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Harry's 17th birthday celebration at Potter manor went over splendidly. A loud and boisterous affair that Severus had excused himself from as soon as it was polite to do so. His low tolerance for noisy crowds notwithstanding, he had the preparations for his own very special gift to finish.

In the past three months he had undergone a treatment to acquire a temporary womb, that he had yet to tell his husband about. He wanted a baby and he wanted to conceive it in the hour of his beloved birth, both as a gift to him and to secure a blessing for their child's glorious future.

That he had done it behind his back and in the full knowledge that Harry would be insanely pleased and not angry or worse, scornful, was quite telling as to how far he had come confidence-wise. Only half a year ago he would have never dared.

He drank the fertility potion and exhaled a nervous breath running his hand over his well toned, still flat stomach, waiting for Harry to see the last of their guests off and come up to the Master bedroom. It was an hour before midnight and fifteen minutes before Harry drew his first breath. They did not have much time. He probably should have told Harry that it was important, when asking him this morning to come and find him after the party he supposed. He would have to send a house-elf to fetch him before too long. Just as he was about to call one, Harry tumbled through the door chuckling drunkenly and threw his arms around him to embrace him and steady himself at the same time.

"Ah, here you are, my lovely," he slurred kissing him sloppily. "I thought you had something special for me, so why are you not naked?" He slipped his hand into Severus' sleeping pants going for his cock with shameless determination.

"Harry... ah... there is something... I need to tell you..." The hand tugging on his rapidly swelling member was rather distracting. "Harry... ah... wait..."

"Huh," Harry squinted up at him in confusion, but stopped what he was doing. Severus was torn between telling him now and telling him later for a moment, but then decided that he did not want their child conceived in a drunken tumble. He sighed and stepped away reaching for a sobering potion.

"I have another birthday present for you, love, but you have to be sober to receive it."

Harry pouted adorably, obviously reluctant to give up his alcohol-induced state of bliss, but drank it anyway. A moment later he was looking at him in eager expectation.

Severus drew a deep breath. "I want to give you a child."

It took only a moment of shocked silence until Harry's eyes widened in sudden comprehension and he was swapped away into a bone-crashing hug. Then, the arms holding him loosened and his face was cupped lovingly.

Severus swallowed heavily. "I..."

He was silenced with a gentle kiss. Then, pulled towards the bed and lowered on it without a word. Emerald eyes shone with an overwhelming deep emotion, the intensity of which took his breath away, as clothes were removed and his entire body worshiped, before a slickened finger entered him in preparation.

Harry took him slowly, looking into his eyes while he adjusted himself to the familiar length. Then, he started thrusting into him with an easy going pace. Their lovemaking was unhurried, yet nonetheless intense. Harry's burning gaze watched him drown in pleasure and come undone in his arms, before finally disappearing behind tightly closed eyelids, when he followed him over the edge.

They lay there for a while gasping for breath and holding each other in a tight embrace. Then, Harry finally slipped out of him and cast a cleaning spell. Green eyes found his own again, this time glittering with happiness.

"Thank you, my love. It's the best gift ever."

"Wait until it is here and drives you up the walls with its incessant wails at all times of night and day. And then it grows up and starts pulling all sorts of grey hair inducing stunts, just like its sire did in his time. Then, you may thank me."

Harry spooned him, wrapping an arm around his stomach protectively.

"Well, at least it won't be such a quiet, moody, book-loving swot its father was in his time. That would be boring."

"You say that now," Severus grumbled tiredly into his pillow, a happy little smile tugging at his lips. "There will come a time you shall hope for exactly that. Mark my words."

"Such an optimist," Harry kissed his temple and settled down to sleep.


It was the end of August and they were due to return to Britain tomorrow, before the start of the next school year. The wedding had been a fairy-tale and the honeymoon even better, with the exception of this morning when she had started throwing up and could barely stop.

She closed her eyes and rested her forehead against the fine porcelain bowl. The hard marble floor of the bathroom was not the most comfortable place to rest, though she could not bring herself to move, lest it offsets her stomach again.

The door opened and Draco came in with a vial of stomach-calming potion in his hand. Thank Merlin! She reached her hand out for it almost frantically.

"Here, let me," he uncorked it and helped her drink fearing she might drop it in the state she was in.

He was only hoping it was something she had eaten recently and not something else. Ginny was apparently thinking along the same lines. She stood up and let herself be helped into bed.

"Cast the spell," she ordered grumblingly.

Draco gulped uncomfortably and fumbled for his wand.

"Are you sure it's not just a see-food salad gone off, darling?"

He really, really did not want to be in his shoes, if it was not the case. He should not have bought that last batch of contraceptive potion in the Knockturn Alley apothecary the last time he was there, because he had been too lazy to go back to Slug & Jiggers in Diagon.

Ginny's eyes narrowed in suspicion. "Cast the bloody spell, Draco."

He took a deep breath praying to everything divine to spare him and cast the pregnancy test spell. Ginny's stomach lit up in baby-blue (no pun intended). Draco gulped again, this time in fear.

"Draco, darling, where did you get that last batch of contraceptives from?" The voice was deceptively sweet.




The graduation ball of 1998 was in full swing and the press coverage quite extensive, even though Harry had graduated last year. However, he and Severus were here and where they were the press was.

Hermione smiled watching the people before her mingle and dance, waiting for Theo to bring her the traditionally spiked punch, very happy to be able to drink some. Unlike Ginny, who was pregnant with her second unplanned child (her fault this time though) and thus forced to stick with pumpkin juice. Little Arcturus Draco Malfoy was at home watched by his very enthusiastic grandmother.

Both Ginny and Draco had dropped out of school last year to study under private tutors; Ginny for obvious reasons and Draco out of solidarity, or so he had said. Hermione suspected that he simply had not wanted to deprive himself of his marital bed for nearly nine months. No wonder they were on their second already, shagging like rabbits in heat. Neville and Luna at least were showing more restraint, with him waiting for her to finish her schooling before marriage.

She and Theodore were planning to have their first child in a year's time, when she was in her first year of Magical Law Academy. They wanted to take the entire coming year to travel the world and enjoy a glorious lack of responsibility and obligations, before settling down into life and career. She would have put it off for later, but Theo insisted that they needed to do that now or they never would otherwise. She had a feeling that he was right.

Harry and Severus finished their dance and made their way towards the table next to hers, apparently needing a break. The pregnancy had not been easy on Severus and even now, almost three month after giving birth to their son, Alexander, he still tired easily. They both had decided that their second child would be carried by Harry and she could only agree. Harry's pride as the dominant partner was simply not worth the risk. Not that it would be anytime soon with Harry knee deep in politics right now, though probably sometime before him running for the Minister's of Magic office, after Scrimgeour's term had ended.

Theo placed two glasses of punch on the table and sat down next to her smiling.

"A Knut for your thoughts."

She smiled back at him. "Just reflecting on the future."

"And? Is it a good one?"

"Yes," she took his hand into hers, "yes, it is."


15 years later:


"Push, darling, just a little more, the head is already crowning!"

The midwife was meaning well she knew, but with the pain wreaking through her lower section for the last six hours she had simply no patience left. Oh, how he would pay for this!

"The first one you mean! There are two of them after all!" Ginny spat out unimpressed panting heavily, before taking a deep breath, gripping Draco's hand harder, ignoring his wince, and pushing again.


The bastards had taken her wand away or she would have hexed her husband's balls off again. Draco had his testicles reapplied no less than six times during their marriage, therefore they knew very well what they were doing.

Draco and Ginevra Malfoy were indeed well known at St. Mungo's. He, for being the only husband ever cursed with the Testicle Removing Hex for other reasons than cheating and she, for being the witch, who had singlehandedly rejuvenated the declining House Malfoy, currently giving birth to child seven and eight.

The wail of the first boy sounded through the ward.

"Ah, good, good," the midwife cut and healed the umbilical cord and handed the infant to her assistant. "Now, take a breather and concentrate, darling, we are not done yet."

Ginny took a deep breath and ruthlessly squeezed her wincing husband's hand. The bastard deserved all the pain he got in her opinion.


Five more minutes and the second boy was wailing in the midwife's hands.

"Well done, darling, two healthy, handsome boys! Now only the afterbirth and the restorative potion left, and you all can finally rest."

"Oh, no, Martha, we are not done yet! Make me an appointment for spaying next week at the very latest!"

The midwife blinked surprised, but grinned anyway. "Are you sure you want that, darling?"

"Yes! I had enough! Eight bloody children and not even one of them planned! Never in my life have I thought that I would surpass my mother in that. If not for that heinously expensive restorative draught, I would look like an elephant by now!"

She narrowed her eyes at her cringing husband. "Either that or I'll hex his balls off and this time for good."

Draco blanched and straightened up, taking the threat very seriously. "Please, make the appointment for next week, Martha. Eight children are more than enough, indeed."

"As you wish, my Lord," the woman's eyes danced with mirth. "Now, let me see that hand."


"Ronnie, when are you going to finally do something with yourself?"

Ronald Weasley was sitting in his mother's kitchen, munching on his breakfast. He was the only one of her many children still living at home.

"Lay off, mum. Not everyone has a pretty face and can ran off and marry filthily rich ferrets." It was his standard answer to that question. "Besides, I'm doing something, am I not? I'm working at Fred and George's."

"As a part time assistant, Ronnie. When are you going to get yourself a proper job or at least do some sort of apprenticeship? We can afford to pay for any you could possibly want now. Have you given it any thought?"

"I'm thinking about it, mum, but I really like it at the shop, so why bother?"

"You must think about your future, Ronnie. What about meeting a nice girl and settling down together? You would not be able to afford that on your current pay."

"When I meet that girl, then I'll be thinking about it, mum. Food's getting cold, you know."

Molly Weasley sighed and turned away in despair honestly asking herself what she had done to be saddled with such a lazy brat. She needed to talk to Arthur. This had gone on long enough.


30 years later:

"Ronnie, when are you going to finally do something with yourself?"

Ronald Weasley was sitting in his mother's kitchen and munching on his breakfast. The world had changed around them for the better many times over, and he was the only one of her many children still living at home.