Mexi willed herself not to look at the house. It had been a year looking at it everyday when she went for her 'walks'. She knew that it could never be changed, her family was dead. They were dead, and she watched it. She watched them be murdered, stabbed in the back while they were making dinner. She watched as if she was the one killing them.

She looked at he house and burst into tears. 'Its just another day', she kept thinking. 'Its just another day. It's just another day without them. Its just another day alone.' Mexi decided that if she thought of their death as just them being on vacation it would be better. "Bullshit I call your lie, you take all the cards, Little Emo Mexi," she said to herself.

Mexi looked down the street, both ways, as if she was going to cross it and enter the house. Instead, she opened her bag and searched around. Finally, she pulled out a silver key and reached for the small lock box around her neck. Mexi unlocked it with ease, and pulled out a mini razor. She looked at the razor and grinned. Still making sure no one would see her, she walked into the bushes.

'God, why do they make it so fucking hard to get to the club?' she thought. Once she was through her bushes she walked to the tree and sat down under the one single charm. It was a black bleeding heart, she always thought that's what happened to hers. It was her Mark, the only thing she had left to claim.

She looked at the razor again and pulled off her armies, revealing over a dozen stark white scars on her tan skin. She placed the razor on her skin and pulled it across. She cringed, she feeling o a razor through her flesh always made her skin crawl. At the sight of blood dripping down her arm she began to freak, at the beginning, the first time, it barely bled. Now it ran down her arm, willing her to drink it.

"You better not drink it, you know what will happen," inquired a voice from above. Mexi looked up and said in a hoarse voice "damn you Karle, you nearly scared the shit outta me!" "I think I did, Little Emo Mexi," replied Karle, his voice like silk.

Mexi put her razor back in the tiny box around her neck and locked it. Mexi looked up at Karle, thinking 'Why doesn't he see me? Why does he like that stupid prep? Why am I never good enough for people like him?' she decided against putting the key back in her bag and pulled her shirt out, giving him a full view of her bra, and dropped it, the key catching in the sash of her shirt. He raised an eyebrow and offered a hand to pull her up. She accepted, grateful she didn't have to get up on her own. Mexi fixed her tutu and said, "Thanks."

"That looks real bad, you know. You need to get it fixed up. I know a guy-" Mexi stopped him short, "I don't need your help. It will heal on its own." "That's what all of the Emo girls say. That is, until they are put in the hospital and then the asylum and we never see then again because they kill themselves," replied Karle slowly.

Mexi, looking appalled, said, "Karle. I should start hating you right now if you think im willing to commit suicide! You know very well I could never think of doing that. Not after that son of a bitch killed my family. Not ever."

"For… I never… Im sorry. I came here for a reason. If you want me gone I guess I will leave, Mexi Rayenne Felia. I will leave you the hell alone. If you cant accept the fact that I don't want you to die, then I will leave you alone," whispered Karle, his voice sounding like rough paper in Mexi's head. "I never meant… I… Karle! Get back here! Please?" cried Mexi, but it was to late.

She just lost the only thing keeping her alive. 'Well at least I am alone now, it's not just in my head now…'