Chapter 1-The New Apprentice

The spirit of Darth Plagueis the Wise cursed his treacherous student Darth Sidious for the man's betrayal and killing his Master in his sleep. It was not something the Muun had even expected from his Sith Apprentice so soon and yet that was probably the reason why Plagueis never saw it coming. It had infuriated the spirit of the Sith Lord to no end that he actually refused to become one with the Force like so many Sith and Jedi before him like Sidious no doubt expected to happen. The plan the Sith Lord had been working on to create the perfect Force attuned subject, who would be the perfect apprentice in Plagueis's mind to teach, and learn even greater secrets the Force kept locked away. His only real mistake was informing Sidious of his plan to create such a person using the Dark Side to manipulate the Midi-Chlorians to form such an individual.

In fact, Plagueis had been in deep mediation when his apprentice struck, as he was in the final stages of such a child being created in the womb of an untouched woman, who the Sith Lord suspected had to be untouched by another in order for the Midi-Chlorians to create such a child. While Sidious was taught how to manipulate the Midi-Chlorians the Sith Apprentice now Master in accordance with the Rule of Two, did not possess the necessary skill to do it himself, and would not be able to duplicate the process. Still, it didn't mean Sidious could not find the child once born, and use for his own means to continue the Sith way. Plagueis had surmised that Sidious would try to find the child in the future, as a way to spite his former Master, and further cut ties between them like all Sith Apprentices did their Masters when they became the Master.

However, Darth Plagueis wasn't about to go quietly like his foolish apprentice thought he would, and moved quickly to the nearby planet below his ship just before Sidious took control of it. Plagueis had seen through his spirit form how Sidious had destroyed his still strong Muun body with Sith Lightning before throwing it out the airlock to burn up in the planet's atmosphere. As for the spirit of the Sith Lord, he knew it was only a matter of time before he would become one with Force, and that was not something Plagueis wanted any time soon. The only way the Sith Lord could continue existing was to inhabit a body strong in the Force or at least had potential to become strong in the Force with enough training. Plagueis had known possessing Sidious was out of the question, as his student had become too strong in the Dark Side to turn, and only hasten the Sith Lord into a true death.

Again, it wasn't something Plagueis wanted, and he wasn't foolish enough to try given the fact Sidious basically knew everything he knew.

Though it didn't mean Sidious knew how to use everything taught to him by Plagueis.

Traveling down to the planet, Plagueis found himself in a primitive world with not much technological wonder, but with plenty of human life, yet each one weak in the Force, or with no Force potential at all. It was silently infuriating to the Sith Lord that this would be is reward for training Sidious and the Force itself stranding his spirit here on a planet where the Force was not strong enough to give him a potential host.

Until he stumbled upon something interesting in a forest area being drenched in heavy rainfall and sensed his search for a host body was coming to an end. The potential host in question was the form of a small human child possibly six standard years old, crying his eyes out over something, and was a bit malnourished from the fact the boy was skinner then he should be at his age.

"Lousy people. Hating me. Calling me a demon. Its not fair! Why am I hated by them? Why?" said the boy with blonde hair and blue eyes that had an intensity to them.

'Interesting. I think I should investigate this boy's potential,' thought Plagueis, as he had moved closer to the boy, and sensed the Force was strong in him compared to the other candidates he had seen.

Upon entering the boy's body, the Sith Lord soon found himself within the child's mind, which looked damp like a sewer with red pipes mixing with blue ones all around him the massive walls. The stench from the smell of it all made the swamp regions of Nal Hutta seem pleasant, and the Sith Lord had to use his powers to enhance his sight to see through the infinite darkness that surrounded him. The water rippled when he moved in his now solid body, as he found the Force was strong enough in here to give him a stronger form, and knew this boy would be his chosen vessel.

However, that line of thought ended when a growl was heard behind him from a large animal, and the vile energy the Sith Lord sensed from the large creature made him turn to face it.

"What are you doing here in my vessel's mind insect? You are not welcome here!" said the animal, which the Sith Lord had determined was a vulpine class creature, and had nine swishing tails with crimson eyes glaring at him.

"Your vessel? You are mistaken. This boy is to become my new host," said Plagueis with the vulpine creature becoming increasingly angry by this news.

"Be gone! This is my vessel and I will not have some strange creature like you take what is mine to manipulate!" said Kyuubi before he charged the Sith Lord and Plagueis moved nimbly out of way of the vulpine now attempting to maim him.

Plagueis countered with the Force, pushing the Kyuubi back, but all it did was stall the fox from achieving its goal, and the Sith Lord knew it would only be a matter of time before the vulpine creature overpowered him. Reaching out to the Force for an answer to this problem, the Sith Lord looked quickly to his right, seeing what possibly looked like a doorway of that was shut, but had bars for doors, and given his own body structure could slip between the bars to escape. The Kyuubi sensed Darth Plagueis's plan seconds before the Sith Lord ran for the door and moved to intercept the Muun to prevent the intruder from escaping. Using the Force to accelerate his speed, Plagueis knew this was going to close, as he would either escape this prison, or be a temporary roommate to its current occupant.

'I only have one chance at this,' thought Darth Plagueis, as he leaped forward, using the Force to jump much farther then someone of his species ever could, and managed to get through the bars to the other side while Kyuubi's claws barely missed him.

"You will not get away with this!" said Kyuubi howling in rage at this intruder.

"I already have vulpine creature. Though you being in this boy is a curiosity to me," said Plagueis turning around, the swishing of his Sith robe echoing through the large area, and seeing the red eyes filled with hate from the Kyuubi aimed at him.

"You are not human and wield a power not unlike the Sage of Six Paths did all those years ago," said Kyuubi seeing Plagueis frown at him from behind his hood.

"Sage of Six Paths? Never heard of him," said Plagueis with Kyuubi frowning at the Sith Lord now.

"Really? That is surprising. From what I recall, he was a lot like you, only his power wasn't so...dark, and he was much more noble," said Kyuubi seeing Plagueis frown even further.

"This Sage of Six Paths sounds like a Jedi," said Plagueis with the Kyuubi now leaning down with its face in front of the cage.

"You make it sound like this potential Jedi was your opposite," said Kyuubi intrigued by this development.

"If he was a Jedi, then yes vulpine one, the man was in fact my opposite, and we would have been enemies," said Plagueis with the Kyuubi laughing slightly.

"If the Sage of the Six Paths was in fact a Jedi, then who are you, and what is your exact title?" said Kyuubi with a smile on its face.

"I am Darth Plagueis: Dark Lord of the Sith," said Plagueis bowing slightly in front of the fox.

Ah! Opposite indeed. Why the sudden interest in my vessel?" said Kyuubi, as the Sith Lord look around the area that was Naruto's mind, and was clearly not impressed by the scenery.

"I need him in order to survive and cheat death if only for a time," said Plagueis before telling the Kyuubi his tale about the Force, Sidious being his apprentice, and the betrayal of that apprentice killing him while he slept leading to this point in time.

"Ah! Not the death you were hoping for. Still, at least you entered here by choice, I was put here against my will after being sealed away two times previously, and in this one's own family no less," said Kyuubi before explaining the history of the world from the Sage of Six paths to chakra, the forming of the tailed beasts, and the Jinchuriki of the Elemental Countries that were hated by their very creators while being used as weapons of war.

"Interesting. A Jedi came to this world, discovered the ten-tailed demon, fought it with all his power of the Force, and somehow managed to seal it into himself. No doubt he tried to share his knowledge of the Force with the people of this world, but it changed into this chakra, and thus became a warped perversion of it. That is what I sensed from the people of this world when I came down here and saw so little potential in the people when I was looking for a host. Still, it doesn't fully explain how this child has the potential to use the Force, and chakra at the same time," said Plagueis with his mind trying to figure it out.

"I think I know," said Kyuubi at last with the Sith Lord turning to face him.

"How?" said Plagueis before Kyuubi merely smiled

"Use your power to check the boy's lineage. I think the answer will become clear upon learning just who he's descended from," said Kyuubi with Plagueis closing his eyes for a second and reached out through the Force to scan the boy's genetic makeup past down from parent to child.

Until finally...Plagueis saw it.

"Impossible! The boy," said Plagueis before looking at the grinning Kyuubi.

"Yes. The boy is a direct bloodline descendant of the Sage of Six Paths. The Jedi, who first came to this world, and became the very first Jinchuriki," said Kyuubi seeing the Sith Lord's mind moving miles a minutes at this latest development.

"Of course! It makes sense this boy's Force potential would be the highest of the people of this world. However, it is wasted here in this village from what you've explained with the abuse he's suffered, and will continue to suffer if we don't act quickly," said Plagueis with the fox nodding.

"What do you propose?" said Kyuubi seeing the Sith Lord smirk for a second behind his hooded Sith robes.

"Simple. We turn this weak boy that is your vessel into a Sith Lord of incredible power and have him become ruler of this world. He will become our true legacy," said Plagueis knowing there was no way off the planet, so he might as well continue the legacy he had tried to continue with Sidious, and upon training his new apprentice correctly...leave to become one with the Force.

"I like the sound of that. I like that a lot!" said Kyuubi before they began to formulate their plan to mold this boy into the world's future Emperor.

(With Naruto)

Naruto felt himself getting sleepy, but fought against it so he could be alert for any kind of attack aimed at him since it wasn't the first time that happened, and had developed an almost instinctual six sense when it came to being alert to danger. In fact, Naruto had a feeling about people since before he could walk, as he didn't trust what little food given to him to be healthy, or not poisoned by the people in the orphanage that had just recently kicked him out into this rainstorm.

'Lousy jerks. They'll get theirs when I become Hokage and I order them to do humiliating things like clean dirty toilets those fat guys from that one clan use near that BBQ place,' thought Naruto feeling his eyelids get heavier until finally the need to sleep won over the need to be alert.

"He's here," said Kyuubi seeing the boy slowly get up from the water covered ground that was his mind and look around.

"Where am I?" said Naruto the cage with the fox behind it.

"In your mind my vessel," said the Kyuubi seeing the boy walk closer to the cage and stop suddenly before taking a step back just out of reach of the fox's claws.

"Something tells me I shouldn't move any closer," said Naruto before Kyuubi shot its claws forward and barely missed the boy.

"That something was correct. The Sith Lord was right. The Force is strong with you," said Kyuubi with Naruto scratching his head in confusion.

"Sith Lord? The Force? What are you talking about? Who are you? What is going on?" said Naruto with the Kyuubi laughing at him.

"You are a curious one. Always asking question, yet people never give you answers, and if they do they are only lies. I sense you thirst for knowledge about yourself and other things beyond your current grasp," said Kyuubi seeing Naruto frown at him.

"So what if I am? There is nothing wrong with wanting to learn stuff. And you didn't even answer my questions!" said Naruto seeing Kyuubi laugh again.

"Quite right. You're an observant boy. I'll give you that much. In case you can't tell, I am Kyuubi no Kitsune, and you dear boy...are my vessel," said Kyuubi seeing Naruto was shocked by this news.

"So that's why they hate me. That's why they call me a demon. Because of you," said Naruto seeing the Kyuubi nod.

"They think I am you. Or is it they think you are me? Doesn't matter. What matters right now is your future boy. Correction, our future since our lives are tied together thanks to the Yondaime sealing me into you, and the Sandaime Hokage blabbing to the people about it," said Kyuubi seeing Naruto look at him with surprise and shock.

"What? The old man told them? But...why tell them if they're just going to hate me? Why didn't he tell me from the start?" said Naruto with the Kyuubi shrugging.

"Why indeed. You can ask him in the future should time permit it, but for now my dear boy such a question must be put on hold, and your attention refocused on the question of what you wish to do with your life," said Kyuubi seeing the boy looked lost.

"I...I don't know. Everyone hates me. I can't go to the old man because of...well you being in my body and him not telling me after all the stuff I went through. I basically have no one in the village I can turn to for help," said Naruto with the fox nodding in agreement.

"True. Which is why you're not going to get help from anyone in the village," said Kyuubi seeing Naruto once more looking at him.

"But...who will teach me then?" said Naruto seeing the Kyuubi grin at him before looking over at the wall where Plagueis was watching the conversation between them.

"That my young apprentice...would be me!" said Plagueis with Naruto screaming out in fright and turn to see the Sith Lord now standing a few feet from him.

"W-Who are you?" said Naruto seeing the robed figure smirk slightly at him.

"I am Darth Plagueis. From this day forward until told otherwise, you my dear boy will be my student, and I will your teacher. When learning from me, you will address me as Master, and I will address you as Apprentice until the time is right for you to be given a Sith name," said Plagueis seeing Naruto look at him with surprise.

"You're really going to teach me? Really? This isn't some cruel trick, right?" said Naruto with Kyuubi shaking his head no to indicate it wasn't a cruel trick.

"No. This is not a trick. When a Sith Lord takes on a Sith apprentice, he makes sure that the apprentice has the potential to one day surpass the Master, and you Naruto have that potential. When you aren't learning from me, Kyuubi here will teach you about chakra, and what you need to know about the world. When the time comes, I will ask you to complete a test that will determine if my time spent training you was worth the effort, or wasted on a weak spineless child," said Plagueis while sensing the boy was determined to prove him wrong.

"I'll prove myself worthy. Make no mistake, I'll pass whatever test you throw at me, and I'll be the best apprentice you've ever had!" said Naruto since he didn't realize the Sith were founded on the Rule of Two or that Plagueis only had one other Sith apprentice.

'You have no idea just how right you are my new apprentice. You have no idea,' thought Plagueis while looking slightly over at Kyuubi and the fox was already grinning an evil smile for the enemy that seemed to haunt the creature's mind.

Whatever this enemy was, the Sith Lord knew that the Kyuubi would use this boy to kill that foe, and Plagueis would assist in that endeavor since vulpine creature's enemy was now theirs.

"I have a question Master. How am I going to be trained without anyone knowing? The Hokage will suspect something after awhile," said Naruto seeing Plagueis smile at him.

"Leave that to me child. For now, get some sleep, and tomorrow we will face this small problem together," said Plagueis seeing Naruto nod and went over to a more dry area of his mind to sleep.

And for once wasn't facing horrible nightmares.

"He's right. The Hokage will be suspicious of him. Always has. Every Kage in every village has a special viewing orb and can find people in it if they know who to look for within the village," said Kyuubi having spent more then enough time in the wives of the previous Hokages of Konoha to know enough about what they have in their office.

"As I told the boy my friend, we will deal with it tomorrow, and not a minute sooner," said Plagueis before deciding to explore the child's mind and see what else was here.

(Hokage Tower-The Next Day)

When Naruto woke up from his nap in the woods, the weather had cleared, and the only signs of the rainstorm hitting was the wet terrain around him. At first, the boy thought the whole thing that happened in meeting Kyuubi, then Darth Plagueis was just a dream his mind thought up to combat the nightmares that normally haunted, and destroyed all his peaceful dreams. However, the idea of being a dream was shattered by the voice of Darth Plagueis himself inside his head to end that line of thought, and was instructed by his new Master/Teacher to head for the Hokage Tower where the Sandaime Hokage was residing.

It wasn't easy to get there, given how the location Naruto was in had been on the far side of the village away from the actual structure, and then there was the people in the Leaf to contend with since they'd sooner be block his path then help him. Darth Plagueis knew this too, as he didn't need the Force to sense the hatred these people had for Naruto, and the boy wasn't even in their line of sight when sneaking to the tower. When Naruto did make to the tower, more importantly to the doors leading to the Hokage, the secretary was the only one capable of beeping him in, and sadly she was among many in the Leaf that liked him.

She was more inclined to sell him out to assassins or a coup should he ever become the Hokage of Konoha.

"What do you want monster?" said the woman glaring at him.

"I'm here to see the Hokage. Its important," said Naruto, but the woman smirked at him, and just went about working on her nails.

"Sorry. He's backed up with meetings all day. Come back later," said the woman, which wasn't true in the slightest, but she was one hundred percent sure he didn't know that, and had no way to disprove her.

Frowning, Naruto concentrated on using the Force like Plagueis had been doing on their way here to sense the occupants of the Hokage's Office, and found it was just the old man in there. He also sensed the woman was lying, as her personal thoughts about him being alive practically being screamed from within her head, and would never let him in unless someone with considerable weight to see the Hokage was with the Kyuubi Jinchuriki.

"Your lying," said Naruto with the woman turning her head to glare at him.

"Keep your filthy demon mouth shut. I'm the Hokage's Secretary and if I say he's busy then he's busy. Now get lost or I'll have the ANBU throw you out," said the woman, who saw Naruto frown further at her, and she didn't like it one bit.

"Prove he's busy. Knock on the door and tell him I'm here," said Naruto following the Sith Lord's instructions with the woman looking ready to explode at him and saw her rise ready to strike his face.

"Steady my apprentice. Your timing must be perfect," said Plagueis inside Naruto's head while testing the boy's ability to think on his feet while using the Force.

"Disrespectful brat!" said the woman, as she swung her hand down to slap him hard, and hopefully snap his neck.

'And...NOW!' thought Naruto, as he used the Force to dodge the swing, and press the button that unlocked the door mechanism that kept the door locked he sensed the mean lady used the moment he asked to see the Hokage before rushing for the door.

"Stop him! Stop the demon from reaching the Hokage," said the woman with the ANBU guarding the door getting ready to attack the child.

When Naruto got close enough, he dove under the one ANBU's legs, used the Force to turn the doorknob of the door all the way, and kicked it hard to open with a loud "BAM!" sound while skidding into the room. Getting up off the ground, Naruto quickly dodged a shuriken, and kunai before diving for the Hokage's desk.

"What is the meaning of this?" said the Sandaime sternly at the ANBU entering the room with weapons in hand.

"Hokage-sama, the dem-I mean the boy tried to enter unlawfully, and we assumed he was going to assassinate you," said one of the ANBU, who had a bear mask on, and glaring at Naruto behind it.

"Do you assume me to be weak Bear?" said the Sandaime seeing the younger man shake his head no.

"No Hokage-sama, but the dem-the boy...he is still dangerous," said Bear with his fellow guard nodding in agreement.

"He's not the one in here brandishing weapons," said the Sandaime with the two ANBU quickly putting them away.

"Our apologize Hokage-sama. We will just grab the boy and then escort him out," said the ANBU with the crane mask.

"No. The boy will stay. You will leave," said the Hokage with the ANBU looking at each other.

"But sir, the boy cannot be trusted, and...," said Bear, but the look in the Sandaime's eyes told him to shut up, and listen his leader.

"I'll decide whether Naruto can be trusted or not. Now get out of here before I have you both demoted!" said the Sandaime with both men leaving though Naruto could sense they were less then pleased.

"Thanks old man," said Naruto with a smile though it left when the Hokage gave him a stern look telling the boy he didn't approve.

"Naruto, why are you here? You should be back at the orphanage like a good boy," said the Sandaime while Kyuubi scoffed in the boy's head.

"You mean like a good punching bag," said Kyuubi with Plagueis nodding in agreement to that statement.

"But I don't want to go back. They kicked me out last night in the middle of the rainstorm and I was deprived of food the whole day," said Naruto before his stomach let out a loud growl.

"I see. I didn't know that," said the Sandaime simply, but in Naruto's mind, the Sith Lord knew that wasn't true, and knew this man wasn't that easy to fool.

"Follow my words exactly my Apprentice. Today's lesson is about learning on how to deceive and use manipulation to get what you want out of people," said Plagueis, as he told Naruto what to say, and Kyuubi just grinned at how this was going to turn out.

"Old man, I overheard one of the people at the orphanage talking about me, but I didn't really understand it, and maybe you could," said Naruto with the Sandaime looking at him with a raise eyebrow.

"How do you know they were talking about you Naruto?" said the Sandaime with the boy fidgeting a bit.

"Well...they always call me 'Demon Brat' and one of them told the other not to say that when I'm around since they didn't want me to link it to the Kyuubi for some reason. They also mentioned 'provoking Kyuubi' and 'teaching the Kyuubi a lesson by going after his human body' along with some other stuff I couldn't hear," said Naruto seeing the Hokage scowl at this.

'Those idiots! I told them not to do anything that could jeopardize the boy's conditioning to being a loyal weapon to the village!' thought the Sandaime while Plagueis picked up the line of thought to hold for later.

"I was thinking maybe I should have my own home. Away from the villagers that only you know about and could check up on every once in a while," said Naruto with the old man looking like the idea would put a hamper on his plans.

"I don't know Naruto. How will you eat? I just can't you hunt for food," said the Hokage seeing Naruto frown at him.

"At least the food I eat in the forest won't be moldy like the people running the orphanage give me. And there will be a lot more to eat too," said Naruto seeing the Hokage letting out a sigh while Plagueis knew the old man was trying not to lose his patience.

"Naruto, you being alone is not healthy for you, and I can't in good conscious put you in that situation," said the Sandaime Hokage, which made Naruto become angry at him, and it was surprising for the Hokage to see such anger in a child aimed at him.

"Why? At least being alone is better then being hated, beaten, starved, and treated like I'm a nobody. You think that way too, don't you? You're just like them!" said Naruto now crying and pointing an accusing finger at the Hokage.

"No Naruto I'm not, see Naruto I...I...," said the Sandaime seeing mixture of emotions swirling in the boy's blue eyes and it was almost hypnotic.

"Please old man. I'm not asking for much. If I don't have my own place...I don't know what I'll do," said Naruto with an empty voice and sensed the Sandaime was thinking this over.

'On one hand it could ensure his loyalty to the Leaf in time, but given my own workload I won't be able to keep an eye on him all the time like I can now, and there is no guarantee one of my Shinobi won't make an attempt to kill Naruto if I assign them to guard the boy when he's there. I could have weasel watch the boy, given his Sharingan being developed enough to suppress the demon's chakra should the boy tap into it, and he can easily earn Naruto's trust providing food to him while report all the child's activities to me,' thought the Sandaime before eyeing Naruto carefully.

"He's up to something," said Kyuubi knowing the old Hokage wasn't about to let Naruto have his own place and not keep an eye on him.

"All right Naruto. I'll arrange some form of housing for you, but to ensure your protection I'm going to have one of most trusted ANBU watching over you, and providing food be delivered by him to your home so looking for food will be unnecessary," said the Hokage while Naruto gave him a skeptical look.

"Not the ones from earlier I hope," said Naruto with the Sandaime letting out a chuckle.

"No Naruto. Someone much more skilled and nicer too," said the Sandaime seeing the boy give him a cheesy smile at this news.

"Thanks old man. You're the best!" said Naruto while inside Plagueis was complimenting his student on a job well done in deceiving the old man.

"I know Naruto. Now that you've given me an excuse to get away from all this dreaded paperwork, let's go out to eat, and then pick out a nice place for you to live in," said the Sandaime while Naruto played his part in being dumb like the old man thought he was.

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