A/n: This is going to be a little drabble series of River/Doctor moments. I'm starting from River's beginning and following her timeline instead of the Doctors. I will eventually write Who episodes from her point of view :D Enjoy!

Moments in Time

"Who're you?" Some strange man just walked up to her and kissed her hand! And he was wearing a bow tie! Who wore bow ties anymore? He'd kissed her, said hello like it was a normal thing, and then smiled expectantly at her. Was this some weird pick up technique?

His face seemed to fall a bit when she asked. "I'm the Doctor." He said it like she should already know! Besides, what? That's not a name. Who the hell does he think he is? She'd seen plenty of doctors.

"The Doctor? That's a bit egotistical don't you think?"

Now he looked annoyed. "No! It's just my name!"

"You look egotistical too. I mean a bowtie? Really?"

He straightened, seemingly subconsciously, as he replied. "Bowties are cool!"

"Whatever you say the Doctor," she answered with a smirk.


Her insides turned to ice. "How do you know my name?" It was all very well, flirting with a man you've just met. But now it was getting scary. He knew her name? "How?"

He looked down. "Err. You told me."

"No I didn't! How do you know my name?"

He shuffled his feet, still not meeting her eye. "I've kind of, met you before."

"What? No, we haven't met! I would've remembered you." The Doctor chose to take that as a compliment.

"Well, when I say before, I mean my before. Not your before."

"That didn't make any sense."

"I usually don't." Now he was smirking again. What was with this man! First he calls himself the Doctor, now he knows her? This is insane!

"Give me a straight answer. Just once."

There was a pause. Then, with a very haughty tone, he said, "I need a question River."

"There you go again! How do you know my name?"

"I told you! I've met you before!"

She hadn't gotten any more out of him, for at that moment he swerved wildly to the left, just in time to miss a laser blast from over River's shoulder. She'd swirled around, watching as a strange creature had taken aim at her. But suddenly she was on the ground, and the monster's second shot was passing over her head. She looked down to see a pair of arms covered in a beige tweed jacket wrapped around her. For some reason, it wasn't uncomfortable.

But as ironic as it was, as soon as she became conscious of the fact that is was comfortable, it became incredibly uncomfortable. For an instant, their eyes met, and the whole world froze. All that mattered were those great big green eyes that stared into hers. She could see the whole universe in them. The universe and beyond.

And then she was out of his arms and he was pointing a screwdriver at an alien and that was how River Song met the Doctor. She didn't get a straight answer about how he'd known her name until she met him again, three weeks later, and he explained that he hadn't met her for the first time yet. Well, her first time. It was all very complicated.

But what really shocked her, what really got her hooked, were the things he'd said that very first day. He'd convinced the alien to return home then ran off to a police box of all places! It had been sitting in the middle of the street, completely messing with traffic, and he just ran into it. Like every good girl who wants to know about a strange man who knows her name and has a box would do, she followed him.

And she found more than she'd bargained for. She found not a police box, but a universe. She found something that was bigger on the inside. She found a police box that had a library and a wardrobe—possibly with a swimming pool in it—and a million other magical rooms that not even the Doctor knew of. She found the Tardis.

Of course, being the madman he is, the Doctor didn't notice right away that she'd run in. He'd been too busy pulling levers and shouting excitingly. She hadn't said a word, too busy spluttering about the world in a box. And so, by the time the Doctor bothered to look up from his sexy and notice the small girl in her twenties that was gaping at his Tardis, they were already traveling into time and space.

He'd gotten mad then. Just a bit. Well, he'd come stomping over, raving about impressionable girls going where they don't belong. And then River got a bit angry, considering this guy had just gotten way pissed for no reason. So she raised a perfectly tweezed eyebrow, crossed her arms, cocked a hip, and flashed an amused smile. He'd stopped then, completely thrown off.

She smiled inwardly. So this was how to get him. Do the unexpected. Always remain cool and calm, even when you aren't. She'd have to remember that.

"So sweetie, where you off to?"

He'd smiled then. He'd grinned and offered her a hand. He led her up to the Tardis. He explained all about it, the time travel, everything. And River stared around in wonder, but only when he wasn't looking. She was fascinated, and she wanted it. All her life, she'd wanted to travel. Now she'd get to.

Then they'd gone on an adventure. And then another. But then the Doctor said it was time to go back. She'd let slip that she was studying to get her degree in archaeology and he'd dropped her off. "Education is the most important thing River. It's necessary for everything."

But she'd known it was just an excuse. The Doctor gave her these looks while on their adventures. He'd comment on something, dropping names like Amy or Rory, and she'd look at him confused, and he'd give her a look as if the sky had just fallen because she didn't know those names. And when he dropped her off, and told her to get an education, he'd given her a hug.

He only gave hugs when they'd just defeated a monster or barely escaped with their lives. This was different. This felt like a goodbye.

But not one of those normal goodbyes. This felt like the last goodbye. She'd felt one before, when her mother was dying of cancer. She'd been lying in the hospital, barely able to move, and she'd asked River for a hug. Of course she'd given it, and when those tiny, frail arms had wrapped around her, she'd gotten a tingling feeling up her spine that this would be the last. Maybe it was because of that extra squeeze her mom gave her, or the tear drops she felt on her shoulder. Her mother died four hours later. River had been asleep at her bedside, holding her hand.

This hug was almost exactly like it. The hug that lasted a second too long, with an extra squeeze from him. And she might have imagined it, but she thought she felt a single tear drip onto her shoulder. She'd never know, because when he finally let her go his eyes were dry. But what scared her was that he was smiling.

He wasn't smiling a 'let's go find a new planet' or an 'I just saved an endangered species of alien' smile. He was smiling just like her mother had. That sad, deep smile that said everything but nothing.

But then he'd confused her. He said. "Don't worry, you'll see me again. And it will be magical." His voice cracked then. He cleared it quickly and continued. "I can promise that. It was-will be- magical." And then he'd given her a quick hug one more time before jumping into his Tardis and running off.

And though she knew that she'd see him again, tears sprung into her eyes for that lovely, lonely doctor. She didn't understand much, but she understood then- even without knowing anything of their jumbled timelines- that he wouldn't see her again. It was instinct perhaps, or a part of an older River that clung to the Doctor that had given her the second-long feeling, but she felt it, and she knew that he knew it was their last meeting. And she'd cried then.