Title: Semper Fi

Fandom: NCIS
Chapter: 1/10
WCount: 5,790
Pairing: Jenny/Gibbs, with minor hints to Tony/Ziva
Rating: M
Spoilers: Although this is an AU from season 4 onwards, it does carry some spoilers for the season 8 finale.

Semper Fi is a private firm, specialising in doing what the Feds can't for those enlisted. Boasting staff from a former NCIS Director to a former assassin, the team is often caught between their allies at NCIS and the criminals they try so hard to bring down. When one of their own is accused of murder, the team have to put aside their own personal problems, including the romantic rubik's cube that two of them are wrapped up in, to prove him innocent.

I do not own NCIS or any of its characters, or its settings. The Semper Fi team is of my creation, but the rest belongs to the lovely folks at CBS.

It was late. He was down in his basement working on his boat again. New boat, new process. He was busy sawing a piece of wood when he heard a noise in the house. Years ago he had been used to such noises, but not any longer. He put down his saw and opened the drawer closest to him, looking for his weapon. He weighed it in his hands before sliding the safety off.

The door to his basement opened, and it wasn't who he expected. He thought it could be Holly, looking for him, wanting to talk to him. Maybe Tony, needing someone to talk to after the debacle that had been the last few days. But it wasn't.

Jennifer Shepard descended the stairs. She looked like she was in shock, and Jethro put down his gun and walked slowly over to her side. Jen looked like she had been involved in a car accident, there seemed to be a thin film of dirt over one side of her face. When he got closer and turned her face to the side, he saw that it was blood marring her pale features.

"Jen, what happened? Jenny?"

She didn't answer. Just jumped when her loose hand dropped the gun she had been carrying. Jen looked up at Jethro, not sure what she was doing there, or what she had done. He reached for her hand, gripped it tight and pressed her close towards him. He had some idea of what happened, but would need Jen to fill in the gaps when her brain started to work. Some part of her had led her to him, and he would take care of her.

If there was one thing he knew, it was the desire for revenge.


"It's okay. I'm here."

Present Day

He watched as she threw a penny in the fountain. He had no idea what she was wishing for, he hadn't seen her this happy in years. He watched as a man to his left gazed over the redhead near the fountain with a grin on his face, obviously working out how to introduce himself and invite her to enjoy Paris with him that night.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs found his overprotective side coming out as he walked the short distance to Jenny Shepard from her position by the fountain. He put an arm around her back, grazing the bare skin of her backless black dress. She swung around, red hair joining in the motion. Green eyes met blue, and he reached down for her hand. He took all of her in, the shape of her face, the curve of her neck. He realised he was staring when a slight blush crept over her cheeks.

"You look good, Jethro. Need help with your bow tie?"

He noticed it was still hanging around his neck. He had wanted to look his best for the evening, but he felt constricted by the piece of fabric.

"I'm good. Walk before dinner?"

As was their custom now, their hands wound themselves round each other as they walked. The gentleman from earlier watched them as they walked away, and Jethro had to resist a smirk.

They took in the sights of the area of Paris they were in. He had surprised her with the tickets a week ago, sitting in front of her desk. She had tried not to act excited, but the brightness in her eyes overrode any flutters of trying to act nonchalant. They hadn't been back to Europe since dealing with Svetlana three years ago. Mike had been waiting outside with gasoline. But it was just the two of them this time, in a fancy French hotel for three days to celebrate her birthday.

Of course, it wasn't the only reason why they were there. Paris and France had been a big part of their relationship, and although what they were confused both them and those around them, Jethro was ready to take a step. The small box was in his pocket, ready for the perfect moment. Angelique and Mike had coached him on what to do before he had gone to pick up Jenny to take her to the airport. He hadn't missed the looks between the blonde and his old partner, both of whom were worried he was going to screw it up. Well so was he, to be frank.

"So, where do we want to eat tonight?"

Jethro snapped out of his own thoughts and wrapped his arms around Jenny. She closed her eyes in response, opening them only when she felt him laughing against her neck. Their hands were clasped together over her stomach as they watched people go past in Paris.

"There's a great little Italian place down the street."

"Jethro, we are in Paris. If I wanted Italian, I'd have asked you to change the tickets to Rome," she laughed, and he joined in, playing with the strands of her hair.

She turned her head to face him. One of her hands broke from his and reached up to trace the lines on his face, run over his lips. Jenny closed her eyes, and Jethro did the same, moving in to kiss her. A ringtone blared from Jenny's purse, and they broke away, untouched.

Jenny reached for the small purse she was carrying over her shoulder, and found her phone resting alongside her gun and silencer. She pulled the phone open, smiling as she saw the name.

"Shouldn't you be in bed?"

"Nuh uh. Daddy said I could stay up to say night to you and Jethro in Paris."

Jenny smiled, placing her hand over the receiver. "It's that god daughter of ours." Jethro grinned. "Well we're back tomorrow Katie, bright and early for work. We have an early flight, so we can see you tomorrow."

"You got presents?"

"Of course, like we'd forget to buy presents!"

Jethro kept smiling as he watched Jenny talk to four, nearly five year old Katie. He reached into his jacket pocket, feeling the weight of the small ring box again. As he turned away, wondering where and how to propose, he caught sight of a small family walking down one of Paris' streets. The man was a soldier, possibly just coming back from a war zone. His wife was holding onto their daughter's hand, and they looked like a very happy family unit.

"Jethro," came the barest whisper of the woman behind him.

He turned around to see Jenny holding out the phone to him. She noticed the family he was watching, and the sadness setting camp in his eyes. She brushed her fringe out of her own and pushed the phone to him once more. He took it, and immediately smiled at the babble of his god daughter.

When the call ended, he noticed the family were gone. Jenny had walked back over to the fountain again, and was tossing another coin into the water. He walked over, but realised that touching her wasn't the best idea.

"I've got a slight headache. I think I'll go back to the hotel, order some room service," Jenny whispered, too understanding for his liking.

Jethro watched her walk away, wondering not for the first time if Jenny was better off without him. The Frenchman from earlier stopped her as she was about to head across the road. Growling, Jethro dug out the ring box from his front pocket. It had been a modest ring, he couldn't afford an extravagant thing and he doubted Jenny would want such a monstrosity.

"Hell, she probably wouldn't have said yes anyway."

He tossed the ring into the fountain, watching it sink to the bottom. Once he had taken a few moments to clear his head, he turned around and found Jenny waiting at the entrance to the hotel for him. They exchanged smiles, and he walked her upstairs to their room.


Noemi opened the door that morning to find Jamie standing there, as he always was. He was a very punctual young man, and he smiled at her as he crossed over the threshold. As Noemi closed the door behind him, Jamie moved his jacket to cover up the gun attached to his waist.

"Morning Noemi. Ms Shepard back from Paris?"

"She is, Mister Jamie. Dining room, I have just set a plate. I can set you one if you'd like?"

Jamie's grin faltered for a moment. "No thank you, Noemi."

She nodded her head and let him be. He continued on through the household, noting the books and the few surfaces where there were pictures. There was one of Ms Shepard and her parents, both now long deceased. As his hands wandered through the empty house, he could see only one other photograph. Taken two years ago in Virginia, it was of Mr Franks and Gibbs and Jenny between them. They looked so happy, although there was an undercurrent of something else in their eyes.

"Morning Jamie."

He looked up to see Jenny Shepard enter the room he was in. She looked like she'd caught some sun in Paris, but he doubted that that had been the intent. He offered her his arm as they walked through into the dining room, and she took it willingly. Jamie's gaze drifted behind them to see if there was someone else in the house, but immediately shifted his eyes when he noticed that Jenny was watching him.

"Good weekend, Jamie?" Jenny asked as they walked into the dining room. More books covered the walls, some of them in French.

Jamie sat down next to her at the table and thanked Noemi as she produced some orange juice for him, as well as a fruit plate for her boss. He stole a piece of mango off her plate, leading the redhead to slap his hand away.

"It was fine. Made a couple of difficult jumps, but apart from that it was the same old thing." Jamie did parkour in his spare time, when he had spare time. Most of his time was spent working for Semper Fi, or indeed protecting his mentor. "DiNozzo called last night, late. They caught the Port to Port killer."

Jenny stopped eating. The Port to Port killer had been leading Tony DiNozzo and his team on a merry dance the past few months. Semper Fi had provided them with some information, but not enough to be of any help.

"Any casualties?"

"One of those on Barrett's team, according to DiNozzo. It's going to be an ugly Monday morning, I can tell you that."

The two of them continued on in silence, Jamie taking in the room and the redhead. She looked tired, a little miserable considering she had just spent the last three days in Paris with a man who was her partner in all walks of life.

"Comment était Paris?" Jamie asked, not missing a beat as he switched languages. Jenny looked up, smiling at the use of the familiar language. When they were both together, they often spoke in French. They were teaching Katie how to speak the language, which was both a bane and a blessing to her father and her godfather. Daniel loved to hear his daughter excel in French, while Jethro hated it because Katie often swapped languages when she was upset. A trait she had picked up from her godmother.

"It was okay, Jamie."

"Okay? You go to Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the trip is 'okay'?" Jamie said, disbelieving. His own visits in Paris, which hadn't been for a few years, had always been magical. "Anything special happen?"

"No, it did not. Guess all the excitement was in DC this weekend."

Jenny didn't want to talk anymore about her trip, and Jamie knew better than to push her. Of course, this meant that he owed Emily ten dollars. She had known their boss wouldn't go through with the proposal.


Angelique Montgomery was looking forward to a quiet, happy week. The weekend had been quiet for Semper Fi, although judging from the news she had been able to catch, it had not been for NCIS. She paid the cab driver as they pulled up outside the Semper Fi offices, and looked around to see if anyone was watching. Satisfied that no one was stalking the complex, she headed inside.

Semper Fi was a five year old firm that in certain circles shipped packages to those in the navy quickly and efficiently. To others in certain circles, including several members of NCIS, they were cowboys who, for a price in most cases, helped out those who needed it most of all. Most of their cases came from servicemen who didn't trust their wives and wanted them tracked while they were overseas or providing tips for their friends at NCIS. Other cases came up occasionally, but those were the ones that paid the rising bills.

"Morning Angelique."

Angelique wasn't the first one to get there that morning, and she was in at 0730. Emily Granger was sitting in one of the waiting room chairs with a takeout breakfast and two cups of coffee. Angelique took one of the offered cups gratefully and sat behind her desk, staring at the early bird blonde. Angelique supposed that if she had been in the army she would get up incredibly early too.

"Everything okay, Em?" she asked, trying to get a fix on the blonde's mood. She didn't look too happy, but then it was Monday. She checked the answer machine, wrote down the messages and started to boot up her computer.

"Just waiting for Mike to get in. A buddy of mine at Baltimore PD told me Hector was released from jail again."

Angelique stopped fiddling with the things on her desk and looked up at Emily. Gene Hector would be one of their 'other' cases, one that Emily Granger and Mike Franks took a deep and personal pleasure in covering.

She was about to ask what the game plan was when the front door to Semper Fi opened and one of the partners of the firm entered. Angelique smiled brightly at Jenny Shepard, and winked at Jamie coming in behind her.

"Morning Ms Shepard. Good weekend, I hope." Her smile curved downwards when she saw her two colleagues exchange money behind her back.

Jenny brushed a lock of red hair behind her ear. "It was a good weekend, thank you Angelique. Any messages, do you know?"

Angelique handed her a yellow post it. "Just one from Leon Vance, asking for a meeting."

"Thank you."

Conversation ended when Jenny punched the code into the keypad and headed into the offices in the back room, leaving three of the four younger members of Semper Fi to dissect what had gone on. The two girls turned to Jamie, who just shook his head.

"No visible engagement ring from what I can see, the boss wasn't at her house when I got there this morning either. Of course he could have ducked out the back but why would he do that if he had popped the question?"

No one responded, and Jamie turned around, thankfully not seeing their boss there. He turned to Emily, who gathered the breakfast rubbish and headed back into the office. "I heard his car. Act busy, Shepard, just because you protect one partner of Semper Fi doesn't mean the other two won't kick your sorry ass."

Jamie rolled his eyes but immediately went around to join Angelique at her desk. Sure enough, Gibbs entered the building soon after, looking grumpy and not at all like a man who should have been riding the wave of having a romantic weekend with a pretty redhead.

"Morning Angelique, morning Jamie. Anything going on?"

"Not much," Angelique stated. "Just loaded up my computer, my Google alerts should produce a steady sit rep soon."

Gibbs nodded like he understood what she had just said and headed back into the main office. Jamie peered around into the closing door and sighed. Angelique banged her keyboard down onto her desk.

"He was carrying only one cup of coffee."

"We are so screwed."

Angelique turned to Jamie, sighing. "You weren't here at the beginning. I've known Gibbs and Ms Shepard for longer than both you and Emily."

"You mean when NCIS arrested you for hacking into their mainframe?"

The blonde stared at him behind her glasses, and he snorted. "Yes, mister former assassin, when I got arrested for hacking into their mainframe. I knew there was something going on, way back then - they weren't exactly discreet at NCIS. And when Gibbs set up Semper Fi she was here every other week, yelling at him for interfering in investigations. I tell you, this week is going to be hell."

As if on cue, the door banged open to reveal the last partner of Semper Fi. Mike Franks looked like he hadn't slept at all, and the pack of cigarettes shoved in his jacket pocket made the pair sigh even harder.

"Jamie. Sit rep."

Jamie pulled himself off of Angelique's desk and turned to the main partner of Semper Fi. He dug his hands into the pockets of the semi expensive suit he wore, and tried to find his voice.

"One cup of coffee, separate arrivals, no engagement ring."

Neither of them picked up what Mike growled as he headed back into the main office, but Angelique and Jamie agreed it meant no good.

"Now just got to wait for Daniel, and we can all be one depressed family together," Jamie muttered as he headed into the back room, leaving Angelique searching for a new job.


"She's beautiful."

Daniel looked over into the homemade cradle, and watched as the small bundle slept for a few hours. The brown hair she had was in tufts, and her hands were curled into each other. He couldn't keep his eyes off of her. She looked like Shannon, but when she opened her eyes she had mirrors of his own.

"You know, I don't think you've said four words to me in all the time I worked at NCIS," Daniel admitted to the other man standing guard over his baby daughter.

Gibbs watched Daniel, smiling as he realised he hadn't. Daniel had worked for another team leader, mostly working the drug cases. He'd joined NCIS just after Jenny had left, never known her as an agent, just as the Director. He'd met Daniel's wife maybe once or twice at the NCIS Christmas parties Abby had made him attend, but didn't know a thing about him or his family. Hadn't even known his wife's name until he had been standing over her body, resting his hand on the grieving Daniel's shoulder.

"You're going to make a good father, Daniel."


Gibbs laughed softly, trying not to disturb the little girl sleeping. Barely a month old, lying in the cradle he had made from left over pieces of boat. He leant in and kissed the baby girl lightly on the head, careful not to disturb her.

"If you need anything, Daniel, my number's on your refrigerator."

He made his way past Daniel out of the door, but the younger man's hand gripped his arm. He looked tired, like he had aged twenty years in the past month. "Gibbs. I can't do this by myself."

"Taking care of Katie? You'll be fine."

Daniel sighed. "Shannon had plenty of brothers and sisters growing up. I had none; I don't know anything about taking care of kids. But that's not what I meant, Gibbs."

The older man moved back into the room, gaze flickering between the sleeping baby girl and her father. "Oh?"

Daniel held up a piece of paper, a location scribbled there. "I don't know how to deal with the man who killed my wife."

"Je ne veux pas aller à l'école."

Daniel Denison looked up from the steering wheel to the back seat where his four year old daughter was staring out the window, clinging onto her doll, JJ. He didn't know a lot of French, when he had been an agent afloat they'd mostly stuck to Spain. However, he knew that phrase and also what 'I don't want to go to bed' was, in French, too.

"Why don't you want to go to school, Katie?" Daniel asked, knowing something was wrong with her. Katie wasn't a particularly spoiled child, but an overly loved one. He raised her to be polite and thankful and happy but occasionally she would act up, like all children did. That would usually be when she would slip into French and only respond to her godmother.

"I don't want to see Ms Tyler."

That made sense to Daniel. Ana Tyler was Katie's preschool teacher, a lovely woman who Katie had responded to up until recently. Having a former NCIS agent as a father, two former NCIS agents as godparents and being babysat occasionally by a current NCIS agent and a former officer of Mossad meant Katie was a very intelligent, very aware four year old girl. Katie had recognised that Ms Tyler was interested in her father, but it hadn't mattered to her until recently.

"Is it because Ms Tyler asked me to dinner?"

"Are you going to marry her?"

Daniel turned the wheel, heading into the preschool. He parked the car, nodded at Ana who was waving from the doorway. He unbuckled his belt and turned in his seat to see his daughter. She was clinging onto JJ tightly, rubbing her face into the red yarns of hair.

"Katie, I'm only going to dinner with Ms Tyler. I'm not marrying her; I may never see her socially again. It's just dinner, maybe a movie. Nothing committed. Just like your godparents." Katie frowned, and Daniel sighed - she was too young for that kind of joke. "You're going to spend the night with Jenny and Jethro, and I'll pick you up from theirs tomorrow morning. Katie, you are my best and only girl. I'm not going anywhere."

He managed to coax his daughter out of the car with the promise that Gibbs would read her a bedtime story and do the voices. He'd have to ask Jenny to persuade him to do it, but he doubt that would be a problem if they had finally bit the bullet and got engaged. However, as Daniel climbed back into the car, he doubted that they would have got that far.


Gibbs was waiting for Angelique's print outs when Mike came through his office door. He looked like crap, but then it wasn't very often that he came to DC and it didn't react well to him. He mostly stayed in Mexico with his daughter in law and granddaughter, only coming to DC when Gibbs and Jenny were out of the country, or when Emily, his new probie, needed a hand.

When he had wanted to set up Semper Fi to help both him and Daniel, he had asked Mike for a loan. His old mentor had done him one better and had given it to him as an investment. Mike owned fifty percent of the firm, not that any of them cared about making a profit, just about surviving. They helped people without getting involved in the politics - something that all three partners of Semper Fi held important to them now.

"You want to explain to me what happened this weekend?"

Gibbs leant back in his chair, not sure what to say. "I didn't ask her."

"Where's the ring?"

"Threw it away in a fountain."

He awaited the inevitable head slap, and gritted his teeth when it came. Mike pulled out a chair and sat in front of Jethro, not sure what to say to him. He sighed, pulled out a cigarette and lit up. "What happened?" he repeated.

"I was all ready to do it. Then saw something that reminded me of Shannon and Kelly, and I couldn't do it."

Mike let out a low groan, having had this conversation with Jethro several times. He understood grief, understood clinging onto something but at some point you had to move on. "How long have they been dead, probie?"

Gibbs rubbed his hand over his face; he knew they had had this conversation before. "Twenty years, Mike."

Out in the main office, they could hear that Daniel had arrived and was moving through the desks to check in at the three offices at the back. Mike's office was basically a junk room; he didn't use it very often. The best office was the one to the side, the one that Jenny worked in. Gibbs' office was bare; it didn't even have a window. There were barely any personal effects on his desk - just a few photographs. A picture of Shannon and Kelly, one of him and Jenny at Ziva and Tony's wedding the year before, and a beaming picture of Katie and Daniel. Mike took that one and put it in Gibbs' eye line.

"How long has it been since Daniel lost his wife?"

"Five years this fall. What are you saying, Mike?"

Mike shook his head and stood up from the desk, not wanting to deal with him this morning. He needed to focus on his other probie. "What I'm saying, Jethro, is that Daniel has a date tonight. He's moving on, or trying to."

"He has Katie," Jethro muttered, putting the picture back where it belonged. They weren't even framed, just propped up against his computer screen. That was always the difference between him and Daniel - Jethro had lost his daughter while Daniel still had his.

"And you've got Jenny, but not for much longer. You've been doing this dance for five years, probie. Jamie is constantly trying to figure out which house she spent the night in. You two sleep together, you go out for dinner together. One of you needs to make a decision and make something permanent, or end it all."

Jethro was about to argue back but he couldn't summon the energy. He knew Mike was right, knew that this wouldn't be the last time they would have this conversation. His mentor stopped at the doorway and turned back to him. "Hector is out of jail again. Me and Emily are going to be tailing him, see if we can't put him back in before I go back to Mexico next week."

"Good luck, Mike."

He turned to the black computer screen and looked at the photographs there. Everyone was happy in them; but the larger picture, the reflection of himself, showed a man who was anything but.


Jenny had called Leon, and he had given her an address for a breakfast meeting. He had sounded worried on the phone, and Jenny was wondering why the Director of the agency that had just wrapped up a huge case wasn't on top of the world.

"Me and Jethro go away for three days and the whole world goes to hell."

She was going through her desk drawers, searching for the Hector file before her meeting. When Mike couldn't be there to help Emily with it, she usually assisted. She found the file, and underneath was an old photograph she didn't remember putting in the drawer. It was old, at least thirty years. A young redhead was standing outside the Eiffel tower, her mother wrapping her arms around her shoulders. Jenny smiled as she remembered that summer.

Underneath the photograph was another memory. A small wooden boat with the name 'Jenny' carved into the back with a pen knife. She sat on her desk chair, her fingers caressing the small wooden token.

"I'm not used to finding wooden trinkets on my doorstep, Jethro."

Leroy Jethro Gibbs looked up from working on his boat to see Jenny walking down the steps of his basement, heels clacking. She was dressed for a night out, and had probably gone out with the good doctor. But the fact that she was in his basement instead of in her study with someone else was a good thing.

"What are you used to finding on your doorstep?"

"Mostly sleepy ex NCIS agents."

Jethro laughed. He leant against his work bench, and Jenny joined him. He looked at the small wooden boat he had built after their argument earlier in the day. He made boats for people he loved; he destroyed some of them if the feelings had gone. The boat was a little token that meant more than he could say.

"Better than finding upset former NCIS directors trying to sleep on my basement floor."

"I like the smell of sawdust. You carry me up to bed anyway."

He hated words. Actions were more his bag, but even they had failed when it came to his relationship with Jenny Shepard. Ever since he had quit three and a half years ago, they had been back and forth. They'd slept together, kissed each other goodnight, ended up spending the night together when either of them had nightmares or couldn't sleep. But an actual relationship wasn't what they had.

"Maybe instead of ending up there, you could start." He reached over for her hand. "Maybe we could just start."

Jenny left the boat on the work bench as she moved into Jethro's arms, letting him kiss her softly. Starting was good. It had always been the end with them.

"You heading out?"

Jenny looked up from the little boat to see Jethro staring at her from across her office. She remembered the times that he had come to see her when she had worked in her fourth floor office, when he had been her employee and then again when he had come just to see her. Or when he and Daniel were doing something potentially illegal and needed someone to look after a sleeping Katie. It was never as personal as this was, working together, partners once more - equals. He occasionally head slapped her in jest. She head slapped him back, harder.

"Breakfast with Leon. Probably about the Port to Port case. Emily and Mike are working the Hector case. A naval officer currently stationed in Italy wants us to make sure his wife isn't having an affair with his neighbour."

Jethro nodded, closing the short distance to them and putting his arms around her. She automatically put her arms around his neck, stroking the skin at the back. He smiled and pressed a light kiss to her lips.

"You hear Daniel's got a date?"

"Yeah I did." Jenny broke from the embrace and put the things back in her desk. "We're babysitting Katie tonight. I was thinking we could get take out, maybe, and you can stay until Katie goes to sleep."

"Or I could stay the whole night."

The smile was weak on her face, but it was a smile nevertheless. "We'll talk when I get back from meeting with Leon."

No kiss goodbye, no murmurings of 'I love you'. They were in relationship purgatory, and both of them knew it. Both of them reluctant to move on from the holding pattern that held them quite well, even if it wasn't long term.

Daniel knocked on the door, alerting Gibbs to his presence. "We going to check on this cheating chick?"

"Why not?"


They met in a small diner. Jamie was at the counter, ordering a proper breakfast while Leon's own security detail, down to only two, was waiting at another table. She hadn't seen Leon in a while, but like the rest of the people she knew, he looked tired. The toothpick was the only thing he was chewing, the scrambled eggs in front of him not drawing his attention.

She sat across from him in the booth, waiting to see what this meeting was all about. Rarely did they meet - sometimes she had been summoned to his office late at night or early in the morning if something needed Semper Fi's attention but this was different.

"Hello Leon."

"Hey yourself." He took the toothpick out of his mouth. "How was your weekend? You look like hell, Jenny."

"Same could be said for you, Leon."

He smiled faintly. "Yeah, well, soon I'll be back in San Diego and I can go back to sitting outside in the sunshine."

Jenny's head picked up at his words. "You're quitting NCIS?"

"Been offered a job back in San Diego, something private sector. After the last couple of days, I can't think of anything better than to get the hell out of NCIS. Same can be said for SecNav, he's just resigned too."

She tried to absorb the information. For the last three years, having strong ties with NCIS had been easy. Leon had been her assistant director when she had held the top spot, and when she had quit she had trusted NCIS in his hands. With a whole new head of people at the top, it was going to be hard for Semper Fi to operate. And she could see in Leon's eyes he knew that too.

"They announced a new director, yet?"

"Later today. But I don't think it's going to be an in house promotion, those haven't worked out so well the last two times." Leon sighed, before noticing his security detail heading out to check something suspicious. "Get them until they appoint someone new. Here - this should help. Add it to Decker's insurance policy."

Jenny looked over the front of the classified file, Operation Frankenstein. Leon stepped away from the booth and rested a hand on her shoulder. "Keep your eyes open. You three have made a lot of enemies over the years, and this is a vulnerable time for us all. See you around, Jenny. You ever in California, drop us a line."

She smiled as she stood up and hugged Leon softly. "Haven't stepped foot there since the last time, not a very lucky state for me. Good luck Leon."

Jenny exchanged looks with Jamie as the former director of NCIS walked out of the small diner. She was still holding onto the file, but wasn't particularly looking forward to reading it. Jamie finished his second glass of orange juice before spinning around in his chair, ready to take them back home.

The door of the diner opened again, Leon actually smiling as he turned to her. "Oh, and Jenny, congratulations on the engagement. Wish you and Gibbs all the best."

The door closed on her look of confusion. She turned around to Jamie, who just pressed his head to the counter. He had thought this week couldn't get any worse. He had been wrong.