Chapter 15-The Cycle is Now Complete

The Dark Lord of the Sith watched from his standing position within the Shinobi village, as Iwa burned to the ground around him while the Sandaime Tsuchikage had been slain by Darth Sage's very hands, which wasn't hard when targeting the man's back with a mere flick of the Force, and taking off his head with a mere flick of his right hand wielding Lunar Eclipse. The White Zetsu Clones along with Samui and Karui being among his commanders coordinating with him in ordering the army to strike key places within the naturally fortified village. Suzumebachi was standing by his side, having provided detailed information on the best routes to Iwa without being detected, and where to drop the hammer the hardest.

"Victory is yours Sage-sama," said Suzumebachi, as she had been promised her own clan being spared being annihilated, but also have solid position within Whirlpool, studying in symbiotic harmony with the Aburame Clan, and be recognized for their contribution in the Sith Lord's victories.

"Indeed. Still, the people of the Elemental Countries need to be assured of their safety, and security after what happened today. Is the projector system I designed up and running for me to make my grand speech?" said Darth Sage, as he has used the technology of in the now renamed Country of Spring formerly of Snow to create a projection system, and able to broadcast his form into the air for everyone near him to see while also putting his form on every household via their TV.

"The tech team in Whirlpool has it ready with everyone awaiting for your announcement to the world Sage-sama," said Suzumebachi knowing her Master wished to make a grand speech to the world and address the important matters they wished him to talk about.

"Excellent news my dear," said Darth Sage while walking with the woman beside him.

"Yes Sage-sama," said Suzumebachi though it was clear she was distracted.

"Patience my dear. I haven't forgotten about Kurotsuchi. I sense she is unharmed and is on her way back with my two subordinates overseeing her escort personally," said Darth Sage calmly while seeing the woman smile at the news.

"She was the only friend I had in Iwa," said Suzumebachi knowing her clan's disgrace to her former village made interacting with anyone there and receiving a smile was a rare thing.

"Now she will become your friend in Whirlpool. Soon this world will be one and upon being one we will go forth in growing like a tree from this new foundation. I will use my power and my abilities to see that happen," said Darth Sage with conviction in his voice.

"Thank you Sage-sama. I promise my new clan won't let you down," said Suzumebachi, as she along with the rest of her clan were going to mix with the Aburame, and the two would become a new clan reborn from the ashes of everything around them.

"I know you won't my dear. We both know the price that will be paid should that ever happen," said Darth Sage seeing the woman nod obediently since they had this discussion before hand with the Aburame when he announced to both clans of the merger.

(Whirlpool Country-Sometime Later)

"Ready for your speech?" said Tsunade seeing her Godson looking very Daimyo like, even with the Sith robe, and hood covering most of his face.

The fighting was over. For now anyway. The Sith Lord knew he couldn't stay stagnant or else everything he worked for would be destroyed in a heartbeat. He would push things forward with this world until they reached the stars and beyond even though he sensed it would be many years before that ever happened. Darth Plagueis himself was gone. The Master had nothing left to teach his student and bid him farewell. Even if the Muun did have something left to teach, he could no longer sustain himself in the boy any longer, and wished his final Apprentice good luck on taking the world beyond what it once knew.

That was of course several Months Ago.

"Yeah. And how are you feeling? Considering everything that's happened recently," said Darth Sage turning to face away from the mirror and face his Godmother.

"Fine. I'll still miss Konoha in some deep dark corner of my mind. Mostly because of my Grandfather and Granduncle. Still, I've been in Whirlpool for enough years now to say I've come to like it here, and see it as a second home," said Tsunade, as she had setup the hospital, put Shizune in charge of it, and even opened up her own casino where she could be seen almost daily.

And even then Tsunade still lost all her money when gambling there!

"Yes. Shizune sees it like one too. I take it you've seen how Shizune blushes when around Kimimaro?" said Darth Sage seeing Tsunade smirk.

"Yeah. Though she has some competition with Mitarashi Anko being his first wife while Inuzuka Hana wishes to be his second," said Tsunade knowing that the Kaguya Clan was going to rise again with the help of those three women.

"If there is any continuing conflict, I'll see to it that the situation is resolved, and they do not kill each other," said Darth Sage before he let out a sigh knowing those four were going to make him have gray hairs early.

"Speaking of situations resolved, I thought you should know Haku came in for medical examination today, and wished me to tell you the wonderful new before giving your speech," said Tsunade seeing her Godson's eyes widen look her dead in the eyes.

"She's pregnant!" said Darth Sage knowing it could only have happened the time they were intimate before he left on his campaign against the Leaf.

"Yep! From the surprise in your voice, I take it you didn't know, but that's to be expected since you have been distracted with other things, and then there is you speech on finally solidifying the Elemental Countries under your rule," said Tsunade seeing her Godson nod.

"Speaking of that speech, its time to give it, and then return to my pregnant wives," said Darth Sage before leaving the room to the balcony where the people of Whirlpool looked up to and the projection system the Sith Lord stepped onto had now slowly activated.

"Yes. Go out there and unite the Emperor," said Tsunade, as she saw him look back for a second, and smirk at her before focusing on the crowd.

"People of Whirlpool, people of Spring, Wind, Earth, Fire, and every other land of the Elemental Countries. I stand before you today a man, who has done what no other before me has been able to do, and that is to bring about the safety of the people. You! You, who are the strength in my arms, and the holder of my dreams. For so long, the leaders of your countries have been unable to effectively bring about the safety, and security one would expect from one's own ruler. I have seen the corruption, as well as the corrupters, and I have seen the arrogant misuse their power. Seen them take from others, betray those they would call friend, and then manipulate others through their lies in order to stay in power. All the while, you the people have cried out for it to end, and I have heard your cries for someone to save them. To take the throne of power away from the abusers, the liars, the corruptors, and the arrogant that have tried to silence me repeatedly once my intentions were known. What I find amusing when looking back on each of the different enemies being defeated, was how they fell faster at my hands not because of my skills, or that of my own subordinates. But what they feared would happen through this ripple of events that had been set in motion. You see they feared change. A change in the balance of power no longer siding with them. The balance of power shifting to the people, who had nothing because of them, and would soon gain everything by joining me! Earlier today, I spoke the different leaders of each country, and they confessed to me how ill equipped they were in leading the people of their lands. That the time had come for a change. One that would benefit not only the people of Whirlpool, but those of the other Countries too, and uniting us all in the sacred bonds of camaraderie like never before witnessed in the history of the world. It was decided that effective immediately, that I would become the first Emperor of the Elemental Countries, and rule over all the people under my watchful eyes! Through me, you will all be loved, cherished, and become stronger then we ever were ALONE!" said Darth Sage, as he heard the crowd cheer with joy, calling out his name, chanting "Emperor! Emperor!" loudly, and the people all over the world were doing the same.

Long live the Elemental Countries first Sith Emperor.


Darth Sage sat on his Imperial Throne, his mind in deep mediation, as he recounted the last several decades, and the progress the world had made since being placed in this position of power. Tsunade had past away several years ago over liver failure. Her age and heavy drinking had finally caught up to the woman. The Sith Lord could have saved Tsunade, but the woman told him not to, as she felt it was her time, and accepted death to be the next great adventure.

His children were now all grown up. Each of them strong, ruling over different territories of the Empire, and a strong bond between all of them. The still unannounced Heir to his throne would be the one the Sith Lord himself would choose was the one with the might and right to succeed him. Hinata, Haku, and Yugito were all still beautiful to him as he proved even after so man years in making love to them. They still stayed fit. Still trained themselves to be excellent Shinobi and not slow down after their pregnancies.

The space program, which Darth Sage started over a decade ago, was a means to reach beyond this world, and into the very stars above. Using the airship blue prints provided by Spring Country, combined with the technological teachings provided by the Sith Lord's late Master, the project was already having incredible success, and the first space ship named The Senju had already made its first circling above the planet. The Emperor of the Elemental Countries knew by the time his children were his age, the space ships that would go beyond this system would finally be ready to achieve Hyperspace travel, and one day reach the Core Worlds that Darth Plagueis had told him was the heart of the Galaxy.

However, there was still one issue that remained unresolved for the Dark Lord of the Sith, and it involved his Master's first treacherous student...Darth Sidious.

If there was one thing Darth Sage did not tolerate was betrayal in terms of a Master being betrayed by the Apprentice or vice versa. Such a bond was a sacred thing, as it was what made the Jedi thrive for so long, and the existence of the Sith to a certain extent for the last thousand years under the nose of the Jedi. Personally, Darth Sage had a great deal of respect for the Jedi, as did Plagueis since the Jedi didn't betray each other, and allowed to have their numbers swell.

Sidious hated it. Sidious hated everything and too much hatred would upset the balance of the Galaxy like it would be with too much light. Hence why the Sith were allowed to continue surviving after the Jedi and Sith War when the Sith were in legions fighting just as many Jedi. Sith would continue to exist so long as Jedi did because the Force willed it so. But there was times when both sides went against the Will of the Force and right now Darth Sage felt both sides were going against it.

The Jedi being too firm in their position of power, not changing with the times, despite the Force wishing it so in the understanding of attachments that the Jedi frowned upon in the form of a taboo. The Sith Lord snorted in his meditative state, as he wondered if the Jedi failed to realize that they showed emotions everyday, yet their Jedi Code denounced emotions all together, and didn't understand they couldn't spell compassion without the word passion mixed into it.

As for Sidious, he was going against the Will of the Force in going after the child now a trained Jedi, which Plagueis had finished creating just moments before his physical death, and turn the young warrior into his Sith Apprentice. While Darth Sage admitted the Dark Side needed to exist in the Galaxy, it didn't mean the destruction of the entire Jedi Order with the Sith being the sole one between the two sides surviving the fallout.

Calling upon all of his power, Darth Sage silently, secretly, and successfully reached the presence of the Jedi Knight the hiding in plain sight Sith Lord was interested in. A young fearless man named Anakin Skywalker. It was such a defining name in Darth Sage's own mind, as it was one filled with impact, and told anyone who heard it that this man was someone of great intensity.

At the moment, the Jedi Knight in question was standing on a ledge between falling into the Dark Side in order to save his secret wife, and staying the course of being a Jedi while nightmares of the woman dying haunted his mind. While Darth Sage knew Skywalker was a Jedi, the man was also much like the Sith Lord himself, as he only wanted family, love, and to protect what was rightfully his own. Darth Sage saw how much this Jedi had given during the Clone Wars that Darth Sidious had instigated from the shadows and all he wanted in return was to have a life.

"Anakin Skywalker. Can you hear me?" said Darth Sage through the Force to the Jedi now standing in the Jedi Council Chambers alone with the sun setting.

"Who is there? Who are you? Show yourself!" sad Anakin Skywalker with his right hand going to his Lightsaber at the hip.

"Calm yourself young Jedi. I am not your enemy. I only wish to chat," said Darth Sage while sensing Skywalker was not in the mood to chat.

"What do you want?" said Anakin while keeping his voice down.

"To help you. I know what it is that's troubling you. I've seen it. I know what that old man told you earlier. He's right. He is a Sith Lord. A very powerful one I might add. However, there is something about him you should know, and know it before you run off to see the truth of what will happen between the two sides about to clash," said Darth Sage while sensing Anakin tensing further with knots building inside his stomach.

"What exactly?" said Anakin while sensing the mysterious figure smiling at him.

"The man is a liar. He will betray you. The power he mentioned to save people from dying using the Dark Side of the Force? It does exist. Does he know how to use this power? No! Darth Plagueis did teach him, but the old man could not use it, and never understood how before killing his Master in his sleep," said Darth Sage while sensing Anakin's shock at this news.

"How do you know that?" said Anakin feeling his heart racing.

Plagueis found a way to temporarily cheat death after his Apprentice killed him and took possession of my body on a planet with no space travel capabilities. He saw I was strong in the Force and trained me in everything he knew. Including the power you seek to learn to save your wife from the death that haunts your dreams," said Darth Sage while feeling the Jedi throwing up mental shields around that part of his mind.

"Stop it!" said Anakin while hearing the Uzumaki laughing slightly in amusement.

"Calm yourself Jedi. I have no interest in exposing your secret. In fact, I wish you, and your wife the best of luck. However, to have that, you will need to know how to use the power to save someone from death, and to do that requires Midi-Chlorian manipulation of the highest level. I will teach you how to do that and it won't require going over to the Dark Side either. Just pure Force energy. Not Light or Dark. Just the Force as it is," said Darth Sage knowing the Dark Side did allow it, but why destroy the Jedi, who would kill Sidious, and give Plagueis the revenge he rightfully deserved?

"I can do that. What do you want in return?" said Anakin knowing nothing was free in this world.

"Simple. You are going over to the Chancellor's Office to see the outcome of the Jedi there fighting the old man you once called friend and now revealed Sith Lord. When the time comes, you will make a choice, and the choice will echo throughout the Galaxy for over centuries to come. I want you to kill the Sith Lord yourself. He will ask you to become his Apprentice and become a Sith like him. He will never give you what your heart desires young Jedi. He covets power. Shares with no one. He perverts the Rule of Two the Sith have followed for the last thousand years and will continue to do so long after your Apprenticeship to him ends," said Darth Sage sensing the suspicions the Jedi had about him.

"Why should I trust you anymore then I would trust him?" said Anakin while sensing the man's smile grow.

"Because I'm not a threat to you. Nor shall I ever be. You see we are a lot alike. The two of us have had very little growing up. Fighting for everything we had in our own way. All we wanted was love, a family, and not be bound rules that would deny us these things. I know you don't trust me because I am Sith Lord. Denying it at this point would be foolish on my part. However, this Sith Lord knows what it means to find joy, and happiness with being with the one he loves. Just as you do with your wife and your soon be children," said Darth Sage while sensing surprise coming off of Skywalker when he heard the word children.

"Children? She's carrying twins? How can you tell?" said Anakin feeling his heart stop.

"I'm well trained in seeing what is normally overlooked. Something the Jedi seem to have forgotten since the Sith were defeated a thousand years ago and hid in the shadows to plan the destruction of the Jedi Order. Tell me young Skywalker, do you fear for the life of your wife, and children?" said Darth Sage and felt the Jedi's anger rise to dangerous levels.

"You know the answer to that question!" said Anakin while trying to keep his emotions masked so the other Jedi in the Temple wouldn't feel it.

"Of course. I know you would move planets and stars for your wife. You would tear this Galaxy in two for the twins that grow inside of her if it meant they would be protected from evil. What do you think Darth Sidious will do should he be able to acquire one if not both of your offspring? He will manipulate them into being his Apprentices, causing them pain, suffering, and teaching the cruelty the Dark Side under his watchful gaze as he sees things. Is that what you want young Skywalker? To see your children corrupted, tainted, and twisted by the Dark Side of the Force?" said Darth Sage sensing the Jedi focusing on the cold hard truth regarding the Chancellor and how the man used him.

Had turned his wife's Republic that she loved into a shadow of its former self.

"What do you suggest I do?" said Anakin knowing several Jedi Masters were already confronting the Sith Lord right now.

"Simple. You kill Darth Sidious yourself," said Darth Sage while Anakin was confused.

"But...its just one Sith Lord against four Jedi Masters," said Anakin with Sith talking to him in his head scoffing.

"Please! We're talking about the very same Sith Lord that used the incident on your wife's home planet to become Supreme Chancellor of the Republic. The very same Sith Lord, who clearly created the Separatists under this Count Dooku, and used the corruption in the Republic to further inflame their ranks. Through this, the Clone Wars was started with so many worlds being destroyed, and the people living there are suffering because of it. Just how many of your own Jedi Brothers and Sisters have been slain in this war? I can imagine its quite a lot! Was it in the hundreds? Roughly a thousand perhaps? All of the death that this war you've been fighting was orchestrated by this very Sith Lord, who everyone had underestimated, and still do underestimate because they don't understand the powers of the Dark Side of the Force. I do. I am telling you now, the only way to save your wife, and the Republic she loves, is to kill him yourself, and take control until the aftermath of his death can be resolved," said Darth Sage while sensing the man was still coming to grips with this situation.

"Are you certain?" said Anakin Skywalker while sensing the mysterious Sith Lord talking to him was being truthful since they had been having this conversation.

"You are the Jedi's prophesized 'Chosen One' are you not? Meaning only you can bring balance to the Force and that means slaying Sidious. He is unbalancing it with this war and conflict. You must slay to keep the balance. Only through his death will the prophecy be fulfilled and the lingering threat of your wife dying will be no more. You must trust my words and your feelings on this matter young Jedi. You know my words to be true," said Darth Sage having read the man's mind regarding things told to him years ago about the "Child of Prophecy" that was foretold would bring balance to the Force.

'He's right. I can't believe I'm think this, but the Sith Lord is right!Its my destiny to bring balance to the Force. That won't happen until the Chancellor has been killed and the Dark Side of the Force no longer has influence on the Galaxy,' thought Anakin, as he moved to the doorway to leave the Council Chambers, and then the Jedi Temple when he suddenly stopped realizing that even with Sidious gone...this one speaking to him could be a threat in the near future.

"Calm your mind young Jedi. We both know the Sith will never truly be killed. The Force will only be balance for time. There will always be at least one Sith in the Galaxy. The Force will have one of its followers succumb to the powers of the Dark Side and thus keep the Jedi on their toes. So long as there are Jedi, there will be Sith, and the two will forever be locked in eternal conflict. Maybe one day, one of my descendants will meet one of yours, or the Jedi as a whole. Only the Force knows. But for now, I am not your enemy, and while not a friend...I would prefer to help a Jedi Knight like yourself then that of a Sith Lord like Sidious," said Darth Sage while Anakin mentally nodded.

Anakin soon made his way to the Chancellor's Office, seeing Jedi Master Windu pointing the tip of his Lightsaber at the unarmed Sith Lord, and silently wondered where the others were? Of course, since they were not in this room, they were most likely killed during the fighting from the Lightsaber marks the room had that were not all Master Windu's missed blade strikes.

Meaning the Chancellor did have a Lightsaber, but clearly lost it in the fight, and was now in this defeated state.

"You are under arrest my Lord," said Master Windu while telling Anakin with a hand gesture to stay where he was.

"You Anakin! I was right. The Jedi are taking over!" said Palpatine while looking at the young Jedi with pleading eyes.

"The oppression of the Sith will never return! You have lost!" said Windu while the Sith Lord beneath him looked absolutely furious!

"No. No! NO! YOU WILL DIE!" said Darth Sidious, as he attacked Master Windu with Sith Lightning, which the Jedi blocked with his Lightsaber in a defensive position.

'Unreal! Is this what the other Sith Lord was talking about?' thought Anakin, as the Sith Lightning Sidious was unleashing was far worse then what Dooku did years ago, and was far more sinister.

"He's a traitor!" said Sidious while trying to overpower Windu with his Force Lightning.

" the...traitor!" said Master Windu while using his own strength to redirect the Sith Lightning back at he Sith Lord.

"I have the power to save the one you love! You must choose!" said Sidious while being hit by his own power.

"Don't listen to him Anakin!" said Master Windu while having no idea what Sidious was referring to, but knew that if Skywalker decided to interfere now, it would be the end of them both, and the Dark Side would prevail.

"Don't let him kill me!" said Sidious, as his face began to show signs of being disfigured and scarred by his own power used against him.

'Is that the price of the Dark Side? To be turned into that?' thought Anakin while he was watching this unfold before him.

"I can't...can't hold out...any longer. I...I'm took weak! Help me Anakin. Help ME!" said Sidious, as he was overpowered by the Jedi Master in front of him, and once again faced the pointy tip of the man's purple Lightsaber blade.

"I'm going to end this," said Master Windu, as he jus needed to slay the Sith Lord, and the Republic would be spared any further darkness.

"You can't! He must stand trial," said Anakin, who found the words leaving his mouth before thinking things through, and wondered what was happening.

"He has control of the Senate and the Courts. He's too dangerous to be left alive!" said Master Windu while looking back and forth between the two in his line of sight while Darth Sidious was doing the same.

"I'm too weak. Don't kill me Jedi Master. Please!" said Sidious while trying to appear as weak as possible.

"Its not the Jedi way. He must live!" said Anakin while feeling his mind becoming cloudy and the desperation to save Padme once more entered his mind.

"Please don't," said Sidious, as Windu readied his blade, and realized the Jedi Master was going to go through with it.

"I need him," said Anakin while once more desperately.

"No! NO!" said Sidious with the Jedi Master's arm raised to strike.

"NOOO!" yelled Anakin at last, as he moved quickly, and decisively in striking Master Windu with his own Lightsaber at an angle that sliced off the man's arm.

All Master Windu could do was scream.

"POWER! UN-LIMITED...POWER!" yelled Sidious, as he unleashed his power in the form of Sith Lightning on the Jedi Master, and sent him flying out of the broken window of the room.

"By the Force. What have I done?" said Anakin, as he wanted to stumble back in shock, but for some reason it felt wrong to do it, and once more his vision cleared.

"You are fulfilling destiny Anakin. Become my Apprentice. Learn to use the Dark Side of the Force!" said Darth Sidious, as he now stood only a few feet away from the young man, and saw him struggling with the temptation the power of the Dark Side.

"Will the Dark Side grant my desire to save Padme?" said Anakin while deciding to test the truth behind the mysterious Sith he spoke to recently to see if the one in front of him was indeed lying.

"Yes! Darth Plagueis taught me everything he knew. Together we will save your wife from the visions of death that haunt you and we will bring peace to the Republic by destroying the remaining Separatist Leaders. They are weak and spineless without the support of Count Dooku or General Grievous," said Sidious in a semi-soothing voice while playing on Anakin's desire to remove them from the Galaxy to further secure the woman's continued survival.

For a moment, Anakin didn't speak to him, as he digested the Sith Lord's words, and the ones from he spoke to about Sidious. The man in front of Skywalker had been good to him, encouraged his talents, skills, and power in a way the Jedi never did. Then again, it was no doubt done to cause friction between himself, and the Jedi Order so loyalty to them would be put into question. Add to the fact Padme suffered from this war and even beforehand when he was still a boy! The Sith that killed Qui-Gon Jinn was Sidious's first Apprentice for Force sake! The man, who believed in him first, believed in his abilities when the Jedi Council didn't want him to be trained in the first place had been killed by this Sith Lord's first student.

"No," said Anakin at last, which made Sidious frown, and the Jedi once more felt the Dark Side of the Force surround him in this room.

"Don't you want to save your wife Anakin? Only through me can use the Force and the Dark Side to protect her from dying. Not to mention your own child she is carrying will die with her in the process," said Darth Sidious seeing Anakin narrow his eyes at him.

What do you think Darth Sidious will do should he be able to acquire one if not both of your offspring? He will manipulate them into being his Apprentices, causing them pain, suffering, and teaching the cruelty the Dark Side under his watchful gaze as he sees things. Is that what you want young Skywalker? To see your children corrupted, tainted, and twisted by the Dark Side of the Force?

"I will save Padme, but not with your help, and certainly not with the powers of the Dark Side of the Force," said Anakin with his determination to reject the Sith Lord clear in his voice.

"You dare reject my offer? I helped you. I encouraged you when none of the other Jedi would! It is because of me you have earned the love of the people and their trust when the other Jedi are frowned at with suspicion!" said Darth Sidious, who was not expecting this turn of events, and wondered how this had gotten out of control.

"You only used me Sidious. You were never going to help me save Padme from dying. You don't share power with others to help them. You only take and hurt those that do not deserve such cruelty. I see that now. You can no longer tempt me," said Anakin, as he saw Sidious's face become filled with rage, and sensed the Sith Lord was going to attack him.

"Then you will be destroyed and your offspring will taken to become your replacement!" said Sidious, as he moved to attack Anakin with the full power of the Dark Side at his command, but the Jedi Knight was faster, and with the same speed he used to cut off the arm of Jedi Master did he cut off both hands of the Sith Lord now forced to his knees from the pain in front of the Chosen One.

"Its funny really. I thought I would have to move planets and stars to save the ones I love from death. As it turns out, all I have to do is kill you, and then send a fleet to finish up the Separatists hiding out in...the Mustafar System," said Anakin having used the Sith Lord's moment of pain to dive into his mind to find their location.

"This is not over Jedi. The Sith will rule the Galaxy one day," said Sidious while he felt the heat from Anakin's blue Lightsaber blade pointing at his chest.

"Not today and certainly not while I draw breath," said Anakin, as he stabbed Sidious in the chest with his Lightsaber, and then took the man's head off for good measure.

The Dark Lord of the Sith soon exploded in an violent tapestry of Dark Side energy, as there was nothing left to show Palpatine had been destroyed, and Anakin Skywalker felt that was for the best at the moment. He would need to contact Padme to ensure she was in fact all right, followed by Bail Organa since he was one of the few politicians his wife trusted, and felt needed to be told of the situation before going to the Jedi Temple to give his report on the situation. With Palpatine dead, unrest could swell within the Republic without its central power of leadership, but being a personal representative to the man did have its advantages, and being a hero of the Clone Wars would further influence those in the Senate to accept Jedi control of the Republic for a time until things cooled down.

"This is Commander Rex," said the voice of the Clone Trooper that Anakin had wished to speak to after relaying a message for Bail Organa to visit him.

"Rex, I need you along with the 501st stationed here on Coruscant to get a fleet together, and prepare to attack the Separatist Leaders in the Mustafar system. We're going to take them out once and for all. I have the access codes needed in order to get through their defense network that surrounds the planet. Once you have the ships needed, contact me at there location, and I'll join you for the final battle," said Anakin while sensing the Clone Commander's shock.

"Yes sir. Understood sir. Do I want to know how you got that information sir?" said Rex

"No Rex. You don't. Just get the men ready and the fleet underway. We have a war to win," said Anakin while sensing the Clone Commander's duty kicking in.

"Yes sir. Right away," said Rex knowing he had more then enough of his brothers to make a sizable fleet on the planet at this point and were more then loyal to General Skywalker.

"We will have peace. At last," said Anakin before Bail came in and asked what happened in this room.

And Anakin told him everything he needed to know while leaving out a few minor details on some things before heading off to see his wife one more time and by that point there would be a fleet ready to launch against the Separatist Leaders' final stronghold.

Balance to the Force and peace to the Galaxy had finally last!

The cycle...was now complete.


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