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At First Sight

Chapter One

Renee's pov-

June 6th 2005…

I walked into my daughter Bella's room and watched her sitting on her window seat. Her legs tucked up and her arms wrapped around them. She was staring out the window and looked lost. Odd, seeing as she'd completely planned out her life for the next year or so. She is beautifully stunning, in that classic sense, long brown hair that slightly curled, big dark brown eyes. I couldn't believe my baby girl was 25 years old and leaving for Europe.

"Bella, the car will be here in about twenty minutes. Do you have everything ready to go?" I asked softly, leaning against her doorframe. She continued looking out into the lush forest that surrounded our home. She sighed then turned to look at me.

"Yes. I decided on something though." She whispered, turning to look back out the window.

"Oh, and what's that darling?" I had a feeling it had to do with her father. It had been three years since she had gone to see him, three years since Jacob Black died and left her a broken shell.

"I'm side tracking my trip. I don't really need to start my new job for a month. I've called and made the arrangements already, so you don't need to worry." She sighed and looked back at me, the sadness in her eyes made my heart hurt once again at the knowledge of all that she had lost. "I'm going to go visit Charlie, I think I'll stay with him for a week or so and just visit. It's been so long and I don't know when I'll be back from Florence. He deserves a visit." She turned away to look back out the window.

"I think your father would love that." I smiled, walked over and sat beside her on the window seat. I brushed the hair off her shoulder and wrapped my arms around her. "I'll miss you darling, whenever you want me to come visit you, just call and I'll be on the next flight."

"Thank you, Mom." She smiled and leaned into me. "For everything really… for being so understanding and not pushing me to get over things quickly."

"Of course! I know how much you loved him dear. Maybe in Florence you'll meet a lovely Italian boy to keep you busy." I chuckled and she giggled, I patted her leg. "I'll be downstairs sweetie. I love you!"

I got up and headed out of her room, leaving her to her thoughts. Three long years she's stuffed herself into schooling and work. I hoped this new life she was planning for herself would push her out of the walls she had put up around herself.

Bella's pov

After my mother left my room, I sat in silence. I would miss northern California, the vineyards, the rolling hills, the mountains to the East, the ocean to the west. At least I wouldn't be giving up all of it. The beauty of Italy was like no other. I sighed deeply and stood up, walking into my joining bathroom.

I really hope I'm making the right decision to go to Forks, I hadn't been there since my very best friend, well he was almost like a brother to me, had died. There were just too many memories. My main concentration for the last three years was to make something of myself. I didn't want to relive all the memories but I hadn't seen my father since days after the funeral I was unable to attend. He told me that he understood, and so we called each other once a month.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror and smiled. I could do this, I would do this. I pulled my dark hair up into a messy twist and clipped it. I grabbed my pale blue tooth brush and tossed it into my toiletry bag along with a few other items and zipped it tight.I pulled my lip gloss from my pocket and applied a little. Looking into the mirror again and smiling, yes, this would be fine… I would be fine.

I took what courage I had mustered and tossed my toiletry bag into my carry on and zipped it closed. I grabbed the last few remaining things I would need like my iPod and cell phone, making sure they were in my pockets. Everything was finally ready to go.

I sat on the edge of my bed and looked around the room. Trying to remember every little detail, I wasn't completely sure when I'd be back to visit. I would look forward to it though. I'm sure my mother was hoping I'd meet someone and fall in love. She was always surprised by my lack of interest in the opposite sex. I had my reasons though, especially after Jacob.

I heard the doorbell downstairs and stood. I grabbed my carry on and made my way downstairs. My mother was standing by the door watching as the driver loaded what little luggage I had into the back of the town car. She turned and smiled at me.

"Mom, you could have just called a cab." I said as I approached her. Shaking my head slightly and smiled. She had status in this area, and liked to flaunt it a little too much for my liking. Phil was a well known and highly paid lawyer to the stars so this made them pretty famous in their own right.

"Oh psh! You know better than that Bella. Are you sure this is all you're taking with you? Are you really going to leave most of your stuff here?" She asked eyeing the three suitcases.

"Yes, well remember I already packed up a bit more, they should be waiting for me in my apartment in Florence. Please don't worry about anything mom." I said and sighed, hugging her tightly. My mom had changed a lot during the last three years, instead of me having to be there for her, she'd been there for me. I would miss her.

"Alright dear, I will miss you so very much. I can't believe my little baby girl is all grown up and going off across the ocean!" She had tears building up, she hugged me back tightly. "Well you better be on your way darling. We wouldn't want you to miss your flight. Tell your father hello for me and Phil. And do call me when you land." She kissed my cheek then started walking me to the car.

"Thanks mom, I will miss you too, I will call… promise. I love you!" I kissed her cheek and hugged her once more, then climbed into the back of the town car. I pulled my glasses over my eyes so no one would see the tears that were threatening to make a quick appearance. I refused to cry. This was my decision and it was a new beginning.

Edward's pov-

I was listening to Debussy on my iPod, willing the time for this layover in a small airport in Northern California to be over. I was so anxious to be finally going home. I had just finished with med school and had been offered a very nice intern position in Seattle; I'd finally be within driving distance of the rest of my family. Living in New Hampshire was alright but I longed for the Pacific Ocean and the green of Washington.

I could feel something bigger on the horizon; I just couldn't put my finger on it. I knew that Alice thought she had a huge surprise for me when I arrived home. I chuckled remembering the call that Emmett had made to me just days earlier and slipped up. He informed me rather joyously that Alice and Jasper, my best childhood friend, had eloped and gotten married in Las Vegas three months ago. If they had wanted to keep it as a surprise from me, they shouldn't have made Emmett privy to the information. I chuckled at the thought of Emmett actually keeping something a secret.

I looked up to peek at the gate announcing screen, wondering if my flight had popped up yet. I caught sight of a beautiful brunette stumbling out of the jet way, she looked especially frazzled and a man walking behind her looked to be very angry and covered in some form of liquid. She turned and was blushing furiously. I pulled one ear bud out of my ear so I could hear what was going on.

"Sir, I'm so very sorry. I didn't mean to trip into you and make you spill your coffee, I am really very sorry!" She said in a rush, her voice, beautiful as it was, dripping with sincere remorse. I frowned when the man just glared at her.

"I don't care, bitch. You've just ruined a five thousand dollar suit!" He hollered back at her. She shrunk visibly and looked to be shaking; she quickly pulled her sunglasses down over her eyes. I fought the urge to jump up and say something, but one of the service agents standing nearby walked over to intercept anything that may happen.

"I'm truly sorry." She slunk over and threw herself into a chair, tucking her ear buds into her ears then pulling the hood to her jacket up over her head.

I watched as a service agent walked up to the man and tugged him down the hallway, expressing her apologies. I checked my watch and noticed I still had an hour before my connecting flight to Seattle; I rose out of my chair and wandered down to the Starbucks. I played over the scene and couldn't get my mind off the girl, no woman. She looked kind of sad and alone. As I was ordering my black coffee, I decided on a hot chocolate as well. Maybe I could give it to her, cheer her up a bit.

As I wandered back toward my gate, I noticed her sitting in the same spot. She was slouched forward, reading a rather worn book. She had removed her sunglasses and they were hooked now on her carryon bag, her hood was still pulled up so I took a moment to really look at her.

She had long brown hair that was peeking out of the hood of her dark blue jersey jacket, she was wearing a worn out pair of dark blue skinny jeans and a pair of beaten up black ballet flats. Even for all the worn battered look of her clothing she was beautiful. She actually looked… comfortable. I watched as she turned a page with her thin delicate fingers. Her legs were long and slender, enhanced by the jeans she was wearing. I slowly walked over and sat down a seat over from her, peeking at the front cover of her book. Pride and Prejudice, well it seemed she liked the classics.

Now or never I told myself, and nudged her foot with mine. Her head shot up and she turned to look at me, her deep brown eyes flying open wide. Her eyes met mine and I thought I was going to drown in them. Never in my life had I felt such a sudden connection, my heart rate picked up; I sucked in a quick breath. She was simply beautiful, she had a heart shaped face, her bottom lip just slightly fuller than her top. She had pale clear skin. I quickly recovered and smiled. She furrowed her eyebrows, a small frown pulled at her lips, causing my smile to dip a bit. She pulled an ear bud out of one ear.

"Um… did you… uh need something?" She stammered and looked away quickly. I saw a faint blush creep across her cheeks. Now that is just adorable.

"I thought you may like a warm drink?" I said back as I handed her the hot chocolate. "It's just hot chocolate from the Starbucks down the way. That gentleman shouldn't have been so hard on you."

Her eyes snapped back to mine and she smiled just a little, she reached up and took the cup from me, fiddling with the sticker tab covering the opening. It shocked me that she would be so blasé and accept a drink from someone she didn't know. Was she always so trusting? I pushed those thoughts away, she could trust me, and I wanted her to trust me.

"Thanks, you saw that huh?" She said blushing harder and pulled the tab off sticking it to the top of the lid and taking a small sip. I chuckled softly and slid into the seat next to her. She stiffened and then relaxed almost as quickly, taking another sip.

"Yeah, I think most of the people here at the gate saw that." I smiled. I held out my hand to her. "I'm Edward, and you are?" She looked down at my hand then back up, her eyes meeting mine. Again my breath caught, and then her hand was in mine and my heart raced double time. What is going on here, I thought. I looked down at her hand quickly, as she did.

"Um… Bella." She said softly still staring at our hands, then releasing my hand. I quickly rubbed it on my jean covered leg, missing the feel of her soft skin almost immediately. I looked back up in time to see her place her ear bud back in.

Quick Edward, think of something to engage her in conversation. I tapped her shoulder. Not sure what the heck I was doing. She slowly pulled her hood off, and the smell of strawberries came pouring off of her. She turned slowly to look at me and pulled the ear bud back out.

"Yes?" She asked softly, eyeing me like I had lost my mind. Well, I thought, maybe I had. But I couldn't imagine not talking to her.

"A classic fan?" I said quickly pointing to her book. Way to point out the obvious…

"Oh…" She folded the corner quickly and snapped the book shut. "Yeah, I guess so. You?" I sighed when she smiled slightly. At least she has put the book aside. Think positive Eddie boy!

"Well, yes actually. Austen happens to be a favorite of mine, as well as the Bronte sisters." She eyed me then smiled wider.

"Not many guys would admit to that. So where are you heading?" She leaned back in her seat sipping from her cup; I leaned back as well, finishing my coffee.

"Seattle, you?" I asked, silently and urgently praying to God that maybe she was going to Seattle as well. She blushed and smiled, her eyes meeting mine quickly then darting away.

"Me to. Actually, not really but it's the only airport close enough to where I'm actually going, well with a flight for today anyways." She said and sighed, her mood looked to be dropping a bit. Her smile almost disappeared and her eyes looked very sad. I resisted the urge yet again to protect her, to pull her into my lap and hold her. What was this girl doing to me? First I talk to her, which is completely out of character for me, and now I want to protect her. I shook my head slightly.

"Ah." It was all I could think to say, I looked up at the gate announcement board and noticed my flight was up and would be boarding soon. I looked over to her and she seemed lost in her thoughts. "So are you on the next connecting flight then?" I asked quickly, hoping that maybe she was, and that possibly she'd be sitting close to me.

"Yes, I believe so. I think it should be boarding soon," she looked quickly at her watch slightly distracted now. "yeah… definitely soon." She all but whispered, taking a deep breath and slowly blowing it out.

I watched her silently, and it struck me suddenly. This was a girl that I could possibly come to love. I had never once felt the way I did when I saw her, or felt the way I did with her skin against mine. Whoa, Eddie boy calm down there. You just met her, you have no idea who she is, or where she is even going. No, but I desperately wanted to. I sighed and my phone buzzing in my pocket made me jump, elbowing Bella. She looked at me and we both laughed.

"Excuse me, I've got a call." I said snapping the phone open, standing up and wandering a few steps away. "Hello, Alice!" I said into the phone. Her shrill squeal over the phone made me laugh.

"Hey baby brother!" She giggled; she loved reminding me that I was younger by a whole two minutes. "So have you met her yet?" My brows furrowed, what the hell is she talking about?

"Excuse me Alice, met who?" I asked, my eyes wandering over to where Bella was sitting, sifting through her bag.

"The girl you're going to fall in love with and marry my dear brother." She said completely shocked that I didn't know who she was talking about.

"Alice, I didn't meet her prior to leaving New Hampshire, what makes you think I've met her in the short period of time between there and here?" I asked, watching Bella stand and grab her bag, heading off towards the bathroom. Oh big mistake, she's got the cutest ass. My sister's voice pulled me back and I stopped watching after Bella's backside.

"I have a feeling baby brother that she is on one of your flights. I have told you before I just know these things. I'm guessing she's a brunette. Anyways, you'll meet her. I know it." I was beside myself, my sister and her 'feelings' usually were right, but how was that possible. "So, baby brother, I wanted to let you know that Jazz and I will be there to pick you up. Don't drag those big feet of yours after getting off the plane. We have to meet Carlisle and Esme for dinner right after you land. Emmett and Rosalie will also be there with Kalie and she can't wait to see her uncle. Love ya, baby brother, ciao!"

And with that, before I could even respond she hung up. That was Alice for you. It was sometimes a wonder that the two of us were twins, let alone brother and sister. Hmm maybe the twin thing is why she gets these silly little feelings things. There has always been some sort of connection between the two of us.

I turned my phone off and tucked it down into my jean pocket and made my way back over to my gate. I still hadn't seen Bella return. I had to battle back the urge to go stand outside the bathroom and wait for her. It's not like she'd miss her flight though. I said another silent prayer that maybe she'd be near me on the plane, even though I was in first class.

Bella's pov

I walked quickly to the bathroom, I felt like I was going to throw up. I made it into a stall just in time to have the contents of my stomach make a nice unwanted appearance. Ugh! If it's one thing I hate most is throwing up. Thinking about my past today was not making my life any easier. I grabbed a handful of toilet paper and wiped at my mouth throwing it into the toilet and flushing quickly.

"Are you alright dear?" Someone called from outside of the stall, sounding concerned.

"Yes, I'm just a nervous flyer." I lied, standing up and grabbing my bag. I left the stall and walked to one of the sinks, looking at myself in the mirror.

Way to go Bella, now you look like absolute crap. If Edward, wasn't totally grossed out by you before he will be now. I grabbed my tooth brush and toothpaste out of my bag and made quick work of getting rid of the vomit smell and taste. I then washed my face and quickly brushed through the mess that was my hair. Looking in the mirror quickly and applying a bit of lip gloss, I tried a smile. It lacked something for a moment then all on its own it brightened.

My thoughts had shifted to Edward. I replayed our short, if lacking conversation. It was so nice of him to get me a hot chocolate; he probably thought I was insane, after watching that mess at the gate. But still he approached me. No one ever approached me. It's not that I'm unapproachable; it's just that generally I was invisible. Especially to gorgeous people, and boy was he gorgeous. His eyes were the color of emeralds, such a deep green. He had small freckles on his cheeks just under his eyes and across his nose, his skin looked so clear, and his hair. It was a mess of bronze, like a brand new penny. It stood up haphazardly all over his head. I didn't quite know how to explain it. He was tall and well proportioned. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a lovely white button up long sleeved t-shirt. His sun glasses pushed up on top of his head.

I remembered the way his butt looked as he was walking away talking on his cell phone. Oh gosh Bella get a grip. You'll never see him again. But I couldn't stop the smile I felt spreading goofily across my face. But he had noticed me; he tried to talk to me. And the way my heart raced when he smiled, he took my breath away. And I couldn't describe the feeling of touching his hand. I'd never had that happen before.

Just then my thoughts were interrupted by the announcement of final boarding for my flight. I threw my stuff into my bag, zipping it quickly. And making a mad dash for my gate, the flight attendant at the door was frowning at me as I ran with my ticket. She took it and scanned it quickly. I had never been more grateful for my first class seating, at least then I wouldn't have to fight my way to the back.

As I made my way onto the plane and made my way to seat 3B, I felt my heart stop and I had to remind myself to breathe.