Fruit pastels, they were everywhere she went, she kept a packet every time they met, she was getting younger, he was getting older, but still even living most of her life in prison, and it would be fruit pastels.

The Doctor never asked why she always had a packet; he would watch her take a sugary sweet into her mouth, seeing by her eyes she would savour the flavour; however he didn't understand why it was fruit pastels.
So the Doctor walked over to the young woman and asked "why do you always carry fruit pastels with you Song?" in a confused manner.

River snapped her head up as she undid the wrapping; the sliver foil was always kept "I'm going to always carry Pastels with me... How exciting" she replied sarcastically, popping a red colour into her mouth, then offered the Doctor, with a shake to his head he took a step back.

"No River, you always carry fruit pastels with you all the time, why?" he snapped the question in a more serious tone, which made River roll her eyes, making a soft slapping noise with her tongue on the roof of her mouth, placing a yellow pastel into his hand "someone I knew, carried fruit pastels, just a reminder... I don't like yellow ones, enjoy" she looked up to him. Her eyes told all, but she took a breath and soon headed away, deep into the Tardis.

Looking upon the sweet in his hand, he placed it into his mouth, taking a few chews he savoured the sweet, it was making his mouth water. The sensation that ran down his throat made him tremble beneath him.

Watching his reaction, Rivers smile glistened against the dimmed light from the Tardis, he knew he was going to love fruit pastels as much as herself and it was the yellow one's she didn't like, that he loved.