have to do it yourself," said Sokka.

"I do not think I can" Aang replied, blushing.

"One thing Aang, Katara loves honesty," said Sokka angrily.

"Why so upset about it?" Aang said cheerfully.

"Honesty destroys our family" said Sokka, and looked away.

"You think thats, all I'll tell her" asked Aang blushes.

"Hell yeah Aang!" Sokka yelled.

"I guess ..."

"Good Aang, do it now before I beat you there!" Sokka exclaimed was smiling all the way back to the rock and Katara was already there. He wanted to say it but this was difficult. Katara heard Aang's footsteps and she turned her face to him. Aang sat on the edge of the cliff and twisted a bit on his back, he felt little pain from the war in Ba Seng SE a few months before. Sometimes he felt the pain. It was not excruciating but it was placed a hand on his shoulder and he smiled. Katara hugged him, but the hug was tighter than Aang thought and they tumbled over the cliff edge. Both rolled down and everything ended with that Katara was right over Aang. Katara did not move, even though she was awake. She nuzzled a bit in his neck and it made him groan. From Katara's side, this was her best day. The mistake had been like a confession. Aang let her lie in and nuzzled against his neck. Katara and Aang blushed horribly.

"Aang, can I?"

"Katara, I have something to tell you" said Aang. Katara knew what he would say, but she wanted to hear it. Katara nodded generously.

"I'm so in love with you Katara!" Aang shouted and looked away. Katara brought his face back to her. The eyes were connected and Katara had to break the distance between them. The kiss was passionate, but it was not violent. The kiss did not break in half an hour and it surprised Katara how long they were kissing. She hated to break the kiss but she had no choice.

"Can you not tell me the whole truth?" Katara asked jokingly.

"Okay, I love you" whispered Aang loving this time.

"You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this," said Katara.

"I think I win that one" said Aang blushes.

"What, how long did you wait?" Asked Katara happily.

"Our first meeting ..." Aang mumbled. Katara gasped and hugged Aang hard. Aang laughed, though he almost choked.

The gang had to leave now, before everyone would suspect had not talked to Katara in a long time but he did not really know if Sokka accepted him as Katara's boyfriend. Their relationship quickly went in late and he had told Sokka. Something still felt wrong. Aang sat on Appa's head and Katara walked over and sat next to him.

"I guess we're together now," Aang said, blushing.

"Yes, it seems almost impossible," said Katara and blushed even more.

"I will love you forever Katara" Aang said cheerfully.

"That's what I hope for," said Katara and kissed Aang on his lips. Sokka was in the saddle, and pretended to be asleep. He heard everything, even the kiss. Ok, so it ends like this. I could not do anything to stop their relationship. Everything was meant to happen, from the beginning ...

There is the end. Just a romantic oneshot. I will possibly write Lemons also but i'm not there yet. Just wait and see. Time to sleep, cya!