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Somehow, I had managed to make it out of the cell where I was being kept. The young girl, who brought me, what passed for food, thought I was asleep; she hadn't locked the door behind her properly. I had obviously built up some level of trust with my captors, or maybe she had made a mistake. I knew that once this is discovered, she will be in trouble. For a split second, I felt sorry for her. She will, no doubt, pay for the mistake, but I have to think of myself now. My pity can't be spared on anyone. I need all my energy.

I knew that chances like this will not come again soon. I was sick; sick of being here, sick of pretending that I was okay, and sick of being treated like an object. I staggered out of the cell, that was holding me, to find that I was trapped in a dimly lit maze. I started running for my life.

I began to think, "I can't escape because there are too many people around me." They're there in the shadows, watching and waiting for me. Or are they? Maybe I am hallucinating, again. All I know is, I need to get out of here before I go crazy or die. I'm unsure which would be preferable.

Turning a corner in this maze of tunnels and thinking, if only I could remember the way out, I would be free. I thought that I would remember. I've made that walk so many times, that you would think it was a second nature. All I wanted was freedom. Freedom to return to my life; back to my family and friends, and more importantly to my Bella - my reason for living and trying to escape from this hell that I'm in. I just hope that after all this time and what I have done; she will take me back. I dare not to think of her not wanting me. That would surely kill me. She has been my reason for surviving these last few months. Suddenly, I realize, that I have no idea how long I have been gone, it is impossible to mark time here.

In my haste, I stumble over my own feet. Obviously I'm not as strong and together as I think I am and fall over, flat on my face. It should hurt, but with the adrenalin coursing through me at the moment, I feel no pain. I try to stand but my ankle won't take my weight. Shit! I must've twisted it when I fell, but I can't give in. I have to get out of here; no matter what it takes.

I dread the noise I hear; slow, heavy footsteps coming towards me. Either someone had discovered that I was missing, or I was just plain unlucky. I didn't care which one of the two, I only cared about facing my discovery.

There was a sound of something dragging along the narrow corridor walls. I didn't wanna think about what it was. I needed get away but I was frozen; adrenalin replaced by fear.

"Edward, I know you're there. I can smell your fear," the voice was low and menacing, and closing in on me. I was sure that he can hear my heart beating; it felt like it was coming out of my chest. I needed to remain calm. This was the best chance of escape that I've been afforded. I couldn't imagine a chance like this coming again anytime soon. Pure cold fear ran through me. I've come up against him many times before. He was truly a sadistic bastard. I have never met anyone like him before. I knew that he enjoyed any chance to use his fists. I should know, I've been on the receiving end enough in my time here. He has never shown anything other than pure hatred for me since the first moment we met. I knew that my captors were truly capable of anything. That's what scared me the most, the fear I would never be free to leave here; that I would die at their hands. I didn't want to think about how I would die, if that is what they chose. I only hoped that they would show me some compassion and make it quick. Truly, I felt that they didn't care if I lived or died. I was an object to them; nothing of any real importance or value. I could be all too easily disposed of if they saw fit.

I hear a low, sadistic but familiar chuckle, from behind me. I turn towards the noise; I'm still on the ground where I fell. Damn! If I'd been more careful I might have made out of here. I see him grinning back at me. He was holding a baseball bat; hitting it into his free hand.

In a menacing way, he growls. "Oh Edward, you'll never ever learn will you? Now, you're really gonna to pay for this." Sneering he reached down towards me. I panicked as I knew there is no way out of this. I have failed; failed Bella, my family and more importantly myself, in my attempt to return to normality.

I tried not to show my fear or the disappointment flooding through me now that my attempt to escape had failed. These are clear signs of weakness. He leaned toward me and I felt yet again, the strength he had as he punched me squarely in the jaw. I taste, the now all too familiar, metallic taste as blood, fill my mouth. He then punched me again, this time landing higher. I'm sure my cheekbone cracked, as my head whipped away from the punch.

I heard his dark chuckle, then a sharp pain. My body relaxed and began to float away. This feeling was all too familiar to me. I tried to stay conscious but I lost my battle, yet again to the blackness.

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