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My pain runs deep, my hate is endless, and my anger knows no bound.

My chest has a gaping hole in it where my heart should've been; I lost it when my love died. My life has lost its spark, my heart its love, my soul its morality. My mind roars with rage while blinded by hate. I'm only a shell of my former life now that should've died moons ago, but the hatred has kept my body sustained.

They think they're so powerful, don't they? Watching from up there in their cozy little home in the sanctuary of the stars while they make other cats suffer. They think they're so wise and perfect when in reality they're only a bunch of dead cats who can't face the facts that their reign in the living world is over, and that they should move on into obscurity. Because of them I've lost everything; my Clan, my friends, but most of all my mate.

How I hate them. StarClan.

I lived my entire life as an obedient pawn under their watchful eye. I served my Clan with pride, defended our borders, and helped hunt to keep them fed and safe at night. Everything I did was for them, everything! But why is it when I finally decide to do something for myself that I'm the one being unfairly punished!

I know the code. I've had its law imprinted into my mind at the early age of an apprentice fresh out of the nursery. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but so what? For the first time in my life I was doing something freely of my own gain and happiness, and not of what they wanted.

That's what it all keeps coming back to, doesn't it? StarClan has it set in their narrow minded view of Clan life that they can just decree and rule over what they see fit concerning Clan life. I suppose that also includes matters of the heart as well. I won't live the life of a coward like them and not own up to my actions.

I fell in love with a cat from another Clan, and StarClan hated it.

They hated the fact that I was happy. They hated that I was happy and that my happiness wasn't due to their tangled web of lies and deceit. I loved my mate like I have never loved anyone else before; I loved my mate more than I loved my Clan; but most importantly, I loved my mate more than I cared to love and serve StarClan, and they hated it.

I've already lost count of the many failed attempts where they tried to intimidate me in my dreams over my love affair. The countless omens of death they whispered I can still hear in the recesses of my mind today. I took all their taunts and abuse until I couldn't stand it anymore. They were jealous of what I had, I knew this, but I never would have expected them to go so far to claim their revenge.

I'll never forget the day that my mate lovingly told me that she was pregnant with our kits. I can't even begin to describe the joy and elation I felt at realization that I was going to be a father. There were so many factors I hadn't thought to take into consideration, like what was this mean to my career as the ThunderClan deputy, or how would it affect our love lives? At the time we were merely two young cats helplessly in love, and that was enough for the both of us.

I went on portraying the happy role as ThunderClan's proud and fearless deputy, but in reality I was only focused on being a father. What would my kits look like? Would they grow up to be strong and fierce warriors as their father of ThunderClan, or shrewd compassionate medicine cats like their mother of RiverClan? There were so many factors to take into play as I've already stated before, but of course we were only two young and foolish cats in love, and that's how everything came crashing down upon me from then on.

Blood, there was so much blood. The day I was supposed to meet my mate to plan the future of our kits lives was the day that her life ended. I found her fearfully shrieking in pain, covered in a pool of her own blood. She was giving birth to the kits, but something had gone terribly wrong. I comforted her as best as I could, as she gave birth to stillborn after stillborn of dead kits while endlessly shrieking in pain. I looked towards the heavens and asked StarClan for help. No. I pleaded and cried for help! I groveled like the helpless pawn they were accustomed to having, but did they save her? NO!

Can you even imagine what it's like to watch the one person you love most in the world die?

I hadn't realized the crying of my mate's final death in this world would gather a crowd. At the time I suppose I was too submerged in my own grief to notice the arrival of our two Clans, we had after all decided to meet where the boundary divided them. I won't get into much specifics of what happen that day, as I'm not sure I remember much of it myself. All you need to know is that I was stripped of my rank as deputy, and exiled from my Clan as a code breaker, traitor, and murderer.

Fine, I can accept that punishment. I attest to this tragedy and take full responsibility for the part I played in the death of my mate, but StarClan has yet to pay. I know they had a hand in my mate's death, and I'm not going to rest until every last one of them pays for what they've done.

You may be asking however, how I, a mortal cat planned to take revenge on a group of already dead cats. I had doubts myself that it was even possible, but I've found a way.

In the darkest recesses of every Clan cats heart is a small shred of darkness, no matter how pure the cat. All I had to do was widen darkness within my heart, and then I next found myself in a forest completely barred of any light, but more importantly the watchful glittering eyes of the stars known as StarClan. I'd heard stories of this place as a kit, but it was even more surreal to be standing personally in the hell known as the Dark Forest.

I didn't have long to wait for the natives to give me greetings at my arrival. The moment I arrived there was already a group of menacing figures of a welcoming committee waiting for me, and the largest of them, a large gray and black striped tom stepped forward to introduce himself.

"Welcome to the Dark Forest, Cloudstorm. I am Icefrost, and we hear you're looking for a way to right the wrongs been committed against you?"

"Yes!" I growled menacingly, as the group of dark cats surrounded me. "Teach me how to cast a deadly cloud over the stars."