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Being 1: The Girl That Came from Far Beyond

November 22nd

Unknown Area- 2:33 PM- ? POV

"Ross, what are my stats?" I asked the screen, and chewed on my in flight snacks. I adjusted my suit, it was a little tight so I loosened the hold. I sighed and stuck another chip in my mouth. A figure popped up on the screen, his eyes angered by my relaxed position.

"Princess! You can't seriously be doing this!" He shouted at me in his usual, strict tone.

I waved it off and groaned, spinning in the white pilot's seat like a child. "I wanna do it, that old man never lets me do what I want anyway." I told him without even looking at the screen.

"But this isn't safe!" He said, his voice had a hint of worry in it.

I pouted and glanced over at the screen. "I won't be safe if you don't give me my stats." I told him.

He flinched, his face cringed with realization. He sweat a bit, then sighed. "You're in Area 9, four thousand west and twenty eight south. That's dangerously close to the sun, you know, can you see it?" He asked me.

"Yeah, how do you think I'd miss the flaming ball of whatever it is? The thing is freakin huge." I said, staring out my window.

"How far do you think it is?"

"Not too far."

There was a pause. "…" My caretaker blinked. "What do you mean by "not too far"?"

"I mean, it's like, really big." I said, peering out the window.

"Princess, I advise you to stay away from it." He told me with caution.

"Yeah, yeah…" I sighed, and was about to eat another chip until…


I lifted my head, and looked at where the sound came from. Suddenly, things became insanely hot, and smoke began to fill the room. Hit? My spacecraft was hit?

"Princess, what's wrong?" My caretaker asked.

"I've been hit!" I said, and immediately bolted towards the door. I opened it, and a flurry of smoke engulfed me. I coughed vigorously, trying to waved the smoke away with one hand, and cover my face with the other.

"What! Didn't you put your shield up?" He yelled, and I began to sweat.

"Um… I thought I didn't need it!" I yelled back through my hand, running back to the screen. I laughed a bit, trying to ease his mood.

"Didn't need it? Didn't need it? Princess, this is the hometown of meteoroids! Didn't your tutor teach this to you?" He screamed at me, and I looked away, rubbing the back of my head and looking away innocently.

"Ross, you know how it is with me and work…" I sighed, hanging my head down, my mind walking away from the subject.

"Princess!" He yelled at me.

"I know! I know!" I coughed, the smoke flowing through the room. "Just tell me what to do!"

"Alright!" He began to panic, doing as I bid. "There's a case under the control panel." He instructed me, and I grabbed the white kit from under the panel as he continued. "All you have to do it hold onto that and hit the large blue button next to the keypad." He pointed to his left, which at my area was where the keypad and plastic cased blue button was.

"What? You know what they say about big blue buttons, Ross!" I yelled at him.

"That's big red buttons! And this is important! And stop calling me Ross!" He screamed at me.

"But I might die!" I said, hugging that case and staring at the button.

"You're gonna die anyway! Just push the button!" He commanded with dead serious eyes, glaring at me with such intent.

I stared at it, hesitating and flipping the plastic case, then looked back at the fire. The door flew open, and almost hit me. I yelped at jumped back, then looked at the approaching fire. "Good Minerva that's—" I was stopped when I tripped backwards and fell onto the button.


"Crap! What does this always happen?...!" I screamed right before I was silenced by a white flash.


And with that, I disappeared.

Re'Naka City- 2:45 PM- Green's POV


"Class dismissed, don't forget tonight's homework." Ms. Roxanne gathered her folders and books and tapped the on the desk. She then left the room, making us free to do as we please. I sighed, not much progress today.

Oh, yeah, I'm Green, Green Oak. I'm here at Re'Naka High at 17 years old, graduating at the end of the year. I'm the type people don't really like talking to, or at least that's what I've heard. I do have a couple friends, but only one in this class. I like mostly studying, it's all I've done since I was young, being the son of a professor. Everyone expected too much of me, I usually let it slide with a sigh.

Now with the half-introduction, to all you out there, here I am.

Half of the class had already packed and left, as usual, I took the bag from the hook on my desk and inserted some books into it.

"Forgetting something?" I heard, along with the sound of a book being set onto my desk.

I looked up, and two familiar pale yellow eyes stared at me.

Amarillo del Bosque Verde, know as Yellow by us. She's an ace, top-of-the-class student, but particularly useless at sports, acknowledging her height: short. She's pretty popular, kind and always appearing on the top 5 test scores in the school. She has the thing I don't have, the ability to attract people. She is relevantly "cute", probably described as pretty by some, but pretty shy around strangers.

"Thanks." I nodded to her. It was the notebook for the assignment tonight, I had left it on her desk so she could copy down notes. Yellow had been my friend since middle school, but we didn't share any of those feelings due to the fact that we don't talk much, and her one fantasy.

Whenever the subject about us came up in a conversation, it was always…

"N-No! I want someone who would protect me, someone who would treat me right. Like a prince in shining armor." She would spout.

"Isn't that… only in fairy tales, Yel?" Her friend would say.

"But a fairy tale can happen due to perspective, right? I mean, he doesn't really have to have armor, or a horse, right?" She responds.

"That's not what I mean, Yel."

End of story.

I doubt Yellow would ever find the "perfect" guy she's looking for, but I don't want to shatter her dreams just yet.

I put the notebook into my bag. I slung it over my shoulder and said goodbye to Yellow, and then headed out the door. I strode down the halls and made my way down the stairs. I switched shoes and left the school

After passing the gate, I took the same route home as usual, past the bridge over the river. I took the dirt road down Teller Street and past the shops that lined up, overlooking the river. I reached the bridge that stretched across and above the river, the way over the boundary between Ellise Town and Re'Naka Town. I was about to cross the bridge when I looked down into the clear river waters.

Why not?

I slid down the hill, reaching the banks of the somewhat clear waters. I peered down into the river, seeing the rough reflection of myself. I sat down, setting my bag down and laying my back in the grass. I listened, the only sounds heard were the rustling grass and the passing cars from above. I sighed in content, gazing up into the sky. Only a few clouds passed by, and I watched as they slowly floated across the air…

Okay, what is this poem?

I sat up and stretched. I didn't really like my life being like this, nothing interesting ever happened, you have to admit, it's pretty boring. I didn't want it to be one of those weird novels were everything good happens to the characters and it's all "happily ever after". I just wanted a little more excitement in my life, you know? People don't really see that with me. Why can't life, either? Like a movie where the quiet character always gets caught up in all the action?

I just didn't like getting involved in stuff, that's all.

I kicked the water, making a ripple and a splash. I looked back up at the sky. Stupid sun, already has purpose in life. Even the clouds taunted me. As I was grumbling in my head, something caught the corner of my eye. I turned, squinting at the black dot in the sky. That was not natural.

The dot grew larger, and it began to shape itself out in front of me. I stared harder, and the object came closer. By the time I knew what was going on, the only thing I could do was jump away.

Which is exactly what I did.


The object crashed almost directly on top of me, if I hadn't had jumped out of the way. It nearly exploded onto the riverbed, creating a large crater. Pieces of dirt and grass were thrown onto me as the impact occurred. Once the climax was all over, I began to sit up, my eyes opening to the sight of the smoking crater in front of me. I blinked, shocked by the sudden occurrence. "W-What the…"

Whatever had made the explosion had been blown apart completely, destroyed, because what was left there was not that big at all.

I took a few steps closer, waving away the smoke and trying to capture what remained of the crash-lander.

Then it jumped.

"HYYAA!" Something impacted with my stomach, knocking me a few feet backwards, and having me take a splash into the shallow river. I sat up, half of my body in the water, the other trying to dry off my face to see what was going on.

I tried to find what had hit me, and I noticed a shadow within the smoke. As the smoke cleared, it finally became clear, revealing the shadow's true colors.

It was a girl.

She wore a white jumpsuit, as it appeared, that wrapped tight around her body, the feet of the suit pumping up into attached high heels. The suit covered her entire body up to her neck, making her facial features clearly visible. Her mischievous eyes looked angry, and one hand rested on her hip while the other handled a white case of some sort. She saw me in the river and turned her body to face me.

"You! Who the hell are you?...!" She demanded, pointing an accusing finger at me.

"Why are you asking? And what was that?" I asked her, rising from the waters.

"Answer me first!" She insisted, taking a step forward.

That's when I noticed it.

A tail, silvery white in color and a blue line running across the side, flicking back and forth from her backside.

"What is that?" I asked, pointing to the oddity. I guess it was part of her suit.

She looked down, and saw the tail. "D-Don't look at it! Pervert!" She said, grabbing the tail, which stiffened at her realization. She let go of it, and the tail began to shorten, soon disappearing into her body. Wait… what was…

"Why are you asking what it is? You should have one, you're…" She stopped, and I stared at her in confusion. She began to look around, noticing her foreign surroundings. She looked at me, then the bridge, then the shops behind us, then my community. "This isn't Jeitainia… You!" She pointed back at me suddenly. "Who are you?"

"Isn't that what you just asked?" I asked her.

"Grrr! The people on this planet are so rude! Just tell me who you are and I'll answer you!" She shouted at me angrily.

My eye twitched, I was not liking this girl. "Green, Green Oak." I told her.

"Hmph!" She crossed her arms, satisfied. "As a Jeitainian, I would not be so rude to not introduce myself properly."

Didn't you just do the opposite two seconds ago? I said to myself, anime sweatdropping.

"The name's…" She snickered, then stared to laugh, hard. "W-Why am I telling this to a commoner as mere as you? AHAHAHA!" She laughed, and an anger mark popped on my forehead. This girl was not making a good impression on me.

She stopped, and then coughed. "Well, since I feel like telling you anyways. My name is Princess Malacia Bleu-Kandria Apollo Cismett the 22nd, but you can just call me Blue." She said with a smirk and a shrug.


"…Um, Princess?" I asked, trying to confirm.

"Yes?" She answered as if I had just called her by name.

"No, "Princess", are you really…?" I trailed off, not knowing what else to say, but I'm pretty sure she knew what I was talking about.

"…" She was silent for a second, then her eyes shot open."…AAGH! Why did I just give my position away to someone like you?...!" She screamed, and then pointed at me. "Give me back my name!"

I'm beginning to think this girl really is stupid. I said, staring at her blankly.

"…" She puffed up her cheeks and making them grow red, realizing what she had just said. "Y-You… Stop staring at me like that!" She screamed and jumped at me again, attacking me in the river.

"Hey…!" I yelled at her as she attacked me, making the both of us fall into the river. "Get off—mrph!" But I was interrupted when her lips connected with mine in the shallow waters.

The kiss lasted for about four seconds, I was counting just so I could use this against her later. When she finally got off of me, she wiped off her mouth and looked down at me with pleased eyes.

"T-There… That should do it… right?" She panted, trying to catch her breath from the kiss.

I stared up at her horrified eyes. "What did you just do?" I asked, still fazed from it all.

"Don't you feel it? The pain exhilarating through your body? The feeling of death and your mind being completely erased?" She panted. "Oh, you shouldn't remember who I am, anyway, should you?"



"I still know you."

"HUH?" She immediately jumped off of me. She stared at me as I pushed myself up, then sprinted over to her case, making water splash everywhere. She rummaged through the white compartments, looking for something. I walked back over to her, completely soaked, and my clothes clinging to my body. I stared at it all with a confused face.


"Shut up!" She interrupted me, and finally pulled something out of the case. It was a round, red object with a few buttons and a speaker. She pressed the colored buttons, red-red-blue-green-blue, and then pressed the middle button. There was a beeping sound, then a ringing sound, then a click. "Hello?" A male voice came from the speaker.

"Ross!" She screamed into the speaker.

Is that… a cellphone? If it was, it was the weirdest looking one I've ever seen.

"Princess? Thank Jeita you're alright!" There was a sigh of relief from the other end, then the guy cleared his throat. "Did you arrive safely?"

"WHAT?" She yelled, her eyes widening. "You knew about this, Ross?" She said with a shocked face, fumbling with the phone-thing.

"That's exactly what the blue button is for." He said.

"HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT?" She screamed at him, piercing my ears. Man, this girl could scream, I'm surprised no one has come out to check on what happened yet. I looked around, and realized it. There was just a huge explosion, and I wasn't the only one that used this route home, how come no one but me has noticed this?

"Well, at least you're safe, Princess." He sighed. "So how's your trip going along?"

"Going along? Going along? I'm in the middle of a river in who-knows-where, an alien from this planet has figured out my identity, and my memory-erasing powers aren't working! Help me out here, Ross!" She demanded, yelling into the speaker some more.

"You're the alien, and you told me your identity." I said, walking up to her.

"Details, details." She waved me away.

"…Wait, what?" The voice on the other end sounded confused.

"You know, my memory erasing powers? The one where you have to make lip contact with any alien that figures out your identity? It didn't work!" She explained to him.

Oh, so that was what it all was about. For some reason I felt a little disappointed.

"You made lip contact with someone?" The guy started to sound really worried, this did not help with my current situation.

"Yeah." Blue said casually.

There was the sound of a smack from the other end, probably a face palm. "Princess… that's not the memory erasing technique."

"…It's not?" She said, freezing in place.

"It's not?" I echoed her, walking up closer so I could hear the conversation better.

"Princess… the memory erasing technique doesn't work on humans anyway."


"The "alien" you met, see what happens when you don't pay attention to your tutor?"


"Yeah, what you just did was a Matrimony."

"A what?" Both Blue and I said at the same time.

"A wedding ceremony."

"A WHAT?" We screamed again, but for a completely different reason.

"You didn't know?"

"That's why I'm, asking! Why do you know this?"

"I work directly for the royal family! Do you think they would hire me if I didn't know about this?" The guy yelled through the phone. "Did you really complete the ceremony? How long was it?"

"I don't know! Three seconds?"



There was silence on the other end, and we waited. "…That's it, I'm coming over there."

"WHAT?" We screamed again. I was not the type to get this agitated, but this was serious.

"Cillia! Get packed! We're taking the next ship out of here!"

"Finally! Something interesting happens!" A female voice called, and there was a rummaging sound from the other end, then a long pause. Soon enough, Ross came back on.

"*Ahem* Well, you guys aren't really married yet."

"Thank Jeita." Blue sighed in relief, and I mirrored her.

"Since you're underaged, the only thing you can do is get engaged." Ross explained.

"So… what do we do now?" I asked him, finally speaking to the guy.

"Well, first of all, tell Blue to stop calling me Ross. Other than that, just find somewhere to stay until we get there. Okay? Gotta go. See ya."

"Wait! Ross don't—"

Beep beep beep

The sound of the hung up line taunted me.

Blue held the phone limply in her hands, then dropped it. She then turned to me and grabbed my collar, glaring at me intensely. "Never speak of this." She said through her teeth.

"Right…" I said, bending my head back and trying not to make eye contact.

She put the phone and clicked her case shut. She proceeded to stand up, case in her hand. "Right! Let's get moving!"

"What? To where?" I asked with a weirded-out look, and she stared at me as if I knew nothing.

"Where ever you live! What? Do you want me to live on the streets?" She shivered. "Besides… I'm supposed to… to…"

"No." I told her flatly.







"No." I faceplamed as Blue examined my house.

"Pretty shabby place you have here." She looked around the apartment. "Is this it?"

"Sorry to be a killjoy." I said, crossing my arms.

"Well, give me a room." She turned around to me with a grin. "This is where I'm staying!"

Re'Naka City- Yellow's House- 8:21 PM- Yellow's POV

I leaned over on my bedroom balcony railing, staring up into the starry night sky. The moon gleamed overhead, and billions of stars scattered across the sky. I looked out for constellations, counting them as I went along. I took a lick from my popsicle, cherry, my favorite.

My hair was wet, and a towel draped over my shoulders. I wore my golden-yellow pajamas, with the monkeys. I bit into the popsicle, nabbing a piece, and sighed.

Stupid Green.

He didn't really fit the picture, but he really was a good friend. Well, not good, he barely spoke to me, but I know he's a nice guy. He said three words today: "Thanks" and "See ya". That's a record for Green. He's my closest guy-friend, maybe I did like him a little, or a lot, depending on your perspective… Because, could I really find someone better, that I could actually talk my feelings out to?

I sighed, it was too much to fuss over. I paced around my balcony as I thought. It's okay Yellow, everything will be normal again tomorrow, nothing could change the guy. I slowed my pace, then stopped, and looked back at the stars.

Maybe I could wish for something better.

"Ah, a shooting star."

Location Unknown- 8:40 PM- ?'s POV

"So you know your duty?" The bulky man rest in the throne, his head rested in one hand. "Are you up to the job?" He glared at me with such intensity it could've killed me.

I'm too strong for that.

I grinned, and showed a powerful fist. "You bet'cha!" I laughed, despite being the size of an ant compared to the ruler. Only a spotlight that shot down onto me lit the room, while the rest a place of shadows. Twelve other eyes, though normal size, unlike the king, inspected me from the shadows. Though their eyes seemed to glow, breaking into my sight.

He kept himself from laughing at me, which made me frown, and made my eyes narrow. "Is there something wrong?"

"Such a proud girl, maybe you are overconfident?" He taunted me, a smirk was shown on his white bearded face.

"I say, sir…" My sharp eyes glinted from the single light that shone down on me. My mouth curved into a smirk, then widened into a fearsome grin. "Did you ever doubt me?"

He chuckled. "Then show me the "prodigy" I have heard about. Show me that you can do your job."

I laughed, hard. "Let's play that game, Keim." I said with challenging eyes. "I'll take her out for you."

"That Jeitainian Princess."

Ramen Shop on Teller Street- 9:02 PM- ?'s POV

"Stop it Dad! No one likes your karaoke!" I screamed down the stairs, alerting even the customers of my father's singing.

"Come on, son, not in front of the shop!" He yelled back, with the sound of laughter in the background.

I smirked at this, "Be normal like mom!" I shouted, and walked up the rest of the stairs from the shop, and into the second floor, my house. I slid down the wooden floor on my socks, and barged into my own room, and then leapt onto my bed. My phone rang, as soon as I flopped onto the sheets, like a trigger. I picked it up and flipped it open, it was a message from Green, how rare.

"Ah, you've really got to get a life, Green." I sighed at his text, and replied that exact quote to him.

It rang again almost immediately.

"Hm? Green, aliens don't exist." I insisted, and snickered to myself. "Hehehe… An alien fiancée, if only that was real, I would definitely go for it." I laughed, and my phone rang again. I was surprised, Green didn't really make this much of a conversation, mostly grunts and "'Kay"s.

I flipped it open, and a beautiful face appeared on the screen. The shot was unprofessional, taken from a weird angle. "Whoa! She's hot." I cried, and shot upright, texting it to Green. "I can't believe that guy wouldn't want this girl." I crossed my arms and smirked. "However, I'm more for the sexy librarian type, the tsundere, if you may." I said to myself, and laughed, falling right back onto my back.

My phone rang again, and I picked it up. "Prove it? That'll be amusing." I sighed, and laid back down in my bed.

Something told me tomorrow wouldn't be just an ordinary "tomorrow".

Teller Street- 9:11 PM- ?'s POV

"Be sure to help out tomorrow, too!" The dress shop owner called out to me as I left. She had a smile on her face as I left, and I felt proud of myself.

"But of course, who wouldn't be that happy with my skills?" I said with pride, folding my arms a nodding. It was late out, and the street lights were on. I walked through Teller Street, and turned over to the river. I noticed it was a little dirty today by how the moon shone on it. "Hmph, indecent barbarians." I said, and continued to walk, unnoticing of the steam that came off the side of the river.

I ran across the bridge, and over into Ellise Town, my home town. I took the detour home to stop by the corner store to pick up some snacks and supplies for home.

I entered through the glass sliding doors, and the cashier greeted me. "Evening, the usual today?" She asked me, leaning on the table.

"Yep." I said was about to head over to the back to get my stuff, but the she stopped me.

"Wait." She said to me, and I turned around. She went over to the back, then came out with a "Have a Nice Day" bag. I walked over to her, and she handed it to me. "We just got the new ones in, I figure you'd be interested in trying them out."

"Fantastic!" I said, taking the bag and inspecting its contents. "This fabric… And these bars are low on sugar and fat! You're awesome, Tenri! Tell your mom to save some for me!" I told her with joy. Tenri's mom owned the store, so she could work here. She was only a few months younger than me, but I still treated her like a little sister.

Tenri the cashier smiled. "Anything for a regular." She waved, and I paid, the ran out of the store with a farewell.

I ran past the apartments that were on the other side of town from my home. A few lights were on, and the one on the second floor was causing a real commotion. I frowned. "Some people have no manners." I commented, despite having no relation to the couple, and ran back over to my house.

Who knew how involved I would get with those two?

Green's Apartment- 9:34 PM- Green's POV

I stepped out of the bathroom, drying my hair with one of the few blue towels I had, dressed in one of my green sleeves-white torso shirts and a pair of shorts. Blue had insisted on taking one first, since she was a woman, then threatened to call the police on me for sexual harassment. I told her that it would just make her suspicious of being an alien if this all happened, but she didn't care and beat me to the bath anyway. I opened the door to my room, ready for bed, but then froze.

Blue sat on my bed, wearing only one of my school shirts and some short-shorts to act as underwear, since I didn't have any girl's clothes since my parents went on that cruise and left me here. She left her alien suit in the bathroom to dry after washing it, making me feel awkward while being in there. Her hair was wet from taking a shower since we were both dirty from the crash. She was reading a book, her white tail out and flicking around as she stared intensely at the pages. I stared for a moment, and she noticed me. "What?"

"What are you doing? You're sleeping on the couch." I told her. I know it sounded harsh, but she lost in the rock paper scissors and then threatened to beat me until I lent her the bed. She lost that fight after I made her food and tricked/bribed her into getting the couch.

She held up the book. "This."

I walked forward and leaned forward to look at it. "It's a marriage counseling guide."

"Yes, I found it in a box in the storage closet." She said, and opened the book again. "I thought it might help me out with all that's happened.

"So why are you here?" I asked her again.

"According to this…" She began, flipping back a few pages. "Couples are supposed to sleep together."

"…" I was dumbfounded by her idiotic logic. What else did this girl not know? "Um… that's…"

"So!" She interrupted me, looking at me right in the eye, and then patted the bed with her free hand. "Sit."

"What happened to you hating me?" I asked her, shuffling backwards towards the door.

"We'll we're getting married! It's all different now!" She said, pointing at me with angry eyes. "There's no way to get out of this."

"I'll go sleep on the couch." I told her, and began to leave

"Hey! Don't run away! It's not like I'm ugly!" She yelled at me, getting offended.

"Night." I said to her, clicking the light off and closing the door behind me, and then walked away.

"Hey! Don't leave me here! It's dark!" She cried, and I turned around sighed. How could a girl like this be scared of the dark? With that I went off into the living room.

And that concludes the first chapter! *bows* I guess this chapter wasn't much, but it's only the beginning. There wasn't much comedy in this chapter either, or romance. …Man, just wait for the next chapter, thing will evolve. They bloom into a magnificent rose with rainbow petals! The amazing sight of a rainbow rose! Think of it! THINK OF IT! RAIN. BOW. ROSE! It's a rose! In rainbow!

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I'll say this with a summary. Here ya go.

"The Raven Descends at Midnight"

"Blue's caretakers arrive, and they aren't just going to let this all slide. Guess who's being added to Green's extending family, and guess what relationships will bloom!"

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…Oh, I lied. Here's the after story.

Green's Apartment- 9:41 PM- Blue's POV

"Green!" I shouted, and looked around. It was dark, stupid dark. I began to panic, and searched for whatever made light. I knocked on the door and wall, angry at Green. "Jeez, how could he leave his fiancée in the dark?" I puffed my cheeks, making them turn red. I grit my teeth, but just to hide my fear.

Yes, I was afraid of the dark.

"GREEN!" I banged on the door again. I absolutely hated it, especially when my mom died. Let's not get into that right now. "Hey! Why don't you—" I was stopped by the door edge hitting my forehead, and Green entering the room. He stared down at me as I held my forehead. He reached over to the wall and flicked on a switch, and the light came on.

"Oh, so that's how you do it." I laughed nervously, trying to lighten the mood, especially since Green looked really irritated. But he came back quickly, maybe…

"Here" He walked over to the side of his bed, where an outlet was, and pulled out a light. He pushed it in, but nothing happened.

"What, did you forget something?" I asked him, confused and angry, but still not moving from the floor.

He stood up from kneeling. "This used to be mine when I was little, you can use it." He said, and walked back to the door.

"Uh…" I stared at him with a weirded out face. "What does it…" But I stopped when he turned off the lights. "Wait, don't—"

But then the blub lit.

"Eh?" I blinked, and Green walked out of the room.

He poked his head in before he left. "By the way, it's called a night light. Now get quiet, pesky woman." He said, and closed the door.

The light kept it from getting pitch black, but I stared at the door in horror. "I-I'm not a pesky woman!" I yelled, but got no response. Though I did feel a little appreciation, I stood up and huffed, then leapt into the bed. I narrowed my eyes, and frowned, then pulled the sheets over me and shoved my face into the pillow. "Stupid fiancée."

But for some reason, laying in his bed felt a little more embarrassing than it did before.