An AU/Alt Ending for the second season episode "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Partridge"

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, possible AU with possible OOC connections.

Author's Note: This is my very first Partridge Family fic, so it may not be that good.

Disclaimer: I don't own the show The Partridge Family and am in no way affiliated with said tv show. This fic is purely for fun.

Summary: Instead of going to the garage, Keith does in fact run away and gets seriously hurt. How will Danny and everyone else feel and how will they pull together for Keith? An AU/Alt Ending to the 2nd season episode "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Partridge."

((This story begins just as Keith and Shirley Partridge are coming through the door with the groceries...))

Chapter One: Crushed

Keith Partridge; eldest member of the Partridge Family had heard his mother pull up in to the driveway. He had known that Shirley had gone to the store to get some groceries that the family sorely needed, but now she was back. Thank God! It was hard trying to be the 'father figure' to Danny, Tracy, Laurie and Chris...especially Danny and especially after Danny's 'facts of life' question the other day. God that had been some conversation and one that Keith didn't want to have to repeat!

"Hi mom!" Keith said when he saw his mother get out of the car.

Shirley glanced over at her eldest son and greeted him with a friendly, "Hi Keith, come to help?"

Her answer was quickly answered when Keith not only opened the back door, but grabbed one of the two sacks of groceries and headed for the house. Shirley grabbed the other bag and followed her son inside.

She knew that Keith had been trying harder than usual to be there for the family and she also knew that Keith's attentions was not very well appreciated by the others; something she was going to have to remedy...after lunch.

Quickening her steps she managed to catch up with Keith just as he opened the front door. Both Shirley and Keith could hear the others in the kitchen, talking about something.

Through the window they could see Laurie standing beside Danny who was sitting down. They could also hear Chris and Tracy in there as well, but hearing what they all had to say made Keith's heart drop like a stone.

"You know, you should have seen Keith's face when I asked him to explain the facts of life to me. I asked him if kissing was hazardous to a person's health!" Danny said, a smile on his face and a chuckle in his voice.

Laurie who was fixing the flowers also laughed and said, "Oh no!" while Chris was very interested to know what Keith had said.

"What'd he say?" Chris asked.

"He said not as long as I wash behind my ears and take plenty of vitamin C!" Danny shot back; obviously still laughing.

It was clear none of them knew that their mother and Keith were standing in the living room hearing every single word they said.

Hearing that they were making fun of him, Keith's smile fell from his face and his eyes fell to the floor in shame. What had he done to deserve this? Why did they all make a fool out of him? Why?

"I really thought he'd catch on!" Laurie said, to which Tracy reiterated, "Yeah I knew all the time."

Danny shot his younger sister a look before saying, "Are you kidding? You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can fool Keith Partridge...all of the time!"

Shirley had seen how much this was upsetting her eldest and she didn't blame him! She had known that all Keith had been doing was trying to help and this was how the others repaid him?

"Kids..." Shirley began in a condescending tone as she walked around Keith who hadn't moved since he had entered the house; the bag of groceries still in his hand.

Laurie, hearing her mother's voice looked towards the living room, but her eyes widened when she saw Keith and instantly she knew that they had all messed up...big time.

She watched as Keith none to gently placed the bag of groceries down on the nearest table and bolted for the open front door; marching briskly out in to the sunlight.

Turning, Shirley called out to her son, "Keith!" but Keith didn't listen, instead slamming the front door shut behind him.

Turning back around Shirley marched in to the kitchen; her bag of groceries still in hand. When she got in to the kitchen she saw the sad faces of her youngest children.

"How long was he standing there?" Laurie asked, hoping against hope that Keith hadn't heard every nasty thing that they had said but when their mother answered, "Long enough!" Laurie felt worse than she had felt.

It was clear from the others faces that they all felt bad about what they had said; especially Danny, but none of them knew what to say. What could they say that would fix the damage? They didn't want their big brother hurt and yet...he...he had been impossible the past few days; playing a very uncool version of a dad and they had been unable to hack it, but still that was no excuse for the hurt and pain they had caused. All of them were embarrassed and ashamed but none of them knew how to admit it.


A few tears were streaming down Keith Partridge's face as he slammed the front door shut behind him. He was so very hurt and disappointed to know what his brothers and sisters truly thought of what he had been trying to do. They had hated his attention but instead of letting him know they had played that cruel prank and now his heart was crushed; shattered beyond all repair.

Not bothering to wipe the tears from his face he turned and headed for the garage but as he reached the door he stopped again. No, the garage wouldn't work. It was too close to close to Danny, Laurie, Tracy and Chris.

Brushing some of his long, brown hair away from his eyes he turned red, tear stained eyes towards the house he had lived in his whole life. Biting his lip, he took one step back down the driveway and then another. He knew that his mother would be worried if he just took off but he needed to get away; clear his head and let loose with his emotions in a secluded area; away from prying eyes.

Shaking his head, Keith turned and started walking but as his feet hit the pavement that made up the street, that walk turned in to a jog which turned in to a flat out run. He ran past houses and cars, staying close to the curb whenever possible. He didn't want to get hit by cars while he was trying to run away.

Keith ran and ran and ran. He ran until he couldn't run anymore and when he couldn't run anymore he settled for walking...that is until the sun began to go down. When that happened, Keith finally stopped. He had long since stopped crying but his heart was still torn to pieces by the harsh words of his siblings.

He found that he was at least ten miles from home, near the Farmer's Market and the Hickory Hill BBQ place. The smell of BBQ wafted over to him, making his stomach grumble but he ignored it. Even though he was hungry he didn't feel like eating.

Keith was so busy focusing on his stomach that he failed to notice a car coming towards the sidewalk where he was standing. The car was going at a great rate of speed; it's driver obviously too drunk to notice that fact.

One minute Keith Partridge was placing a hand on his stomach, begging it to stop growling, the next minute he felt a great pressure on his side, trampling him underfoot. Once the pressure passed over him, a great wave of pain hit him from the top of his head to the bottom of his toes; it was all over and all very intense.

He cried out once...twice but the pain wouldn't stop. In fact it just got worse. Tears flowed freely from his eyes; he couldn't nor felt the urge to stop them. He didn't register the fact that he had been not only hit by a car but dragged under it for several feet. He was bruised, several broken bones and who knows what other injuries he sustained.

As the realization of what had just happened to him slowly dawned over Keith, he wasn't mortified, he was saddened; saddened that this would be the final nail in his coffin. His family had shown it's true colors and now he was going to die...what a day.

"Hey man...are you...?"

Keith barely registered the voice of a stranger who had witnessed the whole entire thing; barely registering that the stranger was doing his best to keep Keith from going in to shock.

"Oh. My. God. Keith! Keith Partridge!"

Hearing his name Keith forced himself back in to lucidity long enough to look at the man.

Keith had no idea how bad he looked, but he imagined it must be pretty bad considering how he felt.

"m...mister..." Keith whispered. It was clear that he was weak and getting weaker with each passing minute.

Other bystanders had phoned in the accident and an ambulance was on it's way but where the hell was it? One of the greatest pop singers was laying there on the pavement, blood pouring out of a wound on his head and side, and there was no ambulance on the scene yet.

Hearing Keith whisper to him, the older man just shushed Keith softly, knowing he had to conserve his strength.

"please...please tell my family that I...that I love them and that..." Keith whispered; dry, cracked and bloody lips trembling in pain.

"Ah no, none of that Keith. We'll getcha back to your folks so you can tell them that yourself, but you need to hang in there okay?" The older man comforted.

The older man watched Keith's trembling get worse before his young eyes rolled back in to his head and he went limp. Fearfully he reached for a pulse on Keith's scraped neck, breathing in relief when he felt one. It was slow; weak but it was there.

Sirens off in the distance let the older man know that help was on the way. He was glad for that. In the few minutes he had been holding the injured Partridge, he had seen Keith get weaker and weaker and now he was afraid that Keith would die before he even reached the hospital. He had no idea why Keith was out there and it wasn't his place to ask, but from what Keith had murmured, the old man guessed it had something to do with the Partridge's.

When the firefighter/paramedics arrived; the ambulance following them in; the man released his hold on Keith, watching as the firefighter/paramedics fought to stabilize the younger man so he could be transported to the hospital. It was a tough fight; Keith was weak, so very weak and just as they were loading Keith's unconscious form in to the ambulance his young heart stopped beating.


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