When Angels Cry
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A/N: Not putting too many spoilers here! Okay, so basically, this is the time where Gaara
trained with Matsuri- and all that stuff. Keke, and since this is me, there will be lots of unexpected stuff!
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Chapter I

Gaara squinted his eyes ahead, the desert wind nearly blocking his vision. Off in the distance were the great walls of Sunagakure, their natural beauty towering over the rest of the desert - making everything else inferior. Even he, himself, had a hard time not admiring the walls. So what? They weren't as glorious as Konoha's gates, but they still made an impact to all who enter.

His thoughts drifted back to the wound on his shoulder. Yes, it hurt, but somewhere inside Gaara knew he deserved it. He had killed the innocent; he killed his own mother and uncle; injured Rock Lee (to the point where his ninja career had seemed impossible; even though he wouldn't admit it, Gaara felt guilty for what he did); nearly killed Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke; and now Matsuri was getting dragged into his hell. It really wasn't fair on her part, it wasn't like she wanted to be kidnapped. So, Gaara took the blame, and no one seemed to want to share it with him, as usual.

Sometimes, things just didn't seem to be going for the better. Even though Naruto had changed him, he still had a ways to go for people to realize that he had been changed.

Over at his side was Matsuri, who was lightly skipping though the sand; Kankuro, who was ready to hit Matsuri for acting as a child (even though she was younger than him); and Temari, who was just focusing on the walls of Suna, praying to get home safe without an ambush. There weren't many places to hide out in the desert, but if you were sneaky enough you could hide in the dunes and blend in with the rocks.

"Hey, Gaara-sensei." The young Ichibi host knocked out of his thoughts and turned over to his student. All he gave was a silent hum, acknowlaging her existance. She smiled, and began to figet (which seemed to annoy Kankuro), "Well, I - I was just wondering if..." Her voice trailed off.

"What is it?" He deadpanned, his dark and unjoyous tone seemed to make her even more nervous. After all, he was Gaara Sabaku no, he who could kill with just a flick of the wrist.

"I..." She paused, then seemed to take control of her thoughts and said aloud, "I was wondering if I could continue to work under you, sensei!"

Kankuro blinked, almost losing his footing; while Temari's eyes just widened.

It was a long moment, each second weighed on the young demon host like an eternity would.

Finally, Gaara nodded. Matsuri squealed in delight, jumping up and pumping her fist into the air with a, "Yes!"

Gaara paid his attention back to the walls of Suna. And without the others knowing, he smiled to himself - only slightly - and thought, 'I guess things are turning out for the better...'