Scott and I held hands as we walked out of the bathroom.

We walked back to the waiting room, laughing. I saw his watch, and almost screamed.


"Omigosh, Scott, we HAVE GOT TO GO! I need to be at the studio in 28 minutes!"

"Let's move, then!"

We ran outside the revolving doors, and ran to a Chevy Impala, opening the doors, diving in, and fumbling for the keys in my purse. Yes, this is the vehicle he brought. Not some fancy sports car. But a Chevy Impala…

Right when we pulled out of the parking lot, we hit traffic. So far, we have 24 minutes left. It takes about five to get into security, 5 to get to the studio sections, and before that, it takes forever to find a parking spot.

We waited for two more minutes, before the cars in front of us resumed motion. I sat there thinking through my lines, and I forgot where I was. I thought about Hawaii. I thought about my time in California, my relationships, my family, some friends, and even photo-shoots. I thought about my future dream family with three girls and two boys…our dream house, my hot husband, how much money we had, my baby girls' recitals, my sons' tractor toys; all these beautiful things I could have after marriage. Then I thought about my grandchildren, my husband and I sitting on the porch swing talking about our memories…but the funny thing was; it wasn't Scott there, it wasn't some business man, or…Darren, (wherever he was), but it was Spencer.

I thought about Spencer and I's mishap, and almost cried with the pain. But that wasn't it…I thought about how we could've been something greater than anyone else. He's a good guy – he wouldn't cheat on me, he listens, laughs at my jokes, relates to me, and talks about his hopes and dreams.

I wanted that, not that – the guy driving me around – but Spencer.

"AMANDA!" Scott shouted.

I jolted alert, looking at him, then the time, running out as fast as I could. I didn't say anything to him, which made me feel guilty inside. I had 13 minutes left.

"Amanda Cooper – Life Without a Star!" I stammered to the security guard. I pulled out my ID, then my showcase slip. He paper-punched it (I know, cheesy, right? I mean, for movie people? Well, at least he has two ways of proof I'm Amanda Cooper) and opened the doors to the studio hallways.

The guard said, "Amanda Cooper, in the building," I loved that. It sounded so professional.

I looked at the time – 9 minutes left.

I forgot what number he said to me, but I found the wipe-board with Life Without a Star on it. I kept walking until I got to my room with a star and Amanda Cooper written on it. Another security guard said into his radio, "Amanda Cooper in the room,"

I walked into the little area with make-up on it. I went through all my make-up & hair, had conversations with the artists, went through wardrobe, and finished eating.

My manager smiled at me and said, "Show Time."

"We need Amanda, Spencer, Cassandra, and Kody on set. Places everybody!"

Cassandra glared at me. Spencer didn't say anything to me, and Kody was looking into a mirror, asking himself if he looks okay.

"Okay, please don't mess up more than 30 times, people! Ready? I don't care! Scene eight, ACTION!"

"I don't know, Leah. I guess I'm just done with dating for now…or forever. You know? I mean, last night, at the Oahu Bar, I guess I thought I'd be done, I met a guy, he's nowhere to be seen, and, God, I have a hangover!" I hid my relief at my correct line.

"Well, I know! You should find the guy and get to know him. I mean, you guys had a CONNECTION! That's kinda rare at a bar."

"No, it isn't. It's popular."

"It's better than . That place is a scam. Everybody meets at a bar, gets drunk, then in the morning eats at a café!"

"Unless their having a great life with Daddy's money."

"Yeah, sure, sure, that's true. Still can't believe that you're not going paranoid trying to find him."

"Well, believe it."

"He was a score, though!"

"He was married!"

"Fine. You wanna die alone? See if I care!"

"No, it's just that I want to find a great guy for once. Like, here! A nice café, where nobody's drunk and ramble off whatever they feel like saying."

"Yeah right, because there's noo gay guys or faggets here, too!"

The camera then moves over to view the guy's. The assistant director motions us to mouth like we're talking.

"Dude…that girl was hot!" Spencer said.

"I know! Especially since you got laid! Okay, HOW DOES THAT HEP ME?"

"Sean, calm down. Look at the big picture – you're a bachelor! No more wedding preps or annoying daily noon calls! Jennifer was not your type, anyways, so don't freak out like a little girl…that turns the ladies away."

"Jason, help me!"

"Okay, I'm gonna fix this with a little chemistry…"

"Really? That doesn't make me feel better! You never graduated from high-school!"

"Aw, now that's rude. Anyways, look at those two chicks over there."

The camera moved back to us.

"Hey, Carmon, look at those guys. Like them?"

"Yeah, the one that's muscular with the dorky glasses that remind me of that one guy from Losers is mine."

The camera moves back to them.

"I call the hot tanner blonde chick with the tramp stamp."

"Nah, dude, that's mine!" I blushed a little, because 'that hot tanner blonde chick with the tramp stamp' is me.

The camera moves to us.

"Didn't we see them last night at the bar, like, five barstools down?"

"I don't care, their hot." Cassandra/Leah said.

The camera turned back to them.

"Let's move."

They got up, and sat in the two empty seats in between Cassandra and I. They asked me all the questions. The script told them to flirt, and this is when Cassandra couldn't help it but mess up.

The two guys put their arms around me, and fought about how hot I was.

"Leah, help me out!"

She slipped a note under the table, to make help me out with what to say, but instead, it had 'You bitch. I know you talked and was gonna go skinny-dipping with Spencer, then did it with Scott.'

But, to my relief, the camera picked it up, and the director yelled, "CUT!"

He stepped down from his chair, and said, "Ladies, please don't fight on set! Cassandra, take a look in the mirror, and visit the therapist tonight."

I grinned.

"That's alright, people! Take 5!"

I still felt horrible.

Spencer looked at me with pain in his eyes. "Wow, you're sure on the roll there, Amanda."

"Spencer, look, I'm sorry about this morning! I overslept! Then Tiffany and I fought then she passed out and is in serious condition in the hospital, and I got emotional, and Scott was there and he played me, and I couldn't help it!"

"Yes. You could. You just don't have that backbone anymore."

"You don't know me, Spencer! I've been through a lot!"

"It doesn't matter, anymore. You just don't get it, okay."

"What, what don't I get?"

"Doesn't matter!"

"SPENCER! Don't you walk away from me!"

"Watch me!"

"SPENCER!" I started to cry, then realized I shouldn't. He wasn't worth it, anyways.

I walked over to my manager, put on a happier face.

"Hey, Cayleigh, I just wanted to ask you something quick."


"Why did you call me this morning and freak me out, then act like nothing, now?"

"Oh, it was an actor's test. Since this is your first movie, we have to test you."

"Oh, okay. Well, I don't have my phone anymore, thanks to you."

"Your welcome! Besides, I sent out Lillian to go get you a new one. It should be already like your old one in about a day."

"Sarcasm, and thanks a bunch."

The rest of my days went as usual, stopping by the hospital, filming scenes, surfing, photo-shoots, hang-outs at clubs and bars, and as the usual celebrity days go. Go to bed late, wake up early.

But one weird thing is – is that I kept having dreams about Spencer and I, along with all of our little children and that. Those never stopped. He never spoke to me, while Scott was getting up my radar – to kick his sorry ass away – and to welcome Spencer back. I cried every night, and thought about him every day.

He was never going to get away from my reach. Not even if he tried.

Author's Note

Hey, guys! This was a longer chapter, and I'm still pretty busy day in and out. But, thanks for the viewers! You make this story worth it! Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a happy welcoming into 2012! I'll be uploading a lot more now days! (Well, with the baby coming along, college & a wedding to plan, I'll fit this dream come true! (: )