Resident Evil: Kenwood Falls

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Ch. 1: The Past As Prologue

It was an exceptionally warm April morning in Washington, D.C. A lone figure was standing in front of his apartment window, looking out at the clear, sunny sky, and down at the park where he saw kids enjoying the last days of their Easter break from school.

"If only life could be that simple again." He thought, as he continued to watch the children in the park.

The truth was, however, that it had been unusually quiet the past several months. The biggest event that happened in that span of time was chaperoning the twenty-first birthday party of First Daughter Ashley Graham. After all, it was his duty as the personal agent assigned to protect the First Family. In spite of all this peace and quiet, Leon Scott Kennedy still felt rather uneasy. He'd been trying to convince himself that he just wasn't used to all the down time. The truth was, he hadn't had much of it since he graduated from the Police Academy over seven years ago. He knew that he was just waiting to hear about some new Bio-Terrorism incident taking place in yet another obscure location on the planet, or a new death threat being aimed at President Graham. After all, it seemed as though he'd been up to his neck in either viral messes or kidnapping plots since that proud day in the summer of 1998. As Leon continued enjoying the serene, and rather quaint, scene taking place several stories below, across the street from his apartment, his mind started to wander. He began reflecting on the past seven-plus years of his life.

In late July 1998, Leon Kennedy was nearly at the end of his training at the Raccoon City Police Academy. There were several stories and rumors circulating throughout the place that were connected to a rash of unexplained murders that happened in the Arklay Mountains, located just outside the Raccoon city limits. The stories were about the discovery of half-eaten corpses: the victims of the so-called "cannibal disease." Meanwhile, the rumor mill was running wild with tall-tales of zombies; giant, misshapen killing machines; vicious reptile-like creatures resembling skinned gorillas; ravenous undead dogs; and over-sized spiders and snakes; even sharks (in the mountains?). But perhaps the most shocking thing about these ridiculous rumors, was the fact that they were started by the Raccoon Police Department's elite special operations team known as the Special Tactics and Rescue Service, or S.T.A.R.S for short. This was the team that ultimately inspired Leon to join the police force. He applied to the academy with the hopes of one day joining this elite group of men and women, but now he had become disenchanted with them, thanks to the recent string of events. But then, just as quickly as they had started, the rumors stopped, and the S.T.A.R.S were disbanded. The team had suffered many casualties, and the few remaining members seemed to vanish off the face of the planet. The cause of this was unknown at the time, but Leon would soon find out the truth, and he would find out the hard way.

Two months later, Leon made his way into Raccoon City. He was about to begin his first night on the job with the Raccoon Police Department. He was a twenty-one-year-old rookie, rather idealistic, and maybe more than a little naive, but he was good at his job. He had graduated in the top ten percent of his class at the academy, having excelled in many areas, particularly marksmanship. And he was quite gifted with firearms in the magnum class, if he should say so himself. But the moment he arrived in town, he was thrust into the living, or rather undead, Hell that had once been Raccoon City. He was instantly reminded of a quote from his favorite horror film: "When there's no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth." Well, if that were true, then Hell had obviously just burst at it's seams. The city had become infested with zombies. This was the result of the T-Virus being released throughout the city. The virus was apparently carried to the population by rats who had ingested it in the sewers below Raccoon City. These sewers were used as a secret passage into the Umbrella lab hidden beneath the city streets.

Shortly after his arrival, Leon met up with a young college co-ed named Claire Redfield, who was searching for her older brother: S.T.A.R.S Alpha Team member Chris Redfield. Together, the rookie cop and the college girl managed to survive the horrors of not only the T-Virus outbreak, but also numerous attacks from a mutated monster that had once been rogue Umbrella researcher William Birkin. Birkin had apparently injected himself with a new, more powerful virus known simply as G.

The G-Virus had the ability to regenerate dead tissue at the cellular level by triggering one mutation after another in the deceased body of whoever had been infected. Each mutation was stronger and more grotesque than the one before it, not to mention deadlier. Even more disturbing was the fact that G-mutants had the innate ability to implant G-Virus embryos in the bodies of their victims, in an effort to reproduce. Unfortunately, they need similar DNA in order for this to work. If not, then the hapless victims reject the embryo, and it eventually bursts out of the victim's body, killing them in a very painful way. After this, the rejected G-embryo grows incredibly fast, but is ultimately incomplete and far easier to destroy than it's fully developed parent. In spite of this, the G-embryo can still be rather deadly.

In it's rampage, the G-mutant that was once William Birkin killed his wife, Annette Birkin, who was also an Umbrella scientist. The monster also sought out the Birkins' twelve-year-old daughter, Sherry, and implanted a G-embryo inside her small body. Through the efforts of Leon and Claire, as well as the final act of a repentant Annette Birkin, Sherry was saved, and the three of them managed to escape Raccoon City. Less than twenty-four hours later, Raccoon City would be literally wiped off the face of the map by a missile strike in an attempt to prevent the inevitable spread of the T-Virus to areas outside Raccoon City. To that end, the operation was a success, but at a horrible cost.

Leon also met a young woman named Ada Wong during this time. Perhaps it was the extenuating circumstances he was facing, but he began to have feelings for Ada. He soon discovered, however, that she was a spy working for an unknown organization, and she was sent to Raccoon City to procure a sample of the G-Virus. Shortly after discovering her duplicity, Leon watched Ada die in front of him.

After their escape from the doomed city, Leon and Sherry were separated from Claire. She continued to search for her brother, and he and Sherry were picked up by operatives for the U.S. Government. After spending some time together in the custody of the government, Leon was separated from Sherry. He was offered a chance to become a special operative under the pretense of being able to help end bio-terrorism for good. He accepted. He was informed that Sherry was taken to live with a relative in an undisclosed location. He assumed this was done as a security measure to ensure Sherry's safety.

A few months later, Leon was given an assignment that led to his introduction to Claire's brother Chris, as well as S.T.A.R.S alumni Jill Valentine and Barry Burton. Somehow, Claire had discovered this, and after she was taken captive at an Umbrella facility in Paris, she was taken to an island prison where another outbreak enabled her escape. She contacted Leon, and asked him to send her brother to come help her. That was the last he heard from Claire, and he had only recently reunited with her in Harvardville.

Before that, however, Leon had found himself chosen by President Graham (who was just starting his term), to be the personal bodyguard for the First Family. His first day on the job, he was informed that the President's soon-to-be twenty-year-old daughter Ashley, was kidnapped by a cult in Spain known as Los Illuminados.

Los Illuminados was run by Osmund Saddler, who ordered the kidnapping of Ashley. He intended to infect Ashley with a new form of bio-weapon called Las Plagas. Las Plagas made the T-Virus look like a common cold. The infected, collectively known as los ganados, were far harder to destroy than the zombies of Raccoon City. Leon soon discovered that Ashley was kidnapped by Jack Krauser, a former partner of Leon's who was believed to have died two years earlier. Krauser wasn't the only person to return from the dead. Leon was also reunited with Ada Wong, who had somehow survived Raccoon City six years earlier. She was now working for Albert Wesker, and was assigned to collect a sample of Las Plagas. Even though Ada succeeded in her mission, she helped Leon and Ashley escape the island.

Six months ago, Leon briefly reunited with Claire Redfield in order to help stop an outbreak of the T-Virus in the Harvardville airport. He discovered that Claire was working for TerraSave, an independent human rights organization created to help in the search and rescue of chemical and bio-terrorism attack victims. TerraSave came into being shortly after the destruction of Raccoon City, and the subsequent fall of Umbrella Corporation. TerraSave was investigating the new pharmaceutical company WilPharma, who they suspected were responsible for the T-Virus outbreak in Harvardville International. It turns out that WilPharma was indeed responsible, as they were conducting illegal human experiments. Creating the T-Vaccine was the one good thing to come out of the relatively new company.

As Leon's thoughts returned to the present, his phone rang.


"Yes Hunnigan?"

"President Graham want's to see you immediately."

"So much for peace and quiet," was his last thought as he as he left his apartment.