Story by Kusanagi Hikari
Beta-ed by HannahDJA

Summary: They say opposites attract. And it couldn't be more true for the relationship between popular and decently behaved Cloud, and the outcast gangster Leon.

It was rumored that Squall Leonhart was a really scary guy. There was evidence supporting it too; every glare he threw at someone was enough to send shivers down their spine, if his angry face didn't. If looks actually could kill, said glared at people were probably dead. There's also the fact that a student had seen Leon take down one whole biker gang. By himself! That was enough proof that Leon wasn't just scary, he was straight out dangerous.

It was rumored that Squall Leonhart was a very malicious person, but only because of the things that were going around about some helpless stray cat that he'd taken into his home to torture. There was no proof of that though, it was just another rumor. People were just gullible these days. Another reason for why he was malicious was because he did not stand for people to mock or make fun of him. There was no mercy for anyone who spoke out against him and his ways.

It was rumored that Squall Leonhart has a heart made of stone, as evidence: no one, and really, NO ONE, had seen him smile or cry. EVER. Rumor has it, that when Leon was 12, his mother passed away. And he didn't shed a single tear, or express grief. Or any emotion for that matter.

But of course, it's ALL just RUMORS. None of it was true…

And as a result of all those rumors, up till now, no one dared to speak to Leon except if there was something REALLY necessary to discuss. Because of his harsh nature, he didn't have any friends. Not even one. Until now. Sort of.

Leon had never cared about having a friend though. He never wanted to receive any attention or care from anyone if he didn't think of them as a close friend. He always thought it was better being alone and doing everything alone since there would be absolutely no one to disturb you. Well, not like there's anyone who dared to disturb him anyway, since Leon's glare of death managed to scare any potential disturbers away.

In a life as harsh as Leon's, there was little to be excited about. But ever since his previous locker broke, and he transferred to a different one, something new had presented itself. Apparently, he had gotten an angel of a neighbor. An angel that was actually in the same class as his. (Why hadn't he noticed this before?)

The first time Leon had been captivated by Cloud was when the blonde actually gave him a sincere (not forget to mention very beautiful) smile to him the first day Leon moved to his new locker. "Hello there Leon, I didn't expect you to be moving in. I guess we're neighbors now." It was what the blonde had said to him that day with that dazzling smile that managed to make Leon's jaw drop to the floor in awe. But of course he wouldn't show the blonde how captivated he really was. His face remained jaded. Calm as the sea on a hot day.

Since that day, Leon knew that he'd fallen in love at first sight.

Leon had been secretly trying to get to know Cloud better. He'd secretly stalked Cloud twice just so he could know where the boy lived and what kind of house he had. He also knew that Cloud had a black dog named Vincent.

Cloud was the total opposite of him. He had many friends, he was very diligent, smart, very kind and polite, and he was also girl-magnet because of his adorable looks. Though, Leon had noticed that Cloud seemed to be attracting more boys than girls. But despite all of that, Cloud never seemed to take interest in his fawning fans. The reason… Leon wasn't so sure and he wasn't exactly interested in finding out why.

Leon and Cloud were complete opposites. If you made a chart and compared their features and interests, Cloud was a freaking angel, and Leon might as well have been considered satanic in some principles.

No matter how much Leon wished for Cloud to be his, and only his, surely it would never happen.

And now, his dream had come true. His heart was pounding frantically against his ribcage, skipping beats.

There, standing right in front of him where they were on the school's rooftop, was Cloud, with his blue eyes gazing uncertainly and shyly at Leon's gray ones. Busy hands at the ends of his uniform, Cloud took a deep, nervous breath, and Lean tried to focus on what Cloud had just confessed. He attempted to make sure he didn't stare too intently on the blonde as to keep him from getting too uncomfortable, and wondered if Cloud knew just how adorable he was when he was nervous, the way his eyes held Leon's shyly, and his kissable lips would almost pout.

When Cloud had opened his mouth to speak, Leon thought he had never heard a voice as soothing as Cloud's, and in his trance, it took him quite a while to actually register that the cutest guy in the history of mankind was talking to him.

"Err… sorry, could you repeat that?"

The blond teenager looked anxiously at him, his brows knitted in frustration. Hands gripping fistfuls of his uniform.

"I… I said that… I-I… I lo-love you!"

Leon blinked. He felt as if his jaw hit the floor hard, but of course he didn't show it. If he showed any reaction at all, it would be his mouth parting slightly, but his face remained exactly the same otherwise.

Leon feared that there was something wrong with his hearing but, did he… did he just hear Cloud say that he loves HIM? HIM! The most fearful guy in the school! HIM of ALL people!

To think that there was actually someone who actually likes him, most of all, that person is Cloud Strife! The very first boy that Leon had ever had a crush on in his life!

Leon could die happy now.

"Le-Leon…?" Cloud asked in a voice that was laced with both nervousness and sweetness. It only registered a second later in Leon's mind that Cloud was gazing at him with timidness, fear, embarrassment, yet he was hopeful at the same time. Right now, Leon wasn't really sure what to do. What could he do now? He liked Cloud a lot. Should he make a move? Like kiss him? Hug him? Or say that he also likes him?

But Leon didn't know how to do it. Because Squall Leonhart didn't do sappy things like that.

"So… so… wi-will you… be my… my…" Leon watched as Cloud struggled to say the words, stumbling over those kissable lips. He had guessed what Cloud might say, but he stayed silent, he wanted to hear it from the boy's own mouth.

"Will you please be my boyfriend?"

Oh, how happy Leon was to hear it. Despite how impassive Leon was on the outside, on the inside he was doing back flips and screaming hallelujah at the top of his lungs.

Leon though, still remained silent as he wasn't sure what to do. He was happy, really really happy, but unfortunately Cloud took Leon's silence as disapproval and he thought that the way Leon's mouth parted slightly was the man actually being disgusted at his confession.

Leon felt panic overcome him when Cloud looked like he was about to cry.

"I…I'm… I'm sorry… I didn't… I didn't mean to… disgust you or... or something."

Leon cursed inside his mind. Shit! Wonderful Leon! Just wonderful! The person that you have a crush on has just confessed to you, but what did you do? Nothing! You did nothing and gave him the wrong impression and break his heart! Stupid Leon!

"I…" Leon watched as Cloud bit his lower lip, and he felt his heart break when Cloud wiped tears that brimmed in his eyes with the back of his hand. "I…I'm really sorry. Please… fo-forget what I just said…"

Inside, Leon was practically screaming in panic. He needed to do something before Cloud began to walk away!

The moment Cloud took a step to turn away from him, Leon quickly grabbed the blonde's wrist, making the boy turn to looked back at him in surprise. Leon promptly felt his heart skip when he saw the hopeful and expectant look in Cloud's eyes.

Calmly, Leon spoke.

"You want to go out with me?" Okay. That sounds fine. Okay, yeah, he can do this.

Both Cloud's eyes and mouth were wide open in surprise and this was the first time Leon had ever seen Cloud looking so comical. Everything Cloud did still captivated him. To Leon, Cloud was radiant as ever, and always would be.

Leon took Cloud's reaction as a good sign to continue, and just a bit, he tightened his hold on Cloud, hoping that he wouldn't scare the boy away.

"I don't mind. I'll go out with you."

Cloud's eyes widened even more, but it was nothing compared to Leon's mental scream. It was a loud and piercing cry. But like always, he didn't show any of it, he remained jaded as usual. To be honest, Leon was close to a mental breakdown with the way he was wording things. He was an absolute sap all of a sudden, and he felt like he would die if Cloud just kept staring at him.

Cloud might have been thinking that Leon only accepted his offer because of a pity or guilt trip. With that in mind, Cloud wouldn't realize or even have a clue that Leon actually liked him a lot. Ugh! Damn it! Why are you so damn bad at this Leon? He mentally kicked himself.


More silence.

Then somewhere, a girl squealed before the door to the rooftop was slammed open and a screaming girl with short raven hair ran over to Cloud, hugged him tightly, then promptly, to Leon and Cloud's amazement, lifted him off the ground and spun him in circles.

"Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God! You did it, Cloud! You did it!"

"Y-Yuffie! Stop that!" Cloud wailed, and Leon suddenly wanted to rip Cloud from this girls arms to save him from his friend.

Thankfully, someone did it for him and Leon saw a man with spiky black hair yank the girl away from Cloud. He glared at the girl. "Yuffie! You shouldn't have interrupted them!" the guy said. The boy was familiar, and when Leon thought about it, he'd noticed that this guy had been around Cloud a lot. And around school a lot in general. As he recalled… the guys name was… Zack?

"Awwww! But I couldn't help it! I'm just sooooo damn happy for Cloud!" Yuffie pouted and crossed her arms.

"Now now, Yuffie. That's just plain rude." They looked over to the door again hearing a girl voice, and a girl with a long, brown ponytail hair stepped to the rooftop. Leon remembered this girl as one of Cloud's friend. Air? No, wait. It's Aerith. Yeah, Leon was sure her name was Aerith.

"What are you guys doing here?" Cloud asked his friends. Face flushed, his eyebrows twitched and lips unconsciously formed into a small pout when he put both his hands on his waist. Leon wondered whether the blonde had any idea just how adorable he looked all the time.

"Well, we were kind of worried about you… so we came to check up on you." Zack replied, rubbing the back of his head, and smiling nervously.

"You mean eavesdropping on me!"

"Hey Cloudster~ We're just worried about you~" Yuffie defended.

"We're sorry Cloud. But we were really just worried about you." Aerith smiled sweetly at the blond, and Cloud couldn't help but feel guilty for judging his friends, especially when they had good intentions in mind.

"Really…?" Cloud tilted his head, earning a nod from the other three. "Why?"

"Well, we're kind of worried that Mr.-killer-tough-guy over there might hurt you." Zack pointed at Leon, who sent him a death glare. If looks could kill…

Cloud looked confused, "Why? Leon's a nice person…"

Hearing that, Leon shot the blonde a look of shock. He was glad Cloud's friends were more preoccupied with the blonde than with his own expression of surprise. No one had ever seen an emotion on his face other than anger and… well, death. No one, and absolutely no one, had ever commented on him being a… nice person.

Aerith giggled. "Oh Cloud, you're so naïve…"

Yuffie sighed and shook her head, "Whether he's just really ignorant to the rumors or really naïve, we'll never know…"

Leon wasn't actually paying attention to what Cloud's friend were saying, not when his heart was once again was captured by Cloud's undivided kindness. And when Cloud noticed that Leon was staring at him, the boy blushed and shyly smiled at him, making Leon mentally melt down from that amazingly radiant smile.

He was snapped out of his trance though, when someone tapped his shoulder and he saw Zack standing right in front of him, one hand resting against his waist. "I've got something to ask you, and you're going to answer it honestly. Promise?"

Leon blinked at first, then nodded his head.

"Good, now, tell me. Did you really mean it when you said that you're going to go out with Cloud?"

Leon raised an eyebrow. "I wouldn't bother to go out with him if I didn't mean what I said."

The transformation that took place on Cloud's face was amazing, and it was something Leon would never forget for as long as he lived. It was as though those few simple words were a caressing and soothing breeze, carrying away the anxiety, the apprehension and the fear like leaves in the wind. A smile blossomed on his face, belief and happiness filling his eyes, and the already radiant smile become even brighter.

Zack stared at Leon for a while, and Leon stared back. He's not one to show his feeling through words, so hopefully Zack would be able to see that he meant what he said earlier from his looks. When Zack finally broke into a grin, Leon knew that he had successfully conveyed his messages.

"Good!" Zack smack his shoulder. "You better take good care of him! You don't want to end up being killed by Cloud's guardian now, do you?"

Guardian? Leon asked to himself.

"Don't worry, Riku and Roxas will understand." Cloud said, earning a look of understanding from Leon.

Ah, yes. The over-protective friends. Leon thought. He remembered the over-protective Riku, the one that was dating Sora, and Roxas, who was dating Axel. They were other, currently not present, friends of Cloud's who had a brother named Reno. They were the over-protective hens of Cloud's life, and if Cloud didn't have a mother, they would have gladly taken over such a role. He remembered coming across the story of Roxas and Riku having nearly killed a student who'd 'accidentally' touched the blonde's ass. He didn't want to tango with them, especially because they would see him as a threat.

"I don't know Cloud~ You know how Riku and Roxas are…" Yuffie said, placing both of her hands at the back of her head.

"Well, it doesn't matter now." Aerith said next, turning to look at Leon before she looked at Cloud. "As long as they're happy now."

Cloud smiled at his best friend, "Thanks, Aerith."

"Well then, we're going to leave you love-birds alone." Zack grinned and wink at both Cloud and Leon. Leon mentally blushed, unlike Cloud who clearly and freely showed how embarrassed he was.

"See you Coudster~ Leonnie~" Yuffie chirped, then dashed off the rooftop when Leon glared at her at the awful nickname.

Both Aerith and Zack followed the raven girl, and soon, Leon and Cloud were left alone.


More silence.

Then, Cloud decided to speak up. "So… we're going out, right?" he asked shyly and nervously, as if trying to convince himself that this wasn't a dream.

Leon wanted to hug Cloud, kiss him, and say how he'd always liked him since the first time he'd seen the blonde. He couldn't believe that all of this was happening. If felt so much like a dream, and Cloud actually liked him back! They were going out too! It was real… really real. Cloud really liked him, and they were really dating!

Dear Shiva! Leon was so happy that he nearly did a dance! Once again, of course, Leon is Leon. And Leon never shows any actual emotion.

So to answer Cloud's question, Leon just simply nodded.

Leon was kind of worried that Cloud might actually be disappointed by his lack of response. But a bright smile appeared on the blonde's face. Cloud looked so… content.

Then without warning, Leon felt a smaller, soother hand slide into his own. His heart sped up double time, and he looked at Cloud. He was standing next to him, with the largest smile Leon had ever seen splitting his face in two.

Leon really thought he might go blind from that smile.

"Leon… I, I just wanted you to know that I—" Cloud lifted his gaze to meet Leon's, eyes burning with determination to say what he wanted to say. Leon, as usual, remained silent. "—I just wanted you to know how happy I am right now."

At that, Leon's heart exploded in happily, little fireworks.

"I…" unconsciously, his mouth opened, earning an expectant look from Cloud.

What was he going to say? Guh! Stupid mouth! Don't open your mouth when you don't even know what you're going to say in the first place! But… Cloud was being so honest, and Leon felt like it wouldn't be fair if he didn't say something that would actually make Cloud convinced that Leon liked him back. And the expectant look on Cloud's face… there's just no way that he could turn back and make his now-already-boyfriend disappointed.

"I… feel the same."

Leon mentally screamed in embarrassment. For the first time! SQUALL LEONHART! The MOST FEARFUL student in Radiant High School actually said something as corny as that! It's history! It might be even possible to put it into one of the worlds seven wonders...

Leon couldn't believe that he had said something like that. He swore that he was blushing, even if it was just a faint blush on his pale face, BUT IT'S STILL A BLUSH! AND OMG! SQUALL LEONHART DID NOT BLUSH!

But the look he got from Cloud was worth it. The boy's face was bright red, eyes wide in shock before his expression turned into a happy one. A smile blossomed on his face, belief and happiness filling his eyes, and he squeezed Leon's hand again. Then, barely seconds later, Cloud pressed his body against Leon's, putting both of his hands to Leon's chest before he rested his head on his shoulder, the brunet was frozen in place.

Leon nearly fainted, his jaw dropped and his eyes widened with shock. Cloud was hugging him, for God Sakes! CLOUD WAS HUGGING HIM!

"Thank you Leon…" Cloud murmured, snuggling closer to Leon with a content smile on his face.

Leon looked down at Cloud's blonde hair. Why was the boy thanking him? He'd done nothing…

Unless… Cloud was thanking him for actually liking him back? For making him happy?

Somehow… that warmed Leon's heart.

Leon's eyes were soft, calm, loving, and accepting. Nervous even. But Leon didn't care even though his eyes were showing many kinds of emotion, it's not like Cloud could see them anyway. With that look never leaving his face, Leon hesitantly buried his face in Cloud's blond hair, taking a deep breath as if trying to reassure himself that all of this was real.

Even if Leon didn't return Cloud's hug, Cloud did not waver. He remained content in Leon's arms.

Because he had a feeling that this was Leon's way for saying 'you're welcome'.

By the time Leon and Cloud entered the classroom, they immediately caught sight of a teasing look from Yuffie, Zack, and Aerith, while Riku immediately glared at Leon when he caught sight of him entering the class together with Cloud.

Leon saw that Riku was about to get to his feet, but the teacher entered the room, and slammed his books on the front desk to get the attention of the students. The teenagers all slunk back to their seats, Leon and Cloud doing the same. Though, when Leon was about to sit in his seat, beside his always nervous chairmate (he was probably totally terrified of Leon), someone suddenly grabbed the back of his uniform, and he stumbled. He turned around in a fury, but the anger disappeared when he found it was Yuffie, grinning at him. "Where do you think you're going?"

Leon arched an eyebrow, "My seat."

Yuffie laugh, "Oh, yeah forgot to tell you. But from now on, you're going to change seats with me."

Leon was silent for a while. Wait… Yuffie is Cloud's chair mate, that means, if I change seats with her…

Leon turned to look at Cloud who sat by the window with an empty chair next to him. Noticing that Leon was looking at him, the blonde gave Leon a warm smile, nearly giving Leon a heart attack.

"The hell! Yuffie!" Both Yuffie and Leon to where Riku, throwing death glares at both of them. "What the fuck are you doing?"

"Riku, language." Aerith scolded.

Riku winced a bit before glaring back at Yuffie, who jumped in surprise at such an awful face, and Leon just yawned in boredom.

"Changing my seat with Leon?" Yuffie said innocently.

"I know that you little—"

"Ah ah, Riku. Remember, language." Aerith warned him, and Zack muffled laughter with his hand when he saw the defeated look on Riku's face.

"Alright, Aerith. Just… let me finish, okay?" Riku sighed before regained his composure and scowled sharply at Leon. "What I'm trying to say is, why did you change with him of all people?"


"You know that I hate it when someone like him gets near Cloud."

This time, Leon couldn't help but glare back at Riku. He made it sound like Leon would hurt Cloud by being near him. Just who the hell you think you are, huh pretty boy? I know that you're Cloud's best friend. But you know what? I'M Cloud's boyfriend. I would NEVER hurt him. Even if wasn't my boyfriend! Leon screamed in his mind.

The teacher, Cid Highwind, just continued to stare at the drama in front of him. He didn't make any move to stop them, he'd miss something if he did. So he continued to watch, arms crossed in front of his chest and a smoke between his lips.

Leon was already irritated, and he was ready to break something if it weren't for Cloud walking over him and placing a hand on the brunet's arm.

Leon turned back to look at Cloud, eyes immediately softening at the sight of his boyfriend. Riku just stared in shock at Cloud. A sudden wave of whispers and faces full of shock from the other students who were confused by what was going on.. Probably because they were surprised that the popular and innocently naïve Cloud Strife was able to touch the fearful Squall Leonhart so calmly.

Cloud focused his gaze on Riku, lips almost pouting in annoyance. "Riku, stop being mean to Leon."

Riku blinked, "B-But Cloud! What if—"

"Don't worry Riku. Leon won't do anything to me." Cloud smiled sweetly before he directed that smile to Leon, "Right?"

Leon, who was still captivated by Cloud's sweetness, was only able to nod.

Cloud grinned wider, then looked backed at Riku, "Besides…."

And suddenly, everyone turned in their seats with baited breaths, wondering what Cloud was going to say. Zack, Yuffie and Aerith, however, were all smiling knowingly. Everyone's jaws slackened when Cloud moved his hand on Leon's arm down to the brunet's fingers, and they were even more surprised when Leon let him. Any jaws that had remained shut earlier fell completely and some started to fall off their chairs when Cloud reached out his other hand and wrapped it around Leon's arm, hugging it.

The brunet could only blink in disbelief, a shroud of surrealism overwhelming his mind as he felt his hand being held by the one person he'd never thought he'd never thought would hold it. In reality, Leon had been sure that popular people like Cloud would never be so... nice, or sweet, to someone like him, an outcast who was feared by all and loved by none.

And then, Cloud dropped the bomb.

"Besides…. We're dating now."

The silence was like the room was empty.

And then, Riku screamed.

It was like his screame broke the barrier, and suddenly, all the girls were either screaming, squealing or wailing in tears. The boys started to cheer and whoop (though a lot were crying as well), but none were as loud or thrilled as Zack and Yuffie. Aerith was giggling insanely as she quickly snapped a few pictures with her cell phone.

Cid grinned. Maybe he should ask Aerith for a few pictures. Just for memories.

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