"I did it, Pedro. What do you think?" Napoleon said the next day when they were on the bus headed back toward Preston. He opened his binder and showed Pedro a drawing. Pedro examined it. In the drawing, he and Napoleon were wielding nunchucks and chasing down a liger that was running toward a cow that was in the dip-vat. The cattle professor was standing in front of the dip-vat with a shield and a handful of tots.

"It's like we're the three amigos or something." Pedro said. "I like it. You should show Deb."

"Yeah, she could have totally taken some sweet pictures if she had come." Napoleon remarked longingly. "I'm going to save this picture."

"Don't you always save your pictures?" Pedro asked.

"Of course I do!But I'm going to show this to that professor when I come to Colorado State University again." Napoleon explained. "I'm coming back here for college. To learn some more animal handling skills."