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Chapter 50


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"Moonstrike, hurry or we shall be late… again." Optimus smiled as he watched his sparkmate finish her energon, her movements slow and deliberate. Moonstrike grimaced as she slowly rose to her pedes. She had spent the better half of the morning sitting in a fluffy pillow-like chair that Optimus had had made special for her. It was huge, taking up the same amount of space as his desk did, but it was large enough that she could curl up on it and relax, a pastime she had taken up since her ensparkment had gotten more… extreme. The new-spark had taken to flaring up in response to Moonstrike's emotions, something that kept the couple on their pedes. Optimus would never forget the first time it had happened. They had gotten rather passionate while Moonstrike attempted to draw his attention away from his work. The pain had been abrupt and sharp, and the two had rushed to Ratchet for what turned out to be an extremely embarrassing checkup. Now, Moonstrike normally stayed in a state of mid-recharge, relaxing in her chair in Optimus's office.

"I'm coming, my love," she grunted as she slowly moved to where he stood. Her movements were jerky, slow thanks to the lack of energy that the spark seemed to cause. Optimus gingerly wrapped an arm around her shoulders and nuzzled his helm to hers. Moonstrike purred lightly as she took in his heat, then she grunted when the spark flared in happiness at the close proximity of its mech creator. "I can't wait for this thing to be born," she said breathlessly. "I'm pretty sure it's personal goal is to cause me pain."

"Come now, Moonstrike," Optimus chuckled, "I doubt the sparkling is making a conscious effort. Now, let us get you to the party."

"Can't we just stay home?" she whined, letting her helm rest limply against his shoulder.

"No. They have been planning this for quite a while, my mate," Optimus said apologetically. "And on that same note, I would be obliged if you would act surprised. Jazz wanted this to be a surprise."

"'Course he would. Slagger wants me to have a spark-attack before the sparkling can be born," she muttered irritably, thinking of all the "surprises" Jazz had given her in the last couple of orns. She didn't know why he felt the need to plan surprise parties, but she was fairly certain it was so that he could jump out at her while yelling "Surprise!" and scare the slag out of her. At first, it had been funny, but in these late orns, the shock would cause her spark to speed up, which would cause the new-spark to flare up in equal surprise.

"Calm yourself, my spark. I have spoken with him, and he has promised not to startle you," Optimus assured her as he led her from his office to the front of their new, four-berthroom housing unit. She scoffed and mumbled something derogatory under her breath about the mech.

"Megatron, it's time to leave," Moonstrike called down the hall.

"Comin', Danni," the youngling called back. Moonstrike smiled as she watched the small mech toddle down the hall to them from his recently added room beside the library (She couldn't thank the Wreckers enough for being willing to expand the housing unit for her and her family unit). He was new to his youngling frame and was still trying to find his new center of balance. It didn't keep him from playing, though. The frame, which now sported the growing wing nubs of a flyer, was painted pitch black, crimson red, and royal blue in respect for his opiluk, whom he viewed as a hero of sorts. His red optics still remained, as they would until his final frame. "Danni, how's Sparky?" Megatron asked. He had taken up calling the new-spark by that name.

"Perfectly fine, my mech," Moonstrike responded. "And are you ready for the party?"

"Yup! All ready!" Megatron chirped as he came to a stop by Moonstrike's pedes and smiled up at her. Optimus gently scooped the youngling up into his arms, smiling at the loud giggles this movement garnered, and settled the mechling in his right arm while wrapping his left one around his mate, who had a deep grimace on her faceplates.

"You are certain I can't stay here?" she said, coming severely close to begging. Her sparkling chamber had been aching all solar cycle, and now that the first lunar cycle had arrived, her processor and frame all but begged for recharge. Optimus gave a sad smile.

"Jazz informed me that Streamshot deeply desired your presence there," he said, sending his apologies through the bond while prodding to see just how tired his mate was. He frowned when he realized that she was exhausted. "Then again, perhaps you should stay here. I can make your excuses."

"No. You're right. I need to be there," Moonstrike replied, knowing that Streamshot would be dragging her to the party if she didn't attend on her own. Optimus smiled at his mate.

"You are a good friend," he commented as he wrapped an arm around her and led her out of the housing unit. The second they crossed the threshold, Optimus pulled her closer to himself, shielding her subconsciously from the outside world. This had become a habit not long after Moonstrike's return from Shockwave. Optimus, having had nightmares for orns after, had taken to shielding his mate and sparkling with his own body as they walked. Moonstrike had been convinced that the behavior would stop, but it only seemed to grow worse. The mech had been more and more protective ever since that day, and she was sure that this was partially because of the many riots that he had to deal with. He had yet to leave her alone in the housing unit, dragging her to his meetings instead, and he never left her side when they were outdoors. At first, this had irritated her, but it had become common practice to the point that she barely noticed it anymore.

"Optimus, are we taking the Metro?" Moonstrike asked hesitantly as they headed in that direction. She knew Optimus hated the Met and all the security hazards and assassinations opportunities it offered.

"Yes. Stay close," he ordered as he steered them into the crowd. Megatron, sensing his mech creator's unease, cuddled closer to his chest, and Moonstrike, understanding what caused that unease, huddled closer to his frame as well. The bots around the stared in awe, amazed that the prime was making a public appearance with his mate. Really, this shouldn't have surprised them, but most still found it surprising that the prime had bonded without telling the media, and Moonstrike's appearance didn't make them any less of a spectacle either. Together, the small family unit boarded the Metro car headed to downtown Iacon and headed to the back in silence. They seated themselves in the last empty seat, Optimus having Moonstrike slide in first so that he could take the isle seat, and smiled when Megatron immediately crawled across his danniluk's lap to plaster his face against the window.

"Is that the prime?"

"What is he doing on the Met? I heard he avoids these now."

"Is that his mate? Oh, my Primus, I've been super excited to meet her!"

"Primus, they look so exotic together."

"Ooohhh, I wish I were Moonstrike!"

"And that youngling! Primus, he's so adorable!"

The whispers and murmurs rose around them, and Moonstrike's tail flicked at the knowledge that they were the center of attention as she gently curled Megatron closer to her. Optimus stiffened beside her, wanting to hide her from the prying optics, not knowing if there was a pair in there that was unfriendly. He was not ignorant of the attempted attacks that had taken place and been stopped by his guards, and he had grown paranoid of when the next attack would happen.

/I am not a complete invalid…/ Moonstrike remarked dryly through the bond. Optimus grimaced at the brief flare of pain that sifted through as well.

/Yes, but you are with spark, and I will not allow some mech to kill you and that spark simply because he does not feel he needs to work for his energon./ Optimus replied calmly. /How is the spark?/

/Making itself known./ Moonstrike stated with a grunt of pain. /Little fragger doesn't wanna stay still. I'm gonna fraggin' kill Jazz for planning this party./

Optimus chuckled as he turned his attention fully to his mate while keeping his sensors trained on the mechs and femmes around them that cast them furtive glances and discreetly took photo stills to prove that they had, indeed, been in the same Metro car as the great prime and his Wrecker mate. /The sparkling is lively, is she not?/

/If that is some sort of a joke, I swear I'll glue your facemask to your lips./

/Well, that would be unwise. How would I kiss you if my mask was glued to my face?/

/How do you always turn my statements into dirty questions?/

/Perhaps Jazz is beginning to rub off on me./

/Oh, Primus bless. I will move in with Streamshot if you started acting like him./

/Yes, but then you would be dealing with him all the time, and I do not think you have the patience for that./

/There would be no problem. I'm killing him at the party, remember?/ Optimus actually laughed out loud at that, and Moonstrike was fairly certain she saw a few femmes melt. She smirked as she cuddled into her mechs chest. 'He's all mine, suckers. Eat your sparks out,' she thought with a grin. Her audio amplifiers perked up a bit when she heard her name whispered, and she grimaced as she tucked them back against her helm. One thing she had grown to hate was being able to hear all the whispers, all the things bots didn't think she could hear.

"She's not good enough for him."

"What an ugly frame."

"Primus knows he could do better."

"That's the thing that will be running Cybertron if Prime dies?"

"Primus, why did he mate with a Wrecker reject experiment?"

Moonstrike would be lying if she said that the remarks didn't hurt, at least a little, especially right now when she was at the end of her sparkancy. As it was, her chest plates were expanded out to make room for the growing sparkling, and the sky blue paint there was three shades darker due to the extra flow of energon being circulated there for the sparkling. Her claws and fangs were sharper than normal, a natural preparation for a moment when she may need to defend her sparkling on her own. In addition to all of that, her senses were even more sensitive than normal. Her olfactory sensors were able to pick up smells from blocks away, and her audio amplifiers were no longer truly necessary to hear mumblings and whispered conversations. Her optics, which had once been slightly sensitive to light, were now constantly covered by her visor.

/Ignore them/ Optimus ordered over the bond. /They are jealous of your position in my life./

Moonstrike nodded, knowing what he spoke was truth. It didn't make the words any less painful, though. Optimus rose to his pedes just as the Met car jerked to a stop and gently pulled Moonstrike to hers as she gathered Megatron into her arms. She winced as she straightened, but easily huddled close to her mate as they joined the flow of bots leaving the car. Megatron looked around excitedly, trying to listen into the buzzing chatter of the mechs around them.

"Opi, look at that mech! He's huge!" Megatron chirped excitedly as he pointed at a mech that stood twice as tall as the prime. Optimus smiled indulgently at the mechling.

"Indeed, he is," the prime noted.

"Optimus, wasn't someone coming to escort us?" Moonstrike asked abruptly as they moved through the crowd, which parted marginally for them as they walked.

"Oh. My. Primus! It's Optimus Prime!" A femme's voice rose over the din of every-cycle chatter, and a second later, all noise ceased. Attention turned to the mentioned mech, who had to fight back a scowl. A prime did not scowl at his subjects.

"Move it!" a gruff voice snapped. "Nothin' to see here! It's Prime's planet, too, you glitchmice!"

"Salutations, Ironhide," Optimus greeted, relaxing marginally when the hulking black weapons specialist shoved himself into the circle that had somehow formed around the small royal family. He glanced around at the staring bots, glaring at them until they fled.

"Prime. Moonstrike," Ironhide said, nodding to each in turn once the traffic of the Metro Center was finally moving around them again.

"'Hide!" Megatron called out excitedly. He bounced eagerly in his danniluk's arms, reaching for the black bot excitedly. Moonstrike wasn't quite sure when it happened, but somehow, Ironhide had grown to be one of Megatron's favorite mechs to be around, under Soundwave and Kup, of course.

"Megs, be still," Moonstrike ordered with a grunt. The mechling froze and looked up at his femme creator's pained faceplates before wincing and nuzzling his helm against her aching chestplates.

"Sorry, Danni," he mumbled.

"You're okay, sweetspark," the femme responded tightly.

"Pit, Moonstrike. Why are you out this late in the sparkancy?" Ironhide questioned as he moved to her side to take the repentant Megatron from her arms.

"Streamshot and Jazz," she replied simply. Ironhide snorted at the answer, understanding completely. What Streamshot wanted, she got, and Jazz was more than happy to make sure that always happened.

"'Hide!" Megatron called, wanting to have the larger mech's attention. Ironhide gave the mech a gruff look.

"What do you want, runt?"

"Guess what! I beat Opi at swords!" Megatron chirped, extremely proud of his success.

"Did you really?" Ironhide asked in a mock amazed voice. He turned amused optics onto the prime. "He is a strong opponent. Perhaps I should start building your first cannons." Megatron squealed in delight and clapped excitedly.

"You most certainly will not!" Moonstrike snapped before wincing. She moaned as she suddenly put all her weight on Optimus.

"Moonstrike?" Optimus asked in a worried voice, gently holding her up as he maneuvered his helm so that he could look at her face. "My love?"

"Ow…" she whimpered. Optimus frowned as he watched her bring a hand to her chest.


"I'm fine. Just… a flare up. Primus, this kid is active," she said on a grunt, but she did not straighten. Optimus frowned as he glanced up, noting how bots were stopping and staring again.

"Moonstrike, we need to get to a less public area," the large mech murmured to his mate. Moonstrike nodded curtly as she worked to straighten her body. She leaned heavily on her bonded mate as she started to move. They had only taken three steps before she froze. She looked down at her chest plates and hesitantly pulled her hand away. Optimus cocked his helm when he saw the look of utter horror on her face.

"Oh, Primus. Ooohhhhhh, Primus," she said in a terrified voice. She looked up at Optimus just as he zeroed in on the substance on her hand, the same substance leaking from her chest plates: energon. His dazed and equally horrified optics slowly met hers.

"Optimus… it's time…" she whispered in a high, stressed voice.

"Oh, Primus…" Optimus repeated her earlier words dumbly. At that second, his battle computer whirred to life, and he scooped his mate into his arms.

::Optimus Prime to Ratchet!:: -Optimus Prime

::Frag. Was Ironhide late again?:: -Ratchet

::MY MATE IS HAVING A SPARKLING! What do I do?!:: -Optimus Prime

::Fragging slaggin spawn of Unicron's slaggin'—:: -Ratchet

::I don't have time for this! What do I need to do?!:: -Optimus Prime

::First, calm down. Next—:: -Ratchet

::Ratchet, she's screaming! How do I make it stop?!:: -Optimus Prime

::"It?":: -Ratchet

::The pain, fraggit!:: -Optimus Prime

::Get her to my clinic now! I will meet you there.:: -Ratchet

::But her pain—:: -Optimus Prime

::Is natural. Just get her to the clinic.:: -Ratchet

"Fraggit!" Ratchet suddenly yelled loudly, effectively startling every mech and femme in the room. "Jazz, I have to go. I will return… maybe," Ratchet snapped as he moved toward the door of the large greeting room they had been assembled in. Jazz frowned as he stood, following after the medic.

"Wha's'up?" Jazz questioned.

"Prime's spawn has decided to join us," Ratchet replied irritably. Streamshot, who had been speaking with Flareup when she picked up that tidbit, shrieked in excitement.

"C'mon, c'mon, c'mon! Let's go!" she prodded as she rushed out the door just as Ratchet exited. Springer and Arcee were quick to follow her, and Jazz exchanged glances with Flareup and Chromia before pursuing them. The last two occupants simply looked at each other with undecipherable looks.

"Well, I suppose one of us should stay here for when the other ones get here," Kup stated.

"Affirmative," Soundwave replied.

"It ain't gonna be me," the older mech grunted.

"Soundwave: unwilling to desert Moonstrike in moment of need."

"So… I guess everybot else can just wait outside for us to get back."

"Get back from where?" The two mechs looked at the door to see Bumblebee standing in the doorway. Kup grinned at the younger mech.

"You have a new assignment, cadet. Direct everybot to Ratchet's clinic when they get here. Moonstrike's having a sparkling!" Kup ordered. The patted the mech on the helm before transforming and speeding away. Soundwave gave the yellow scout a blank look before running down the street in the same direction of the pale green pickup. Bumblebee frowned, his wings sagging sadly. Why did he always end up with these jobs?

Optimus paced frantically in the lobby of Ratchet's small clinic. The mechs around him watched in amusement as he walked back and forth, much like he had the last time he had been there. He glared at the ground as he took eight evenly spaced steps before pausing and looking at the doors to the medbay, as if waiting for his mate to come bursting through the doors any klik. When she didn't appear, he would grunt irritably and take eight more steps the other direction before looking at the door again. It was a continuous cycle that was only broken when yet another mech walked into the already crowded medbay. At the moment, half of the Iaconian Wrecker clan was standing near the back of the room, and the Royal Command Trine stood near the door. Megatron was being entertained by Ravage and Chemical while Soundwave stood watch over them. Ironhide stood beside Jazz, who looked extremely amused by the goings on. Prowl, who had arrived only moments ago, stood in a corner of the room, inspecting the medbay door.

"Is it supposed to take this long?" Optimus asked for the twenty-third time in a rather stressed voice, pausing to look anxiously at the 'bay door.

"You think this is bad? Arcee was in the 'bay for three joors with Moonstrike," Springer chirped, taking quite a bit of delight in his creation-in-law's stress. It was partially his fault Moonstrike was in pain, after all. Optimus made a strange noise before taking three steps toward the 'bay. He paused and opened his bond a bit more. He had had it partially open for the past half joor to alleviate Moonstrike's pain, but he had not opened it all the way for fear of distracting her.

/Distraction is not bad./ came Moonstrike exhausted presence.


/I'm fine… just tired…/

/All is well?/

/Well, Ratchet hasn't started panicking yet. I guess that's a good thing./

/What is taking so long?/

/I… I am uncertain…/

::Ratchet, what is taking so long?:: -Optimus Prime

Of course, Ratchet's comm. was offline. Typical. Optimus grunted in worry. Ratchet only offlined his comm. when there was a problem.

/You do not feel any more pain?/

/Just… just a little—Frag!/ Optimus jumped at the exclamation and the sharp pain that accompanied it.


/Sweetspark? What's a nap…?/

/A… a nap? Why?/

/Ratchet said I… Ratchet said… naps… I…/

/Moonstrike?/ There was no reply, and Optimus' helm whirled to face the medbay door. He was getting ready to sprint into the room when a rather joyful-looking Arcee walked out. Optimus rushed to her and grabbed her arms as he looked into her optics.

"Moonstrike! She's—"

"Out cold," Arcee finished with a smile. "There was a bit of trouble, but everything has worked out perfectly well. Optimus, would you like to meet your femme creation?" Optimus stared at her, dumbstruck, as he nodded his helm. Arcee smiled as she grabbed his arm and pulled him into the medbay.

The smell of processed energon was the first thing that registered in his processor, reminding him painfully of the days of the Second Great War. The next thing he registered was the sight of his mate lying deathly still on a medical berth. A interlinear line fed her body partially processed energon to compensate for that which was lost, and monitors were hooked up to her chest plating, keeping track of her spark rate as Ratchet worked carefully on something in her chest. Optimus ran his optics over her to reassure himself that she was still here and had not been taken from him as Elita had been.

Then his optics landed on the pink bundle in Flareup's arms. Small clicks of distress reached Optimus' audios, and he instinctively clicked as he moved toward the small bundle as if on auto-pilot. The cries and clicks of the smallest femme slowly died down as she listened to her mech creator's deep voice. Optimus didn't ask Flareup's permission before taking the bundle into his arms.

Blue optics stared up at him, optics that were tiny, yet large on that small face. A pair of antennae that were identical to his own moved back and forth on her small red helm as she studied the only mech she knew. She was currently chewing on her servo, which tapered off into dull claws like her danniluk's. Finally, her optics brightened, and she gave Optimus a happy smile around her fingers. She trilled delightedly as she reached her hands up to her opiluk, wanting to feel the heat of his frame, the contours of his faceplates. He almost melted at the curiosity and childish love flowing through the brand new creator bond.

"Come, my young one. There one yet that must greet you," Optimus murmured as he moved back out of the medbay and back into the lobby with a gentle smile on his face. There was total silence as all attention turned to Optimus as he strode across the room to where Megatron sat. The young mech, noticing his opiluk's approach, paused in his game with Ravage and looked up at him. He frowned as he watched his opi kneel down before him, staring at the wiggling pink bundle in his mech creator's arms.

"OPi? Is that Sparky?" Megatron asked hesitantly as he stood and trotted over to his father. Optimus smiled and nodded as he lowered the femling a bit so that Megatron could peer down at her. The femling, for her part, seemed utterly fascinated by this new mech and squealed happily as she reached for him. Megatron grinned and bounced happily as he looked up at his creator.

"She likes me, Opi! I can feel her in my spark!" he exclaimed, then he looked back down at the sparkling. "I'm gonna be the bestest big brother ever! I'll take care a' her and keep her safe, and we'll be bestest friends!" the youngling proclaimed as he gazed down at his new sister. Optimus smiled proudly down at his son.

"I know you will," he said with chuckle. He glanced back at the door when he felt Moonstrike's bond stir a bit. "Come, Megatron. Danni is onlining."

"Yay!" he chirped. Optimus chuckled again as he stood. Megatron stepped up onto his father's foot, as was habit, and wrapped his arms around the mech's large calf. It was a custom that had been started a while back when Megatron was still learning to walk long distances. When the little mech got tired or didn't feel like walking anymore, he would latch onto one of his creators' pedes and hang on for the ride. Optimus, for his part, waited patiently for his son to get settled before walking back towards the 'bay door, smiling at the bots as he passed them and accepting various words of congratulations and praise as he moved. Megatron bounced excitedly as Optimus passed through the doors and twittered in joy when Optimus stopped by Moonstrike's berth.

"Moonstrike?" the large mech murmured. Ratchet finished what he was doing and gently closed Moonstrike's chest plates before turning his gaze to the prime.

"She's not to move until the welds finish setting," Ratchet stated, giving the family a small smile. "I need to scan the sparkling once more, then I'll go talk with everybot else," Ratchet finished.

The medibot grabbed a small scanner and took two steps towards the larger mech, but he was forced to pause when Optimus gave a low growl of warning. Ratchet scowled.

"No, none of that. We've had this talk before, Prime. I will not harm your family, and being overprotective like that will not help the matter," the medic snapped. He stomped up to Optimus, completely ignoring the warning looks he received from the mech as he peered down at the clicking femling.

"Hello, sweetspark," Ratchet cooed as he lifted the scanner. Large blue optics turned to the chartreuse mech, and the femling gave a curious whistle. Ratchet smiled again, ever a sucker for sparklings, and held the scanner over her helm. The sparkling squeaked shrilly when the light flashed briefly over her body, recoiling violently before curling into her opiluk's chest with a whine. "Well, she certainly has your dramatics," Ratchet commented.

"My dramatics? I believe she gets that from Moonstrike," Optimus disagreed as he watched Ratchet read the scan results. The medic scoffed in reply.

"Doubtful. You have always been overly dramatic, as has your brother."

"Opi has a brother?" Megatron piped up curiously. Ratchet tensed, and his right optics twitched before he forced himself to relax again.

"Your opiluk had a brother," Ratchet replied. "He is no longer as he was."

"Oh…" Megatron said slowly, not really understanding at all. It was his experience, though, that it was unwise to further question Ratchet the Hatchet…

"Optimus…?" a tired voice rose from the berth. Optimus and Megatron both perked up at the raspy female voice.

"Danni!" Megatron cheered, scrambling up from Optimus' ped and rushing to the berth. The youngling bounced excitedly, wanting up on the berth, but unable to get up by himself.

"Here you go, runt," Ratchet grunted as he lifted him onto the berth. Megatron twittered happily as he crawled over to his danniluk.

"Danni, Danni! I have a sister!" he exclaimed joyfully. "Primus bringed me a sister!"

"Did he really?" Moonstrike asked weakly, turning her gaze up to Optimus. She smiled at the sight of the tiny bundle in his muscular arms. The bundle clicked and chirped at the sound of her voice, and Optimus gave a small chuckle as he settled himself on the bed beside her.

"This is our femme creation, Moonstrike. You did well," Optimus murmured as he laid the femling—blanket and all—on her stomach on Moonstrike's chest. The femling whistled curiously as she patted her femme creator's chest plates, enjoying the feel of the smooth metal against her little hand. Moonstrike smiled at the little femme before glancing up at Optimus, who had a look of utter adoration and love on his faceplates.

"Elita," Moonstrike stated. Optimus shuttered his optics in confusion and cocked his helm to the side.

"I am afraid I do not understand," Optimus admitted as he rose to his pedes.

"I want to designate her Elita," Moonstrike expounded, giving Optimus a meaningful look. The larger mech look torn, wanting to remember his femme, but not knowing if this was the right way to do it. Did he really have the right to let Moonstrike name her sparkling after his first love, a love he would never be able to forget. "Elita would want this, Optimus," Moonstrike added, knowing what his conflict would be. "Elita would want it, and I want it. A femme like Elita deserves to be remembered like this."

"When a bots says her name, everybot will automatically think of my mate. Instead, let us name her 'Ariel.' It was Elita's name back when we first met and before I became a prime," Optimus replied. Moonstrike nodded slowly.

"Ariel… It has a smooth sound to it. I like it," Moonstrike agreed. Megatron slowly crawled up to her helm.

"So… her name's gonna be Ariel?" he asked slowly, gazing down at his little sister, who stared back at him with utter fascination.

"Yes," Moonstrike replied, regaining the sparkling's attention. "You will take care of her, right?" Megatron nodded seriously.

"Yep. I'm gonna be the bestest big brother ever," he swore. Moonstrike smiled, proud of her little bot.

"Moonstrike, Prime," Ratchet said as he walked into the bay. Moonstrike blinked, taking note for the first time that all the other bots had left the bay a few moments ago.

"Yes, Ratchet?" Optimus replied, standing a little straighter.

"These bots are anxious to meet your little femme," the medic stated. Optimus glanced over at Moonstrike, who nodded with a smile.

"Send them in," she ordered. Optimus smiled as he gently ran a finger down his little femling's helm. His Ariel. His little sparkling. As he watched the large crowd of bots squeeze into the room, he couldn't help but feel that he had won something. Whether it be a war or a contest, he could not really say. All he knew was that he had won the greatest prize of all, and nobot would ever take that away from him ever again. He would always be safe and happy with his own family.


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Awww. Thanks for the compliment. Being unique can make quite a difference in the writing business. Lol. Naw, Springs and 'Cee were kinda in the dark, but that's because the officers didn't want to chance someone else overhearing and spreading the word. Could you imagine if Deathfire or Deathstrike had heard of Moonstrike's sparkling before she was captured? 0.0

Lol. Everyone was thrown by the use of that word. Who knew a single English word would completely shock everyone who read this XD

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Sideswipe: FLEE!

Sunstreaker: Fraggit, Sides, she's handcuffed to us!

You can't escape! XD

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