I do not own GLEE or Dalton.

Based off of the characters Shane Anderson and Reed Van Kamp from the fanfiction Dalton by the WONDERFUL CP Coulter

:D Enjoy

1st person POV:

In an art gallery in Ohio there is a painting done by a local artist. This painting features a boy with curly dark hair and a mischievous smile. He is leaning against a piano and if you look closely you can see a sparkle in his eye. Why does he have that sparkle in his eye? Well that boy, he's in love. How do I know he's in love? Well, because I'm that boy.

3rd person POV:

"Shane! Stand still!" Reed Van Kamp yelled to his boyfriend. "Every time you move, I mess up!"

"I'm sorry Reed, but I'm just not made to stand still for this long." Shane Anderson replies.

Reed closes his eyes in attempt to calm himself as to not blow up at his over-active boyfriend. "Shane, babe, it has been 3 minutes since our last break, and that break… lasted 1 and a half hours. Now please stand still so I can get this done before both of us go insane. Okay?"

Shane nodded. He knew that his boyfriend got a tad temperamental when he was painting, but he really wasn't able to sit still for that long, it was literally torturing him. Plus, it wasn't his fault that there last break lasted so long, well not completely his fault. It was partly reeds fault for looking so damn good all the time.

"Reeeeeeeed, I need a break" Shane whines

Reed sighs but agrees "Ok, we can take a quick break."

Reed puts down his tools just as Shane runs over to him and pulls him into a giant hug.

"mmm… You have no ide how hard it is to just stand there while you sit over here looking all sexy." Shane says as he leans in and kisses his boyfriend.

Reed pulls away slightly and looks at Shane "Shane, can we go down stairs? I really don't want to knock over anything." He says while a slight blush creeps onto his cheeks.

Shane smiles as he picks up his boyfriend and carries him down stairs.

"What are you smiling at?" Reed asks pulling Shane out of his thoughts.

"Oh… nothing" He responds with a smile. Reed shrugs, returning to his work, leaving Shane once again with his memory.

After they go downstairs Shane takes Reed into the living room and sits down, Reed on his lap, and starts kissing him passionately. Shane's heart starts to race as Reed kisses him back, moving his hands to Shane's lower back.

"Shane? Shane!"

Shane is suddenly pulled out of his memory by Reed calling his name.

"Huh? What?" he asks, still in a bit of a daze.

"Y- You were leaning too much on the piano…" Reed blushes as he speaks again "And you moaned softly and- and you said my name…" by now Reeds whole face is bright red.

Shane looks slightly shocked and a little amused. "Did I?" he asks with a slightly mischievous tone.

"Yes you did." Reed says as he stands up and walks towards Shane, his art supplies completely forgotten.

Shane grabs hold of Reed as he steps closer. "Well, I was thinking of our last break, and I really would like to have another one." Shane whispers as he starts kissing his boyfriends neck.

Reed wraps his arms around Shane and whispers "well maybe I can finish the painting tomorrow…"

Shane was the happiest man in the world as he and Reed made their way to the nearest bedroom.