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Dine and Dash

*~*~* Chapter One – Dine and Dash *~*~*

'The shadows of our own desires stand between us and our better angels, and thus their brightness is eclipsed.' (Charles Dickens)

"Move it along Bells, we don't have all day," Sam laughed while I mumbled curses under my breath.

They always did this, I swear. It was like they constantly had to worry about me breaking so I was never allowed to go out on their "errand" runs. I mean, I already know they're in a gang. I've practically been around the Grey Wolves all my life. We go to parties, the beach, family shindigs and just hang out together all the time. But when they have "business" to take care of, I'm shipped back home like a house mouse and the males get to go out on a testosterone hype. I've seen them get into fights before. I mean, how bad could these "errands" be? Okay, the fights are probably really bad… but it's life, I can handle it, I'm sure. I don't have to be handed over for safe keeping every time they bust a lip or bruise an eye…

I'm being a naïve little bitch, I know, but I still wish that I could go tonight. There's some problem with the Shadow Fangs so they have to take off. Shadow Fang is a gang as big as Sam's. They're lead by a total hothead named Edward Cullen. According to Jake, I've seen Edward a long time ago, when I was like 11? I can't really remember though considering how hard a time I was having back then. But anyways, I've heard from other sources that Edward's unbelievably easy on the eyes, but he's totally lethal. He bust open this one guy's head on the pavement just for bumping into him and he'd been arrested twice... in the same month, but they can never keep him in. And there's this one guy in his gang, Emmett, he's a freaking mountain of sheer muscle and his cousin or something, Jasper? He's been to Juvie. And apparently, this other guy, James, was wanted for murder at some point and that's just to name four out of all the members! I've only ever caught glimpses of them once or twice when I was with Jake, Sam and Embry in Seattle, but the Wolves huddled me away before I could get a good look at anyone besides muscle man Emmett and a flicker of someone's gorgeous bronze mess of hair. Anyway, Shadow Fangs are totally notorious around the North and inland areas, where the Wolves are going tonight. It's their territory not Sam's. Sam's territory is the west coastline and La Push. So, in all honesty, I know that Jake and the rest leave me at home because they do a bit more than bust lips and bruise eyes. I fully realize they're trying to protect me from all the hardcore stuff they do, but I'm worried and you can't blame me, they're my friends and Jacob… Jake's my brother.

"Chin up, soldier, we'll be back in no time," Jacob's cold hand shot out to steady me as I stumbled down the back of Sam's Jeep Hurricane. Jesus, it's the coldest winter yet.

"Yeah, just come back with all ten fingers and toes attached," I warned them.

"Sure thing, Bells, but no guarantees on their side," Seth grinned toothily.

"He's 17 and he gets to go! It's totally ridiculous. If I can't come, then he shouldn't get to go either," I protested. The truth of the matter is, Seth's pretty much as dangerous as the others, but he's also the most playful, which means he's a cocky little twit who is most likely going to get hammered if he doesn't keep himself under control out there. So on the off chance that they relent, I could be saving him from some severe blood loss.

Sam raised his brows incredulously, "He's a year older than you, Bell."

I'm about to point out that I'm turning 17 soon, when I'm cut off.

"And I'm actually part of the pack," Seth chipped in like the twit he is. I swear the juvenile 5-year-old in him will never grow up.

Fine, go get your head bust open, see if I care.

Argh, I care!

Shaking my head, I finally relent and step away from them with a deep sigh. "Just be careful!" I call over my shoulder, screaming so that they can hear me over their insane, adrenaline induced yells as the taillights burn bright and they wave out the window in vague acknowledgment that I said anything at all.

"Boys," I mutter and shake my head in disappointment, walking towards shelter. I grab the icy handle and enter the much welcomed warmth of the cozy cottage styled house. "Hey guys, I'm home."

"In the kitchen," Sarah calls, out of breath.

Shrugging off my coat, I allow my nose to lead me towards the delicious smell coming from the kitchen. "Hey Sari, what's up?" I ask, grabbing an apron.

"Roast lamb," she says, and holds up a dish to me, allowing the smell to engulf me, before placing it back in the oven, with a huge, crinkly smile that's a carbon copy of Jake's. Turning back to me, she raises a brow as she eyes me and dries her hands in a dish towel. "Boy's leave you again?" She asks knowingly.

"One day, I will injure them." I grab a wooden spoon and try to jab a pineapple slice for emphasis, but the slippery thing just slides away to the other side of the counter, not doing much to prove my point at all. "I'm just, you know… working my way up to it." My face twists of its own accord at the end, as the pineapple slice mocks me from its side of the counter.

Sarah chuckles as I eye the wooden spoon and pineapple slice with a frown. Taking the spoon out my hand, she replaces it with a knife. "It's all about the weapon," she says, in a really bad Godfather impersonation. Raising my brow, I laugh along at her silliness. "Now practice on those fruit for me." She nudged her head in the direction of a fruit salad she's already started.

Sarah doesn't know much about the activities of the guys that Jake and I hang out with. For all she knows, Jake's simply going through a teenager phase with his friends, but she really has no clue that her son belongs to an actual gang.

We both worked in silence while I mused on the delicate yet intricate facets of my relationships. Sarah's not related to me, heck none of them are. Her husband, Billy, and my dad grew up together. He's my dad's best friend. It would've probably remained that way if my mom hadn't skipped town 13 years ago. Now this is home. At least, it is during the weekends, holidays and any other time I want to drop by. My dad really didn't know how to take care of a 3-year-old, and with his heavy work schedule I could see where he was coming from. He wasn't always Forks Chief of Police, but he worked hard for the position so that we'd be okay. While he was out slaving, it was Billy and Sarah who stepped in. Sarah's awesome, she makes me miss Renee less…

Anyway, now Sarah, Billy and Jake are extended family. I love them as much as they do me. They're my way of life. In fact, the Grey Wolves are the only friends I have outside of school and I prefer it that way… because well, it's always been that way.

I have some friends at school, mainly Angela, Mike, Eric, and Jessica, but we only ever see each other when I'm at school. I school up North, mostly because Forks High is near both the police station and my dad, Charlie's, house. It's not much of a comfort to Jake and the guys that I go to school in Forks, since it's Shadow Fang territory. But it isn't really a big deal, it's not like Edward Cullen would have any reason to bother me. Jacob and Sam have ensured that I'm greatly unknown in their dealings. Besides, me going to school there makes it easier to see my dad. He picks me up after school because I live with him during the week, except holidays. He was pretty adamant that I go to school in Forks and not on the Res where the boys went. I think it's because we'd hardly ever see each other if I did. I miss my dad a lot, he's great, but I know he feels guilty about Renee leaving, so he made the sacrifice of letting Sarah raise me just so I'd have a make-shift mother. I hated Renee for that. But I love Charlie and Sarah for it even more.

An ice breeze shook us to attention as Billy shut the back door.

"Something smells good," Billy's gruff voice said appreciatively, as he wheeled himself into the kitchen.

"Sarah's going all out today." I grinned as she blushed and swatted the dishtowel at me.

"Abusing my little girl when I'm not looking, eh?"

I turned and bounded towards the joking, gravelly voice. "Dad! What are you doing here?" I smiled widely and hugged him. He, in return, did an awkward one armed pat on my back, Charlie's never really been one for emotional displays.

"What? Your ol' man not allowed to drop by for some dinner?"

"Sure, he can," I hugged him one more time against his will and gleefully showed him my butchered fruits. I'm useless in the kitchen, I know, but it doesn't stop me from trying. I grinned like the mischief emoticon as I watched Dad try to come up with a way to compliment my disaster.

"Well, you coulda just said no."

Billy let out a gust of rumbling laughter as Charlie pretended to pack up and leave 'cause I apparently used my salad to refuse him dinner.

"Ha-ha," I pouted and thumped my salad bowl down on the counter with too much force.

"Come on, Charlie, it's not beyond saving. I'm sure it tastes fine." Sarah patted my shoulder, even though she was well aware that I was faking my disappointment.

"Where'd Jake go?" Billy inquired after looking around the room and Sarah answered to the best of her knowledge.

"Oh, he's spending some time down at the beach with the rest of the boys."

Part of me feels bad that they don't know about their activities, but it's not my story to tell. So, as per usual, I just shrug.

"I swear that kid keeps getting bigger and bigger every time I see him," Charlie comments, setting the table.

"He's nineteen, Dad." This is something that my father always seems to forget.

"Well, you two are growing up too fast if you ask me," he huffs, taking a seat across from me.

"Oh, give it a rest, Charlie. It was bound to happen sometime," Sarah chimes in, actively hinting to Charlie that he can't expect me to be his little girl forever. How I love this woman!

"Can't blame a guy for trying," Dad mumbles under his bushy mustache and dishes out for himself. "You coming home today, Bells?"

The phone cuts off my reply and I shoot Dad an apologetic look before answering. "Hey, Jess."

"Bella, how are you?" I know better than to actually answer that, so instead I just remain quiet, knowing Jess isn't really interested in the answer, It was merely her greeting. Jess does not disappoint, steamrolling through the rest of her speech, "We haven't seen you in a long time, so here's the plan. We're all meeting on Friday morning at the diner so we can take a trip down to Port Angeles. You coming? And, by the way, the answer better be "yes", or I have Angela's permission to alienate you at school on Monday."

I roll my eyes. Classic Jess. "That'd be great, Dad," I answer my father's question, and he chuckles, having heard Jess's boisterous voice from across the table.

"What was that?" Jess asks, confused. Guess she isn't called 'Dad' very often then.

Laughing lightly, I confirm the plans with her, "I'll be there, Jess."

"Yay!" I can practically see her doing a silent, happy clap at getting her way, before she hastily says goodbye. No doubt to call Angela. "See you at 9 then! Bye."

"Bye," I mumble into the now dead phone, laughing to myself. Nothing livelier than Jessica on the week before school starts up again.

Just then the front door burst open and in walked Jacob, Seth and Jared. The three off them looked A okay, but I'm guessing there's a reason why the others didn't come in as well... My Dad's police cruiser is a big give away that the Chief of Police is around. They send me the wry smile they usually do after running "errands" like these, to say all's well and then proceeded as if it's any other day with everyone else in the room. Much to everyone's amusement, Seth reaches for the salad first and at the sight, grimaces and incredulously inquires, "So Bella cooked again?"



Charlie and I got home pretty late last night but he tried to get in some father daughter time… sorta… There's only so much fun one can have watching baseball when you have no interest in the game, so I was up in my room fast asleep by the first home run.

I was still asleep when Dad left for work this morning. I found a note on the fridge saying he'd be back by 5, but he'd left me some money in case I wanted to go out. After my shower and normal routine, I decided to take him up on that offer. There wasn't much to do at home and I figured I could get myself something to wear on Friday. It wasn't often I got to go out with other females, so I may as well look the part.

My neighbor was headed into town and I managed to hitch a ride there, before quickly called dad to let him know my plans and to find out if I could meet him at the station afterward so we could come home together. He said it was fine, which meant I had roughly an hour and a half to myself.

Forks didn't have much to offer when it came to recreation, but it still had more than La Push did. I walked around aimlessly for half an hour until I managed to find a little clothing shop at the corner of the street. It was a miracle that the weather was holding up. I had only just realized that the sky was heavily laden with dark clouds. Better make this a speedy shopping trip, I decided quickly, not wanting to get caught in the downpour.

The sales clerk was a petite female with long, striking red hair. I swear she looked like she had flames flowing down her back. Aside from the fire hazard on her head though, she looked very pretty and friendly in that "buy some of my clothes" way.

"Anything I can help you with?" She asked in a friendly tone.

"Nah, thanks, just looking."

She returned my smile with her own friendly, cat-like one and walked back to the register while I sifted through some of the clothing racks. The dresses were gorgeous, but I was looking for something casual. These dresses were meant for prom or something else of the sorts. "Any casual wear?" I asked her.

She smiled and nodded towards the far end of the store, clearly distracted by the good-looking, blonde guy that had entered the store and was headed in her direction. Deciding to give them a bit of privacy, I moved towards the casual dresses at the back of the store. My God, whoever designed these dresses was a genius! They were gorgeous, in a casual way. I was stuck between a deep blue one that flared from the waist and went down to my knees, and a black and teal handkerchief dress. Holding out both in front of me, I scanned my appearance in the full-length mirror next to the window. They both looked fabulous, but there was no way I'd be able to afford them both. Eventually, I managed to settle on the black and teal one.

By the time I get back to the till, the blonde guy is seated on the counter with his legs dangling over. It's only then that I notice his clothing. He's dressed head to toe in dark red, black and metallic gold. He turns away from the cashier, and I catch sight of his piercing blue eyes. The color is icy, and a brief confusion flashes through them when he turns around and smirks at me, clearly not understanding why I'm gawking at him like he's death. The girl looks between us in confusion, and I hastily shove the dress on the countertop and bolted out the door. There is no way I need that dress THAT much. I've got to get out of here before, by some fluke, this guy recognizes me!

I race out the doorway and into the steady drizzle. I can hear the cashier yell after me, asking if there was something wrong with the dress and right afterwards, the guy asks, "You know her, Victoria?"

My steps quicken as the rain beats down more heavily, knowing, in some part of my subconscious, that I've got to get out of the downpour. By now, I've hopefully gotten far enough away, but my sweater is clinging tightly to my body and my hair is plastered to my face. I round the corner and silently thank God that there's a garage dead ahead of me, a perfect place to wait out the rain. I stumble through a puddle and continue towards the garage. It's pretty safe to say I could be stuck here a while. The rain isn't going to let up anytime soon. In a huff, I rummage through my bag and retrieve my cell. Calling dad to pick me up seems like the wisest choice right now, but as luck would have it, I've got no signal due to the weather.

"Use mine."

A deep, smooth, velvet voice behind me startles me; a voice that one can associate with the likes of heaven and darkness together, regardless of how contradictory it may be. A hand juts out in front of me, wielding an expensive looking cell but I'm still too shocked by the guy's sudden intrusion to grab the phone. I spin to face him instead.

His beauty startles me far more than his voice did. He's gorgeous. He looks about 19-years-old and his face is sculptured to such perfection, I'd believe Michelangelo had done the job himself. He was tall and commanding, even though his body language was nothing but casual. He towered over me with such ease that I swear I felt like a garden gnome in his presence. His hair was a marvelous shade of bronze mixed with copper. It had the look of absolute disarray, like since the day he was born he had formed a habit of running his hand angrily through it. His attire was dark and sexy, much like the appeal that oozed straight out of him, in every devastating sense, be it his striking looks, lopsided smirk, dangerous poise or the piano fingers clutching the cell. His body was well-toned, the rippling muscles visible despite the black jeans that hung low on his gorgeous hips, the dark red shirt and black hoodie that brought out the paleness of his skin and the red, black and metallic gold-trimmed sneakers covering his feet.

"Bella." He smiles in greeting, but cocks his head to the side like a predator. My eyes must've flashed with shock that he knew my name at all because he smirks, flashing me his sharp, pearly whites. "James said he saw you," he says with some amusement, and watches me with calculating eyes.

I feel like a bucket of ice water was thrown down my shirt. Why didn't I realize it before? He's wearing Shadow Fang colors too. I'm in so much trouble!

"Who are you?" My voice comes out venomously, biting and ice cold, internally surprising me. But I soon realize it was merely due to a lack of knowledge of who I was talking to.

"I'm Edward," He answers easily, completely unfazed by my tone, his voice low and deep as he leans back and studies my reaction. If I thought I was scared of the fact that it had been James in the shop, you've got no idea how terrified I am now that I know this is Edward Cullen.

He smiles at me and I swear it's dazzling, capturing my attention like a room of fine wine would a recovering alcoholic. It causes my pulse to race. His voice isn't threatening. I don't even think it was meant to be threatening. But his naturally dangerous aura still has an undertone in it. My flight instinct has already kicked in and I turn to race off.

"Bella, seriously, it seems like every time we meet you're running away," he mocks, quickly moving to block my way. "Right now, that time four months ago in Seattle, in Port Angeles, and thrice in Forks," he finishes, looking me in the eye. For a second, I'm completely overwhelmed. His eyes are a deep shade of jade. It's the most intense thing you could ever witness.

How could he have seen me all those times? I'd only ever encountered the Shadow Fangs twice and hadn't even gotten to identify any of their personal appearances. My gaze shifts towards his hair and I remember it! It's the same hair from that one time in Forks, the one that was semi-hidden because I was so overwhelmed by the sight of that heap of scary, muscly Emmett.

"What?" I breathe out, shocked that he'd seen me so many times and actually took notice.

He just shrugs smugly, knowing that this is news to me. Just so content to get under my skin with this knowledge that he will intentionally never elaborate on.

Ignoring him, I sidestep and move towards the side exit of the garage, knowing that it makes me completely visible to everyone that I'm hoping is in the 24hr store.

He refuses to let me leave though. Holding me in his line of sight, he tags along. "Relax, I don't wanna hurt you, anima gemella (soulmate)," he says, trying to calm me down. But the fact that he's so amused at my anger and fear does little to help his endeavor. He knows he's got the upper hand.

"My name is Isabella," I corrected him in disbelief. "And I'm not scared of you. You couldn't hurt me if you tried." It was merely a brave front, I know, but this was the only defense I had and I'm a stubborn girl, since what must be birth. He looked thoroughly amused by my answer.

"Really, Bella, because you seemed to be in a real hurry to get away from James," he grinned at me shrewdly, calling my bluff. "Now I'm wondering, is James scarier than me?" He mocked and towered over me, looking at me with amusement dancing in his eyes.

It was his surety however that sparked something in me. "You can't hurt me. What are you going to do? Kidnap me? Beat me? Kill me? Rape me? I'm not afraid. I've grown up around gangs remember?" Technically, it's not true. I've never borne witness to such atrocious acts nor are the Wolves lady abusers. but this was my defense and he didn't have to know it wasn't true. Deep within me .I really knew that I would be able to make it through all of that. because I refused to give up my power over myself. The only way for him to destroy me would be for him to kill me and I wasn't afraid of dying. Living is far more difficult than dying and I've lived this long, so why fear something easy like death? "You're going to have to think a bit harder. Come on, Cullen, scare me." I met his gaze with daring eyes and arched a brow. My reply seemed to please him as much as it surprised him.

"You're feisty. I like it, but you really should pay attention, little girl." He leaned towards me and braced his palms on the cold wall on either side of me, towering over me and locking me in. The muscles on his arm tensed and he looked predatory. His eyes darted to my mouth and back to my eyes. Locking me in his gaze, he dipped down until his breath was dancing hot against my cool skin and he was completely in control of me. The irises of his eyes had almost completely disappeared. He looked completely lethal and they refused to break their hypnotic gaze from mine. "I can be very scary." He narrowed his eyes and his shoulders seemed to tense and broaden further as his gaze intensified and smoldered me. His scent hit me like a ton of bricks. He smelled like cinnamon, soap, spice, leather and man. He smelled like everything that needed to be bottled and used to make the perfect aphrodisiac. "But, like I said, I don't wanna hurt you." He studies me for a while and his body language reminds me of a caged animal. "The day I saw you in Seattle, I was very intrigued," he paused for emphasis, "but Jakey and your other Wolf buddies shuffled you away so fast. And then I was really. Pissed. Off. " He emphasized, and pouted in a condescending fashion. His eyes, however, were dead serious and I think he'd be hissing if he weren't so hell bent on mocking me with his pout.

"What do you want?" My voice came out much weaker than I wanted it to, but I couldn't help it… I was scared and fighting so, so desperately not to let him know.

"Nothing," he said, leaning away from me, relaxing his stance and running his hand through his messy sex hair. "...major." He completed, and his damn sinfully gorgeous crooked smirk was back before I could let out my sigh of relief. My eyes darted to him in shock.

What could he possibly want with me?

As if reading my thoughts, he grinned and brushed my hair out my eyes. "Go out with me." He said it so casually, I almost choked.

"What?" I asked, perplexed.

"A date, Bella," He elaborated with dark amusement at my expression.

He couldn't be serious!

"My dad is Charlie Swan." My brows formed a frown and I looked up at him incredulously.

"And you are Isabella Swan," he stated condescendingly. "What? You want me to ask him for permission or something?" His eyes were rich with humor at my aghast expression.

Wouldn't the Chief just love him asking permission to take out his only daughter?

"He's the Chief of Police!" I choked out with utter disbelief and conviction. Now that should, by far, be the best way to get a gang leader to leave you alone. But I was fast learning that Edward Cullen was not someone to be deterred or refused.

"Doesn't stop you from hanging out with Jacob." His eyes darkened menacingly at the mention of my relationship with Jake, causing me to flinch.

"Jacob is family! Practically my brother! His mother raised me!" I rambled defensively, wanting to get away fast. "Why are we even having this conversation?" I asked aloud, suddenly realizing that I was justifying myself to a stranger whom I didn't owe an explanation to.

"Because you're secretly in love with me," he said cockily, tilting his head to the side. He said it like he knew what his close proximity was doing to me… like my body's reaction to him was a sure indicator that it was only a matter of time before his presumptuous statement would become a sure fact of life.

"No!" I shouted, horrified. What the hell gave him that idea? I don't know… maybe that little problem your southern lady bits are having right now?

"So, it's not a secret then?" He folded his arms and inspected me with humor, obviously enjoying seeing me riled up, as my large eyes kept darting from his knowing eyes to his pink, moist, fleshy lips.

"Argh!" I shot my hands out in disbelief and opted to leave instead of continuing this argument. There was no way in hell that I could go out on a date with him, if Charlie didn't kill me, Jacob would!

His hand moved quickly and gripped my arm, turning me back to him. His expression was softer, but still very amused. "Okay, come on, just dinner. I promise we don't have to start planning the wedding right away."


"Relax, love, I have no qualms with eloping." He shrugged and egged me on, seeming to love seeing me this annoyed.

Of their own accord, my eyes narrowed at him. "I'm leaving now," I hissed.

"Says who?" His deathly amazing smirk was back and he roughly pulled me closer. Still gripping my one arm, he now had me flush against his rock hard chest. His musk, spice and potent raw male scent knocked me senseless. He smelt as good as he looked. It was almost as if he was doing this to me on purpose. "Just dinner, Bella," he whispered along my lips, before connecting his to mine. My brain failed to register that I should move away from this kiss. It wasn't demanding, it was, if anything, a mixture of possessiveness and sincerity. His lips were full and sweet, molding with mine in a breathtaking dance, even if it only lasted a few seconds. His tongue merely skimmed over the tingling skin of my lip, and then, just as quick as he had advanced, he broke the kiss, but didn't relinquish his hold on my arm.

My head was a mess. I just kissed Edward Cullen! Jacob and the others were going to kill me! Why was I still standing here? Trying hard to keep my composure, I shook my head and decided to decline once more, but the shock had turned my voice far too soft. "You don't understand, my dad's -"

"A cop," he cut me off. "Now you understand. I'm a delinquent gang leader. It's thanks to guys like me that he's gleefully employed. If you really think about it, I've practically been feeding you all your life." I gawked at him, and he seemed thoroughly pleased by my expression. Fighting against his obvious amusement, he continued while I remained stunned to silence. "What's one more meal on my tab?" Smirking, he gently placed his finger under my now slack jaw and closed it. "Finalmente ci siamo incontrati (finally we have met) and Bella… I'm going to make sure it isn't the last," he said with finality. His eyes, though still playful, had darkened considerably, making sure I knew he was dead serious. "I want you. And I always get what I want."

Something in the way he said it made me think that I should be flattered as much as I should be scared. He let go off my arm and I bolted away, not realizing I was running through a seriously dodgy, poorly lit alley. That only served to make me push harder to get away from the dangers that could lurk in this place. I broke speed just before the station, leaning my hands on my knees while I caught my breath. I hadn't chosen the safest route to run through, but thank whatever powers were watching over me, because I got here safely. Straightening up, I started forward towards the entrance of the police station. As I walked in however, I was sure I saw a flash of bronze dash back into the alley I had just moved away from.


Last night was the first night I dreamt of Edward Cullen.

That crooked grin plagued my thoughts even as I woke up this morning. Sweat lined my brows and I lay panting for breath. He hadn't even touched me in my dream, let alone kissed me. He hadn't needed to. It was just the way he looked at me that sent fire coursing through my veins. It was so possessive, raw and calculating, like I was going to disappear if he didn't keep me locked in his sight.

But that was in a dream two hours ago, and right this second I'm seated in the diner with Angela, waiting for the rest of the group to show up and if there's one thing I'm certain of… I'm going to avoid Edward Cullen like Seth avoids my cooking.

"What's his name?" Angela asked me suddenly with a giggle.

"Whose name?" I blushed a little, wondering what she saw that made her ask.

"Come on, don't be coy, Bells. It's written all over your face. What's his name?" She smiled teasingly.

"It's not like that, Ange." Shaking my head to clear it, I try and distract her because I'm pretty sure she'll have me committed if I say Edward Cullen. "So, ask Eric to prom yet?"

Pretty, shy Ange blushed, and her jaw dropped. "Oh my God, I can't believe I forgot to tell you! Ben asked me right before I grew a big enough spine to ask Eric."

"Um, okay, wow, major information overload here, Ange. Since when is Ben a leading man in the story of your life?" I was genuinely curious now. Eric, for some unfathomable reason, had been the object of Angela's affection since she laid eyes on him. Jacob had narrowed it down to 'love is blind', which I did swat him for, considering he scoffed at my school friends, and that was a blatant pun on Angela's bad eyesight and mockery of Eric's slightly… um… emo style.

She laughed shyly and adjusted her glasses. "I don't know. He was just so sweet on the phone, you know?"

"That's great, Ange, I'm really happy for you." A sincere smile formed on my lips.

We didn't get to discuss things any further though, because everyone else chose that moment to join us. It felt good to see them again. I'm around Jake and the reservation so much that I forgot how fun these goofballs can be. They serve as the perfect distraction from my thoughts of Edward and his newfound interest in me.

Mike and his group are considered very popular at school. Eric Yorkie, as stated before, is slightly emo, but really sweet. Angela Webber is the kind heart of their group, She's really pretty, unbelievably shy, always willing to help and impossible not to like. Jessica Stanley is a boisterous, bubbly blonde who has forever had a crush on Mike. And sandy blonde-haired, blue-eyed Mike Newton has never been one to waste time, a fact highlighted right now. He jumps headfirst into everything and Jessica has never been one not to go along with whatever Mike says. So when he suggests we play truth or dare even before being properly seated, Jess is all for it. I begrudgingly get up and follow them outside to sit on the lawn and remember that this is why I spend more time down at the reservation than with them.

"Don't look so worried, Bella, we'll start of slow." Eric smiles his toothy, eager to please smile and squeezes my shoulder slowly. We form a circle on the grass, and thankfully the dew isn't too bad. "So, who's first?" He asks, rubbing his palms together.

"I'll go," Jessica offers, impatient to please Mike and grins expectantly at him for her dare… to no avail.

"Oh, I have one!"

Jessica's smile fades and she turns away from Mike to scowl at the bellowing Eric. All's lost to him as he formulates his version of torture on the friend he affectionately calls "the Shrill Shrew". "Truth or dare?" He asks Jess ominously.

"Dare." She grins, expecting something pathetic that only he would consider being a shudder worthy dare.

"Good." He grins evilly, way too happy with her choice. I find myself actually leaning away in trepidation. "I dare you to call Greene and tell him you're having the sickest sexual fantasies about him when he addresses us in school assembly."





Mike snorted loudly and high-fived Eric, while Angela and I shot a clearly horrified Jessica a sympathetic look. Regardless of whatever, no one deserved that! Principle Greene made dinosaurs look young and sexy. He was practically a fossil on legs himself, and he had the shiniest, balding head on the planet! Did I mention he's a chronic spitter? So… yeah... Eww!

It took her a second to get her head in the game, but then she determinedly woke up and strode over to the payphone outside the diner. "There's no way in fucking hell I'm calling from my phone." With angry jabs, she dialed Principal Greene's number and Mike strode over to her, wanting to make sure she wasn't pulling a fast one on us. They both waited a while as the phone rang and then Greene must've picked up because Mike gave us a thumbs-up and shoved his fist into his mouth to muffle his laughter.

"Hi, Principal Greene, I know this is your personal number, but I have a problem and I was hoping you could help me with it." Jessica's face was paling with each word, but that was much better than the awful green shade she turned as she continued. "It happens every assembly… when- when you're addressing u- us. The way you're s- s- so forceful and demanding, I start getting these crazy thoughts like str- stroking you till you're hard. And licking yo-"

I swear I was going to be sick. That was by far the most god awful thought one could ever have the displeasure of having planted in their head. Eric looked paralytic on the floor, the way he was laughing and I swear Mike was biting his fist so hard, he was going to draw blood anytime now.

"WHO IS THIS?" We heard Greene roar furiously on the other end of the line.

Jess jumped in fright and quickly slammed the phone down. She was positively mortified when she got back, but one look at Eric and she was livid. According to the rules though, you can't ask the person who asked you, so she directed her anger elsewhere.

"Angela, truth or dare?" Jess barked.

Angela swallowed fast and without missing a beat yelled with such conviction, that the Pope wouldn't doubt her! "TRUTH!"

Jessica, however, was taking no prisoners. "Describe your first crush, Webber."

"Um…." Angela shot me a worried look.

I shrugged in sympathy, hoping against hope that for her sake, Eric didn't realize it was him.

"That's not a descriptive word, Ange. It's not a word at all!" Jess growled, still annoyed.

"Err… he's thin." I could see the wheels in Angela's head turning as she tried to escape by being as vague as possible.

Go Ange! I thought happily.

"He's not good at any sports, he's really cute in a geeky way and he's never really noticed me."

Eric snorted. "What a loser! Angela, baby, forget the geeks and try out some manly men like me and Mike over here." He flexed his imaginary biceps for her.

Her eyes darted to me and we laughed quietly at the inside joke.

"Mike, truth or dare?" She quickly asked, before we laughed out loud.

"Dare." He said it like it should be obvious.

"I dare you to drive to your house and tell your folks you knocked up Mrs. Cope." Angela smiled and adjusted her glasses on her nose.

Mike turned an odd shade of green.

I swear, it was for reasons like this that I loved Angela best from this lot. Jess might've been a bitch to her no more than two seconds ago but she was still willing to get revenge on behalf of all of us from the idiot who started this game. Mike!

"You can't be serious?" he griped, clearly outraged by most of his friends rolling on the floor laughing our asses off.

"What's wrong, Mike?" I asked, considering I was the only one besides Mike that was still in a sitting position. "Scared?"

"No," he said in irritation, "come on." He grabbed his keys and raced to his car with all of us scurrying to follow. Part of me knew he was racing because he wanted to get this over and done with as soon as possible.

Mike has always been a lucky bastard and things were no different today. His parents weren't there when we got to his house so he put up a note on the fridge and made a point of writing down that Mrs. Cope is pushing 75 and has thus, far surpassed the age of menstruation and menopause alike. So safe to say, they're going to know he's not serious.

"Truth or dare, Isabella?" Mike turned to me, clearly annoyed by my provocation earlier. "And let me remind you, in the past you've picked 'Truth' every game. I'm hoping this isn't a stellar tradition?" He mocked, baiting me into a dare.

I had given him a hard time about being scared, so I couldn't become a hypocrite. "Dare," I said quietly, knowing that I was going to regret this.

"Good. Come on people, let's go." He hopped back into the car and started her up. We all piled in and soon he was driving out of Forks.

"What about Bella's dare?" Eric asked after a while, and I swear I wanted to throw him out the window.

"We're supposed to be spending the day in Port Angeles, so she'll get her dare in Port Angeles," Mike said smugly, I cringed.

Nope, this would not be good at all.

Once we got to Port Angeles, Mike parked outside the ice-cream store that they usually stop at. We all jumped out and stood patiently while Mike thought about what to dare me. A light bulb must've gone off in his head, because he turned to me with a devious smile. "Bella, I dare you dine and dash."

I let out a breath that I didn't know I'd been holding. I had honestly been expecting something horrid, but compared to Jess's dare, this was mellow. I could dine and dash an ice-cream parlor, no sweat! "Seriously, Mike? That's it? Okay, I can do that." My relief seemed to foil his plans however.

"Not the parlor. It has to be a restaurant," He amended quickly, not liking that I appeared to be getting off the hook.

"What?" I yelled in shock.

"What's wrong, Bella? Scared?" He threw my words back at me in an annoying, mocking voice.

"No!" I barked out defensively, even though my nerves were now shot to hell.

"Good. So can we get this show on the road? Anyone sees a place she can hit?" He asked, as we scanned the area for any signs of a restaurant.

"We'll all go," Angela inserted supportively. I was thrilled at the prospect of having them with me for moral support.

Technically, I have nothing to worry about. I've played truth or dare with the gang in La Push so many times I've lost count. But with them it's different. I can go into a dare regardless of how ridiculous it is, because the guys would never let me get hurt. They've dared me to do far dumber things and if I ended up in over my head, they used their 'persuasive' skills to get me out of it. Come to think of it, I did have nothing to worry about because no one could hurt me. The Grey Wolves would be able to get any ordinary man of the street to lay off. With that thought, I felt a bit better.

"Hey, there's a restaurant down the street?" Jess's unsure voice brought me out my thoughts.

"Okay, let's go." I said determinedly. Might as well get this over with.

Sure enough, as we rounded the corner of the street, there was a restaurant called Nell' Ombra. It was a flashy little place but I tried not to digest too much of the appearance lest I psyche myself out.

"Why haven't we been here before?" Angela asked, slightly above a whisper.

"I have no idea. This place is insane," Jess gushed, looking at the polished black tables that had actual fish circling the ring of clear glass at the center, which had red lights shining through, creating a glow while you ate. Trendy music was playing, and the tempo was just right for the feel of the place, not too fast and not too slow.

"Guys, let's try not to freak out Bella, shall we?" Eric advised the others when he took note of my face.

"Oh! Sorry, Bella," Angela apologized.

"Yeah, this place totally sucks," Jess added immediately. Plastic grins worked their way onto the girls' faces as a waiter came up to us. "Hi, welcome to Nell' Ombra. Table for 5?"

"Yes, please." I answered with as much poise as possible, considering there were at least four hundred butterflies in my stomach. He began walking to the back of the restaurant, and without thinking, I hurriedly asked if we could be seated closer to the door. The guy gave me a strange look but seemed to have bought my excuse about suffering from claustrophobia. The only problem was he went on to explain, in great detail, that his mom suffered from it too and we had to wait patiently for about three minutes before he actually took my order, which by the way had to be the most expensive pasta dish they serve by order of one Michael Newton.

"That boy has serious momma issues…" Angela whispers to me incredulously, as I take note of something I may have missed before….

We're seated across from a cop!

I can't imagine how this day could get any worse… I wryly pick at the pasta the waiter places in front of me while the others look on making sure I dine before I dash.

I chew on some of the creamy mushroom and penne until I notice our waiter go round to the back to check on another customer. Apparently I'm not the only one who's noticed. Ange kicks me under the table forcing me to look at her. I clear my throat and stand up, a small indicator to the others, that I'm about to make a break for it. With small, jittery steps I make my way to the exit, followed sluggishly by the others who rise one by one from the table so as to appear casual.


I should know better than to expect a cop to fall for casual! The second the waiter calls out after us, the cop it out his seat!

"RUN!" Mike yells and we simultaneously pick up the pace.

Everyone scatters as we run! The cop makes a mad dash for us and my heart's pounding in my ears! I miss the Wolves so much right now. This is why I never go out with anyone from school! We're not really friends, are we? They're all running for themselves. None of them spare a glance for the others. They just run… every man for themselves, not like with the Wolves, where instinct says protect the family!

The last thing I notice is Angela running wildly across the street and someone's following hot on her tail. Everything starts to blur after that. I'm not watching where I'm running. All I know is that I have to get as far away from the cop and restaurant as possible. I'm not sure where these guys appear from, but they must've been alerted by the ruckus behind us, because soon they're right behind me, then some get past me and they're racing like you wouldn't believe. There is no possible way for anyone to outrun them! They're well built, in colors, and young but still defiantly older than me, and they're so agile that even though they were, at first, all casually having a conversation, the second we raced past them, they took off right after us and literally caught up in a matter of seconds!

I'm panting, and my calf muscles are on fire, but I try to run faster. Someone grabs hold of my arms and pulls me back with such force that I crash into him. Pulled into my captor's chest, he holds me in a cage of his lean, muscular arms. He's far taller than me and as much as I try to break free of his hold it's useless. "Quit moving, little girl," he growls, and I feel like pointing out that he can't be much older than me, but I wisely keep my mouth shut, considering he's positively terrifying and I haven't even seen him yet!

Someone approaches from behind us and an olive-skinned guy with dreads stops mid-run to address him. The other males continue their pursuit of Mike and the rest. His grey eyes dart towards me as if giving count, before he turns to leave. "Don't worry. We'll get the others, Edward."

It can't be?

Yes, it can!

The guy holding me in an unbreakable grip turns me towards "Edward" and I refuse to look at him out of fear of seeing who I think this Edward might be! But I am now, however, able to see the guy who's got a vice grip on me… it's James! He smirks at me, and with horror clearly spelt on my face, I start up my bid to break free.

"I'm so sorry, Boss, I tried to stop them," someone pants, running up to where we are.

My head snaps to the breathless waiter, who has finally managed to catch up, and I make the mistake of following his line of sight and then… I die.

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

As feared, Edward Cullen is standing there, wearing a devilish smirk and yes, HE'S BOSS!

Now, I think I'm seconds away from blacking the hell out.

I gawk at him in shock. Edward's dressed similarly to how he was yesterday, only today he's got his hoodie sleeves roughly pulled up to his elbows showing off his lean, muscled arms as he stuffs his hands into the front pockets of his dark jeans and stalks casually towards us. But his eyes pierce and burn through me like I'm a lamb and he's the lion. His presence is dark, calculating and commanding as usual and only his eyes have a roguish glint in them. Completely ignoring his employee, he instead directs his attention to his olive-skinned gang member.

"Let them go, Laurent, I'm really not fucking interested in them," he dismisses, almost as if the other kids that were with me bore him like nothing on this planet. His dark eyes scan me, starting from my toes and practically drinking up my body until he finally comes to a stop at my eyes, while he completes his sentence. "I'm interested in her," He states, in no uncertain terms.

He grins cockily, lust, possession and amusement dance in his eyes as he steps closer. "I offer you dinner and you say no, but you have no qualms with stealing lunch from me," he says thoughtfully, but you can catch his true humor and triumph in the dark, forest green of his eyes. "Whatever shall we do with you, Bella?" He tsked at me condescendingly. His voice was a steady, amused whisper, but he was definitely serious…

Oh Lord, was he serious!

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