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October woke up with a pounding headache the next morning, as she got ready for school that morning she noticed that she ached all over as well. She walked up to the mirror in her room to see a couple of light bruises on her face that could be covered with makeup. She lifted her shirt to check the damage on her ribs. The bruise was still there, dark and ugly as ever. She stretched and felt the pain strike, but in a relieving sense when she relaxed. She went to her desk and opened a drawer to pull out bandage wrap. No sense in going to school with the chance of hitting something against it. She tightly wrapped herself and snapped on a couple of pins to keep it in place.

When she finished getting dressed she peeked outside of her room to see Deirdre drinking some coffee and killing time before work. October crept to the bathroom to fix the rat's nest out of her hair and applied some foundation over the bruises. She then brushed her teeth and went into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water and an apple.

"Good morning," Deirdre said, stretching out on the beaten up couch and lazily flipping the pages of a book.

"Morning," October said between drinks, "Do you need a ride to work?"

"How can you sit and read this? It gets so technical and some of the words are spelled weird," she said, tossing the book on the coffee table. The reflective cover showed October it was her dog-eared copy of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.

October took the question as a yes answer and sat in the old recliner, "I like the character, she's a computer hacker with as many flaws as talent. Plus, the weird spelling is because it's an English translation from Swedish. Some English words don't exist in their language."

"Whatever," Deirdre said, picking up her guitar and strumming it, "So, are you going to go visit that girl today?"

"What girl?" October asked, packing the book into her messenger bag.

"Our half-sister, Mary or whoever," Deirdre said, her strumming becoming louder.

"Marti, her name is Marti," October corrected, "And I don't know. Why are you asking?"

"Because she called me asking what you were up to because you weren't answering your phone," she said between clenched teeth.

"If I didn't know any better I would say you were jealous of her," October scoffed, more in annoyance at her sister rather than spite.

The strumming stopped all of a sudden as Deirdre looked up at October, "Why. Would. I. Be. Jealous. Of. A. Bobble-head?"

"She's not a bobble-head," October said, "And I still don't understand why you're annoyed."

"Don't you see?" Deirdre said standing up, "She's coming between us! Next thing I'll know is I'll be coming home to an empty house and live the rest of my life alone!"

"Well maybe that wouldn't be a problem if you actually let people in when they want to be your friend!" October said, jumping to her feet.

"Why would I need to if you're here?" Deirdre yelled back.

"Because if your biggest fear is losing me is coming true then you wouldn't have me here!" October's hands clenched into fists, "Your argument is void due to your circular evidence!"

Deirdre then put her guitar in its carrying case and stormed around the apartment getting her things. She opened the door and slammed it shut. October stood there tensed, taking deep breaths until she relaxed. She hated arguing with Deirdre, but sometimes her sister was so aggravating when it came to people wanting to be in their lives. It took her a year to become used to Jasen and that was only when he was becoming a friend. That was when October and Deirdre were five. Ever since Mom died Deirdre had become a recluse and didn't trust anyone except October. Then when Rex attacked, Deirdre took it upon herself to look after October. It took her two years to be used to the idea of Jasen becoming October's boyfriend.

She sighed and fell into the chair, pinching the bridge of her nose. The shouting didn't help her headache at all. She pulled her phone out of the pocket of her bag and turned it on. She saw that there were 2 voicemails both from Marti, and a missed call from Deirdre, probably about Marti calling her. She called Jasen on her phone and asked if he could give her a ride to school.

Within five minutes he was at the door waiting for her, "Is something wrong with the Hulk?"

"No, my car's fine, it's just I have a bit of a headache and I didn't get much sleep last night," October said, giving him a small kiss, "Not exactly driving material."

Jasen smiled and lead her to his car with an arm around her waist. "Ah, and what about Deirdre? No ride to work for her?"

"We kinda had an argument," October said sheepishly.

Jasen kissed her temple, "It'll blow over, they always do."

"Well this is about the girl that's our half-sister," October explained.

"Oh," Jasen said as if in a question, then realizing the actuality of the situation, "Oh."

"Yeah," October said, "I'm not exactly sure how long it's going to take."

"Well it was a year for me to be your friend, and then two years before she accepted me as a good boyfriend for you," Jasen said, then sighing, "But the fact of who it deals with I really don't see her becoming attached to your half-sister for a while."

"I know, but she just doesn't get it," October said.

"Get what?" he asked, opening the door for her.

"I'm thinking about going to Lancer for college," October said, "I'm going to be the new mascot so I can stay at Cheertown and with Marti."

"I don't think that's going to help with the problem," Jasen said as he got in the driver's side.

"I know, she had just told me that she was afraid that Marti was going to steal me away," October groaned, "Why can't I have a normal twin sister?"

"Because that wouldn't be right," Jasen said, driving out of the parking lot, "You balance each other out. You keep each other on your toes."

"I still wish it wasn't that way," she grumbled, "It would make life easier."

"Life isn't supposed to be easy," Jasen shot back.

"True, as you usually are," October said.

Jasen grinned as he pulled into the school's parking lot, "Deirdre will come around. You just have to give her time and a really solid reason for her to trust Marti."

He went around and opened the door for October, always the gentleman. October slid out of the seat and wrapped her arms around his waist in a hug.

"I don't know what to do though," October felt exhausted, "Graduation is-"

"-A little under three-quarters of a year away," Jasen finished, "There is plenty of time for a miracle."

October let out a deep breath, "With it being Deirdre, it's going to have to be one hell of a miracle."

"That's the spirit!" Jasen said kissing her.

They both walked into the school and went to her locker; Jasen never put anything in his locker, except his textbooks, because all he needed was paper and a pencil. He never took his textbooks yet he had perfect grades in everything except English, that and he had every class with October, who brought everything he needed with her. She helped him out in English, while he helped her out with Calculus.

The first class was Art however, and neither needed help in that area. Jasen didn't seem like it, but he had a great style when it came to drawing. October mainly drew anime or Manga characters or scenes. She would also draw a couple of animals here and there, but Jasen had a knack for drawing everything. His largest muse were horses though, as his dad worked at the racetrack nearby and Jasen wanted to take over when his dad left. October wasn't aware, but Jasen was awarded a scholarship to the Darby program, which meant he would be traveling almost everywhere around the globe. He really wanted to stay in the UK as it was nearby Ireland, where his parents were from and he was born.

He really wanted October to go with him, but she was so set for Lancer. However, he still had two years to graduate, so he hoped with his whole self that it would work out perfectly.

He brought up the idea of asking October to live with him in the UK to Deirdre, who completely understood his concern. She told him the best thing to do would be wait until October got her first-level degree in order to work in a lab, and then find a place nearby somewhere she could work in the UK. If possible, try and get it close to where Imogen Heap lived too. That would help majorly with her wanting to go.

Jasen still hadn't said anything yet, waiting for the perfect moment. He could wait forever if he had to. He put his hand in the inside pocket of his jacket and felt the small box with the ring in it. It was the ring he hoped to present to October when he proposed to her in the future.

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