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By Kusanagi Hikari
Beta-ed by Hannah DJA

This wasn't happening, Leon thought. He scowled, running a hand through his chestnut hair. Now he understood why he'd been told to make sure Cloud was protected, but this was just... horrifying.

Glaring dangerously at the approaching man, he snarled when the man reached out to touch his boyfriend and grabbed the strangers hand harshly.

"What the hell do you want?" Leon said in threatening tone, eyes glaring and motioning silently at the man to back off before he get hurt.

Leon held back the urge to smirk when he saw the man's face pale at his threat and quickly apologized before walking away from them. Leon sighed heavily. They were now waiting for the train, and Leon was taken aback that in the moment they'd appeared at the station, many eyes were trained on them. More on Cloud actually, Leon thought.

Leon knew how attractive his boyfriend was, so when he noticed the few people staring at the blonde, he had no choice but to shrug it off and figure that it wasn't uncommon for the boy. But to think that someone had dared to touch him with Leon standing right there... he scowled again. It was beginning to irritate him.

Two man had tried to molest Cloud, and when Leon finally managed to shoo them away, others came to make the same attempt. No wonder why Roxas and Riku were being so over-protective toward Cloud. He understood their feeling now.

"You ok?" Leon turned to his boyfriend, and was very surprised when Cloud gave him a look as if he had just asked something totally ridiculous. His suspicions were right when Cloud laughed and gave him a funny expression.

"Of course I'm alright, Leon. Why wouldn't I be?" Cloud was saying it without any hesitation at all and this time Leon arched an eyebrow, gazing curiously at his boyfriend. He knew that Cloud was a naïve yet charming person, but Cloud couldn't be THAT naïve in this kind of situation right? Then again, this was Cloud we're talking about.

"Cloud." Leon called out, earning the blondes attention. "Does this happen often?"

Cloud blinked. "Does what happen often?"

"You know… with those men trying to touch you…. inappropriately."

Cloud blinked again. "Touching me... inappropriately?"

The blonde was a total air head! Leon sighed. "Like what that man did to you earlier."

Leon had seen it coming when Cloud blinked once more in confusion. "Wha—what? But, they just touched my shoulder and arm."

Yeah, as if that's all they were trying to do. Leon was more than glad that those hands hadn't gone any further, or he might have killed them. "Touching someone like that when you don't even know them is inappropriate. Who knows where they'd have put their hands if I hadn't stopped them."

"Oh…" Cloud was frowning, as if he was thinking of something. "I… have no idea…. So that's why Riku and Roxas always insist to walk me home…"

It was official. Cloud was MORE than just a little naïve.

"Then… then…. What should I do if it happens again?" Cloud asked, gripping at his arm, and Leon found that his boyfriend looked very endearing staring at him with those clear blue eyes like that.

Leon released a breath. He then looked at Cloud, placing a hand on top of the blonde's silky hair. "I won't let it happen."

Hearing that, Leon nearly choked on his own words. To think that he had said something like that without any difficulties was beyond what he'd thought he'd been capable of. Though he enjoyed the blush coloring Cloud's cheeks with a shy smile on his face.

"Really?" Cloud was leaning closer to him and Leon found himself backing away far enough so their faces weren't close. God knows what would happen…

"Hmmm, are you by any chance… jealous, Leon?" Cloud mumbled then tilted his head to the side. (Oh God…)

Leon was surprised by the sudden question, but hell yeah, he was jealous. He hated it whenever someone tried to touch Cloud like that. Cloud was his dammit. Even Leon had never touched Cloud like that in public. They hugged, that's true, but it was always Cloud who made the first move. Leon still couldn't bring himself to touch Cloud like that. He wasn't very sure why though.

"And what if I am?" Leon raised an eyebrow, though he used a gentle tone so the boy wouldn't take it wrongly.

Cloud grinned widely at him, and Leon almost faltered when a pair of slim arms circled around his neck. His face was so close to Leon's that the brunette could feel the blonde's breath against his cheeks. This time, Leon failed to hide the blush on his face. Yes you heard me right! Squall "Ice Prince" Leonhart was blushing!

"Then I'm happy," Cloud was smiling so sweetly at him but also almost shyly that you could see the pink coloring his cheeks. "Because it means you're being possessive."

Then almost too soon, the warmth around his neck was gone and Leon could only blink at the sight of Cloud giggling at him, almost unable to stop. "Oh God, Leon. You're so adorable. I never thought that I would be able to see you blushing like that."

Leon glared (half-heartedly) at his boyfriend. Was Cloud teasing him? Oh, so Cloud thought that he's adorable when he's blushing? Thanks but no thanks, Squall Leonhart is not adorable. Cloud needed to know that he himself was the one who was really adorable when blushing. Ok. It's payback time.

The brunette held out his hand and grabbed Cloud's chin, bringing his face closer to him that their lips almost brushing against each other. Leon almost smirked when he saw Cloud's widened eyes, a very bright blush covering his face. The blonde was… so… so cute! Damn it! To be honest, Leon wouldn't have minded lowering his head a few inches so he could feel Cloud's lips touch against his kiss. But he was afraid that Cloud wouldn't want that, after all, today was the first day they'd been dating, and a kiss on first day? And in public? That was a bit dangerous.

For a few seconds they only stood against each other, until Leon finally broke the close proximity and shoved his hands into his pockets. He mentally did a small dance of victory when he saw the bright blush on his boyfriend's face, just like he wanted.

"Now who's the one looking adorable?" Leon said, almost smugly. He raised an eyebrow in amusement when he saw, if it's even possible, Cloud blush even harder.

Leon kept on staring at Cloud, who kept on playing with the hem of his uniform, as if trying disappear from Leon's presence. It seemed that the blonde was having a hard time looking at him after what happened.

Then, Cloud finally dared himself to looked at him, but those blue eyes immediately shifted their gaze to somewhere else again upon seeing the grey eyes staring at him. The brunette began to worry that his actions might have upset Cloud. But when he heard what Cloud said, he knew that there was nothing to worry about.

"I… I thought you're… going to… kiss me…"

The way that sentence had been said held a hint of surprise yet disappointment, and Leon couldn't help but sigh in amusement. If Cloud wanted him to kiss him, then he would kiss the blonde whenever he wanted. But he wants their first kiss to be special and in a more proper place, not in public where they stood in the station like this. That's so not romantic.

People might not have believed it, but Leon can be a bit romantic when he really wanted to. Holding each other in public was romantic in his eyes, because it showed they belonged to each other, and there was nothing Leon wanted more then that.

Leon walked to his little boyfriend who looked up upon sensing his presence, watching in contentment as those blue eyes widened in surprise and happiness when Leon took a smaller hand into his.

Cloud stared at Leon. "…Leon?"

"Let's go." The brunette said calmly despite the fact that he was going nuts on the inside. To be honest, he was a bit embarrassed doing this because he had never done any sort of thing like it before, especially when it came to making the first move. But this would be the easier way to show that Cloud was his, that Cloud was his boyfriend.

Besides, Leon was more than happy holding Cloud like this. And from the way Cloud's hand tighten a bit around his own, he knew that Cloud was also more than content being held like this. That's what mattered, right?

Along the ride on the train, Leon stood right by Cloud's side, glaring at those who tried to get close to Cloud in an inappropriate way while he kept his hand and Cloud's entwined. He wanted to shout 'Hey, this cute little blonde here is mine, so back off, fuckers!' to all of those perverts or even put a name tag on his boyfriend with 'Property of Squall Leonhart, touch and you'll die' written on it. But that was definitely not his style of claiming possession. So Leon choose his own, by giving all of them death glares. That should be enough of a warning.

Much to his excitement and happiness, Cloud was acting as if he liked Leon's action by sometimes looking at the brunette and sending a very beautiful smile to him, Cloud had even taken a step closer to Leon and put that blonde head on Leon's shoulder. Now, just how beautiful is that? If Leon brought a camera, he would've taken a picture of them.

When they had finally arrived at their station, Leon stuck to Cloud, following the blonde's every step. But then when the blonde told him that he wanted to go the bathroom, Leon had made a move to follow him when Cloud looked at him sternly (with a blush) and had told him to just wait outside. Leon was a bit reluctant, because you know, the bathroom was the most perfect place to molest someone. But after Cloud promised that he would scream for Leon if something happened, Leon finally let him go.

After that, they walked to Cloud's home.

"Well, this is my house." Cloud smiled as he pointed at the building in front of them. Leon only nodded. He had stalked Cloud twice to his house, remember? He wouldn't say that though.

Leon watched as Cloud walked ahead of him while he just stood there, waiting patiently as Cloud looked for the key to his house inside the bag. Once had it, he turned to the brunette with a shy smile. Leon waited, watching his boyfriend as the blonde struggled to speak.

"So… I…. Uhh…" Cloud was biting his lower lip, a gesture that Leon knew as the blonde being nervous about something. But now he knew that when there was a blush on his cheeks, and his hands played at the hem of his shirt, it had something to do with Leon himself.

"Do you…" Leon watched as Cloud turned his blue eyes to him for a brief moment before continuing, "Do you want to come inside?"

Now that was not what Leon had expected.

Leon cleared his throat trying to hide the blush that threatened to escape, and rubbed the back of his neck. It's not like he didn't want to. Oh no, to be honest, he was more than happy to come inside, but… he didn't trust himself. The possibilities of what he was capable of doing to Cloud when they were alone together... oh, those possibilities were endless.

"Just… for a cup of tea or coffee?" Leon turned to look at Cloud again, and couldn't help but be amused at the hopeful look in the boy's eyes.

"…Alright." Leon said after a moment of hesitation. He just hoped that he won't do anything to the blonde…

Cloud's face immediately brightened at the approval. Leon felt like he almost (ALMOST) smiled when his boyfriend grabbed his hand and pull him to the front of door.

"My mom's out for work, so…. There's no one in the house right now." The blonde said, he unlocked the door. "Except for Vincent."

"Vincent?" Leon raised an eyebrow. Who's that?

Cloud grinned. "My dog."

Oh. Leon nodded. He'd almost forgot that the blonde had a pet. So much for being totally alone together in the house…

As soon as the door swung open and they stepped in, Leon was surprised when the sound of thundering from across the house. It grew louder and louder until a large black hound dog appeared and bounded for them.

"Vincent!" Cloud gave a shout in delight and crouched, opening his arms wide open to welcome his beloved pet. As soon as the dog, Vincent, landed in Cloud's lap, the canine gave Cloud welcoming licks on the face. Cloud could only laugh helplessly. "Vincent! It tickles!"

Despite the protest, Cloud didn't really mind being slobbered by the dog, and giggled while stroking the dogs head. The sight warmed Leon's face, and his features softened. The blonde's laughter was an endearing noise, heavenly, and he never wanted to stop listening. But it made him wonder how a person like Cloud could love Leon the way he did...?

Giving his master one last lick, crimson eyes turned to look at Leon, only noticing now that his master brought company.

"Leon, meet Vincent." Cloud smiled at him as he patted the dog's head again. "Vincent, meet Leon. He's… my boyfriend." The last part was said a bit shyly.

The first thing that Leon saw when he turned to look at Cloud's pet was a pair of bloody eyes staring at him from Cloud's lap. No, staring was too mild a word to describe how Vincent was looking at him.

Vincent was… glaring at him.

Yeah. Vincent was positively glaring at him. In fact, he was glaring so hard that Leon swore he could see flames.

Then, Vincent started to bark.

"Vincent!" Cloud's eyes were wide when he looked at the canine. Vincent immediately quieted at being scolded. "Vincent, why did you do that?"

Vincent whined, but gave Leon another glare, and Leon glared back, before the dog stepped out of Cloud's lap and sat beside his master.

"I'm sorry that he barked at you, Leon." Cloud said, one hand move to pat Vincent's head while the other reached out for Leon's. "Vincent always like that to someone he didn't know. I remember he gave the same treatment to Zack and the others the first time they came over."

Leon nodded. "It's fine." He rubbed the back of his boyfriend's hand with his thumb just to reassure him, and enjoyed the smile appearing on Cloud's face.

Almost too suddenly then, Cloud's hand was snatched away, or more like something had pushed him onto the floor. When he looked up, all he could see was crimson eyes glaring at him, and the darkly colored dog growled. Leon somehow knew what the animal was saying.

'Don't touch my master.'

Leon glared back at Vincent. Yeah, right. Like he would let a dog come between his relationship with Cloud.

"Vincent!" Cloud had taken a higher tone to scold his pet (though to Leon the blonde was still only gently scolding). Vincent flinched, and whined as he leaped off of Leon with his ears down, afraid Cloud was actually mad at him.

As soon as the dog backed off, Leon sat up, groaning a bit. Damn, the dog had jumped on him so suddenly and with so much force, his back actually hurt.

"Leon, are you alright?" Cloud helped him and was watching him with concern.

"Yeah… I'm fine." He said as he gave another glare at Vincent who ignored it, much to his annoyance. If Vincent wasn't Cloud's pet, he would've torn the dog apart.

"I'm sorry Leon…" the guilty tone and the hand running up and down along his arm made Leon turn to look at a distressed Cloud. Leon gave a sigh and patted the blonde's head. "It's okay."

As if his touch would burn Cloud, Vincent immediately barked again. He scowled. The dog really needed to behave before Leon snapped at him.

"Vincent. Hush." Cloud glared at his pet who settle down and whined again. Usually, Cloud would immediately cuddle his pet.. But, nu-uh. Not this time. Vincent had gone a little bit too far. "Stop bothering Leon, Vincent. He's a guest. Mind your manners."

Leon watched in amazement as his boyfriend talked to the canine as if he understood what was being said. Almost confirming Leon's suspicions, the dog turned his head to glare once more, then sauntered off into the living room.

Leon snorted. Another one of Cloud's guardians, and unfortunately, all of them disliked Leon.

Cloud stepped out of his shoes, and led the brunette through the house and into the living room. Two plush loveseats and a long couch surrounded a small coffee table and took up a lot of the space. Mounted on the wall was a sleek, grey television framed by tall surround sound speakers. Newspapers graced the tabletop in a neat stack in the corner and on the other side of the room, away from the noise, was a grand desk where many family pictures and trinkets sat tall and proud for visitors to peer at. "

So, would like a cup of tea or coffee?" Cloud asked.

"Coffee would be nice."

"Alright. Why don't you take a seat on the couch while I'll go make some?" Cloud smiled before disappearing into the kitchen. Leaving Leon alone... and much to his dismay, Vincent chose then to amble heavily into the living room.

Leon decided to ignore the dog and turn to the pictures set on top of the long desk, teasing and luring him to take a look of Cloud childhood life. The first picture he saw was a picture of a toddler Cloud, big blue eyes staring curiously at the camera, looking adorably cute with a thumb inside his mouth while the other hand was holding a chocobo doll closely to his chest. Leon let out the smallest whimper of glee at the adorable sight.

The next picture was one of Cloud that looked a bit older than the previous one. Leon suspected that Cloud was about 7 or so and stared at the picture in contentment at the sight of Cloud smiling widely with a puppy Vincent in his arms. Cloud always looked so adorable smiling.

And the pictures went on showing Cloud. Cloud running around the yard with Vincent, Cloud asleep in the couch, Cloud playing soccer with Zack, Cloud eating watermelon with the gang, and on and on. Leon swore that he could stare at the pictures for hours if he wanted. Just staring at Cloud never bored him.

Leon eyes landed curiously at one of the pictures. It was a picture of Cloud—probably in junior high—with Vincent in his lap. A woman with the same blonde hair and blue eyes like Cloud sat next to his boyfriend, hands folded gracefully on top of her lap. Leon watched in amazement. Now he knew who the blonde got his looks from. The face of the woman held the same beauty that his boyfriend possessed.

Now Leon was curious about Cloud's father though. Because there wasn't a single picture of the man there.


Leon sighed.

When he turned around, he saw that Vincent was barking at him from the couch. Leon just shook his head. He was surprised of the effect that Cloud had on people, even animals.

"What do you want from me dog?" Leon narrowed his eyes at Vincent. He felt crazy, talking to animals like they could understand.

"WOOF! WOOF!" Vincent barked at him again.("I want you to get out of this house!")

Leon raised an eyebrow at the dog and let out a tense breath. He had a crazy idea, and wasn't really sure if it would work, or really why he wanted to try it, but he walked to the couch. Vincent's bark grew more frantic, growling and glaring heatedly at the brunette when he sat down. Leon was anxious, almost afraid the dog would try to bite his leg off, however he knew that Vincent wouldn't dare. Not unless he wanted a firm scolding from Cloud again.

"Listen." Leon said seriously, "I don't know what's wrong with you, but I want you to know that Cloud and I are dating now. I…. I love him. So I wouldn't dare to hurt him. Trust me and leave him to me. I'll promise I'll be gentle with him."

For a moment, Leon thought he had gotten through to the dog (did insanity come with loving the most adorable person in the world?) when he bowed his head to mope. Then the dog started to whine and sniffle.

What the-? Was Vincent actually crying? Dogs could cry? And it wasn't just waterworks; it was a frigging flashflood! Suddenly, as though crying, whining and sniffling weren't enough, the dog also began to bark loudly at him.

"WOOOOOOOFF! WOOF! WOOF!". ("You stupid human! Cloud belongs to me! He's my master, mine! He doesn't belong to you!")

Finally, the ruckus alerted the blond that in the living room was a very unhappy dog. From the corner of his eye, Leon saw Cloud shaking his head as he walked out of the kitchen and towards them, a cup of coffee in his hand.


The dog whined, but had mostly settled down. At least, it was no longer barking and growling like a wild wolf. Seriously, if Vincent wanted to live longer, he really should start behaving.

Cloud put the coffee on top of the table, giving Leon another apologetic smile before he turn to his pet, crouching in front of him. "Vincent dear…" he rubbed the dog's head gently and lovingly.

Leon cringed when he almost swore that Vincent gave him a smug look.

"Vincent, stop treating Leon like he's a bad guy, okay?" Cloud told his pet gently, while putting a pout on his face. "He's my boyfriend. And he's a veeeeeeeerrrrrrry nice guy. More than you think. And I love him."

Leon's heart began to beat fast inside his chest when Cloud turn to look at him with a smile when he finished his statement.

"And I love you too Vincent." Cloud ruffled the dog's fur. "That's why I want you two become friends."

Vincent immediately growl at Leon.

Cloud sighed. "If you don't want to be friends with Leon, then fine. But at least treat him nicely?"

Vincent tried to look away when he saw his master gave him a kicked puppy look, but Cloud forced Vincent to looked at him again. Leon watched, amused, after a few minutes Vincent finally give in and licked Cloud's face.

Cloud laughed, "Good boy." He patted Vincent's head. "Now, can you be a good boy and leave both of us alone?"

Vincent hesitated.

"If something happens, I promise I'll call you."

Only after Cloud said that did Vincent finally leave the living room. Leon wondered if talking to dogs was a skill that only people as adorable as Cloud could get…. Nah. Cloud was already the most adorable person on Earth, so it wouldn't be right if other people could do it too.

Cloud slid into the spot beside him, giving him a dazzling smile. "There, everything's gotten taken care of."

"Thanks." Leon nodded and sipped his coffee. Ah. Warm.

Leon turned his head to the pictures again, staring at one in particular that had captivated him so much before. "You look a lot like your mother."

"Of course." Cloud giggle, "I'm her son after all."

Leon breathed out a sigh, trying to hide the smile that threatened to form on his lips. He then looked at the pictures again before he looked at Cloud, "There's no pictures of your father?"

In that instant, the happy expression melted into something upset, and Leon felt something painful tug at his heart. Some sense of loneliness clouded the blonde's eyes the brunette nearly jumped at the chance to try and correct what he did. But… what had he done?


"I don't have his picture, because I never met him in the first place."

Leon went still. Eyes gazing at a Cloud who didn't look back at him. Did he just hear right?

As if sensing he was being stared at, Cloud then looked at him. A small smile graced that beautiful face, but it wasn't the smile that Leon had seen before the topic had been brought up. This one was something that he never had thought of he would see from Cloud.

Cloud looked so sad.

"My father left me and my mother when I was still a baby. That's why I never met him, and… mother didn't seem to have a picture of him either." Cloud chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his head. Leon had a feeling that Cloud was smiling so the brunette wouldn't worried about the him. But it was futile. Leon could clearly see that the smile didn't reach his eyes, or even dimple his cheeks.

He hated seeing Cloud like that.

Almost hesitantly, Leon grabbed a hold of Cloud's hand, making the blonde to look up at him. Leon gulped at the curious look, probably trying to read the brunette and figure out what he wanted to say. To be honest, he didn't know what he wanted to say either. He'd never been good at comforting people. But anything would be fine as long as he could comfort Cloud even if it was just a little bit.

"You know…" Leon began, adverting his eyes to somewhere low on the ground. "You didn't have to smile if you didn't feel like it. Just… let it all out."

Back when he'd been eight, Leon faintly remembered how his father had said the exact same thing when his mother had died. He remembered how he'd tried so hard to hold back his tears at the funeral. He'd tried to be strong, but his father had seemed to know exactly how he was feeling, and had eased it with those simple words. He'd cried hard for his mother for an hour in his father's arms.

That was the last time Leon had cried and he hadn't ever been able to smile since then.

Leon was kind of expecting Cloud to cry, that's why after a few moments, blue eyes staring into grey ones, he was a bit surprised to find Cloud smiling, a genuine one this time. Leon was confused. He kept staring at Cloud even when the blonde leaned down to rest his forehead against Leon's shoulder. "Thank you so much Leon."

Leon frowned. For what?

As if able to read his mind, the blonde look up at him. "For cheering me up. I feel a whole lot better now." Cloud giggled, leaning back against the couch before turned his head to him. "Do you know why I always smile?"

Leon shook his head at the question. At school, he often saw Cloud smiling. But he just thought that was just the way Cloud was.

"Well, that's because I'm very happy. I think I'm a very lucky person you know." Cloud chuckled, "I have things that can make me very happy. I have Mom, Vincent, Zack, Aerith, Yuffie, Sora, Riku, Axel, Roxas, and…" Cloud blushed a bit. "…a while ago, I always figured that just watching you from afar while keeping my feelings to myself was more than enough. But now that you actually like me back… it makes me so happy, Leon."

Cloud was blushing, and Leon had a feeling that his own face held the same color as Cloud's. But how could he not, when the one he loved in this world was saying things so sweet like that?

"What about you Leon?"

Leon blinked at the question. He turned to Cloud, "Huh?"

The blonde tilted his head, and Leon wondered whether the blonde knew how cute he looked when he did such a gesture of curiosity or teasing.

"I rarely see you smile…" Cloud was frowning a bit now as he moved his body to fully face Leon. "Why's that?"

Leon frowned. Why he rarely smiled? To be honest, he didn't know why either. There was never really anything that had made him happy enough to smile. But now he had Cloud, and every other moment made him want to burst into a fit of love-struck laughter and smiles. Everything Cloud did was captivating and adorable, everything he did made him feel so warm, and so content. "I'm… not sure…" Leon rubbed the back of his neck, "Maybe because there's nothing that can really make me smile."

"How about me?"

Leon nearly choked on air. He looked at Cloud sharply with a very faint blush on his cheeks. "…What?"

Cloud himself was blushing (again), as he repeated the question again, "How about me? Do you think… I can make you smile?"

Leon's face deepened in color a bit at the very straightforward question, and he looked away, suddenly finding it hard to meet Cloud's eyes, especially when he was leaning so close to him that their shoulders brushed. "I don't know…" he trailed off, somehow confused on how to answer that question. But when he looked at Cloud from the corner of his eyes, noticing the hopeful on that beautiful face, he couldn't help but give in. "Maybe…"

Almost immediately, Cloud smiled widely. Leon couldn't help but be amused when Cloud spoke with a very determined look, "Alright! I'll promise I'll make Squall Leonhart smile. I'll show everyone that Squall Leonhart actually looks even more charming when he smile!"

The corner of his lips rose a bit while he sighed in amusement.

He couldn't wait for the day that day actually happened.

The rest of the afternoon went fine, Leon enjoyed the conversation that was shared between him and Cloud. Except maybe the point in time when Vincent suddenly barged into the living room and decided to join them by sitting on Cloud's lap while exchanging glares with Leon.

Later into the evening, Leon started to decide that it was time for him to get home. Cloud accompanied him to the front door, Vincent happily remained in the living room. Leon slid on his shoes before stepping out of the house, Cloud trailing behind him.

Leon needed to go home, but deep inside, he knew that he didn't want to. He felt lonely, sad, worried, and uncertain to just leave Cloud after everything that had happened earlier today. Even though he knew tomorrow he'd see Cloud again, he still wanted to stay here with the blonde. It was almost frightening how strong his feelings were for Cloud.

"So… I guess this is where I say goodbye." Leon said offhandedly, but he was running his hand through his hair, a sign he was horrifically nervous.

"Hmm… I guess so." Cloud threw a hand to his arm. Leon felt how his heart beat faster when he noticed the hint of sadness in Cloud's tone. Maybe he was wrong, but…. Maybe, Cloud was actually feeling the same way he was.

But neither made to move, Leon was still rooted to where he was, making no signs that he was to leave. And Cloud was just standing by the door, unmoving as well. Leon wasn't too sure why he couldn't just bring himself to turn away. It felt like something was about to happen, and if he turned away, he would never know or experience what should have happened. And that feeling was strong enough to keep him there.

But still, nothing happened. And if Leon didn't make the move, they'd both be here for forever.

"Well, I'll go-"

He never got to finish his sentence.

Before he could register what was happening, he felt his leg stumbling back a bit when a pair of arms wrapped around him roughly. He was about to ask what's wrong when a pair of blue eyes looked up at him, drowning him. Leon's heart skipped a beat when he noticed the heavy blush on Cloud's face, and his eyes widen when he saw his boyfriend closed his eyes, gently yet almost hesitantly.

Leon couldn't think straight. His head went fuzzy. Was this really happening?

Leon knew that this was really happening, that this was actually real from the way Cloud's hand clung to the back of his uniform and feeling Cloud's breath against his face.

Leon mentally screamed in delight, but he ignored that part of him and just give in to the atmosphere. He started to lean in, his face unbearably close and starting to swim out of focus. He could feel how their breath tickled each other when they began to lean in more. Leon was almost tempted not to close his eyes at the very endearing look on Cloud's face. But normally people close their eyes when they kiss, right? He better follow the rules then.

Leon's lips were barely a hair width's away with Cloud's, their lips almost connected any second now…

But a sudden loud bark sounded from inside, startling both of them who immediately broke the close proximity. Both of them were blushing heavily, somehow unable to meet each other eyes after what had happened.


Leon felt like crying and screaming and shouting at the same time. His lips had actually almost touched Cloud's for God sake! And yet this dog had to ruin this about to be blissful moment!

For the first time after a long time, Leon actually felt like crying.

"Geez… V-Vincent…" Cloud crouched in front of his pet, patting the black' dog's head, a blush still evident on his face, "I thought I told you to stay in the living room…"

Leon saw Vincent nuzzling Cloud's hand before glaring at him. And Leon returned it with his famous death glares, increasing it ten folds more terrifying that it actually scared the dog a bit.

"Leon…" the soft call of his name made him looked up at Cloud. The shy look and the blush on Cloud's face reminded him what happened earlier, and suddenly, Leon almost felt shy to look at Cloud.

"I-I'm sorry… about earlier…" Cloud was playing with the hem of his shirt again, a sign that the blonde was nervous.

"It's fine…" he sighed, trying to act as if nothing bothered him. But he couldn't hide the feeling of disappointment in his chest. "I… I think I'll go home now."

Just when he was about to take a step, he felt a tug on his hand, forcing him to stop moving. And when he turned to looked at Cloud, he never expected to feel a warm pair of lips against his right cheek.

Leon's heart skipped a beat again, his eyes went wide at the warm feelings that made its way inside his body. Leon's mind went blank. He just enjoyed the feeling of Cloud's lips on his skin and let a whirlwind of emotion bleed into his heart that made him melt.

And then it was over.

Cloud backed away, and Leon was mesmerized how red Cloud's face was when the boy's eyes met his before looking somewhere else. Leon knew that he was also blushing, especially when Cloud went to wrap his arms around his chest, holding tightly and whispered, "I love you Leon…"

Soon, those arms were gone from Leon and he looked down at Cloud who was smiling very gently at him. His boyfriend threw him a soft 'I'll see you tomorrow' and headed inside his house with Vincent who looked like he was about to rip out his fur in horror. Leon stood still for a moment, only when the sound of the door closing did he stumble away of Cloud's house.

Leon pressed a hand to his cheek as he began to walk home.

Cloud had kissed him.

Cloud had kissed him.

Cloud had kissed him on the cheek.

"YEAH!" Leon suddenly cheered, scaring a man who was passing him. When he glared, the man immediately ran away.

He took a deep breath, trying to calm his excitement. Though he couldn't help but smile maniacally in the inside as he began to walk again.

Leon couldn't believe himself right now. Was he, Squall 'Ice Prince' Leonhart, humming?

Man, he surely would have nice dreams tonight.

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ooOO Teaser for Chapter 4 OOoo

In which Cloud met Leon's father, Leon got pissed because of Sephiroth's affection toward Cloud, and Cloud getting bolder to give Leon kisses.