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I could only watch as the city passed me by, I wasn't here to see the sights. In fact, if I never saw this godforsaken place again, it would be too soon. The taxi driver was insistent on making idle conversation, and I was doing my best to ignore him.

The car slowed as we approached our destination. I toyed with the flowers I had in my lap, it seemed strange me bringing flowers to them. It summed up our relationship, unconventional in the extreme. As we made our way through the small avenues I marveled at how peaceful it was here, but yet there were still signs of life all around me. Trees stood majestically, flowers bloomed in the middle of the desolation that surrounded them. Did they not know, not understand what this place was.

Once the cab came to a stop, I told the driver to wait for me. Stepping onto the grass, my heels sank into the soft ground as I made my way to my goal. Once there I fell to my knees, brushing away the debris that covered the stone before me. My fingers ran across the engraved letters, indicating this was the place where the man I loved was resting for eternity. A sob caught in my throat as I read the inscription, wondering who had done this, was it his parents? I couldn't think who else would.

'James Hunter 7/7/1983 - 9/15/2010 At Peace'

Wiping away the tears from my eyes, I laid the flowers down. I brought my fingers to my lips, placing a kiss on them, before pressing them down on the name before me. I whispered a promise to him. "I love you, and I will avenge your death. No matter how long it takes, they will pay for taking you away from me. Every single one of them."

I took a deep breath in an attempt to bring myself the calm I so desperately needed. The mask I wore could not be allowed to slip, not even for a second. The pain I felt at the losses I'd suffered would never leave me, all that was left for me was a burning need to avenge it all. And I would have my revenge.

Getting to my feet, I smoothed my dress down, I whispered one last 'I love you' to whoever was listening before I covered my bloodshot eyes with the sunglasses from my purse before I made my way back to the cab. The driver was enjoying a nap as I slammed the door closed, announcing my return.

"Get me out of here, please." I whispered.

"So, you staying in Chicago long?" He asked.

"Not sure yet, I have some old friends to catch up with. I will need to see how that works out." I replied.

"Oh, a surprise visit." He nodded.

A smile played at the corner of my lips. "You could say that, I'm the last person they are expecting to see."

Pulling a compact from my purse I made a show of checking my make up in the mirror. The bruises and injuries inflicted had faded, there were no permanent scars visible, only the mental and emotional ones, and they would never fade entirely. I had lost too much, the man I loved and our child. I almost wished I had been killed by Aro, then at least we would all be together, forever. It was clearly my penance to have survived when he shipped me off to his brother to be dealt with as he couldn't bring himself to carry out the act himself. Shame that Caius was more interested in getting one up on his brother than carrying out his orders. It was that rivalry that saved my life.

I managed to block out the rest of the mindless chatter the taxi driver was emitting, instead focusing on what my plans were. The good thing was, they would never see me coming, after all they all thought I was dead. All I knew was I would keep my promise to James, I would avenge him, no matter how long it took.

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