Chapter One

"In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was formless and void; and darkness was over the surface of the deep." Genesis 1:1-2, NASB

The Rebellion

Just after the dawn of time, there was an unheard of disturbance in heaven. There was the feel of an approaching storm signaling something ominous on the horizon, as if heaven itself might be ripped asunder by the mighty rush of millions of wings beating at once in fierce battle.

During the time between the first and second verses recorded in the book of Genesis, great and awful events took place that shook the foundations of the universes and forever altered the course of human history. Before humans were ever created, choices were made that would greatly influence them and all other created beings.

The beautiful archangel Lucifer, the light bearer, glorious in his appearance, strode confidently through the majestic halls. His white robe fluttered, trailing in his wake as he approached Michael and Gabriel, the two other archangels, who stood with Xander, the highest ranking of all guardians.

"My brothers," he said to them in a silken voice, his amber eyes flashing his excitement. "Why should we be content to be servants? We are the highest and most powerful of the angels, yet we are expected to bow before God with the lowest of our kind. Let us join together. Even God Himself cannot stop us if we are united. Join me, and we will rule the universes."

Michael, the great warrior, the one who resembled his master, Jehovah God, faced Lucifer with a scowl marring his countenance. His green eyes flashed a warning as his jaw tensed. From his towering height of seven feet, the largest of all angels glared at the most beautiful.

"Your pathetic sycophants have puffed you up with conceit, Lucifer. Do not let your followers lead you into rebellion. We are honored to serve our Master, Yahweh. There is no higher calling. What is the purpose of attaining more power than He has already granted to us?"

Gabriel, God's able-bodied one, the hero of God, turned his azure eyes to Lucifer and Michael with unconcealed concern. His gentle demeanor belied his great strength in battle. Though Gabriel desired to be a peacemaker and would not take up arms against another angel easily, he was assured of victory if he did so. The flowing sleeves of his white robe fell back from his strong arms as he laid his hands on the shoulders of Lucifer and Michael.

Xander, chief among legions of protectors, spoke his carefully chosen words in a deliberately moderated tone, "Lucifer, you are already powerful beyond all angels except for those in this group. Must you rule us as well? Only Elohim has more authority than do we. Do not force His hand. Do not sever our bonds. Once you choose this path against our Master, you cannot untravel it. It is an irrevocable choice."

"Lucifer, Michael, Xander, let us not argue. Jehovah desires for us to live together in unity and harmony. We have but one purpose – to glorify the Almighty Creator," Gabriel said reasonably.

Lucifer sneered openly at them, his brawny arms crossed tightly over his broad chest. He shook his head in derision, and his glossy black hair fell across his shoulders.

"I thought as much. You are too cowardly to confront the One who holds us captive to His will. I do not need you to accomplish my plans. You are correct in one thing, Michael. I do have many followers, and they will die for me if necessary."

Michael, the strongest of them all, quickly unsheathed his sword and brandished it with two strong hands above his golden head. "Then let it be so! I will slay those who oppose my Master! First I will smite you, and then your groveling hoards."

A deep, sonorous voice spoke silence and stilled all of heaven as a brilliant light appeared before the four. All of heaven except Lucifer bowed to one knee and lowered their heads in gestures of submission. As Michael saw Lucifer openly defy of the Creator of All Things, he jumped to his feet and called the Host to battle. As suddenly as lightning strikes, the angelic forces from all of heaven met as the two sides engaged in war. Swords clashed with a thunderous roar, and heaven shook with the fierceness of it, until God spoke His judgment.

"How you have fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, star of the morning, son of the dawn! You have been cut down to the earth, you who have weakened the nations!" The Father of All spoke a brief mourning for the loss of His brightest angel before consigning him to everlasting darkness. His voice invoked awe in the heavenly ranks as He continued, "But you said in your heart, 'I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God, and I will sit on the mount of the assembly in the recesses of the north. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.' Nevertheless, you will be thrust down to Sheol, to the recesses of the pit. Those who see you will gaze at you." (Isaiah 14, NASB)

At God's word and through His power, with the rest of the host as witnesses, the pretender was cast out of heaven to the earth. Lucifer was no longer light. He was now the essence of darkness, and his very name mocked him. He became the god of this world, the ruler of the earth, for a season.

When Lucifer, the most cunning of all angels, was expelled from the presence of the Master, the rest of the angels chose sides for eternity. Xander, along with millions of others, elected to stay with their Creator and serve Him. Lucifer managed to convince many hundreds of thousands of their kind to desert all good things and their places in the ranks in order to follow him. After humans were created, the sole reason for Lucifer's existence became to prevent humans from believing in God; failing that, the dark ones hoped to rob believers of their joy and their usefulness to the Master. Lucifer was constantly watching for any opportunity to accuse believers and to point out their sins to God. He and those who chose to be with him sought to thwart the plans of Jehovah at every opportunity. The fallen were totally destructive and continuously evil. Whereas the light beings were pure souls, the dark ones had given up their souls at the moment they had chosen their common destiny. Those of the light never sinned, and those of the darkness never stopped sinning. Salvation was not needed for the holy angels, and it was not possible for the fallen.

Eventually, in God's chosen time, the dark ones would be defeated once and for all and condemned to the abyss. Of course, Lucifer had convinced his forces that he would be ultimately victorious, and they believed his lie. He was the Father of Lies. Lucifer's demonic forces were divided into hierarchies and ranks just as light beings were, but they held their positions through threats and abuse. There was no loyalty among them. They could achieve only a perverted sort of happiness through causing others misery.