Yukio's verse.

Through the darkest depths of despair, there was a slight visible ray of hope. Just barely perceptible though, because even that minor faith was vanishing. Yukio knows well enough that one day, one day his reckless brother would be consumed entirely by Satan's flames, into insanity and despondency. To the complete, utter hopelessness.

It was all too difficult to endure, the thought itself was enough to bring much unwarranted melancholy and sombre. He'll wake up from that similar, repetitious nightmare, of Rin being devoured in that blood-lusted azure flames. Being helplessly maneuvered by the convenience of Satan. And without further hesitation nor choices, Yukio'll have to kill that 'beast gone wild'. His precarious fingers would have to pull that merciless trigger to seal Rin's mournful, tragic fate. And the bullet would hit dead center, to stop that living, beating heart, with the final 'bang' being the last thing that Rin'll ever hear, his soul would be dragged into the bottomless pits of hell.

Just like the many other nights, Yukio would wake up in silent tears, because in no hell's fucking way that he'll be able to kill his brother. But, if the situation were to unfold likewise, blurring the fine line from a mere dream to reality, then he'll have no choice but to kill him. It would be a game of either kill or be killed by then, because if that happens, Rin's senses would be long gone, enveloped and seal forever within those monstrous ablaze fire.

But for all he could do right now, was to prevent that from happening. Sympathizing that though they're twins from a similar root, one of them was forced to bear such heavy burden. What did his brother do to deserve that, Rin was too kind and amicable almost to a point of naiveness. Recalling the times when they were simply children. Before the whole exorcism thing began, no mattered what kind of pinch or hardship Yukio strayed into, Rin would come to his rescue. Beating up everyone in his path.

Without a doubt, when Yukio first learnt about Rin's 'ability', or rather the malevolent fate that entangled Rin, Yukio was unmistakably intimidated. But it was then, he sworn by that he'll protect his brother. So even if the whole world were to deem Rin as evil, Yukio would always remember that warm, loving embrace that he's felt. It was more humane then ever. Rin wasn't a demon, he was filial a son and a compassionate brother.

Wandering unconsciously across the room towards his snoozing older brother, Yukio felt as if a little kid again. Because back then whenever he couldn't sleep, or shaken awake by a horrible nightmare, he'll crawl secretly onto Rin's bed. Snuggling beside his brother, and of course, Rin would have noticed the shifting weights and made space for Yukio, afterwards, pulling blankets over him. But now, everything was different, they were grown up, were too big to share a single bed. And besides, Rin hardly even matured at all, as it seems now, Yukio apparently looked more like the older one as compared to Rin. Even by a few seconds during birth, their personality vastly differs.

But no mattered the act and the feign, those childishness still remained in an unnoticeable corner of Yukio's heart. To seek security and reassure from his dear, dear brother. Because for god knows when, he might just have fell deep into corruption. He loved his brother every so profoundly and it wasn't simply a mere brotherly affection. Of course, Rin was best off not knowing that, because how could anyone accept that incestuous adoration? It was a crime that'll be bought to his very grave, a secret, never to be disclosed.

Though just for this moment, Yukio wants to be comforted. Tugging gently on Rin's sleeves, "Nii-san, I can't sleep..."He whispered, a voice hesitant and slightly abashed. Nothing had changed at all, maybe.

And Rin sleazily turned his body, the pearlescent illumination of the moon shyly peeked through the opened windows reflecting off Rin's half lidded navy blue eyes. He replied with a little groan, being too tired for speech, Rin merely shifted his body to provide enough space for Yukio to climb on. huddling beside his older twin, all this had felt way too nostalgic to Yukio, Rin's steady breathings, his lingering scent and his unforgettable tenderness, everything were exactly similar. Rin was warm and alive and conscious, and that was all that Yukio wants to confirm.

"So, what did you dream about?" said with that somnolent tone, Rin as if forced the few words out of his mouth as he struggled to keep his weighted eye lids open. But even through tiredness, Rin couldn't reject that smugness accumulating. He knew that one day, Yukio would be running back to him and begging for help.

Of course, Yukio was reluctant to tell him, he had wanted to just shrugged the question off and pretended to be asleep. But knowing well that his brother wouldn't be contented with that kind of reply, he simply answered, "A horrible monster." Then, there was a temporary pause, no, a rather long one actually, leading Yukio to ponder that Rin may or may not had fell asleep. Perhaps he did, as Yukio opened his eyes only to be greeted with a teary gaze. Was Rin... crying?

It was dark and his vision was limited, but there were indubitable wetness in his bother's eyes, the moon had reflect it, all too well. And even before he could ask, Rin wistfully mumbled, "If I ever were to turn into a monster, please kill me."

What laughable twins they really are...

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