"Pedro, do you have any more tots?" Napoleon asked wearily.

"No. Why." Pedro asked. Napoleon let out a long sigh.

"Because we left Preston like four hours ago, gosh." Napoleon rested his head against the cool glass of the bus window.

"You've had four handfuls already." Pedro said thoughtfully. "Shouldn't you be full?"

"No… that's like a handful an hour! Ugh. I'm still flippin' hungry."

"Well, maybe we can find a nice restaurant in Colorado. Then we can have some warm burritos or enchiladas or something, I guess." Pedro suggested. His stomach grumbled at the thought of food.

"Yeah. As long as I don't have to eat a decroded piece of crap." Napoleon said before pulling out his binder and beginning a drawing. The school bus full of FFA students continued down I-80 through Wyoming. Their ultimate destination was Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. They were invited to see a livestock demonstration in honor of winning the state FFA competition in Idaho. Around 5pm they arrived in Fort Collins, CO.

The bus pulled into an extremely narrow parking spot next to a restaurant with a green awning. The lettering on the awning read: Big City Burrito. "I didn't think Fort Collins is a big city." Napoleon commented. "Well – maybe it is. Compared to Preston." The group trooped in and quickly filled up the small area in front of the L shaped counter. Napoleon noticed the numerous bottles of hot-sauce and picked up a handfull.

"Are you trying to steal the hot-sauce, Napoleon?" One of the other FFA students asked jokingly.

"No, I'm just looking at them, what did you think, Gosh!" He looked at one that read: Salsa de Juarez. "Hey, Pedro, I think this came from your home." Pedro looked at it.

"My tia made a nice hot sauce. I don't think it's hers though. She only sold it after church." Napoleon sniffed it.

"Ugh – my nose – it's on fire! UGH!" Napoleon ran into the other half of the restaurant with its hodge-podge of tables and chairs. He came out a few minutes later with his face dripping wet. Pedro had ordered both of them Super Gutbuster burritos.

"These are flipping awesome." Napoleon said as they ate along with the rest of the group. "They could make like a ton of moolah if they sold these with tots."