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At First Sight

Outtake: A Dr Visit


February 14th 2012…

"Reggie, I don't think I can do this." I said shifting uncomfortably. She had me standing in the middle of my closet with nothing but a deep burgundy lace demi cup bra, which I felt like I was nearly falling out over the top of. I was also wearing a pair of matching lace cheekies. She held out a dress that matched in color, it was a wrap around style that tied at the right side.

"You can and you will. Trust me; he will not know what hit him." Regina answered hanging the dress on the hook on the door. "Where is the garter?" I couldn't help it I blushed three different shades of red from my head to my toes.

"I don't know." I whispered, and she scowled at me. I had hid it and the thigh high stockings in the bag and pushed it to the back of the closet. I seriously could not go into his place of work and seduce my husband. I don't know where Regina came up with this but it was so not me. Gift or not. "I can't do this." I said again and tried to cover myself.

"Yes Isa, you will. Get the stockings and garter, put them on now." She said putting her hands on her hips. When I didn't move she stepped quickly out of the closet and came back with her phone. "Is okay. I will just call Alice and Rose." She said holding it up. I reached out and snatched it.

"Fine! Fine!" I reached into the closet and pulled out the bag. I pulled on the garter quickly before I could chicken out. IreallyhopeyoulikethisEdward. I then pulled the stockings on, attaching them quickly. She smiled at me.

"You are so hot Isa." She said proudly, then handed me the dress. I untied it and slipped my arms through then tied it snuggly. I turned and looked in the mirror. I did look pretty good; it hugged my curves very well. Regina checked her watch. "You best go. Edward will lunch in thirty minutes." She pushed the shoe box across the floor and I bent down and grabbed it.

"Thank you Reggie. Um… just… thanks." I really didn't know what to say; I mean it should be fun, a nice surprise for Edward, and it is getting me to branch out a bit. I took the two inch heels out of the box and tried not to think about slipping or tripping. I would just be extra cautious.

"No thanks needed. Go, enjoy." She waved me off and then pushed me toward the door, she grabbed Elaina out of her kick and play seat and followed me downstairs to just outside of the garage. "Oh, and spare me details."

With trembling fingers I pulled on my long dress coat and buttoned it, grabbing my purse. I kissed Elaina on the head and headed out. I sure hope that Edward doesn't flip. This was sure to be a huge surprise, but it was all I could manage in a short amount of time for Valentine's Day.


Today had been brutal, already this morning I had lost two patients. One was an elderly homeless man who had succumbed to the elements; there was just nothing else we could do for him. The other was a child… I shook the images from my mind. I would be really happy to get home and hold the boys and kiss little Ellie on the head. I sighed warily as I placed the last chart into the holder and ran my fingers through my hair.

"Alison, I'll be in my office. If there is an emergency page me, otherwise don't disturb me." I said as I started to walk away, she nodded.

"Not a problem Dr. Cullen. Try to remember to get something to eat." She said then quickly returned to her work.

I made my way down the hallway to my office using my key card I entered and walked over, and threw myself down on the couch. Not even bothering to turn on the light, I closed my eyes and tried to banish the images of that little boy from my mind. I heard a click as the lamp on my desk came on, casting dim light into the room. I turned my head and smiled as I sat up slowly.


She was sitting on the edge of my desk wearing a beautiful deep red dress with her legs crossed delicately at the knee, her palms flat on the desk behind her leaning slightly back. I could not believe this beautiful creature was mine. She smiled at me, and slowly uncrossed her legs and hopped off the desk.

"Hi Dr. Cullen." She said as she slowly walked across my office and lowered herself onto my lap, one of her stocking covered thighs on either side of mine. I groaned when her fingers went into my hair and she pulled my head back to look up at her. "Have you been a good boy today?"

She asked against my skin, breathing her hot breath across my neck as she leaned in to kiss just below my earlobe. Itching to touch her I let my hands slide up her calves over her knees along her thighs, my finger tips just dipping under her dress. She was so warm and so soft.

"I don't know Bella, what do you think?" I whispered into her ear as I slid my hands further up, dropping my face to her shoulder when I felt the lace edge of her stockings and the little clips holding them up. As if having her in my office alone wasn't fantasy enough in itself, she had to go and wear something so divine. "God Bella, what did I do to deserve you?" I whispered against her skin, moving my nose slowly up her neck, breathing in her delicate scent. My hands reached her lace covered ass and pulled her closer to me so she could feel just how much I needed and wanted her. We both moaned softly at the contact, ahh… sweet music to my ears.

"I don't know Dr. Cullen; maybe you are just really lucky." She whispered pulling my earlobe between her teeth, eliciting a groan from me as I turned my head to claim her lips. She greedily kissed me back, her fingers tugging roughly on my hair as she ground her hips down into my lap. Then she pulled out of my grasp and stood up. I frowned and dropped my hands onto the couch beside me.

"Where are you going?" I asked shocked but she just placed a finger over my mouth and stood back up, she reached for the tie on the side of her dress, she pulled it and let the material slide down off her body.

I watched mesmerized as the soft silk slid effortlessly over her delicate pale skin and pooled at her feet. This was the first time I noticed the heels and groaned internally. That was hot as hell, she rarely wore them and they made her legs so much more defined. I let my eyes slowly move up her barely covered legs. I shifted where I sat as my eyes reached the edges of the stockings and the garter belt. Fuck! She was wearing lace panties that matched the sorry excuse for a bra that barely covered her full breasts. Finally I made it to her beautiful face, she was biting her lip while she smiled, and she reached behind her and unclasped her bra.

"Sit still Dr. Cullen, and be quiet." She advised, as if I was going to move. If my wife wants to strip for me then so be it, as long as she knows she's going to get fucked on that desk over there as soon as those panties are gone. The bra fell to the floor to join the dress; she swayed her hips slowly as her hands slid up her body. I swallowed hard, wishing it was my hands moving across her soft skin. They moved up to her breasts then up behind her head and she pulled whatever it was keeping her hair up out as she turned slowly, giving me a lovely view of her glorious backside. It was only slightly blocked by her long hair hanging in loose curls.

She walked toward my desk and unclasped the stockings as she walked, then slowly slipped out of her panties. God she was moving so slow, she carefully removed them, leaving the stockings on. She let the panties fall at her feet clasping the garter back onto the stockings. I shifted trying to get comfortable.

"Dr. Cullen, you've been so good… why don't you come get a treat." She said as she hopped back onto the edge of the desk crossing her legs again, and leaning back, pushing her breasts forward. I stared, my eyes taking in every little inch of her body, saving this memory in my mind forever. Beautiful! I stood up and started to take off my lab coat but she shook her head. "No leave it on." I grinned and stalked toward her.

"Do I still have to be quiet?" I whispered into her ear as I lifted the knee that was crossed over her other leg and pulling her forward as I stepped between her legs.

"No." She whispered back as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I let my hand slide up the inside of her thigh and slipped a finger slowly inside her. She was so damn wet already.

"You're so wet baby." I kissed down her neck as I slipped another finger inside her and she pushed her hips toward me, moaning softly. I worked my fingers slowly marveling at her heat, and the soft mewling coming from her. "I'm going to make you scream for me. Do you think you can do that Bella?" I whispered as I moved down and took one of her perfect pink nipples between my teeth and nibbled. Brushing my tongue over the hardened nub.

"Edward… I can't… we're-" I cut her off by biting down slightly harder on her nipple and she arched her back, pushing her breast up into my face and her hips against my hand harder. "oh fuck…" she breathed out.

"I don't give a fuck where we are." I said as I released her nipple, pulling my fingers out of her as I kissed her hard, forcing my tongue between her lips. Our tongues mating as I quickly untied my pants, pushing them down enough to free myself. I bit her lip as I pulled her forward and thrust deep into her. God damn there wasn't anything better in life than being buried deep inside your wife. "And it's Dr. Cullen!" I demanded as I thrust into her again and she let her head fall back, tightening her legs around me. "Fuck Bella, you're so tight baby." I groaned out as she moaned, I wanted to hear her scream.

"Mmm harder Dr. Cullen…" She moaned out as she lifted her head and her eyes locked with mine and she bit her lip. God hearing her say Dr. Cullen was hot as hell! I dug my fingers into her ass and thrust harder into her hot body, I watched as her eyes rolled slightly. I pulled her ass off the edge of the desk and lifted her slightly, shifting the angle just a bit and she screamed out.

"That's right baby, scream for me." I groaned as she tightened around me, neither one of us was going to last much longer. I picked up my pace, fucking her with all I had, her back arched beautifully as she screamed out with each thrust.

"Dr. Cullen!" She screamed as her body clamped down around me and she screamed out, her orgasm taking over causing her to shudder and twitch. She fell back on the desk as I thrust one more time into her, hearing her scream pushing me over the edge. I lay against her, both of our bodies heaving. I had no idea where she got the courage to come here and do this but I loved it.

"Oh Bella… that was …" I couldn't form the rest of the sentence. It was beyond anything. Hell we could have been barged in on she was screaming so loudly. She giggled as she tried to catch her breath.

"Happy Valentine's Day baby!" She said as she ran her fingers through my hair as I rested my head on her chest.

"Mmm… thank you sweetheart. I wondered to what I owed such a pleasure. I don't know how I'll top this as a gift though." I whispered, turning my nose into her skin and breathing deeply.

"Don't worry about it Edward. It was as much a gift for me as it was for you. It was Regina's idea, so I guess you could thank her." She said and pulled her right hand out of my hair lifting her hand to look at her watch. "Your lunch is just about over, and I need to get back to start cupcakes for the boys' classroom tomorrow." She sighed out and hugged me to her.

"Alright love. Thank you again." I said with a smile as I stood, bringing her with me. She hopped off the desk and quickly dressed while I straightened out my scrubs.

"I'll see you at home for dinner sweetie. Have a good rest of the day." She winked over her shoulder as she left.

I heaved out a large breath as I dropped onto the couch again. My wife was something else. Thinking this was her gift as well. I'd have to think of something, it wouldn't be tonight. I couldn't believe I had totally spaced what day it was. Maybe this weekend. I smiled and stood back up, I needed to get a snack and head back to my patients. As I stood I saw something just under the edge of the desk. As I bent over to pick it up my breathing hitched a bit as I felt an all too familiar tightening in my pants... Bella's panties.

Well at least she'd effectively drove away some of the bad images from the morning. With one last look at my desk I headed down to the vending machine looking for something quick to eat.