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Being 3: The Boss Loves Technology

November 24

Green's House – 6:59 –Green's POV

So, I still don't have my room back.

Red and Crystal have taken refuge of my room (Crys had no problem sleeping on my bed after they shut half of the computers off, and Red didn't mind sleeping in the middle of a bunch of power cables). Of course, they couldn't let their little princess sleep on a couch, so they took all of my futons and made a bed for her in my closet. Joyous to me, I slept in the living room couch, where it was cold. It's late fall, guys.

We fixed my door and the other (thankfully) minor damages done to my house. Well, we somewhat fixed the door. While in my closet, Blue found an old bell and thought it looked cool, so she decked it above the door. Now it rings whenever someone opens or closes it, annoying, really.

"It's 7 in the morning."

"Technically, it's 6:59, Green."

I stared up from my tired position on the couch at Blue, who loomed over me with her big, azure eyes pleadingly. I can probably guess what she wants.

"Hnng…" I turned over and put my back to her. "Leftovers in the fridge."

"Green!" Blue groaned, and the couch suddenly shook as Blue shot up and leapt onto the couch, jumping on me continuously.

"OW! OW! THE HEL— ALRIGHT! I'LL MAKE YOU BREAKFAST!" I cried, falling off the couch with her final jump, nearly hitting my head on the coffee table. I landed on the ground with a thud and Blue stopped jumping on the couch, looking down at me with the new pajamas Crystal brought her, a blue tang top and pajama shorts (I'll have to thank the crabby woman later).

"I want pancakes!" She cried gleefully, throwing her arms in the air.


"…" Blue stared down at her food.

"What?" I asked, getting the last of my things ready.

"…What did you do?" Blue asked, poking her fork at her food.

"What are you talking about? I made you pancakes, now leave me in peace." I sighed, tapping my bag on the table to let the books fall into place. I didn't have a chance to change yesterday, so all I could do before going to bed was take of my jacket, which I put on today. I really hope Blue didn't do anything stupid today so I could take a shower.

"What's this fluffy white stuff?"

"That's whipped cream."

"You put weird red stuff on it."

"That's strawberry sauce."

"What in Minerva is a strawberry?"

"I'm leaving."

I picked up my bag and headed for the door. I was looking forward to spend several Blueless hours at school, especially what happened yesterday. I had only set my hand on the door when I heard a shrill voice from behind me.


I hate you all. I thought in advance before I slowly turned around. Standing at the end of the halls was Crystal, dressed in the black design of my school's girl's winter uniform. This, of course, did not please me one bit. In her left arm was another uniform, a girl's nonetheless.

Community facepalm.

Crystal stomped her grumpy self over to the kitchen, in which I followed up to get a view of what was going on.

"Princess, your clothes for today." Crystal said to Blue, handing her the uniform. Blue's eyes widened in delight and she snatched the uniform out of her hands, jumping joyfully.

"Ah, morning."

I turned, and sighed that someone slightly normal had just walked into the room. Red wasn't in a uniform, instead in a white t-shirt and grey sweatpants, a mug of coffee in his hand. His hair was more messed up than usual as well, like he had just woken up or something.

"I trust only you to tell me what's going on." I told him, eying the two girls in my kitchen.

"Hm… Well, believe it or not, this whole incident was caused because Blue didn't pay attention to her tutors." Red began, taking a sip of his coffee.

"That's not very hard to believe." I sighed, kind of pissed at Blue's lazy attitude now.

"Well, we can't just bring one of them here, because that would cause… well, chaos." Red said, tapping his chin in thought. "So we decided to hire one here, but…" Red sighed, waving his free hand. "She wanted to go to school."

"Let me guess." I groaned, holding my head as I pieced together the scenario in my head. "Because she's royalty, she doesn't have many friends and had been tutored all her life. So she saw the kind of environment I was in yesterday and decided to go and "enjoy life" by attending."

"Wasn't that hard, was it?" Red said with a small laugh.

"Yeah." I looked at him, since he was still in his pajamas. "You aren't going?"

"I graduated years ago." Red laughed heartfully. "I'm part of the royal committee, what do you think? Besides, I'm eighteen; I'm over aged for high school."

Damn valedictorians. I thought to myself, my eye twitching. "So… you're just staying here?" I asked him.

"I guess, a few of our processors are broken from yesterday's overheating. I'll need to work on them." Red said with a shrug, nodding his head to my computer-infested room.

"Alright, you work on that." I sighed, and looked into the kitchen where Blue was proceeding to take off her clothes. The stood there for a moment as we all stood frozen. I then turned and walked to the door.

"That's it, I'm leaving."

"Hey, wait, come back!"

"Eat your pancakes!"

Ellise Town – 7:23am – Ruby's POV

"I'm surprised you're still here." I said, walking up to the park bench.

The girl from yesterday sat on the bench, huddled up in a dark blue hoodie over her clothes from the day before. She seemed less aggressive today, more like depressed, her eyes looking down at the ground in melancholy.

"…Yeah…" Was all she said, not meeting my eyes.

I fixed my uniform, it was Thursday and I had to go to school, but I was worried about her. Well, for one, she knew me, and I had no idea how. Secondly, I had left her alone here last night. After she said her name, I let my guard down out of confusion. She slipped out of my grip and faced me, her mood had taken a complete 180. I had left before things had gotten out of hand, stopping her from finishing her trials to convince me. She already knew what I was capable of, and about my "past" so I kind of freaked.

"Sapphire, right?" I asked, and she nodded.

"…right…" She said sadly.

"…Did you stay here all night?" I asked her, and she shook her head.

"No, I went across the street to that place with all of the small items. They gave me this." She said, tugging at her hoodie. "The woman said I looked cold."

"Place with all the… Oh, that's a convenience store." I told her, and held up a plastic bag, coincidentally from the same place. "Here, I got you food, if you want it." I said, handing her the bag, and she took it, taking a look inside of it. "Is this… chocolate?"

"Chocolate donuts, yes." I said, rubbing the back of my head awkwardly.

"…Donut?" She looked up at me, and then picked up one of the round treats. "…the hell is a donut…?

"How can you know what chocolate is but not a donut?" I sighed, my head falling to my shoulders.

"…Hmph. Well, if it's chocolate, I suppose it's good." She said, biting in through nearly half of the donut and beginning to devour it.

I sighed. "You're weird, you know that?" I told her flatly, looking down at her with an annoyed expression on my face.

She grumbled at my expression. "Don't give me that look, pretty boy."

"Oh, so I'm "pretty boy" now, aren't I? Barbaric woman." I groaned, and she took the second donut out from the bag.

"Hmph" Sapphire finished off her donut and reached for the next, but only grabbed the inside of the empty plastic bag. She looked at it irritably. "That's it?"

"You'll get fat if you eat too much." I told her, and she scowled at me. I sighed, "Don't you have anything at home?"

"Like hell I do, this job was supposed to be quick." She said, crossing her arms with a huff.

"Job?" I asked her, tapping my foot on the brick ground.

"It's like an… um… business trip, you could say." She said with a shrug. "I wasn't expecting it to take this long, but it was kind of hard to find my… um… target?"

"You mean like the employer here in this city?" I mentioned.

"Yeah, let's go with that." She said with a proud smirk.

Well, that didn't reassure me.

"…Aside from that…" I thought for a moment. "The reason you stayed out here all night was because…"

"Yeah, I don't have a place to stay, but I'll just stay out here. These benches are preeetty comforta—"

"Like hell you are!" I shouted at her, my eyes going wide.


"Do you know what happens to you when you do things like that? It'll ruin your skin! You'll get filthy! Ugh!" I rambled, surprising her at the least.

"W-What in Minerva's name makes you think I care about that?" She shot back, getting defensive.

"Can't you find a motel or something?" I asked her, thinking about the situation deeply.

"I can't afford it! I don't have money for this plan— place!"

"Agh… Fine!" I took out a post-it note and quickly scribbled down my address, and then shoved it into her hands. "Go here, the key's under the red flower pot. Now, if you excuse me, I have to go to school." I said and turned away, heading in the direction of my school.

"H-Huh?" Sapphire looked down at the post-it note. "Wait… did he just…!"

Re'Naka High School – 8:05 am – Green's POV

"The name's Malacia Bleu-Kandria Apollo Cismett the 22nd. I hope we can have amazing times together!" Blue cheered, throwing a fist in the air as she hopped on one foot. She stuck out her tongue playfully and winked at the class, making the hormonic male population of the class to go wild.

"WHOOOAAA!" You could hear them yell throughout the entire building.

I sat in my desk with my face in my hands, horrified by the situation. Yellow sat behind me, a drop of sweat beading down her face as she recognized the girl, though no one else did since she wasn't wearing her "kitty cosplay" today. Luckily, she came and left faster than they could comprehend what was going on.

"I'm also married!" Blue said as if it was most normal thing in the world.

The room when silent. "…"

I hate everything.

"Well, I'm technically too young to be married due to certain laws in my hometown, so Green's only my fiancée for now!" She said gleefully as if nothing was wrong.

The entire room turned to me.

Kill me now.

"Eheh…" Yellow laughed nervously as more sweat beaded down her face.


As soon as the lunch bell rang, I left the room. Thankfully, Blue was too busy being surrounded by other classmates to run after me, so I was free.

"Oh, it's you."

As I closed the door to my classroom, the familiar voice of Crystal sounded. She walked up to me, her arms crossed. I sighed, whenever this girl came up, nothing could be good.

"How is she?" Crystal asked, sliding the door open a bit to look inside.

"She announced to the entire class that I was her fiancée the first ten seconds she was here." I told Crys with a groan.

"I see." Crystal said, nodding. "You know I have no choice but to trust you since I was put in a separate class, right?" She said with a hint of a growl in her voice, glaring at me intensely.

"I know… I know… I'll make sure nothing happens to her." I told Crystal reassuringly.

"You'd better, or else I'll—"

"I don't want to know, whatever it is, I know it's going to be both physically and emotionally traumatic so don't give me any ideas now." I stopped Crystal, who nodded in acknowledgement.

"Good." She said flatly, putting her hands on her hips.

I looked at her for a moment, wondering about her age. She was Red's younger sister, yes, but certainly not that young. Red said that he had graduated a few years ago, and Crys couldn't be any younger than 16 in my eyes. I decided to ask, "How old are you?""


"I mean, Red's 18 and he's already graduated a few years back, why are you here?" I mentioned, which seemed to hit a nerve in Crystal.

"…" Her smirk was crooked, and her eyebrow twitched. She appeared to be forcing herself to smile.

"…Beat you again, didn't he?" I said with a sigh.

"Three years! He skipped three freaking years! You'd think the royal committee would accept him faster than sending his acceptance letter five hours after he had sent it in!" Crystal suddenly snapped, throwing her arms up in the air. "You know how many years I skipped? ONE! I only skipped one year! How am I supposed to compete with that?" Crystal growled. I shrank away from her as she began to attract the eyes of passerbyers.

Honestly, I don't think that's something you should be complaining about. I said in my head. Man, this girl was competitive, but I can't blame her, Red was pretty impressive.

"Anyways, I don't feel as if there is a reason for us to be talking any further, I will take my leave." She said with a bow and spun around on her heel back to her classroom, right next to ours.

I groaned, now I have to deal with them in school. Be careful what you wish for, they always say. I should listen to philosophies more.

"Whoooa, Green, when'd ya start making friends with girls like her?" A cocky voice came from behind me, and someone suddenly put their elbow on my shoulder.

"Wha—" I turned, only to see the jet black haired presence of Gold. His elbow was propped up on my shoulder and his hand above his eyes as if he was looking far into the distance. He was hunched forward with his other hand on his hip. As usual, his required tie was missing and his blazer unbuttoned and open.

Gold was one of those hormone-infested guys that would go the most wild at Blue's entrance. He was, nonetheless, a pervert and a proud one at that. He was also a fun-loving guy that attracted a lot of attention, which made him really popular in his grade. He was one year under me, but still one of my only male friends. His family owned a ramen shop downtown, so it was nice to stop by and get some discounted ramen every once in a while (nothing's ever free).

Gold backed away and grinned, stealing looks at the path Crystal had just walk down. "Dude, she's hot." He groaned. "I'm the social one and you're the one making friends with all the cute girls. Life just isn't fair…"

"It really isn't, but not in the way you think." I grumbled to himself.

"Hm? Did you say something?" Gold turned to me.

"No, now what do you want?" I turned back to Gold with a hint of impatience in my expression.

"Hm… Oh! I wanted to ask you about that girl you were freaking out about yesterday. You know, the other really hot one? The brunette? 'Cept you kept on saying some stuff about her being an alien or whatnot." Gold said, waving his arms around expressively. "I couldn't talk to you about it yesterday because I heard you left early yesterday, or something like that."

Let's go with that. I thought to myself. "Yeah, her name's Blue and—"

"Someone call me~?"

I suddenly felt a chill.

Gold whistled as I turned around. Blue had suddenly popped up behind me, like Gold had done before. She wore a wide grin on her face, keeping pretty and energy-filled. Her hands were on her hips proudly and she emitted a bright aura of happiness.

"Whoa, she is real!" Gold said and held out a hand. "Nice to meet you, Blue!"

Blue stared at his hand for a moment, and then smiled. "It's nice to meet you too!" She said and grabbed his hand, but before anyone could react, she grabbed his upper arm as well and threw him over her shoulder. Everyone froze in the hall to watch the 16 year old boy crash into the bulletin board next to us and fall to the ground with a loud thud.

The surrounding students stared, and I turned to Blue, giving her a shocked expression. Blue lifted her fingers to her mouth with a small gasp. "W-Was I not supposed to do that?"

"No." I said, shaking my head and turning to Gold, who had his back on the floor and the lower part of his body up against the wall.

"O-Ow…" He said, falling over on his side and attempting to sit up straight. He looked up at Blue with a small chuckle. "Ahhaha… Nice…"

"Come on, Blue, help me bring him to the infirmary." I told her, picking up Gold by his arm.

"Sorry…" She apologized to the boy, picking up his other arm.

"I-It's okay, i-it's not like there were t-tacks in the bulletin bo…" Gold shifted and then flinched. "N-Never mind…"

Re'Naka High School – 3:02 pm – Ruby's POV

School was over in a flash, which wasn't very surprising. Nothing ever interesting happens on the first year floor. I sighed, picking up my bag and running a hand through my hair. Seven hours of work, which I could now happily spend at the dress shop. Ms. Erika loves having me there, and I always pick up food and materials from Tenri and her mom's place afterwards. Regular day…

Well, not today.

I wondered about Sapphire, was it really safe to leave her at my house. I cringed, thinking about why I let a barbarian like her into my house in the first place. I probably felt sorry for her, I mean, she didn't have any place to stay.

I walked down the stairs into the first floor halls, where all the elective classes and clubs were held. I didn't join a club, since I worked afterwards. I thought about it, but I didn't want to overload with work, stress ruins complexion.

I thought about Sapphire again. She was pretty bearable after she had calmed down, in fact, she looked kind of pretty.

But like hell I'd say that out loud.

"Hey! You over there!"

I turned, only to see a girl with a blonde ponytail and an orange tank top under her open blazer run up to me from one of the nearby rooms. She was about my height, and held a cell phone in her right hand, her eyebrows furrowed in frustration.

"What is it?" I asked her.

"Do you know a guy about this tall," She held her hand about a couple inches above her own, "has black hair and bangs that go over his eyes like this," She waved her left hand over her left eye repeatedly, "and has unusually gold eyes?"

"Um… Sounds like that popular second year, I see him around a bit, but not lately—"

"Great! You know him!" The girl cheered. "Can you find him for us, please? It's really important."

"W-What? Why me? I have to—"

"I'm sorry, it's really important, and we need him now." The girl sighed, scratching her head. "I swear, we lose our best programmer, and it has to be today…"

"What?" I asked, giving her a weird look.

"Nothing" She said, snapping her green cell phone shut. "Just tell him Bebe said that Bill and the others need him, and that it's an emergency." She told me, and then turned back to the room, but then looked back at me. "Oh, and quickly, please. Thanks!" She said and ran back into the room with a slam of the door.

"But I… Agh." I groaned, I can't back out now. I looked up at the sign above the door, reading the blue letters lined up on the white surface.

"Computer Club?"

Re'Naka High School – 3:17 pm – Crystal's POV

I walked down the stairs, my stomach churning. I felt sick with worry, since I still had no idea where the Princess was.

"Agh… This is why I hate leaving her alone!" I cried, stomping down the first floor hallways, swinging my head around, looking for the jolly brunette.

There were only a few people I trusted with the Princess: The Dirty, Good-for-Nothing Euphearian (by force, I have no choice but to), the blonde girl from yesterday (really nice, very caring and harmless), myself, and Red. I hated leaving her on her own, I did so a couple days ago and where does she end up? Another planet! Agh! I care for her, but does she really have to pull stunts like these?

"It's down? No! Fix it, quick!" I heard a cry from a nearby room.

I stopped in my tracks, a little curious for what was going on. I turned to the source of the noise, wondering what door it came from.

"I'm just trying not to get the server to crash, jeez, kill me, would you?" An irritated male voice sounded.

"But try getting the data back from that. Do you even know what's wrong?" A smaller voice piped up, and I walked over the room where the voiced came from.

"Of course I do, that was the easy part." The male voice said again, and I stuck my head into the room.

It was a group of five, four girls and a boy in the middle of a room filled with computers, through they all gathered around one, the only one on. The boy seemed the oldest, sitting at the computer with his sleeves rolled up and his wavy brown hair clinging to his face. He typed vigorously at the computer, his eyes glued to the monitor in front of him. He abandoned his blazed on the chair behind him, the jacket laying limply on the back of the chair.

"Just wait until he gets here, Bill, he's the one that specializes at this kind of stuff. He knows the system the best!" A girl with a choppy blonde ponytail said with the wave of her hand. Her blazer was open with a orange tank top underneath, going against the dress code.

"Yeah, Bill, you're awesome with other electronics, but not coding." Said a shorter girl with fluffy auburn pigtails. She was short enough to be in elementary school, but I didn't think that as the case. She wore a white coat over her uniform, also against the dress code.

"But hey, you've got a wide range of talents, which makes up for it! Plus you're better than most of us here, debugging isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world in our case." Said a girl with braided red pigtails and round glasses, crossing her arms. She wore an apron over her uniform, dress code strike number three.

"Plus, you're keeping it alive, see, the hardware's fine and so is everything else!" A girl with spiked red hair laughed, putting her hands on her hips with a grin. She wore a black tank top instead of the required white button-up, and her blazer was tied around her hip, dress code violation explosion.

The guy, dubbed Bill, groaned and slowed his typing down. "I don't know, guys, I just…" He suddenly stopped, and turned to the door, facing me. I flinched, I probably looked like a creeper.

"Hm? Who're you?" The spiky redhead asked, eying me suspiciously.

"Oh! No one! Just listening to you guys speaking computers, ah…" I scratched the back of my head nervously. I was good with negotiation, understanding, but this was a different environment, with high schools, no less.

"That catch your attention?" The braided pigtail girl asked, fixing her glasses.

"Ho? Got an ear for computer talk, huh?" The blonde ponytailed girl said with a smirk, chuckling to herself.

"Is it always girls?" Bill groaned, looking up from the computer.

"Ooh! Maybe she can help!" The short redhead mentioned, jumping up and down.

"Really?" I asked, surprised a little. Were they so desperate that they would take anyone who walked by?

"Sure, come on in, Tails!" The blonde ponytail girl waved a hand for me to come in, and I responded by trotting over to the computer they were working at. The blonde girl grinned. "The name's Bebe, Vice President of the Re'Naka High Computer Club!" She cheered and waved a hand over the people behind her. "Behind me here with the waist-jacket is Brigette,"

"Yo!" The spiky redhead waved with a smirk.

"Next to her with the glasses is Lanette," Bebe moved her hand over to the girl with the braided pigtails.

"Pleasure" She said with a quick bow.

"The squirt down there next to Bill is Amanita," Bebe waved over to the short pigtailed girl.

"I'm not a squirt!" Amanita cried, waving her fists in the air. "I'm a third year!"


"And here trying to save the system is Bill, the Pres." Bebe finished, ending at the brown haired guy hunching over the computer.

"H-Hey…" He said with a sigh, sounding completely defeated.

"Crystal, Crystal L. Dominicus." I greeted, and shook Bebe's hand, and then looked over at Bill. "What's wrong here?"

"An emergency, Code Red." Lanette sighed, tightening her crossed arms up to her chest.

"There's a virus, it's affecting the school's computer system." Amanita said, looking down sadly.

"You know like most schools that they almost completely operate on computers, right? Like projections, class assignments, class activates, grading, disciplinary action, communication, and pretty much everything else?" Bebe mentioned to me, looking at me with big, round eyes.

"Um… My school did things a bit differently, but I get where you're going." I told them, trying to hide the facts about my home planet.

"Well, all of that might become wiped away, no data at all, just an empty, blank slate ready to be written on." Amanita said in a creepy voice.

"You're saying that the system's going to crash." I said, tapping my chin in thought.

"You're catching on, but it's not only to this computer. This is only our work station, like a base." Bebe said, nodding her head to the computer Bill was working on. "The virus somehow got past the firewall and we're trying to shoot it down now."

"…" I stood silent, listening to what they were saying.

"Tricky bastard." Brigette sighed, running a hand through her hair.

"Brige! Not in front of Ami!" Bill scolded his club member.

"I'm not'ta kid!" Amanita cried, angrily waving her hands in the air.

"Bill, keep on working, Brige, watch your mouth!" Bebe commanded, waving a finger at the two.

"Here we go again." Lanette sighed, tapping her head with a sigh.

"I thought I was the president here." Bill groaned, speeding his pace on the computer, not taking his eyes off the monitor.

"Bebe, we're getting out of hand again." Amanita said.

"Bebe," Brigette began again, "don't think I don't see you watching episodes of Masou Shoujo Puriru-chan when club activities ar—"

"A-Ah! D-D-Don't talk about that!" Bebe suddenly shouted, getting defensive.

"Why do you seriously still watch a kid's show like that…?" Brigette sighed, putting a hand on her hip.

"It's not a kid's show!" Bebe shouted, raising a fist. "Puriru-chan's the greatest mahou shoujo that you could ever feast your eyes on! For the life of the world and the love of this planet, I will protect the purity of everyone's hearts!" Bebe quoted.

"Bebe, do you seriously—"

"I'll help." I said, jumping into their conversation.

"Far and wide! The world… Huh?" Bebe stopped her speech and turned to me, along with the rest of the club, aside from workaholic Bill.

"I'll give it a shot." I told them, tapping Bill's shoulder to scoot over, who shakingly stood up from his seat.

"Y-You sure? I mean, this is…" Bebe began, but I stopped her.

"No, it's alright, I've got this." I reassured them, cracking my knuckles and reading the array of letters, numbers, and symbols lined out on the screen. I tapped the keyboard for a moment before consuming all of the information in front of me and nodding. "Alright, I'm going in." I said, and began to type.


"W-Wow! Good god, Tails!" Bebe cried out in amazement.

"She's blazing through the system like a racecar track." Lanette whistled, watching me at work.

"You go, Miss. Dominicus!" Amanita next to me cheered.

The system wasn't easy to get through, I admit that, but I was experienced. What did you think I did all day in that cable-infested room? I worked on a different type of system, a stimulator mask instead of a monitor. I had to adapt to this type of equipment, but the concept was easy once you got used to it.

I also had trouble going through unfamiliar coding sequences, this was a foreign planet after all. It's like moving across the world and discovering how different people's customs are to your's. Though these people were depending on me, I wasn't planning on letting them down.

Puripuriprui MA! Fight for the life of the world and the love of this pla~net! Puriru-chan's—


Brigette turned to Bebe, as did Amanita, Lanette, and Bill. Bebe quickly grabbed a green phone out of her pocket and flipped it open, pressing the call button. She looked around, sweating bullets. I momentarily turned to give her a look of suspicion before returning to my work.


"OH! HEY!" Bebe suddenly shouted into the phone, interrupting Amanita. "Y-Yelling? What? I'm fine! Where are y… oh, right! Well there's this girl here, you might… Oh! Okay! Bye… S-Shut up! Puriru's love has no boundaries!" She shouted and then quickly snapped her phone shut angrily, hanging up on the person on the other line. "Rrg…" She growled, but then quickly recovered, turning around and going past Amanita to the computer next to me.

"What's up? That him?" Brigette asked vaguely.

"He asked me to prepare a computer for him, I'm booting it up now." Bebe replied, switching the computer on and the monitor flickering a bright light. The rumble of the computer sounded and the computer began to start.

"Hm… Still jacked up, huh?" Lanette sighed, running a hand through her hair.

The computer didn't boot correctly, and began to show a corrupted output of seemingly random numbers and letters. It even began to flicker from that to a completely black screen, on, off, on, off.

"This is so stressful… we might have to restrict computer activity tomorrow." Bebe sighed, playing with a strand of her bangs worryingly.

"How did this thing even get into the system? It just sort of blew through the firewall and started crashing everything, we don't even know where it came from, it was impossible to trace." Bill groaned, crossing his arms with a sigh.

As they spoke behind me, I continued my work. It was pretty easy for the most of it, almost everything was numbers. I didn't understand completely the use of certain English words, but managed otherwise. I felt sweat begin to build up, though I pushed on through anyways.

"Pretty experienced, aren't you? You're acting like this is all nothing." Brigette complimented. "How long have you been in with the PC?" She asked.

I didn't respond for a moment, still focusing on the processing. "…I'm sorry, what?" I asked, her use of words confusing me a bit.

"She means how long have you been working with computers." Bill clarified, giving Brigette nagging eye.

"Hm…" I thought, not taking my eyes of the monitor. "Since my brother got a PC. I read all of the manuals." I said, remembering my younger self cooped up in my room reading computer instruction booklets.

"Wow, you too? I thought we were the only ones that did that." Amanita gasped, though her tone was a little joyful.

"Some people don't like the lack of easy words and pictures." Lanette groaned.

"It's a difficult concept to understand, I agree." I said with a small nod.

"You're right, the… Oh!" Bebe was cut short, but I didn't have the time to turn around, instead waiting for the next voice to sound.

"Finally." Bill said simply with a nod.

I couldn't turn to see what had happened, instead I focused on working. I typed quickly, working as fast as I could, but efficiently. I continued to wait for the next voice, but only heard the sound of multiple footsteps approaching.

"Well lookie here, looks like the lucky lady needs a hand." A new voice laughed.

"Wha…" I shifted my eyes slightly to see dress code violator number six take the seat next to me. No tie, open blazer, well, discarded blazer after he threw it in onto the seat behind him, was this club filled with people who rivaled the code?

"Cillia!" A bubbly voice came from my other side, and a familiar face came bouncing up.

"P-Princess!" I stuttered, finally finding the person I was looking for in the first place.

"Hm? "Princess?" I thought her name was Blue." The boy next to me said, stretching his arms out and pushing his jet black bangs out of the way of his face.

"It's a nickname." Familiar voice number two saved, and this one instead irked me to the bone as the filthy eupherian stepped up from behind Blue.

"Makes sense, so what am I looking for in here?" The new guy asked Bill, leaning back in his seat to look up at him.

"Virus, I worked my way through the first wall, and Crystal here's got her studies for profit, she's working faster in this than a bichon on a blitz." Bill said, turning to me, as did the other guy.

"Crystal, huh?" The guy smirked sending me a glance, and a chill up my spine.

"Gold! Get to work!" Amanita cried, hitting the black haired guy in the arm.

"Alright, alright, Senpai, I've got'tcha, just leave be." Gold sighed, cracking his knuckles and tapping the keyboard lightly as he examined the monitor in front of him, and then grinning, "Okay, let's get this show on the road."

Ruby's Apartment – 3:59pm – Sapphire's POV

"Hm… This guy's got girly taste, like that's a surprise." I commented the décor as I lounged on the white surface of the living room couch. I stared at what appeared to be a large box with people inside, though they were very entertaining. I laughed as the guy in green stabbed the big man in blue to death with a small knife.

The kitchen was behind me, and there was only one hallway with a bedroom, bathroom, and hall closet. The place was as cleaner than my mother's porcelain plate collection and the couches were fluffed and spotless.

It was kind of nice.

I ditched my hoodie onto the loveseat on the other side of the small table that sat in front of the moving-people box and my shoes at the door. I rustled my feet on the soft carpet under me, and ate a plastic cup of chocolate pudding from the fridge. Delicious.

I thought about Ruby. How could he not recognize me? I mean… back then…

"You shouldn't be here."

Yeah, I shouldn't have, but I was.

He used to be so… masculine, underestimated, strong…

I thought about last night.

Wait, he still is.

But… today, he was so different; I don't know what happened to him.

I sighed and toyed with the metallic spoon in my mouth.

Things change… why?

I sighed, and flipped channels in an attempt to relieve my mind for depressing things. People, deformed people, meteor, people making out (change it change it change it), and…

"For the life of the world and the life of this planet, I, Masou Shoujo Puriru, with protect the purity of everyone's hearts!"

"And from the highest of heavens, to the depths of the world, I, Mahou Shoujo Miruru, will protect all lives!"

"Together, we are one, and for the planet, we will fight for!"





The animation of the blue and yellow people of the screen was sparkly and flashy. The two together played with "magic" and fought deformed thinga-ma-jigs from destroying people's lives and/or purity. The explosions were dramatic and Puriru and Miruru always saved the world.


I stared.


"…Hehe, like I'd ever fall for such adorable antics of fifteen year old humans."


"Go go!"



"Everybody ready?"

"Yes!" I cheered, jumping on the couch in excitement. "Go go!" "

"Miru-Puri dance!" The box and I sang together.

"To the stars we go and around the world we fl~y~"The box sang.

"Let us dream together a worldwhere peace li~es~" I picked up on the next verse, throwing my hands up in the air and shaking my hips, mirroring Miru-chan and Puri-chan on the box.

"Yeah! That's the Puri-Miru way!"

"Yeah, yeah! That's the Puri-Miru~ WAY!"

This is the greatest thing since chocolate-covered bear-things.

Re'Naka Computer Lab – 4:02pm – Crystal's POV

Oh dear Minerva.

"Whoa, Gold, you're really fast!" Blue complimented, her mouth opened in awe.

I had to say, this is the first time I've taken interest in the abilities of those on this planet.

The guy that had taken refuge of the seat next to me, Gold sped through the codes faster than our ship in light speed. I stopped momentarily to watch him in awe as he worked his way down the line, the keyboard looked like it might break from the speed.

"What's wrong? Too amazing for you?"

The ego kind of ruins it.

"Shut up and keep working." I growled at him, going back to my own work.

"Don't worry, we're almost done." He reassured me, which actually did reassure me, so I worked faster.

The eupherian (Green) behind me spoke up. "Are all of you like this?"

"We're not as fast, but you get the drift." Brigette replied, a proud smirk spreading across her face as she flicker her hair.

"Gold here is our best programmer, he's best with PCs and every other type of computer there is. He loves the feel of the keys, it invigorates him." Bebe said.

"Bebe, you're making me sound like a perv." Gold groaned as he sped up.

"That too, thanks for reminding me." Bebe told him, glaring at him.

"Hah…" Amanita sighed. "Too bad programming is the only thing he's good at."

"I know, I've seen his report card." The eupherian sighed.

"Shut up! Don't talk about me while I'm working!" Gold complained, leaning in towards the monitor. His irritation began to fade away as I noticed we were close to finishing. "Yes! Almost there!"

"Quit talking and work!" I snapped at him, blazing through the code.

There was an empty silence for a moment, only filled with the sound of the repetitive click and clack of the keyboard. My eyes moves so fast it began to give me a headache, and slowly, I found us reaching the end.

"Three... two…" Gold began to count down.

"One!" I shouted and we both pressed the final key.


There was another pause, as all nine pairs of eyes were fixated on the screens. We waited, the tension drawing deep as the computer processed the new information. Slowly, the computer began to flicker. Once… Twice…

And then the screen went black.

"NO!" I cried, pushing myself up from my seat, surprising the people crowed behind me, and Gold groaned and slumped back in his seat.

"That doesn't look good, is that not good?" Blue asked, looking around at the people in the room.

"Damn… the server crashed, this is a major problem, we're going to have to shut down computer usage tomorrow until we can retrieve the data." Brigette sighed, pulling out a chair and slumping down in it in defeat.

"That's really bad; this entire school is practically built on computers." Lanette sighed.

"Do we really have to?" Amanita asked sadly.

"Yeah," Bill said, looking down. "It might make things even worse, especially if we can't track down who's doing what." He said, looking over the entire computer lab.

"That little piece of shi—"

"Brige!" Bebe scolded, five-starring Brigette on the back.

"Hey! Hey! It's an appropriate time to bad mouth bastards like those!" Brigette defended, placing her hands on her hips.

"Anyways…" Bill sighed, turning toward the door. "I'd better inform the principal that we have to restrict computer usage tomorrow—s"

"There's no need to do that."

That voice…

I spun on my heel, only to see the last person I had wanted to see in a situation like this.

"You!" I snapped, clenching my fists and growling like a bloodhound.

"Ross!" Blue cheered. "You're here!" She sang, jumping up and down.

Red stood there, still in his t-shirt and sweats, and his hair still matted. He looked at me with lazy red eyes as if he had just come home at the end of a hard day's work. His one of his hands was stuffed in his pockets, and the other hung limply at his side.

"…the hell are you doing here?" I glared at him, my eyes bloodshot.

"Helping out a bunch of friends of a friend of the princess." He laughed heartfully, his cheery attitude irking me to the bone.

"Why…" I trailed off as he walked past me and sat down in my empty seat, wasting no time to get to work. Moderately, he pressed a key, holding down as he pressed another, and held that as he pressed another. Two seconds later, the code reappeared on both screens. There were a couple gasps from all around as he continued to work. He pressed the up arrow, scrolling through the code. People watched in awe as he sped up through the code, as to it was all just a white blur to the naked eye. He nodded, finally hitting the top.

"I see." He nodded one last time, and pressed the down key.

Faster than lightning, he sped through the code, the one Gold, Bill, and I had all worked on. The speed was all a blur, and nobody could even comprehend what he was doing as he changed from typing to scrolling.

I was no match.

It was only a few moments later when he simply clicked the Enter key with the same lazy smile he had on two minutes ago.

Six seconds later, the green and blue view of the desktop wallpaper blinked up on both screens.

"Whoa!" Gold cried out in surprise.

"Y-You fixed it!" Amanita cried in surprise.

"That was amazing, Ross!" Blue cheered.

"Just a simple debugging process, no worries." Red said humbly, he turned to Bill, Gold, and I. "You three worked on this code? Excellent work, very impressive for people of your age." He complimented with a smile.

""People of our age?" How old are you, thirty?" Gold asked, though his expression was playful, and Lanette smacked him in the back of his head.

Red laughed, "No, I'm eighteen, but that still means I'm older than you." He said.

"Ross is amazing!" Blue spoke up. "The Royal Committee love hi—MRUPH!" I flinched as the princess was interrupted by a certain filthy eupherian's hand slapping over her mouth.

"That's enough out of you." He growled, resisting Blue's struggles to free herself.

"Anyways," Bill turned to me, raising a hand. "You were no doubt, amazing today, your skills are certainly very impressive."

I flinched at the compliment, I was so busy fuming over Red that I had forgotten about that.

"You're the new girl in class 3-E, right?" Bebe asked, eyeing me like fresh prey.

"The chick that skipped a grade?" Brigette asked, scratching her head in thought.

"The what?" I asked her. Chick… chick… like… the bird?

"Moving on… you don't have a club in mind, do you?" Bill continued, grinning.

"Um… no." I said. I hadn't had thought about that. My top priority was protecting the princess, especially from the filthy eupherian.

"Join us." Gold suddenly spoke up, leaning against me with his elbow on my shoulder. The statement shocked me, at the tone of it.

"Don't scare her away, Gold! We're trying to recruit her!" Bebe snapped at Gold, and then flinched. "Oh, I wasn't supposed to say that. Well, it's straightforward, isn't it? Come on, the Computer Club's dying for a new member!"

"Huh? Well…" I looked around the room, and thought about the things I had just done before. Coding, processing, computers, technology, everything… I was on a different planet, some of it was new to me. It was hard, kind of, but…

It was fun.

"…O-Okay." I said hesitantly.

"Yes!" Gold and Brigette cheered, hitting their fists together.

"Another girl… How am I going to survive this?" Bill asked himself in agony, but then turned to Red, a brighter expression on his face. "And you, Ross…"

"Um… It's "Red" actually…" He said, raising a hand to speak.

"Oh, sorry Red." Bill apologized, and stole a glance at Blue, acting innocent, but then turned back to Red. "Anyways, you're free to come here whenever you like. The Computer Club welcomes you even if you can't become an official member. You don't have to, it's your decision."

"Oh, it's fine." Red reassured him, and then stood up from his seat. "Thanks."

"No, thank you, thank you both." Bebe told Red and I quickly, laughing, turning from him to me.

"Well, I have to go back to the apartment, there are still a few fried parts that I have to replace. Thanks for the call, Princess." He said, turning to Blue with a nod in gratitude.

"Don't mention it, Ross." Blue said, saluting playfully as Red began to leave.

"Clean up after yourself." Green said with a threatening growl.

"Ahaha, alright, alright. See you guys." Red said with a wave as he left the room, closing the sliding door behind him.

"Well," Brigette began, a snicker hidden in her voice. "I guess this calls for a celebration!"

"H-Huh?" I jumped, surprised.

"A new member! It's been forever since we've had one of those!" Gold told me, slinging an arm over my shoulder.

"B-But I…"

"Come on everyone! Out to Gold's place, move it, Tails, move it!" Bebe urged us, pushing me forward and towards the door. "You too, Neku and Shiki!

"Neku?" The eupherian (Green), echoed with a confused yet annoyed tone.

"Shiki!" Blue cheered and followed us out.

"Hey, it's better than Junpei, whoever that is." Gold told the duo before running past them.

"I still don't know who Chihiro is." Lanette grumbled, walking with the two.

"I'm not a pearl, am I? I'm not round, nor am I shiny… Why does she call my Pearl?" Amanita asked herself as she followed us.

"Now somebody tell me who the hell Chie is." Brigette asked, growling in the annoyance of frustration.

"What? She's been calling me Bill since the first day we've met." Bill said with a slightly calmer tone.

Bebe led the way, all the way down to the small ramen shop downtown.

In celebratory of the Computer Club's newest member.

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