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Pairings: Asami/Akihito

Chapters: 15/?

Summary: Akihito tried to find stories, but meeting one powerful vampire, Asami Ryuuichi will throw his world upside down. AU.

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A month later which made it three months pregnant, Akihito was starting to worry about his place in Asami's life. The creature came and left. He started to do it more after he told Asami that Kunio was not going to be part of the underworld. He slowly sat down on the couch. He felt the baby kick once in a while but had no one to share his excitement with. Mao did not approach him since he told her to leave him. It was lonely. Namiye was not too thrilled with him lately. He has been needing help more and more. The guard was told to stay inside with him now. He called out, "Ugly scar dude, I need some water."

"You asked for that five minutes ago."

"Yeah and now I want more. Oh maybe some fried food as well."

"Listen here brat. You are a damn guest."

"I live here with your boss."

"Do you have any idea about my boss? Do you think you are the first who lived here? Do you think he is loyal to you?"

Akihito stood up, ready to flip but then Namiye continued to taunt him about the creature's lovers. The guard even went so far as naming some of them. He realized about one name. It hurt deep but they were the past. He was the present. He doubted totally when he heard the stories. He left the penthouse not caring if the guard was following. His soul was hurting as well as his heart. He needed to get away from it all. He wanted some kind of peace.

Across the city, Yoshiki tried to keep his anger down as he stared at the creature standing there. What had him upset was the woman beside him. She said that her name was Asami Haruka. He couldn't believe the man was married and claimed to be with his son.

Suzuki asked, "What do you think? Could they be back?"

Haruka answered, "This is not the Shimizu gang. A new one it would seem. Ryuuichi, something is a miss."


"What do you mean, Haruka?" Asami asked, ignoring the elderly Takaba. He looked around the room, but didn't sense anything wrong. It was just a killing by a vampire gang. He turned to face the only family he had.

Haruka sung, "I do not know but it is not pretty." She smirked when Asami glared at her. She walked out the door, feeling unable to stay in the room. The people there were driving her nuts. Her mind was broken. She leaned against the building, staring up at the sky. It was turning to be a great sunny day. Her eyes burned until she pulled down the shades. A pack of cigarettes were pushed in front of her. She glanced over seeing the tall blonde guard holding the cigarettes. She took one and let him light it. As she took a drag, she asked, "Where is the other?"

"He was appointed to find more information on the attack, Asami-san." Souh replied softly.

"I am a lost cause, dear human." Haruka stated as she blew out grey smoke. He looked at her confused and she sighed. As she tossed the cigarette down to the ground, she sighed, "It burns fiercely until someone steps on it." She smashed the cigarette with her boot. She looked at the guard and continued, "I once burned fiercely but someone stepped on me, putting me out. The misery still lives in my soul." She walked away without looking back.

Asami heard the conversation. He had to leave before he did some damage to the elderly Takaba. The man was a fool over and over again. Suoh was watching as Haruka walked to the car. He stepped out of the house. Suoh stood up straight. He glanced between the two, saying nothing. He asked, "Did Kirishima find me any information on both requests?"

"Not yet sir. Mao is out of sight. None of the men show promise to guard the kid, Asami-sama." Suoh answered.

"What do you mean Mao is out of sight?" Asami asked.

"Meaning no one knows where she is, sir." Suoh answered. He shut his mouth as Suzuki and Yoshiki walked out of the house. He bowed his head, speaking, "I will take your sister home, Asami-sama." Asami glared at him and he left. He could see Yoshiki was thinking on wrong lines. He was not letting the boy slip away from his boss. It was good to see him have feeling in those cold eyes.

In a park about a few blocks from the busy city, Akihito sat down on the bench, staring out at the trees. He laid his hand on his stomach, trying to find some sort of comfort. His heart was breaking apart. It would also seem Asami didn't care since the man wasn't speaking to him. Was he just the carry for the slayer and nothing else? The future was not set in stone. Could it truly be correct that Asami is seeing someone else while away from him? He wiped away his tears, upset that he was letting himself get down because some guard said hurtful words. It could all be a lie but still his mind kept repeating the words said to him.

"It is not safe for you to be out in the open, boy."

"Wow and here I thought you were dead since I haven't had to be bothered by you, Izumi." Akihito hissed refusing to turn his head to look at the female vampire.

"I may walk wherever I wish, human. I just didn't think the so-called protector would let you out without someone watching you." Izumi remarked coldly.

Akihito finally turned his head, sighing, "Knowing him, he has at least three people watching me." He went back to staring at the sky. It started to get cloudy, blocking the sun. The rain was coming but he had no will to go back to the penthouse. He didn't want to hear anything from anyone. He felt the old protector leave him alone. The wind started to blow and he closed his eyes, trying to will away his tears.

An hour later, Kirishima got his jacket. He put away the files. Asami did not mind him leaving the office and taking work home with him as long as he answered the call at any moment. He glanced outside to see rain starting to pour down. He grabbed his umbrella and headed out. He didn't say much to other workers. It was best that way. It didn't suit him to make friends with them. Besides Asami, he spoke with Suoh. The rest, he was higher up and gave them their orders from their boss. He stepped out to see his car parked right there like always. It was the same every day or night. He opened the passenger side and tossed in his briefcase. He stood up back and turned. He was shocked to see the human standing there. He saw him soaking wet. He walked to him quickly, putting the umbrella over him.

Akihito laughed bitterly, "I'm already soaked."

"This is not good for you, Takaba-san or the baby. Does Asami-sama know where you are?" Kirishima questioned. He looked around to see if he could see Namiye. He knew for a fact that Asami did not release him yet. He wouldn't worry about it but he has yet to hear from Mao which wasn't too strange with her but it was unnerving.

"He wouldn't care. I'm only good for carrying the child. You were his lover and now he still going to you for sex." Akihito chuckled even more bitter than before.

Kirishima almost dropped the umbrella as he understood the words escaping the boy's lips. He grabbed Akihito's arm, speaking in a low tone, "I believe we need to speak in private. Come on. You can come to my place for a discussion."


"Please, Takaba-san. Let me explain whatever you heard before you judge Ryuuichi." Kirishima sighed and the boy looked at him like a lost puppy. He got Akihito to the car and the boy got inside, shivering. He pulled off his jacket, telling the human to wrap it around him. He also hurried to his side. Once he got in, he turned up the heat full blast. The last thing anyone needed was Akihito getting sick. Asami would make everyone's life a living hell. He pulled away from the Club noting that Namiye was standing there, making a phone call. He tossed his phone in the holder, planning to ignore it for now.

At the penthouse, Asami looked around, unable to find his mate. He hoped Namiye was with his freedom seeker lover. He heard his phone ring loudly and he answered, "Where is he?"

"Sir, I was following him and well Kirishima took him in his car." Namiye answered.

Asami's eyebrow rose as the creature tried to figure out what was going on. Kirishima would have let Akihito alone. He knew the man very well to know he only had a few hand full of people he would speak to. Akihito was not one of them. He started to get concern. Kirishima could be dangerous in his own right. He growled as he knew these emotions were affecting him more than they should. He hung up on Namiye without saying a word. It was time to get his personal guard to bring him his human and now. He dialed the number. One, two, three, four, five rings went unanswered and the voicemail picked up. He hung up and redialed the number to get the same result. He couldn't even get a hold of Mao. She was on the lost end at the moment. He slammed his hand against the wall, swearing Kirishima was going to learn a lesson.

At a small apartment, well small for what Kirishima got paid. It was comfortable for the money he had. He bought a tray with two mugs of hot tea. He sat it down on the table seeing the boy in some of his old clothes. He sat down after handing Akihito the hot tea. Those eyes only read sadness and hurt. He sighed, "What would you like to know, Takaba-san?"

Akihito looked at the guard who held relax features. He didn't understand. He has seen this man from time to time and he was always so serious looking. Now, it looked like a weight was lifted off of him. He glanced around the room, finding it comfortable but still mild to what the man across from him makes. He asked without looking at Kirishima, "Were you his lover and is he still sleeping with you?" What would he do if he knew the truth? Would he leave the safety of the creature's power?

Kirishima set down his mug as he answered, "I was his lover when I was a teenager. No, we are not sleeping together now. I am a marry man who respects my wife as does Ryuuichi."

Akihito turned his head to look at the man, really looked at him to see something in those eyes. He muttered, "You love him." It was a statement not a question.

Kirishima looked up at the boy, who was so different that it was amusing. He held no ill will against Akihito whatsoever. He took a drink of his hot tea, sighing, "My feelings will never be return. I knew that when we were first lovers. It was part of the reason I moved on."

Akihito set down his tea, standing up quickly. He yelled, "HOW DID YOU MOVE ON!? YOU STAY BY HIS SIDE! HOW COULD HE USE YOU THAT WAY!?"

Kirishima smiled sadly as he answered, "The one who used was me. I was eighteen away to study for my finals. My family was destroyed by a vampire gang. Ryuuichi took me in and I threw myself at him over and over to forget my pain. I respect him greatly. I would not be here if it wasn't for him." He stood up, helping Akihito sit back down as he continued with his words, "I have seen many lovers walk in and out of his life. The one he loves and will do anything for is you, Akihito." The boy looked at him shocked. He pointed to his phone as it rung loudly once more. He whispered, "That is the tenth time he has called me. He is looking for you. I can be dangerous."

"You said that you have a wife. Does she…"

"Yes, she knows and knows that part of my heart is to him. She trusts me." Kirishima answered. He knelt down, pushing brown locks out of the boy's face as he sighed, "The one who gained his un-beating heart is you. Many have tried and failed. They did things no one should do for that cold heart of his." He stood back up, hearing his phone ring once again.

Akihito stared at the man hard and heard the words. He still felt like Asami somehow used him and still uses him. He sighed and curled closer to the blanket around him. He didn't know what to do or say. He heard the phone again and asked, "Are you going to answer it?"

Kirishima glanced to Akihito and chuckled softly, "It would seem you do not wish to return yet. Warm up, Akihito. Besides, you just got out of those wet clothes. It would be best to wait for the rain to stop. Last thing anyone needs is you getting sick." He walked back to the kitchen, knowing how deadly it could be for not answering his phone.

At the penthouse, Asami almost slammed his fist through the wall. He needed to take out his anger somehow. He knew his mate was feeling his rage by now if he could feel the shivers from him. He slammed his phone down. There was only one hope to find out what Kirishima was doing with his mate. He picked up his phone again and dialed a number that only a few people knew. It rung but went straight to voice mail. He glared at it. It didn't shock him that it happened but he was hoping she would be in a good mood.

Namiye sighed deeply as he walked through the rain. Soon and soon it would be that this stupid job would be done with. He knew the boy would fight against his boss and then the relationship would end. He was tired of watching the boy who was nothing but annoying.

Blue eyes watched as the man walked toward the penthouse. She heard her phone and sent it to voicemail. She knew who it was. She would deal with the problem in her own way. She started to walk in the rain but not getting wet from it. The rain would move out of her way as everyone should. She was deadly. She whispered, "Like the storm, I strike. Kei, you are heading down the wrong road."

An hour later, after the rain stop coming down, Kirishima pulled in front of the building where his boss lives. He helped Akihito out and walked him up to the penthouse. It was no surprise as the door flew open and he was staring straight into bright red eyes. Akihito looked at him for a second and pushed his way into the home. He entered, not even attempting to protect himself as a hand wrapped around his neck and he was slammed into the closed door.

"LEAVE HIM THE DAMN WELL ALONE, BASTARD!" Akihito screamed. His lover was not listening to him. Tears came as he whispered, "He loves you and you are willing to end his life. Damn. You are such a bastard. Using people like they are nothing."

Asami released his hold in shock as he stared at his lover. Those tears were getting to him. He went to grab his mate but he was pushed back. Akihito turned and went into his room. He glanced toward Kirishima who made no move. He ordered, "Tell Namiye, he is done with this assignment."

Kirishima bowed his head and left the penthouse. He saw Namiye walking down the hall. He grabbed his arm, stating, "The kid is giving Asami-sama a hard time. The assignment is done. It would seem this one will be leaving as well." Namiye nodded his head. Once the guard started to go to his level, he glared, noting the look of happiness. He went outside into his car. When he felt a barrel pushed against his temple, he whispered, "Hello Mao."

"What were you doing with him? You better have a good answer or else your blood will fly in this car." The woman hissed lowly into the man's ear.

"It would seem Namiye told him that I once was Ryuuichi's lover." Kirishima answered without taking his eyes off the building. Revenge was in order.

Mao pulled her gun away and laughed, "Let me watch."

"You have to…"

"Nothing is going to dare attack in the devil's home." Mao sung as she jumped in the front seat. She continued, "Beside, I can cover up evidence." She laughed softly as she saw Namiye start to walk down the road. It was about time he got his piece. She never did like him. She heard the car start and pull out. She grinned.

In the penthouse, Asami walked into the master bedroom since that was the only bed in the place now. There laid his mate. He could feel the anger, the distress, and the hurt. He sat on the edge of the bed. The human made no move to look at him. He rubbed his hand through his hair, speaking, "It was the past."

"You still slept with him while you had others." Akihito muttered. Could Kirishima be hiding the truth from him to stop the hurt? Did it matter? He couldn't leave Asami or harm would befall on his son.

"That was also the past. I respect his wife as he does. I would not hurt her in that way." Asami explained in a growl. Akihito turned his head with questions in his eyes. He spoke, "Her life was destroyed by people who wanted to use her. She witnessed the death of her first husband. Well more on the line that she saw him tortured before he finally had the chance to end his life." Those hazel eyes widened. He leaned over the body that was larger than before. He hissed in the boy's face, "You are mine and the only one." Before words could be said, he sealed those lips. The only thought he got was his name.

Akihito wanted to keep the anger but it was dying away. He hasn't had the touch of this creature for a while. His doubts were leaving his head as the large shirt was taken off and tossed to the ground. Large hands ran across his body, making a fire run through his veins. He moaned, "Asami."

In a dark alley, one man stood there, speaking, "What is the meaning of this? Asami…"

"Namiye, your mistake was attacking Asami head on."

"I never attack…"


In the penthouse, Akihito groaned as fingers thrust in and out of him, "Asami. Asami. Asami." He wanted more. He felt death but he ignored it. The pleasure was messing with his head.

At the alley, a bat came up and slammed down. The man below whimpered. Still, Kirishima raised the bat once again. Hatred for this man drove him to show a side that many did not see. He hissed, "No one tries to hurt Ryuuichi."

In the master bedroom, Akihito arched as much as he could. Only one word could escape his lips as the thick cock entered him, "Asami." His heart was racing and making him realize there was no escape for him. Gold eyes stared at him and that was all he ever wanted to see. Large hands molded against him, showing him pleasure more than ever.

In the alley, Kirishima lit up a cigarette while a man was laying before his feet dead. Mao was leaning against him as she worked her magic. The bat was broken and beside Namiye. A lifeless man showing his rage to the world. He took a drag of the cigarette as he sighed, "Another. So many to count."

"Live in darkness for a man of the undead. So in love with him to fall from grace while watching someone else have his un-beating heart." Mao whispered as she grabbed the money from Namiye's wallet. Kirishima said nothing as he walked away from the crime. She went up and down the street, leaving some money to the homeless without them knowing.

At the penthouse, Akihito laid against the creature. It was heavenly. His place was here. He could feel it through their love making that Asami was not with someone else. All this time he was worried about nothing. Still something nagged at him in the back of his mind. Something happened tonight. He asked, "Where is Mao?"

Asami glanced down at his nude mate who was rubbing his stomach. He sighed, "I do not know."

"How do you not know? She works…"

"Mao is not a person who serves. She comes and goes when she wishes. Sometimes she goes off the radar." Asami explained. He closed his eyes and asked, "Why are you asking about her?"

"I swear that she is around and she did something." Akihito answered confused about it himself. It didn't make sense to him. He closed his eyes, ignoring the entire thing. He was content to sleep with the strong arms wrap around him, holding him close to the strong body. Darkness dragged him to sleep.


Akihito looked around the area, confused. He could feel grass beneath his bare feet. It was warm with a little breeze flowing across his body. The only thing that was driving him nuts was he couldn't see anything except the color blue.


He heard the voice again. He asked, 'Who are you and what do you want?'


Akihito was confused as he stated, 'What?'

'My prince.'

Akihito wanted to say something but his mouth shut as he felt the other person knee before him. He couldn't see her but he felt it. It was familiar to him. He whispered, 'Ai.'

'I will be by your side until the end.' She sighed.



Akihito went to say something but he felt the woman gone from his dream. He swore he saw something blue. He fell to his knees, his hand like always laying on his stomach. He was falling back to his life.

Akihito awoke quickly, looking around the room. He was home but now he was confused. He heard nothing. Was he alone once again? He climbed out of bed slowly and decided to get ready. He had to think about the dream. Who was she? Why did it feel so perfect to feel her? About an hour later, he was dressed and walked out.

"Hello Aki."

Akihito turned his head to see Mao sitting on the couch flipping through a book. He smiled, happy to see her again. He walked toward her forgetting that she could be dangerous and that she has killed people. He sat down slowly, his stomach making it more difficult. He sighed, "Mao."

"Something wrong?" Mao asked as she looked up at the human.

"Asami said you were off the radar. I thought…"

"Nothing is wrong with me, Aki. There is someone at the door."

Akihito raised an eyebrow and opened his mouth to speak. He shut it when he heard a knock at the door. Mao stood up and answered the door without asking. Kato and his father walked into the living room. He asked, "What is it?"

"Do you know Namiye?" Kato asked.

"Who?" Akihito questioned back.

"Ugly scar dude." Mao explained, seeing it dawn on the boy. She sat back down, looking through baby clothing. She wasn't sure why she felt so excited about this baby being born. She glanced to the human, feeling something strong.

"He was killed. Most likely mugged." Yoshiki replied.

Kato asked, "Where was Asami last night?"

Akihito sighed, "Home with me. We got into a fight and then…"

"You had great make up sex." Mao chuckled seeing the boy turn straight red. She changed the subject, "What about this outfit for the baby?"

Akihito ignored his father and Kato as he looked at the photo. He shook his head at the price as he sighed, "It would look cute but I can't afford it. Also I'm not having Asami buy everything."

"I will be tagging along with you since Namiye is gone." Mao stated.

"So you knew he was gone." Kato sneered.

Mao turned his head, speaking, "He left his post without a word. I did not know about him being mugged. This conversation is done. I will not have you upset Takaba-san anymore." She stood up, daring Kato to do something foolish. Yoshiki said something about them leaving. The boy's father looked at his son with such sadness. She turned and replied, "Ready to start the day?"

Akihito saw a flash of blue and he blinked his eyes. He stood up, sighing, "Yeah." Mao asked if he was okay and he answered with a smile, "Of course." She walked ahead of him while he grabbed his camera bag.