Yukio's Verse

" Yukio! Yukio! Can I kiss you, father said that it's alright to kiss your love ones right?"

Those sticky sweet memories reiterated in his mind, the days where he was so fond of, no fighting, no Satan and no bloody battle fields that he painted crimson with his own bare hands. Nothing else had mattered back then.


He would be hesitant, would be startled from Rin's sudden request. Only when dumbfounded was released from his emotions, a blush would then surface from his cheeks. "W… wha?" The once seven year old would stammer. Back then, Yukio could barely comprehend that increasing warmth in his chest, it was as if hearing a melodious song. His heart would race.

And when his reply wasn't made on time, Rin would begin to show disappointment; he would mumble in that dejected soft voice, " … Yukio… doesn't like me?"

Of course, Yukio would disagree instantly; he loved Rin, and had anxiously harmonized his request. That very fateful day, was when they shared they're first kiss at a mere age of seven. It was nothing but a gently peck, a mellow affection shared by brothers, nothing more, nothing less. And certainly nothing adulterated.

Of course, fond memories are meant to be left behind, to be forgotten, because in this merciless world, love was absolutely not one of its many monstrous contents. No mattered how unwilling he was, time would slowly consume whatever remaining happiness. And regardless how perfect memories were, they would never be returned. Transitory joy was never necessary for survival.

Also, it was time to wake up.

As he gradually opened his eyes, he realized that something was amiss; he wasn't in his side of the room… Well, it was no wonder as he recalled what exactly happened last night. Those words resounded clearly in his mind, so much so that it was slightly awkward now. He was sharing a single bed with his brother…

Naturally, Rin's sleeping position was unglamorous as ever, much akin to young. Yukio wasn't surprised to find Rin's shirt running carelessly up his torso and his shorts hiking dangerously below his hips. But what differs greatly was that now, Rin appeared so god damned seductive. And before Yukio realized, he was leaning closer to Rin. As if drawing himself into a kiss…

Noticing how Rin's salmon pink lips parted slightly, sharpened carnies timidly peeking through the sides of his mouth, all of it had looked god damned enticing. Like as if he was deliberately attempting to open the floodgates to Yukio's lust.

Even though Rin was his older brother, why does he desire him so? Lasciviousness was encouraging Yukio to take a bite from the forbidden fruit, but it was crystal clear to him that all of these yearnings were wrong, wrong, wrong. Though this one-sided love would never be returned, he could at least live with longings, so stealing a kiss would be acceptable right? It was Rin whom said that it was all right to begin with, right?

As Yukio entangled his fingers in Rin's disheveled hair, he pulls himself closer…

"Oh… Yukio… Good morning." Rin mumbled somnolently, his voice being dragged by heavy drowsiness, seemingly semi unconscious, the shifting weights must have awoken him, but for all that Yukio remembered, Rin wasn't exactly a light sleeper.

Adrenaline rushing insanely through his veins as Yukio made a hasty retreat. Thank god Rin hadn't noticed what he was about to do, Yukio sat up and swung his legs over the edges of the cramped bed, "W…Well, N...Nii-san should be getting up soon!" He stuttered nervously. Yukio could feel the intensive rate where his heart was beating, slamming heavily against his ribs, it had almost leaped right out of his throat.

And that was when awareness kicks in, what the hell was he thinking, or was he even thinking at all? It was one of those seldom moments when his mind draws a complete blank. There were many consequences that he had never thought of.

Was it wrong to love?

Changing out from his pajamas, Yukio was about to exit the room when he was halted; first, there was a creak from the bed, followed by a mumble, "Wait…" Rin's voice sounded muffled, his head was down struggling to hide an obvious pink blush. Approaching slowly to Yukio, his eyes were still half lidded; it was almost amusing to watch Rin avoiding eye contact, why was he so abashed? As Yukio wondered what his brother was going to do, Rin neared and grabbed hold of his shoulders. Then, the most unexpected thing happened, without consult, Rin bend forward and mildly pecked Yukio's cheeks.

Taken back, Yukio was temporary astounded, when he could finally mumbled, "Nii-san…" He was discourteously interrupted.

"Shut up, okay? I was just trying to act more like an older brother." Rin snapped as he made a swift exit out of the room to prevent any further conversation. To prevent Yukio noticing his flustered cheeks. But of course it was a futile endeavor, Yukio had long realized, but what he hadn't noticed, was the return of his self proclaimed "one-sided love."

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