A/N: Like I promised I said I would make a sequel and I never break promises on fanfition.

Anime: One Piece

Pairing(s): Zoro/Sanji and Mihawk/Zoro

Warning(s): Rape, and Abuse in later chapters and Lemons and Mpreg (Thats allot to put in)


~Haunting Past~

"Would she hold me if she knew my shame?"~Bullet for my Valentine: Tears don't fall


Zoro's POV

3 Years since we got together and me and Sanji have been getting on great. Well so much that after Luffy became king of the pirates, Me and Sanji decided to buy a apartment and live together and for some bazaar reason, Sanji got pregnant, I can still remember the day so well.

"So doctor what's wrong with me," Sanji asked concerned, He felt sick and had been throwing up every morning and having terrible mood swings, The doctor looked confused and sighed

"Is he going to be alright," I asked sighing.

"We have no idea how this could of happened but Sanji.. Your pregnant," He said, Sanji's eyes grew bigger and I was confused.

"But I am a guy, Men aren't meant to be pregnant," He asked.

"Well, That's a thing we don't know,"

After we left the doctors we had a talk about it, We both agreed to keep the baby because it would be good to have a child together. After that I proposed and life hasn't been better. Well the only thing is.. The past is still haunting me today. I can't believe how stupid I was back then and What I would have done to go back and change it all but if I were to go back and stop it all, Would Sanji still love me today.

"ZORO IM HOME," I heard Sanji shout as The door closed, I smiled and walked out and was met by a pair of loving arms and a bump meeting my stomach.

"Sanji, Hows the baby?" I asked kissing him lovingly.

"It's fine Zoro, For a male being pregnant, I'm doing alright," He said then walked into our room and sat on the bed, I followed him and sat along with him.

"I wonder how long until the baby comes," I said as he rested his hand on my shoulder

"I know, No smoking's becoming a drag," He joked and kissed me lovingly then walked off "I'll make dinner,"

I went on the laptop like usual and went on the internet,An Add popped up that caught my eye

Feeling lonely

Looking for a mate

Or up for some dirty chat

It was the dating website from that long ago, He shivered at the thought but since the curiosity was killing me inside, I clicked on it. I typed my username and password and changed my name.

"Ting," I heard the computer make as A message appeared

MidnightSwordsman23: Yo, You a newbie or summin, Ain't seen you around on this site.

3waySwordsman32: Em no, I haven't been on this site for years

MidnightSwordsman23: Ohh I see, ASL

3waySwordsman32: 20/M/Toyko You?

MidnightSwordsman23: 23/M/Toyko. Cool I'm into guys...

3waySwordsman32: Same XD

MidnightSwordsman23: AWESOME:D So whats your name

3WaySwordsman32: Zoro, What about you.

MidnightSwordsman23: The names Mihawk

3waySwordsman32: Awh sounds dangerous.

MidnightSwordsman23: Hmm maybe because I am;)

3waySwordsman32: Hopefully not.

"ZORO, DINNER" I heard being shouted from the kitchen

3waySwordsman32: Awh well I gotta go, I properly will be on later

MidnightSwordsman23: Awh Okay:( Do you mind if I send you a Friend Request

3waySwordsman32: Yepp sure:D

"Zoro, Your dinner is getting cold," I heard Sanji as he stood near the door smiling at me, I got up and walked through

Stay my dirty little secret