Just a quick contest entry for the Pocky Contest over on the providence playground.


Holiday sat slumped over her paperwork, one hand tangled in her hair the other tapping a pen irritably on the desk. She was absently chewing on a stick of pocky as she read and reread and once again read over the figures.

Nothing was making sense. She closed her eyes and chewed further on her usually wonderful treat. Unfortunately, the biscuit seemed stale and the chocolate moldy- and it was nothing but her lack of sleep that had caused it. Holiday opened her eyes again and stared at the numbers on the paper. They were dancing in her vision and blurrign together in an obscure and mocking blob. She leaned back in the chair and frowned.

With a quicky flip, she popped the rest of the pocky in her mouth and crossed her arms. She chewed it semi-contently as she tried to rest her eyes. After a few moments of sitting completely still, and feeling sleep dragging at the corners of her- she lurched forward and shook her head.

She sighed and grabbed another stick of pocky and stuck the end in her mouth. She leaned over the desk again- ignoring the one am flashing on the computer across the room. The enitre base was dark- except for the one little light that lit up her office. Her eye lids were extremely heavy- but she had to finish her notes and double check her figures one more time.

Holiday jumped almost out of her seat as he touched her shoulder lightly. She leaned back in her chair looking up at Agent Six. He leaned over her setting down a cup of coffee, his tie falling into her face. Holiday swatted the tie away from her face and leaned back forward.

"Thank you, Six." She said motioning to the coffee as she took the pocky from her mouth.

"You shouldn't be up so late." Six replied, his voice as stoic and stale as usual. Holiday frowned and shook her head as she took a drink.

"I don't have a choice. These papers are not going to finish themselves." She said before replacing the end of the almost neglected treat in her mouth. Six looked at her and arched his eyebrow. He brought his hand up and turned her chair around.

"You need sleep." He said leaning over to look at her. She blinked up at him with a frown. He leaned over, catching her by suprise as he bit the end of the pocky stick. "You need you're rest." He said before taking another quick bite. He didnt' say anything else, only closed the distance between them; kissing her lightly before biting off the rest of the treat. He stood up pulling her to her feet.

She grinned and set her head on his chest as he curled his arms around her. He held her closed for several minutes until he felt her arms drop and her breathing deepen. He smiled and bent over picking her up.

"I told you." he said softly as he carried her back to her room.