My Heart In The Time Of War

The streets are silent,

A little bit too

I musn't complain

Down the deadly mews

All of a sudden I heard a BANG

I turn a few corners...

And my heart sank.

Death and destruction

People reluctant

A house burning before your eye

Questions are asked;Who?,What? And the most fatal:why?

All around I see the dead

For those people my heart bled.

Who can forget the night of devastation

There was no relaxation

Just tense people

Looking at the crooked steeple

In my heart I knew all was lost.

My heart sank

My heart bled

My heart knew

It's World War 2

Time goes by and the dead aren't back

It's been years now my life's back on track

But in my sleep I still remember

As a child when my heart felt temper.