Hello All! Yes I'm back with new ideas, and also pissed that they (CW) cut this show. This is my take on the Deirdre/Marti story, only there is another sister! Deirdre has a fraternal twin. But instead of me telling you all this, how about you actually read it and see how it is. Let me know how you like it! I will be having Julian/Marti moments as well. Enjoy!

"I have a half sister?" Marti asked, looking at the back of the picture he was holding.

"Two actually," Julian Parish said, "I can't seem to find a picture of one October Perkins."

"She doesn't have a school picture?" Wanda asked, as Julian handed Marti the picture. Wanda downed the shot glass of whiskey that she had asked for and poured another shot right after.

Julian sighed, "Apparently she's skipped every single picture day throughout her high school years, as for elementary school she was home schooled."

"Wait a minute, I know this girl," Marti said, surprise evident in her eyes as she recognized the worker at Wainwright's, "She tried to help me find information on my dad. You're now telling me she's my half-sister?"

"According to my sources, Rex Perkins and Judith had Deirdre and October as fraternal twins. They are both 16, and while October is enrolled in high school Deirdre works at-" Julian had started.

"The music shop Wainwright's," Marti finished, annoyance and hurt in her tone, "She lied right to my face. I gotta go."

She grabbed her bag and quickly left without another word. Julian looked from her leaving to Wanda and the shot glass that had been refilled a third time.

"Do you mind if I have one?" he asked, exhaustion evident in his voice. Wanda pulled another glass from the bar and filled one for him and slid it across to him.


Marti biked to Wainwright's in the next 15 minutes fuming. She wasn't sure what exactly she was going to say when she saw Deirdre, but she was sure going to figure out what the hell was going on. She walked in and recognized the older man that Deirdre had termed "been working there since forever."

"Hey, do you know where a Deirdre Perkins is?" Marti asked, trying to sound polite.

"Um, I'm afraid she just walked out," the old man replied, his eyes shifting toward the entrance noticeably.

Marti followed his gaze and saw Deirdre signaling him to not look at her, "Hey!"

Deirdre's eyes widened as she took off running. Marti sprinted out the entrance and ran after her down the street. She finally caught up to her and tackled her to the ground.

"What is wrong with you?" Marti yelled, trying to keep her on the ground.

Deirdre squirmed out of her grip however and flipped Marti's bag over, spilling it's contents out on the street. She took off again as Marti damned herself for bringing her bag with her and scrambled to pick up her things. Once she jammed everything in she started after her half-sister again. She caught up once again to have her shut a gated door in her face. Deirdre turned around and looked at Marti. Frustration built up and she yelled out in pure stress.

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

Deirdre didn't say anything. She just turned around and walked off.

Marti looked in disbelief. Her half-sister hated her, and she had no idea about the other one, but had a bad feeling that it wouldn't go well either. In defeat, she turned to go back and get her bike and go back to Cheertown.


"Hey, you look like you've seen a ghost," October Perkins said, taking a sip of water as her fraternal twin walked in.

"Do you remember that girl I told you about that said Rex was her dad?" Deirdre asked, not being careful with her words she noticed October clench her fist, "Sorry."

Once her fist unclenched she looked at her sister, "Yeah, I thought you said it was just a scam."

"She came back today, asking for me," Deirdre said.

"And you ran," October said. It wasn't a question.

"You know I can't help it," Deirdre shot back, "I have avoidance behavior characteristics."

"Still," October said, "You probably could've handled it smoother than that."

"I don't care," Deirdre said, "I know what she wants to talk about, so I'm going to be ready for her tomorrow."

"You could, you know, just talk to her," October said, switching the track on her iPod. The 13 on her wrist showing under her sleeve.

"I still can't believe you got all of those tats," Deirdre said, "How do you not get in trouble with school?"

"I'm one of the best students there," October said, "They can make an exception for me. And you're avoiding the conversation."

"Yeah, but you also spent most of your college fund since you got your first one last year," Deirdre grabbed a water bottle from the fridge.

"I'm allowed to," October said, ignoring the fact that she was still avoiding the original problem, "I already know that I have two scholarships in the running for me."

"Graduating at 16," Deirdre said proudly, thumping her sister's shoulder, "Who'd have thought it?"

October massaged her shoulder, but smiled at her, "Mom..."

Both girls' eyes were downcast for a little moment until Deirdre looked up.

"Hey, come on," she elbowed October's arm, "Let's tune out for a bit. Forget the world and about our problems for a bit."

"Can't," October said, taking another drink from her water bottle, "Homework I need to finish. And Jasen is coming over tonight and taking me out to a movie."

"Okay, well I'll play anyway nerd," Deirdre ran her hand through October's hair and messed it up even more, "You go do your geek thing with your boyfriend after you're finished with homework."

October grabbed Deirdre's arm, preventing her from going anywhere, "Are you going to consider talking to her?"

Deirdre looked her sister in the eyes. They were a cloudy blue at the moment, but she could still see the green that poked through completely after her eyes adjusted to the light. Deirdre pulled her hand from October's red hair and noticed the blond roots showing.

"You look like a skunk with your roots showing," Deirdre ended the conversation and pulled her arm from October's grip. She walked out from the kitchenette and down the hallway to her bedroom. October heard the door open, but before it clicked shut she heard Deirdre call out.

"I'll consider it," was all she said.

October smiled contently and took another drink from her water bottle before moving to her bedroom to her desk and pulled her Chem II book out. A poster fell over near her bed, making her look back and hiss through her teeth in annoyance.

"Dammit Imogen," she said, grabbing the tack that fell out and bouncing up on her bed to put it back up, "Why can't you stay up?"

Disregarding the fact that the poster couldn't talk back, once October was satisfied that the poster wasn't going to fall she jumped to the floor and went back to start on her homework.

Before she even picked up her pencil however, she put her iPod into the dock of her iHome and turned it on. The song that was last played started back up from where it was paused, only less-than-blaring out the song "Headlock" by the same artist that was on the poster, Imogen Heap.


Yes I am aware the chapter is short and not really eventful, but I'm working kinks and knots out of it. Before anyone thinks anything of it, I am a huge Imogen Heap fan and will most likely use her music throughout this story, among other songs by other artists as I see fit. It's a bit of a quirk with my stories. Again let me know how I'm doing!