Two months to the day found The Partridge Family well. Keith had been released from the hospital when the doctor had said he could be released; four days after waking up. Danny's road to recovery was a little more severe than Keith's; Danny having ended up having to be hospitalized when he collapsed a week after Keith got out, but after that, Danny started to gain weight and after a month he was back to a normal weight and Keith's leg was almost completely healed.

During his recovery Danny had broken out his bass. His fingers remembering a little bit of their former strength as he had tried to play again. With Keith's help and support Danny persevered and after a time the family started to rehearse again and it was as if nothing had happened; all of the songs turned out great.

On the first day in June, Reuben booked the Partridge Family in one of the casinos in Vegas, and when the Partridge Family were announced, the crowd rose to their feet and started to cheer.

Heaving a large shy, Keith looked at his family when the announcer glanced their way, waiting for them to come up on the small 'T' shaped, red and white stage. The instruments were already set up; the ground was just waiting on the Partridge's to take their positions and play.

"Ready?" Keith asked them all. Every one of them were wearing their cream colored shirts with green vest and matching pants; except for Laurie and Tracy who were wearing green hot pants.

Keith saw Shirley, Laurie, Tracy and Chris nod their heads while Danny looked a little nervous. Why was he nervous? It wasn't their very first performance after all. Now that had been a nightmare; all of those people staring at them. Thankfully Shirley had gotten them distracted; managing to help them forget about the crowds and start to play. This wasn't going to be a repeat of that night...right?

"Danny?" Keith asked, seeing that the announcer was getting just a little impatient as the crowd was starting to murmur in low tones.

"Danny?" he asked again.

Danny sighed and nodded his head. "As ready as I'll ever be...I guess." he replied.

Seeing how nervous Danny was, Keith simply put a hand on his younger brother's shoulder. "Hey it's alright, we'll all be up there with you." he said.

"Yeah I know...let's just...get this over with." Danny mumbled, walking past Keith to take the stage.

Shaking his head Keith followed after Danny and when the crowd caught sight of the two of them, they started to cheer; the cheering continued as the rest of the family came up and got in to position.

Tracy was on the far side of the stage; tambourine in hand. Next there was Shirley on a keyboard, followed by Danny on the bass, Chris on the drums and Laurie on the piano. Keith left his guitar alone and just grabbed the mic before going to stand beside Laurie.

Feeling the eyes of his family and the crowd on him, Keith made sure that they were all watching before he gave a simple nod of his head and with that nod they all began to play. Chris banged away on the drums, Danny plucked the bass strings, Laurie played the piano; Shirley the keyboard and Tracy the tambourine.

Keith felt the hot spotlight hit him mere seconds before he started the opening verse to Summer Days. Paying the spotlight no mind, Keith sang and sang, moving to first stand beside the drum set; one hand actually touching one of the drums, being careful not to touch the one that Chris was currently attacking with his drum stick. Keith smiled at Chris who smiled back. This was a brotherly connection reestablished.

Keith them moved to the piano, sitting down next to Laurie. He smiled at her and she smiled back. Love and the sibling connection was shining bright in her eyes; it being clear that she was glad they were there.

Hitting the chorus of the song, Keith stood up and moved over to Danny, standing next to the younger.

Keith and Danny smiled at each other; each sharing a brotherly moment, each glad that the other was alright.

Keith then moved over to his mother, sitting down next to her on the keyboard bench. They both smiled at one another; Keith feeling the mother love from Shirley was over him like a stream. It really was something else; to feel that much love surround you. He knew that he was really lucky and blessed to be her son.

Rising up from the bench, Keith backtracked behind Danny, then walking in front of him as Keith made his way over to Tracy.

He then knelt down so that Tracy was a little taller than him as he sang, "Come climb that hill again with me..."

He saw Tracy smile; not really being sure if she should look at her big brother, her tambourine or the crowds, so she settled on Keith.

"Come live that love again with me," Keith continued, "Baby, baby, baby, baby."

Reaching out, Keith took Tracy's hand in his, waving it a little in to what amounts to being a brotherly handshake.

"Hold my hand and we'll be free. Said we'll be free!" Keith sang.

He then released Tracy's hand and stood up, turned around and walked back, standing at an angle to Danny so he was technically in front of him but not blocking his little brother from the view of the crowd. When the chorus hit again, Keith moved in time with it, sliding past Danny so that he was now more or less in the center of the stage.

Keith repeated the chorus twice; fading out with the music on the fourth repeat. When the music was over, Keith and everyone else took a bow before continuing on with another song.

After seventy minutes the concert was over. In full view of the audience, Keith hugged his family members before following them off stage the dressing rooms so they could change and get the makeup off of their faces.

It had been a good day; a reminder to them all that despite everything that had happened they were still together and still a family and nothing would ever change that...nothing could ever change that.

They were together forever and they always would be.