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Excerpt five: Falling

It won't rain all the time
the sky won't fall forever
and though the night seems long
your tears won't fall forever
- It Can't Rain All the Time, Jane Siberry

Vincent had seen it all. He had seen Cloud and Tifa go out, and Cloud come back alone with a cold texture to his face. He was sure Tifa was outside crying from the hunched over shadow of the girl. But it was Cloud he was more worried about right now. As the younger man entered his room, the ex-Turk followed afterwards, able to make quiet footsteps in his metal tinned boots. The door opened. He looked in to see it empty and the bathroom room open. His stomach was twisting at the thought of what he might see. And he was right.

He did see Cloud gashing open his own skin.

"Cloud." He did not answer, until he put the knife he carried down. The blonde turned around, and Vincent was nearly shocked to see such a miserable look on his face. The younger man looked as if he were going to cry and that would make it better once that was done. Cloud bit back on his lip, before taking a deep breath and only mangaged to said the man's name before breaking intp pieces and sobbing on the tile floor. Vincent hurried over and placed his good hand on the other's shoulder, before saying,

"Cloud, what's wrong?"



Seeing this was getting no where, and probably won't if he went on
"I won't tell anyone else about this." And he left

Cloud looked up, wiping the running tears from his face, smearing his cheeks in fresh blood,"Why do you keep calling me, Cloud? Why does that name hurt me? Tell me, Vincent" But Vincent was already gone.

Spinning around, he took a look as the fresh wound he made. Picking up the blade once more, he slashed into it again, watching with dull eyes as the crimson fell to his feet, washing over to the pure white tiles, staining them. Staining purity to touch the blood of another that was drawn. Tears continued to fall off his chin. The kindness Vincent hinted at killing him inside. The same kindness he had grown to hate. His wrist moved again.

Another drizzle of scarlet hit the floor

And he smiled

"Come on, Vinny! He broke Tifa's heart. It's unforgivable!"

"Yuffie, I'm serious. Cloud cannot be bothered right now."

"Well why not?!"

"He's not feeling himself."

"He's going nutters again?! Then I -have to go in!"

Vincent shook his head, keeping Yuffie back with his flesh hand,"He just needs some time alone Yuffie."

"But Vinnnnnny!!!"


Yuffie huffed and placed his hands on his hips,"Well geez!"And turned around on her heel, leaving the hallway. Vincent sighed, watching the ninja leave. He could understand Yuffie wanting to talk to Cloud about Tifa, but right now was definitly not a good time. Vincent turned around as the door in Cloud's room opened. The younger man stood there, his skin a nice shade of white, with only a few shades of light peach.

"Vincent...can we go outside?"

"What's making you do this? Why the cutting?"

Cloud gazed into the sky, colorless now that the fireworks were gone,"I don't know. I just feel better went I do it, you know? Like a sick sastification."

"When did it start?"

"After and during meteor...I remember that I couldn't stand it and cut myself while everyone was sleeping. That was before we went up to Icicle Inn and after.....Aerith's death. And I remember loving it. Soon it became something I would do occasionally."

"You want to kill yourself?"Vincent asked, finding him slightly disturbed at the loss of blood in Cloud. The blonde boy nodded hesitantly, in fact in his eyes he seemed very unsure, which gave the older man the opportunity to speak,

"You seem to be unsure. Why don't you stop before you regret it?"

"Because...because, I can't help it! I need it! You don't understand, Vincent! I can't stand myself! Going along, asking myself who would've been living a normal life if I hadn't joined SOLDIER, Who am I?! Am I really Cloud?! I'm so pathetic....,"His yells died down to a soft whisper,"Maybe this is me. The same hopeless fool who can't do anything."

"Then what do you want us to call you?"


"I know your problem, I understand it. But a name is just a name. It is something people identify you by. There is no specfic description for someone, say, named Ana. Or Sephiroth. Or even you, Cloud. So please, Cloud, try to understand what I'm saying. Nobody wants to see you die. Nobody wants to see you in pain."

Cloud rubbed at his eyes,"When I was younger they wou-"

"That was in the past, Cloud. This is now. What is important is the things right -now- has to offer. I know, the things that have happened to you in the past shouldn't happen to anyone. But that's life. You can't decide what happens in your future. But Cloud, I don't want to see you die. I don't take pleasure from your pain. And I haven't seen or met anyone else who does."

Cloud stared long at the floor, before looking up at Vincent with a faint smile,"Thank you, Vincent."

Yuffie looked through the air vent's holes in Cloud's room. She was going to get it no matter what! That jerk! Pushing aside the metal lid, she slid into the room. No one was in the first room. Maybe he was in the bathroom! Dusting herself off , she knocked on the door.

No answer.


She knocked again

No answer


Finally she opened the door. The light wasn't on, but even then she went inside. Her bare feet hit something wet. Fear clinging up her spine, she stepped back out of the room and looked at her foot. The bottom was covered with.....red? And it smelled too!


Yuffie paused

Oh god..was it? With shaking fingers, Yuffie brought herself to open the switch.

A scream erupted throughout Seventh Heaven